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The burning question on some minds is, does the government run psy-ops against its own people? False-flag attacks and the like. The answer is yes, as both the evidence going back decades and the government’s irrefutable admissions proves.

Just because talking heads on TV tell you it’s crazy to believe such things doesn’t make it any less true. Why do you think they’re on the TV telling you this in the first place? Their job is and always has been to sell you the government and the construct of our society, among other things.

So, with that in mind I give you, “Sandy Hook & the Boston Bombing: You’re Being Hoodwinked.”


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32 thought on “Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing: You’ve Been Hoodwinked”
  1. 1. Boston smokebombing: The main thing to emph. is BLOODLESS LEGBONE LEGLESS GUY – forensically has to be drill. Best image copy here: http://buelahman.wordpress.com/2013/04/20/are-you-just-a-believer-or-do-you-think – Main event has to be smokebomb just because of this f-up on legbone. (Even if body wonderfully constricted bloodflow on 2 blown-off legs, or “cauterizing” occurred from heat, legbone stripped of flesh would never be “bleached bone white”.

    2. Newtown Sandy Hook drill hoax: critics of hoax idea argue that all missing evidence is not evidence of absence of evidence. So main thing to emph. is EMERG. VEHICLES COULD NOT — COULD NOT — MOVE ALL DAY from (drill) location near school.

    When one sticks to these 2 facts, all the rest of the objections to exposing the lies fall into appropriate places: as bunk. If done in the opposite way (burying these two facts), the whole cases (esp. Boston, which has forensic absolute in the bloodless legbone legless guy) become less formally certain to be faked.

    We need most solid form of argument against critics of the situation.

    Thank you in general for your work.

    1. The Daily Mail used to carry investigative articles like their coverage of Dr. Kelley but today they came out with one whopper after another about Boston. The gov is now trying to convince us there was shrapnel when there was absolutely no whistling sound to the smoke bombs and facial and other shrapnel injuries. Jeff Bauman not only was wearing a plastic Femoral artery, carried by his cowboy handler, but he had NO shrapnel injuries to his face or elsewhere which would have made him bleed excessively and leave scars. None of the amputees, and none who supposedly died, except perhaps only one vet actor in the hospital, showed any shrapnel injuries.


  2. Also, have you seen this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIm-TeodFT8 – Former wrestling teammate says Dzokar Tsarnaev “changed” to the point of implying it is not his friend in the courtroom.

    Teammate’s emotional outrage is clear: face different, accent strong (DT didn’t have one), body language completely different. — Family has strong intelligence connections, would have been first to be threatened if DT dead and other Russian speaker used in court room, perhaps told he’ll be given amnesty for something else if he goes along with it. He shouldn’t trust them, however.

    Detractors of the idea of a replacement (“double”) prisoner are quick to suggest that wrestling teammate meant DT was just massively changed by drugs and surgery, but his statements are driven, intense, clear.

    Perhaps someone has made the “phone call” to him now to tell him to be quiet; but this kind of inconvenient evidence is perhaps all we will have before this “new DT” is behind bars. No photos of him are shown (yet? ever?) and will people make the same excuses if he IS a different dark haired young fellow in the photos? Yes. They would. As long as they can find some similarity, they will suggest he is just “looking different” in some unspecified overall way.

    Worth noting. And wrestlers get to know the typical mannerisms of their teammates, including the kinds of changes they would go through if on drugs: one gets a sense of what makes a person tick in different emotional circumstances, physically. As well as basic looks, sound, transformative possibilities.

  3. As someone who fully believes Sandy Hook and Boston were staged I hate to say this but I think the video is poor, it doesn’t present strong evidence and asks a lot of leading questions.

    To give just a few examples: I thought the big screen not being visible later is meaningless. Why ask why runners were stopped and coralled when two (albeit smoke) bombs are supposed to have gone off down the road? I’m pretty sure hoodie guy against the wall is a different person to the very fake injured hoodie guy….

    It’s a pity that such a talented video maker didn’t present more valid evidence, even the last part questioning if Tsarneav could have been replaced by an actor presents no real evidence even though there is very good evidence available that this is true:


    Tsarneav appears to have grown bigger and gained a thick Russian accent.

    As an aside, you can add the Ariel Castro kidnap case to the list of psy- ops, that crappy house had no soundproofing, it had neighbours nearby, Ariel had a regular job for most of the time meaning he was regularly away from the house…

    There is no way you could imprison three women undetected for ten years in that house.


    There’s lots of photos in the above link, it is also worth noting that when police went upstairs, the two women came out of their rooms to the hallway, they were not even locked in their rooms.


    1. “I thought the big screen not being visible later is meaningless.” Not to mention easily explained by a single photo…


      Nevertheless, the video creator’s goal (stated at the end) is to “keep the issues alive,” and by that measure he’s succeeded–certainly for people willing to cope with these issues on their merits for the first time in their lives (and there are more of them than ever before, imo, thanks to this year’s relentless onslaught of our freedoms by the government and our credulity by the media).

      For a more seasoned skeptics of BMB, Dave McGowan has peeled the grape with an ax in this series, which annihilates every last doubt that the media’s carnival of “victims” is an absolute sham…

      http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com/nwsltr114.html (part 1 of 16–and counting).

  4. For those who question the malevolent intent (for whatever reason) of the US government or its agencies, we need to remember that the CIA created, backed, funded, and supported Al “Queasy” and, specifically, Osama bin Laden. Reports were that he was in an army hospital on 9/11 undergoing kidney dialysis, a process that needs to be accomplished every two weeks if the patient is to survive.

    But, to the point, from where do we have confirmation that the CIA stopped funding, supporting, and backing bin Laden’s group even after his supposed death or the earlier one I believe he had as kidney patients are not notoriously capable of extended strenuous exertion)?

    We have no reason to believe that our CIA is not creating these incidents perhaps including Benghazi – for it smells of an American media flavour.

  5. Whoops, my error, I said “our” CIA. I don’t think that is technically accurate and probably hasn’t been so since the mid 60’s.

  6. I’m sorry… I still don’t understand. While I’m 100% positive about 9/11, Newtown, Boston, et al, being fake… How the HECK do they get thousands of people to cooperate? Really? I had a friend killed on 9/11 (I’m from Jersey)… I know the government killed him. But, how do so many Americans play along – even act for the government? How do you keep so many people quiet? I watched this video… there are so many people in Boston that were acting. But why? Why…

    1. Perhaps you’ve noticed they silence whistleblowers by nefarious means or false imprisonment. It also helps to have the press cooperate with the soft fascist agenda.

      1. Yes and the monetary awards are huge! Believe all towns and cities are under extreme fiinancial pressures, unemployed people cannot pay more taxes. Will never forget our small boat being boarded by young, burley, heavily armed DNR safety/license inspectors. After the intimidation factor of passing the checks happened, we admired their huge boat and massive engines, “it’s all from the federal government, if it was not for them, we would have nothing.” The response seemed robotic, wanted to challenge it, but could not.

      2. If you think these bloodless scams are outrageous, consider the bogus bin Laden raid in Pakistan. Thirty-six military personel, along with thirty highly-trained Navy Seals were killed in a helicopter crash, silencing most who could have revealed the utter fakery. Regard Benghazi, witnesses are being put under government protection, given false identities and in effect, ‘disappeared.’ OR they could have been quitely eliminated with some shadowy source releasing a few plausible details for cover.

        We will never know…the extent of the corruption encompasses every major institution. I have no answers, only questions…

    2. It is very important to be comfortable with the fact that some elements of a conspiracy can never be known. Conspirators will rarely reveal their secrets.

      What we can be comfortable with is the evidence of a conspiracy. That is, if the official story is physically impossible, the truth is that the official story is a lie. If the photographic evidence absolutely proves that no one was injured and everything that the “injured” and all the so-called first responders who “rescued” them said about what they experienced that day is a lie, what must we conclude? That there are lots of people willing to go on television and just make stuff up. And accept charity because the gullible public feels sorry for a liars’ phony “loss.”

      It is of course annoying, not knowing the details of the conspiracy; we’d like to know the answer to your question. But we probably never will. Marzi and Kathy have good guesses, though.

      1. Patrick, I agree that accepting what can’t be known is required when delving into these mysteries. There is a process one goes through when you travel from “something seems a bit off” to struggling with the enormity of the lies and their implications.

        Over the months since Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon events, I myself have also wondered what motivated the “players” to participate in such outrageous lies. One theory I have is that these people are oriented to “success” according to terms of a different society, one that is not your Average American Mom n’ Pop variety. They are playing to two different audiences: to hoodwink the gullible public while also showcasing their newly elevated status among a contemptuous (to the US public) society who is also viewing the “event” and is aware of the falsehoods.

        In a sense, these folks are in the ultimate “reality show.”

        Bizarre. But there it is.

        Money. Fame. Social acceptance and respect. The usual suspects for why anyone does anything. Love is perhaps a motivator as well, with an influx of money these folks may rationalize they can take better care of their loved ones.

        Another motivator is heroism, serving a cause. This must be in the mix in order to hold the whole operation and all the players together. What noble cause could they be serving?

        1. “…ultimate reality show.”

          That’s an eye opener. Thank you for sharing those thoughts. These behaviors may be like those exhibited by people motivated to be on reality TV. Whether it’s the unabashed desire to be famous, the lust for a ticket to acceptance or some other desire your phrase (“ultimate reality show”) does seem to fit.

          Although I can’t say I noticed the change taking place, I think we all know that television is now a different medium than it was in the ’80s and early ’90s. The advent of the “Reality Show” had an enormous impact on programming, almost across the board. In case you’re not thinking broadly enough to view the full scope of “reality-based” programs, here’s a short list to consider…

          American Chopper, The Restaurant, Laguna Beach, Deadliest Catch, Miami Ink, Real Housewives of OC/Jersey/Atlanta/Beverly Hills, Ice Road Truckers, Jon & Kate, The Colony, Jersey Shore, Pawn Stars, Teen Mom, Toddlers & Tiaras, American Pickers, Mythbusters, Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire, Flavor of Love, Extreme Makeover, Pimp My Ride, The Biggest Loser, Nanny 911, The Osborne’s, Intervention

          And this batch I think are blemishes requiring massive karma reversal…
          Temptation Island, The Bachelor, Married by America, Cops, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Big Brother (Seriously?!)

          No, I didn’t conduct a study to come up with my list. The Web was full of fan-sites and lists with no less than hundreds of similar shows, just in the past decade. So, we could break the types of shows down into a few clear sub-categories. I’ll pass, and you get my point anyway. Some will argue that these types of shows have existed since at least the ’60s, but I don’t think the $10,000 Pyramid and Candid Camera are an equivalent phenomenon.

          What started to concern me wasn’t when I caught on that these shows were multiplying ever-faster. It was when programs that were not reality-based began to change in their wake. Even entire networks retooled in the fall-out. The History Channel (which I used to lovingly refer to as the “Hitler Channel”) began their spate of reality shows. Then, a shift occurred that was dramatic and noticeable to people like myself. Single episode or short series programs emerged with titles like, “Surviving the Next Extinction”, “Life After People”, “Do we really Need the Moon?”, “Will Mankind Destroy Itself?”

          Maybe the reality-show craze isn’t the direct cause of this new show theme, but I feel like there’s a connection, an atmosphere that was in part created that fostered them.

          I should get back to the connection I’m considering between reality-show popularity and the apparent willing participation in staged psy-op events. For this similarity to be true, it would have to be voluntary participation and not a reaction to even a mild threat or coercion. So, it should be pointed out that nothing has come to light in any of the so-called terror attack events of recent to rule out other possibilities. Possibilities like, being offered a deal requiring full compliance in exchange for dismissing a case or even throwing out a conviction.

          Here’s an interesting example, despite the evidence being very thin and the theory somewhat unlikely. Still, it gets one thinking about what “could” be the catalyst for so many agreeable participants. The accused Aurora theater shooter, James Holmes’ parents have had little media exposure, except for some Sorcha Faul business (“It can now be reported that…” “circling the halls of the Kremlin…”) about his connection to the LIBOR investigation. But, a tiny little report from the late ‘90s was passed along to me and a bell went off.

          I’m paraphrasing here at best. It was a 2 or 3 paragraph story from 1998? or so that listed the 2 involved parties as Robert Holmes and wife, Arlene Holmes. The names of both James’ parents, BTW. The report was that Robert Holmes had been apprehended in South Carolina, or thereabouts for a crime committed 6 or more months prior. He had apparently forced his wife into his car and went on a violent road-trip where he assaulted her while driving, including stabbing her multiple times.

          What seemed odder was the mention that the crime had been profiled on America’s Most Wanted (another reality show?). I couldn’t find a damn thing to corroborate the report or even a description of an AMW episode that I could follow up on.

          But, can you see where my mind was being pulled into a theory about the parents of James Holmes? You may call me crazy, but I considered that his parents might not be as upstanding and grounded as I had previously thought. If the report did involve them, I could easily imagine future run-ins with law enforcement. And, if TPTB needed a couple to play the role of grieving but totally benign and cooperative parents they might have been an obvious selection.

          My point, in all of that is to demonstrate why I’m not clear as to what motivated the bit-players to participate in what are clearly staged events. Despite how much focus has been put on the “poor acting” or the “failed execution” of these conspirators, I consider the totality of their efforts to be determined. In truth, I’m not sure how “on-board” I would be if I showed up on Marathon day a little grumpy, or hadn’t slept well.

          If I had to guess in the Boston bombing case, I’d have to assume there were at least dozens of pre-arranged operatives ranging from mere witnesses to false witnesses to contingency managers to stage directors, etc. Would it be more likely that they were ALL motivated for the same reason? Like 2 survivors of a plane crash on a desolate island, the person not dying of pneumonia will be gathering the firewood. The motivation to live may be equal in both, but their capabilities are very different.

          In the real world, I imagine that so many different people would necessitate many motivations. But, the real world is unfamiliar to me. I’m on the fence. It would be a LOT easier if the Sandy Hook and Boston players were found to be member’s of Heaven’s Gate!

          I’m still considering whether, in the state America has found itself in people would participate in such an unfriendly conspiracy just to get a part in the “ultimate reality show.”

          FYI, I’m the author of the video featured in this article. I appreciate the attention it’s getting. I’m very aware I made at least 2 mistaken conclusions and intend to tighten-up future productions. But, I need to balance my interest in quality, accurate content with the need to beat the clock and get something out there.

        2. “ultimate reality show”/”different from Mom ‘n Pop”

          Like Karen through Patrick above, I believe the question of mass participation in such events is confounding, perhaps the most confounding one of all. Like Derrick below, I am struck by Wondering Aloud’s “ultimate ‘reality show'” hypothesis. I make the assumption that “the public”, or “the people”, the governed, aka the subjects of the realm, divide themselves into two classes 1)those entirely taken in by the interlocking institutions alluded to in the video and 2)those who have woken up or are waking up. Maybe there is a third class, hinted at, once again, by Wondering Aloud, that defines success in terms “different from the Mom ‘n Pop variety”, a new class that is being converted by the state, broadly speaking, to a quasi-brave new world participatory vision, a type that fancies itself an elite affiliated with the “winners” of the political struggle in some way. These folks can expect favoritism and may very well receive it down the road. The reality show mentality encouraged by the “entertainment” industry, serves to ripen this fruit.

    3. Kathy – “How the HECK do they get thousands of people to cooperate? Really?”

      All relationships, organizations, and institutions conspire. Is the conspiracy good or evil? That is the real question.

      It is important to realize that most people involved in conspiracies of evil are bit players lacking comprehensive knowledge of the conspiracy’s scope and objective. First, they are assigned tiny roles in the production and are only provided with information relevant to the part. Second, information disseminated to them is on a very limited, “need-to-know” basis. Third, information is combined with disinformation that provides “cover” or “plausible deniability” in the case of questioning.

      Most people involved in a conspiracy of evil, especially those inhabiting the lower rungs, are unaware of its nature. Further complicating matters is ego, which prevents them from honestly confronting the thought that they’ve been fooled or used as a tool. This resistance is fundamental and facilitates the conspiracy’s success.

    4. Karen, have you ever heard of Freemasonry? THAT’s how secrets are kept…all who join take a bloody oath of silence and allegiance and there are very real, drastic punishments for those who talk. Look it up! (note, if your grandpa/uncle was a mason there’s a chance he was a good man who didn/t make it very far in the organization)

      1. Certainly plausible that Masons or other other such organizations are behind the enforcement of secrecy. But could a secret society recruit the mass casualty simulation event equivalent of the proverbial “cast of thousands” (well,maybe dozens) necessary to pull it off? Could they impress upon people needed for for one or two bit parts that Masons mean business when they say that the violation of the oath of secrecy means a hideous death? Such stipulations are not conducive to mass sign-ups and compliance with the wishes of the org. I may be thinking abt Masonry in excessively historical terms. Maybe it isn’t your grandpa’s lodge any more.

  7. If you watch the videos of the event, when the “bomb” goes off, the people standing nearby, wearing the yellow jackets, do not even flinch.

  8. This is an excellent compilation of the deceptions. One additional note on the remaining Boston already guilty conspirator- there was a news conference with the police responders that was soon scrubbed where it was stated his neck was slashed ear to ear – the other officials are clearly shaking their heads NO! Interesting that we have different points of view of what the most glaring false flags are. Crazy coroner Carver, “[My staff] and I hope the people of Newtown don’t have it crash on their head later,” triggered my wake up call. His demeanor, stuttering, inappropriate laughter, is a clear sign he is not comfortable with his role in this poorly written script. Professor Tracy has his interview available for viewing. When asked about the tent, he is clearly perturbed, “It wasn’t a tent, it was this magnificent thing, it was sectional, it sticks together with velcro & has electric & lights & heat…. I think it came from the army, I am not sure. ” Edited out all the uuh uuh’s and laughter….

  9. I’m surprised that my last comment in response to Karen’s difficulty in understanding ‘how it is’ that so many People are involved in the hoaxes and none of them come forward. Sad. It was nothing but unadulterated truth. This will be my last comment.

  10. Know Thy Enemy – wake up America – only you / the people can save us by understanding the truth about all these false flag events commited against us all for the agenda of the CFR/ counsel on foreign relations /new world order .

  11. I read Derek’s response to my thought about the “ultimate reality show” with interest.

    I also took the time to follow a link to davesweb.com in Cheyenne’s post. Mr. Davesweb commented on the “reality show” aspect of these events:

    “What we appear to be seeing here is a campaign aimed at erasing the line between reality and fantasy – between what is objectively real and what is make-believe. For many years now we have seen a blurring of the line between news and entertainment, as well as, through ‘reality’ television, a blurring of the line between what is ‘real’ and what is scripted. We are now entering an age when there will be no dividing line at all between news, scripted entertainment and ‘reality’ TV. It will all be one and the same.

    In the new ‘reality’ we will be living in, nothing will be real and everything will be true.”

    What would be the gain to have American Citizens confused as to what is real and not-real?

    Interestingly, that is the goal of Propaganda or psychological warfare:

    “The Formation of Men’s Attitudes, Jacques Ellul discusses psychological warfare as a common peace policy practice between nations as a form of indirect aggression in place of military aggression. This type of propaganda drains the public opinion of an opposing regime by stripping away its power on public opinion. This form of aggression is hard to defend against because no international court of justice is capable of protecting against psychological aggression since it cannot be legally adjudicated. The only defense is using the same means of psychological warfare.”

    I believe this is what is happening in our country. This is why we’re seeing investigations of journalists. Perhaps these journalists do need to be investigated, perhaps they are participating in planting stories that are essentially psychological warfare? Or, are these journalist countering falsely planted stories?

    In this whole NSA thing, I’ve yet to see reporting that peels back the layers of contractors comprising the NSA to get to the root. We only hear about what Snowden says.

  12. I don’t understand this video. I completely agree that Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon are not what they seem or what has been claimed by the media, but in the first five minutes of the video I am lost. There are so many radical claims being made without sufficient evidence for me to even consider them as being plausible. Now I may just not be open enough to the possibilities, but I believe that I am. I am extremely skeptical of any claims made about these events, and that includes claims made by alternative media and individual investigators. I don’t believe there is enough evidence to prove anything that is asserted in this video and I believe many things which the video deems to be flawless evidence of heinous comspiracies, are simply coincidences. George Zimmer getting fired at the same time the Zimmerman trial was happening doesn’t need to be rationally explained. It is purely coincidental. I also believe these radical claims to be damaging to the reputation and legitimacy of reasonable questions about inconsistencies in official stories. That is simply my opinion though.

    1. I think you’ve made a good argument against anything presented in my video constituting “proof” of anything in particular. As far as the “radical claims” I’ve made, I think I agree as well. My claims have and will damage the reputation and legitimacy of others who are simply questioning the inconsistencies in official accounts.

      I’d like to add that what I present is far from “flawless evidence” and contains at least 2 significant errors. For one, the person tosses a sheet or tablecloth at the second bombing scene, not a bucket of dirt as I claim. Secondly, the person I identify as “hoodie-guy” in the jittery mobile phone footage, who’s later seen tangled up with Baumann is not the same person.

      However, I couldn’t simply ask “reasonable” questions about official accounts without being, essentially a liar. To do so would require that I avoid the issue of this whole thing being a hoax, but that doesn’t make sense to me. Questions about inconsistencies will yield either explanations that strain credulity, no response at all or a fall-back on the secrecy that authority affords them.

      You might say that my overall assertion is rendered impotent once you remove the two claims as being false, as I mentioned above. Although I do regret the mistakes, I have to say the evidence I’ve learned of since the video was made only solidifies my total hoax theory. If this new evidence had been part of the video to begin with, arguing I present “radical claims” would have been more difficult.

      Just for those who are curious, the new evidence I’m referring to include the photo which clearly shows an arm reaching into the scene to retrieve a professional smoke machine, supposed victims with officially confirmed leg lacerations and embedded objects seen in photos and videos with totally undisturbed pants, supposed victims shown being whisked from the scene twice and in conflicting ways, victims applying fake blood to themselves and the scene and video showing an empty scene before clusters of victims quickly slide into place.

      My point in concluding with the totally unrelated issue of Zimmerman/Zimmer was to point out the nature of reality and “coincidence” as you deemed it being very mysterious and possibly interconnected in ways you don’t seem to agree is even possible.

      To quote from your comment, “George Zimmer getting fired at the same time the Zimmerman trial was happening doesn’t need to be rationally explained. It is purely coincidental.” I want to remind that Zimmerman was also named “George.” And, maybe it will help to know that it wasn’t me that found these simultaneous events bizarre. I learned of it from someone else, who learned of it from someone else. So, now there are at least 3 people who found it interesting.

      You say you’re “extremely skeptical of any claims made about these events.” To me, it seems odd you would find my claims to be on a level requiring you to be somehow beyond extremely skeptical. My claims have almost no impact on you or anyone. The claims made by these American institutions I’m investigating have and will impact millions.

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