By Clifford Carnicom

This brief article intends to serve as a basic introduction to Clifford Carnicom’s current paper which he began in January of this year; it remains in progress and approaches 100 pages. In this paper he covers three topics: the first (Phase One) is an explanation of the biochemical analyses he has performed on an oral filament which is characteristic of the Morgellons condition. The second (Phase Two) offers possible and/or probable health disruptions that are based upon these biochemical analyses; these disruptions are then compared to the observed and reported symptoms of the Morgellons condition. In the third part, now in progress, he is offering from a research perspective, mitigating strategies that may serve to balance health impacts given these disruptions.

Phase One: Through a recently acquired older infrared (IR) spectrophotometer, Carnicom has been able to make progress to uncover the molecular basis of the oral filament. This machine is able, through the use of infrared energy, to identify core organic structures of a biological filament sample. Within the infrared spectrum, the molecules vibrate in characteristic ways that biochemistry has labeled “functional groups.” A functional group is identified by its characteristic resonance when infrared energy is directed through it. He has been able, therefore, to identify many biochemical functional groups of the filament, such as amines (the basis for amino acids), carboxylic acids, phenols, aromatics, halogens, and others .

His findings using IR corroborates his prior work using chemical separation techniques, (e.g., chromatography), electrolysis, and visible light spectrometry in which he found the presence of iron and amino acids as core constituents of the biological filaments. It is important to understand that this filament growth logically uses these same substances for its own existence. The filament growth form is therefore expected to affect or interfere with iron and protein metabolic processes within the body. Iron is integral to the hemoglobin in the blood and its presence in the filament suggests the reduction of available oxygen to the body. As Carnicom explains, this is due to the condition of iron in the filament being in a highly oxidized state. In this state, the iron can no longer bind to the oxygen in hemoglobin. The significance of oxygen to all of the body’s systems cannot be overemphasized. Disruptions in the flow of oxygen can harm cells throughout the body, as, for example, has been demonstrated by Carnicom with the microscopic observation of red blood cells. Carnicom has also made special note of the role of histidine, an amino acid that appears to have been identified within the filament. Amino acids are the basis for proteins, the body’s builders. The research supports the very real possibility that the degradation of the red blood cells observed in more severe cases of Morgellons may be linked to the presence of both oxidized iron and histidine within the filament. Carnicom goes on further to state that “the existence of the iron problem alone, especially in combination with the bacterial or bacterial-like component that has also repeatedly been identified, goes a very long way in accounting for a large portion of the observed or reported health impacts from the Morgellons condition.” For detailed information about the significance of iron as an underlying factor of the Morgellon’s condition, please see Carnicom’s prior paper:

“Morgellons: A Thesis.

Likewise, the finding of amino acids, such as cysteine and histidine, in the filament has major implications for human health. From Carnicom’s abstract of the paper “Amino Acids Verified,” we read that “deficiencies or disturbances of these particular amino acids correlate highly with symptoms that appear to frequently exist with the condition, i.e., high oxidation levels and joint pains within the body.” Further conditions related to amino acid deficiency include: extended or chronic fatigue, gastro-intestinal imbalance, skin lesions, chronic decreased body temperature, and the diminished oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, among others.

Phase Two: In this phase, Carnicom examines the potential health impacts of the various functional groups which he has identified in the filament. He does this in the spirit of a researcher putting the pieces of a complex puzzle together. He invites us all to join him. He writes, “Infrared spectrometry alone cannot do this; additional resources, execution and smart thought will be required. The earlier this puzzle is solved in detail, the better we will all be for it. I can only ask you to join in the crusade.” He offers his own interpretations of the material, careful to stress that it is not medical advice, nor diagnosis, but offered here for research purposes only.

He begins by setting up side by side the health impacts associated with the Morgellons condition and the functional groups which he identified within the filament sample. In essence, Carnicom is traveling from both directions to find the meeting point in which an anticipated health effect from the presence of the functional group meets the actual health impact of the Morgellons condition. While he points out that there is not a one to one correspondence between the two (functional group/Morgellons symptom), “there are generalities to be made that may be very helpful in the interpretation of the plight that many find themselves within.”

In summary, the implications of Carnicom’s research on this paper are far-reaching, affecting the functions of many of the major systems of the body. For further explanations and examples of the processes which may be taking place within the body, we refer you to the paper itself:

Morgellons: A Working Hypothesis 

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  1. Kaiser produced a lengthy study on Morgellon’s and declared it a psychosomatic disease despite evidence otherwise. They stated that most ‘victims’ had ‘some drug use’ or ‘mental condition’.

  2. The hypothesis is that these filaments represent a nanotechnology operation spread by chemtrailing. See for further analysis of Morgellon’s as a diagnosis of what may be a secret program to control the masses.

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