By James R. Hanson*

The following is the fourth and final installment of an exclusive four part series on probing the relationship between America’s police state and less-understood weather warfare programs. Part I of Stealth Terror may be found here, Part II here, and Part III here. -JFT

As I examine my report on earthquakes, its awesome implications could well tie in to the present sequence one day because New York City is not only hurricane-vulnerable, it sits on rock formations which, when there is an inevitable (or managed) shift will, as one possibility, destroy Brooklyn and its brick buildings and the people in them, including a friend of mine.  This could happen before New York City sinks out of sight.

To my knowledge, earthquakes have no natural connection to hurricanes, nor to weather conditions, for that matter.  The earth’s crust in which they occur moves because the plates are in motion, such that continents have met and merged, and will continue to do so.  The pressure builds day by day, and century by century, until some force triggers the movement of a plate to yield to the pressure build-up so that there is a sudden slip.  “The key to geophysical warfare is the identification of environmental instabilities to which the addition of a small amount of energy would release vastly greater amounts of energy.”  (Bertell)

The connection with weather events is the mechanism that is used for pulling the trigger, by the force of ELF waves created by HAARP.  Earthquake management was started by Nikola Tesla in the 1890’s, to become the plaything of scientists over time, in which a managed earthquake would be recognized only by its creator.  That both hurricanes and earthquakes show parallel increase is a super coincidence indicative of human decision.

The official tabulation of earthquakes worldwide is on websites of the U.S. Geological Survey with records back to 1900 and earlier, the record of its own collection system starting in 1973, which by December 31, 2012 completed a base of 40 years of data to permit observation of changes in normal.

There is no question whatsoever that earthquakes can be set off electronically by a HAARP transmitter if the underground or undersea earth structure is ready.  Abrupt changes in pattern in the record allow one to observe by mathematical probability some oddities that are otherwise unstated.

The reader will better understand this with some examples, which I will keep as short as I can.  One that is basic is that simply by count, the number of earthquakes worldwide noticeably increased in 1992, not gradually but suddenly, to a level that continues today.

USGS FAQ:  “Why are we having so many earthquakes?  Has earthquake activity been  increasing?

USGS response, in short:  In the last twenty years we have definitely had an increase in the number of earthquakes we have been able to locate each year.  There are more seismograph stations in the world and many improvements in global communications, thus we can locate many small earthquakes which were undetected in earlier years.  Looking at the past 32 years, from 1969 through 2001, only 1992 and 1995-1997 were years that we have reached or exceeded the long-term average number of major earthquakes since 1971.  Earthquakes occur in clusters.  Casualties increase because population is increasing.

Response to the response: The “many small earthquakes” that make up the growth referred to do not include the M6.0 and greater.  Quakes smaller than M6.0 occasionally cause fatalities and/or destruction and can be of interest (e.g. the M5.9 in Virginia in 2011 that cracked the Washington Monument and caused excitement in some of the same area that later received Hurricane Sandy, e.g. New York City) but to include them in averages with the larger ones is, in terms of research effort, the tail wagging the dog.  USGS annual estimate for M4.0-4.9 is 13,000, M5.0-5.9 1,319, M6.0-6.9s 134, M7.0 and greater 16.  Even the M6.0-6.9 typically causes no fatalities.  Further, the dates noted in the above USGS response do not reach the spectacular period of Bush/Cheney which defines itself.  Earthquakes do occur in clusters, some of which tell a story.

The moment in presidential history that invites scrutiny is the approximate halfway point in the USGS record as Bill Clinton was elected in 1992, with Bush 41 defeated.  The statistics show that in the years 1973 through 1992 the number of earthquakes M6.0 and greater worldwide showed a low of 92 per year, a high of 128.  In the subsequent period of the same length, 1993 through 2012, the low was 129, the high 203.  This new level was the status quo until Barack Obama took office in 2009, when it switched back to the pre-1992 level for his first six months.  At midterm his total of 55, continued for the rest of the year, would have been 110, a level not seen for the previous 18 years.

The number of quakes increases concomitantly with the number of days per month upon which M6.0+ quakes occurred, the pre-1992 number averaging 7.5 days per month, with negligible variation—Ford 7.9, Carter 7.3, Reagan 7.3, Bush 41 at 7.3 for his first three years, seeming to define a norm.  In the final year in office of Bush Sr., 1992, his average jumped from three years at the normal 7.3, to 11.75 days for the fourth year.  It did not go back to the norm when Clinton took office, but continued at the higher level of Bush Sr., seemingly a new normal, for his eight years averaging 9.4, followed by Bush/Cheney’s two terms at 9.8.  Obama’s average for his first six months surprisingly met the old-time 7.5 as if to return to the old-time era.  This was not to be, as he finished four years with an average of 9.7.  The last half of 2009 hit 106, to end with 161, to offer no contrast with the new “normal,” which had reached that level.  Some months in the second half reached unprecedented highs of record, giving the appearance of someone getting a hot message in August to catch up.

Pause here for perspective.  A person new to this and scanning rapidly could dismiss it as mere coincidence, something to remark upon but not for one to claim as useful fact.  That person also will not have noted something about our major media.  I try to keep up with the New York Times because I believe it has a serious goal, and reputation, for stating facts correctly and for probing subjects that have relevance for human rights.  To state it deferentially, its flaw may be that it is too conscious of its dignified reputation and its commercial and political base.  Its failure to comment or follow up on a condemning fact is left to “conspiracy theorists”–who under a previous executive editor were ridiculed by the Times.  Perspective:  If by some quirk one knew nothing of what had happened on 9/11, or since, if he were then to read issues of the Times from that day until the present he would have the impression that the officially-accepted story had not been seriously challenged.

The Bush/Cheney earthquake record showed a peculiarity in 2001 and 2002 that stands by itself—a record frequency of 10-day counts, not as an average, but the total number of 10-day counts in a month in which quakes of M6.0 and greater occurred.  In the Bush/Cheney first year there were 6 months with 10s, in their second year 4, in the subsequent six years of their administration 13, for a total of 23.  This is unprecedented, simply not to be found elsewhere in the record since people started keeping track of earthquakes.

If there are 134 earthquakes per year of magnitude 6.0-6.9 as averaged by the USGS, and 15 of M7.0-7.9, plus one of M8.0 or higher, total 150 for a 365-day year, the rate is one quake per 2.433 days worldwide.  Ten days normally would thus see slightly more than 4 M6.0+ earthquakes, in 20 days 8.  For 20 days taken out of the hands of Mother Nature there once were 25 such quakes for the first time of record in October of Obama’s first year, when the boys at the console were evidently playing catch-up to end the year with a “normal” total to go into the record.  In the USGS reporting, any half-year total would no longer show the first-half extremity after the July count was added.

In 2008 another Bush/Cheney set catches our eye:10-15-10-12-10-13-10-14, in that order.  In the last four months of their tenure this string faded to 6-11-8-9.  If those last four months had not been so “normal” and 14 days had been set each month instead, they could have chosen to finish their presidency with an even 1,000 days upon which M6.0+ quakes occurred–an eyecatcher to be avoided, both for its even number and its unprecedented total.  Back in the years before 1992, averaging 7.5 days per month, a normal total would have been 730 days in an 8-year term, but during the 8 years starting with 1992, 265 more days of M6.0+ earthquakes worldwide were added to that period.

My point is that this seemingly chosen use of “10” has the appearance of a management quota, possibly for the purpose of sharing the HAARP facility with other projects while increasing the collection in a measured way.  One may note that the 10-day regimen was initiated in Bush/Cheney’s first whole month in office, February, 2001.  The next three months dipped to a normal-looking 7, 9, and 8 days.  June then went to 10, as did July, the beginning of a series which, had it continued, would have created a streak of 10s for every month, June-through-January.  This series was interrupted by a two-month drop to 7 and 8 in August and September, the timing consistent with the reported receipt on August 9 by Bush of the most definite notice of pending attack on the WTC.

Second place for all-time record for the number “10” in day-count was the 10 “10s which occurred under Clinton.  I see this as a program carryover set by Bush 41 in personnel and program in his final year when Bush was confident that he would have the next four years to develop it, but didn’t.  The “weather” record at the change, unlike the stumbling Obama crew, shows Clinton to be more ready for “weather control.”

The mechanism behind weather warfare and earthquake as a weapon, HAARP, was pioneered at Penn State University and developed there for 30 years, moved to Colorado because its electronics caused so much interference in the Penn State area.  The first large ionospheric heater was built at Plattesville, Colorado.  The operation was moved to Alaska in 1983, near the University of Alaska, for the uniquely beneficial location for worldwide reach and the immense amount of energy available to fuel its acres of generators fed from a natural gas reservoir nearby with no commercial competition.  The U. of Alaska uses HAARP for some university research, but its overriding control for other purposes is elsewhere.  Presumably direction of its 3.6 million-watt radio waves sent to bounce off the ionosphere is wherever the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency designs to have it controlled, by cable connection.

With very few exceptions, the official truth which is not to be disturbed is that only Mother Nature can cause a serious earthquake, a flood, tornado, a hurricane, or, worst of all, a drought.  Even if one finds it wise to tell his children that babies are brought by the stork, it is still a fabrication.  Geoengineering and weather control were known well before the nations got together in 1977 to approve the Environmental Modification Treaty —not only regarding control of the weather, but specifically modification of the earth, through earthquakes.

If one believes none of this is factual, what was all the fuss about ENMOD, signed by 76 nations?  And why is the respected Secretary of Defense William M. Cohen widely quoted at a counterterrorism conference in 1997, that ”Others are engaging in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. … It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our efforts”?

The USSR and the USA both backed ENMOD during a period of unusual frequency for highly fatal earthquakes during Nixon’s second term, when he found it wise to resign and to let an unelected “vice president,” Gerald Ford, take his place in 1974.  Both nations had the capability, and while they were probably the major protagonists, it was a game increasingly available to others.  Senator Claiborne Pell had been central to the action but to his expressed regret was unable to prevent the Senate from exempting research and development from the ENMOD prohibitions, preventing only engaging in “military or other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects as the means of destruction, damage or injury to the other party.”  Pell’s prediction was that as the machinery and skills were developed under this exception the temptation would be great to ignore the limitations of the treaty.

The pre-ENMOD statistics of the brief Ford period tempts one to conclude that the major earthquakes in those years were unnatural.  Not counting Ford, from 1900 to 2013 earthquakes which caused 5,000 or more fatalities occurred on the average 1.5 times per four-year term of the 18 presidents from Theodore Roosevelt to Barack Obama, most with one, others not more than 2.  This is a remarkable regularity.  George W. Bush had six qualifying events occurring over eight years, thus averaging 3 per term, exceeding everyone but Ford ratewise.  With 7 events and only 2.4 years in office, Ford’s rate for a whole term would be 11.5. 

What this best resembles is a duel between the U.S. and the USSR, one which had statistically quieted after ENMOD took effect on October 5, 1978, with Jimmy Carter in office.  In the Carter term, then Reagan, then the senior Bush, a period of 16 years, there were only four earthquakes with 5,000 or more fatalities, the number thus only 1 per presidential term against that 11.5 rate for Ford.  The most fatal event of that period was under G.H.W Bush: Iran in 1990, its 50,000 fatalities the highest number for that Muslim nation at least since 1900.  (All these coincidences require thought of motivation.)

December 26, 1991, dawned on Russia’s first whole day as just “Russia,” for good or ill, without its 14 companion states.  G.H.W., with 1992 the last year of what was to be his only term as president, was confident of re-election that November, although not the view of his wife, his campaign advisors or principal staff.  He was ill, aging, widely despised for Iran-Contra and out of touch.  In his refusal to be defeated he vomited in the Japanese prime minister’s lap, seen on worldwide television.  He won 38 percent of the vote, beaten by Clinton’s 43 percent and Ross Perot’s 19 percent.

As I proceed with my “framework” logic, one must remember that the atomic bomb used to Japan’s surprise in 1945 was the product of an operation performed in complete secrecy in the U.S.  The USSR spied on the operation and wished to compete but lacked uranium.  Information about the capability of the U.S. in environmental modification can be seen today as similarly secret in terms of the media, and the widespread requirement for public officials, employees, and contractors that they fabricate in defense of their continued employment– or their survival.

As I relate numbers to presidents, I refer to events as if all such things were within their personal knowledge and thus responsibility, which is politically if not factually correct.  Harry Truman, shortly after taking office, learned about the Hiroshima plan, although his personal writings said he had ordered the bomb to be used only on military installations, not women and children.  If true, this gives one a fuzzy picture of the president’s power (or truthfulness).  My own doubt is whether a president knows in advance, or possibly even in retrospect, that an earthquake like the one that ruined Haiti was (1) scheduled to happen and (2) would kill as many innocent people as it did, inasmuch as the Haitian quake in 1770 near the same spot which also destroyed Port-au-Prince and was Haiti’s worst since that time, killed only 200.  The difference is that the one in 1770 had a foreshock, while the one in 2010 gave only four seconds’ warning before the ceilings fell—a trait typical of an engineered earthquake.

What a difference a date makes.  If a damaging earthquake happens on a particular date which is a repetition of the date of a damaging earthquake a year earlier, I find it contrary to good practice as an analyst to brush it off as only a rare selection by Mother Nature, when she appears from a distance to be weeping.  The date that draws attention is December 26.  You may search the record back to 1900, or 1800, and you will not find a date as remarkable as this.  I have tried.  It’s not Mother Nature’s style.  But whose choice was it?  Russia’s?  Or is it British, for whom December 26 is celebrated as an after-Christmas holiday and a second day for gift-giving, called “Boxing Day” upon which the superior gives gifts to his inferior, traditionally items suitable to his work, like boots, or a new kitchen dress.  An earthquake as a gift to inferiors is a not-so-subtle irony.

December 26, 1941, was the day that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, on his first U.S. visit, 19 days after the Pearl Harbor attack, addressed the Congress in special session to urge the U.S. to persevere against the Japanese, urging that “the germ centers of hatred and revenge be constantly and vigilantly curbed and treated” and that “an adequate organization be set up “to make sure that the pestilence can be controlled at its earliest beginnings before it spreads and rages through the entire earth.”

A half century later this would be the essence of Bush’s National Security Strategy, as offered by him on June 1, 2002 at West Point as rationalization for his no-limits “war on terror”:

“The United States has long maintained the option of preemptive actions to counter a sufficient threat to our national security  The greater the threat the greater is the risk of inaction—and the more compelling the case for taking anticipatory action to defend ourselves, even if uncertainty remains as to the time and place of the enemy’s attack.  To forestall or prevent such hostile acts by our adversaries, the United States will, if necessary, act preemptively.”

Another rationale for “December 26” is the turning point in the American War of Independence, when General Washington crossed the Delaware River before dawn to attack the Hessian soldiers encamped on the other side, more than normally relaxed due to their celebration of Christmas.  This has been the date chosen by some historians to identify the moment when Britain lost its hegemony over the United States.

These all have British connections, all fitting political/military principles for an American or British message.  It is a message, is it not?  Flaunting a transparently coded date expresses confidence that the actor is confident of his power.

In world earthquake history the date has Soviet significance, rather than British or American.  In 1939 World War II was well underway, Great Britain taking a beating but still a year before the U.S. would become involved when a notable M7.8 earthquake occurred at Erzincan, Turkey, on December 26, killing 32,700.  Erzincan is a city near the east end of the Anatolian fault which underlies the length of Turkey as it dips north to the Black Sea.  It is notable as an area for the mining of chromate, a vital war material  without which Germany could not manufacture hard steel products like tanks, airplane engines, weapons, and artillery shells.  One of Turkey’s chromate customers was Adolph Hitler, another Joseph Stalin, but in Hitler’s case his need was desperate in that Germany had no other source of chromate.  Turkey held Hitler’s fate in its hands, while the USSR had other sources.  Stalin got Turkey to promise that it would not sell chromate to Hitler, which would close down the war, except that Turkey broke its promise, Stalin found out, and the earthquake was Turkey’s punishment.

I cannot with confidence state that the Erzincan quake was of Russian contrivance, yet it turned out to be the beginning of a chain of fatal earthquakes on the Anatolian fault, of which there were several of varying fatality, moving westward, the last one on August 17, 1999 at Izmit, Turkey, killing 17,118.  Istanbul is expecting and preparing for a big one which well may be an Erzincan descendant.  To my knowledge the special date has not re-appeared in Turkish or in Russian earthquake events or implications.

In Russian use the message would appear to be simply to refer to the Erzincan quake as an example of its power of retribution—earth-shaking if one considers the subsequent reminders along the Anatolian fault.  One might suggest that use of the date by some other nation as causing Russia’s “plausible deniability” to fade, making the USSR plausibly guilty.  With its early use of Nikola Tesla’s techniques, Russia would be first choice so long as the U.S. could look innocent, buttressed by Russia’s use of the weather.  The last U.S. blizzard of size comparable to Nemo in 2012 was believed to have been caused by the USSR in 1978, only months before both parties signed the ENMOD treaty and committed not to use the weather against other nations.  It brought a record snowfall to much of the U.S. including Ohio, and in 1988 a drought in the western U.S. called by a Wikipedia author the “costliest natural disaster in the history of the United States.”  From 1985 to 1991 it grew “frightening” to California fruit growers.  If DARPA is now delivering weather to Russia, it appears to be more than getting even in recent years with record cold winters, heat and drought.

In my mind the significance of use of the date “December 26” is that the earthquake on such a date is a message from the U.S. by way of a reminder of who is boss—and where it is not used in a notably fatal earthquake it is a way to enhance our plausible deniability, as with China or Pakistan, whose relationship we needed to preserve.

Erzincan stands out only because when one goes back to 1900 it is the only earthquake on a December 26th of record in the 20th Century by that date that was notable for its killing.  The next one on December 26 was in 1975 at Tonga, Melanesia, a mid-Pacific spot of constant volcanic activity—an M7.8, no fatalities, its distinction being that it was almost an M8.0, a size expected only once per year and unusually powerful.  The next December 26 was in 1992, an M6.8, no fatalities, at the place in deep ocean where the continental plates move against one another on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at Romanche Gap.  This is a “classic” subduction zone, on the equator, equidistant from two continents, a location that can cause it to be seen as a memorable good-bye from George H.W. Bush as he prepared to leave office a few weeks later, in January, forever.  But no one noticed

Turning to the 21st Century, the following table shows all the earthquakes of 500 fatalities or more under Bush/Cheney.  While Muslim countries naturally predominate in earthquake counts, earlier presidencies do not show this degree of consistency.



% Muslim



India (Gujarat)




Afghanistan (Kush)




Algeria (Northern)




Iran (Bam)




Morocco (N Central)




Iran (Central)




Indonesia (Sumatra)




Indonesia (N Sumatra)




Pakistan (Kashmir)




Indonesia (Java)




Indonesia (S of Java)




Coast of Central Peru




China (Sichuan)



The following list shows earthquakes of magnitude 6.0 or greater causing fatalities of 1,000 or more which occurred on any 26th day between 1900 and 2013 in records available from the USGS.  The list supports the conclusion that the law of averages for this type of fatal-earthquake-and-date connection places the 21st Century already far out of line, accomplished within only one presidential term.  This connects with hurricanes, to support the conclusion that both were manipulated in the Bush/Cheney presidency.







Turkey (Erzincan)



Turkey (Ladik)



Macedonia (Skopje)




India (Gujarat)



Iran (Bam)



Indonesia (Sumatra)



Indonesia (Java)


The following table details this phenomenon of coincidence by presidencies from Richard Nixon to date.  It includes all December 26 events, and all “26th” events where there were fatalities of any number.  It covers the 40 years in which the U.S. Geological Survey has had the recording responsibility, illustrating the relative calm during the first 20 years compared with the manipulative 20 years, 1993 to date.  Another page showing the 40 years prior to 1973 would have three entries, as per “20th Century” above.  One more, taking us from 1933 to 1900, would be blank.

The USGS, doing its job conscientiously, would say that there appear to be more earthquakes now because more effort has gone into finding and recording.  As noted earlier, this would mainly apply to earthquakes of magnitude less than 6.0.











Dec. 26

Tonga, Melanesia























Dec 26

Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Romanche Gap








Dec 26

North Coast of New Guinea, Indonesia




Sep 26

Central Italy




Dec 26

Equatorial Central Pacific





Bush II


Jan 26

Gujarat, India





May 26

Halmahera, Indonesia




Dec 26

Bam, Iran




Nov 26

Papua, Indonesia



Dec 26

Sumatra-Andaman Islands




Sep 26

Northern Peru




May 26

Java, Indonesia



Dec 26

Taiwan Region



Dec 26

Taiwan Region (Different plate)



Dec 26

Kuril Islands, Japan




Dec 26

Aleutian Islands, Alaska






Dec 26

Papua, Indonesia






Bear in mind that a December 26 or a 26th with no fatalities simply demonstrates the likelihood that the attempted quake could have been intended to take a shot at a possible event that did not work.  There can be no foreshock on an earlier day because that would not be on the intended date for a message.  If HAARP cannot budge the surrounding rock on the chosen day, it must be left for another day.  The subaqueous attempts such as Tonga and Romanche Gap (above), and several under Bush Jr. appear to have been such tries.

Then there is the one on January 26, 2001, less than a week after Bush/Cheney took office.  They (Cheney) couldn’t wait to get a December 26, so they used January 26, which killed 20,003 people at Gujarat, India, near the Pakistan border.  Only a coincidence?  Rational answer: No.

The date “December 26,” and “26” in any month may now have gone out of use as we see large and damaging events of questionable authorship occurring under President Obama without that identification.  It seems remarkable that the media, even in past times, have been reluctant to pursue this oddity.  It was mentioned in Wikipedia that three had the same date a year apart, with no further comment.   Obama’s record had a different message, really quite remarkable.

Obama had three notable earthquakes in his first term, none exempt from justified speculation as to human causation (Haiti and Chile in 2010, Japan 2011) which I leave for consideration.  The surprise that Obama had for me was that the number of M6.0 and greater quakes in his first six months in office did not follow the regime which began in Bush Sr.’s last year in office, 1992.  Rather, it would have fit perfectly in any year from 1973 to 1991.  When Obama took office in 2009, the running average for him to meet for a normal appearance was 158 (brought up from the old 110 by the constantly high annual levels after 1991).  His first six months ended with 55, back to the first half of the pre-Bush average, then ….

I watched attentively in July, then August, then September to see if the old era had indeed returned, but by September it became obvious that management was unleashed as that month substantially exceeded the Bush/Cheney record for a single month.  In October the lid blew off with 32 quakes on 19 days, for which there is no precedent.  Nothing close.  This is not a number that can be faked.  In the NEIC “Earthquake Search Results” each event is recorded by date, time, latitude, longitude, depth and magnitude, thus acquiring a specific identity somewhere on earth.  Some changes are expected based on subsequent information, not enough to change totals in most months, then only minimally.

One exception is the case of foreshocks and aftershocks, which are in fact earthquakes, occasionally compounding counts such as the deep sea quake offshore from Honshu in 2011 for which there were hundreds, but this is not the cause for the Obama October 2009 extremity.  In the annual USGS report of earthquake numbers one sees only the total for the year, thus, surprising as was the six-month count of 55, it disappeared within the annual total of 161, closely akin to the previous year’s Bush/Cheney norm.of 158.  This is the only number one sees at year’s end.

When Bush/Cheney took office after Clinton, there was no noticeable change.  Obama had been in Washington, a senator, only a year before his election in 2008, whereas Cheney in 2000 was “inside man at the skunk works,” former Secretary of Defense for Bush Sr., former member of Congress, during the 2001 transition at the capitol “renewing old friendships” in the November-January interim (“In My Time / A Personal and Political Memoir,” 2012), knowledgeable in getting the right people into the right places.  He could do that better as vice-president than if he had been president.  What the numbers say to me is that the capability first became available for application in Bush Sr.’s term and was not dislocated by Clinton.  I see the sudden, exact drop to a former level in 2009 as indicating something of a surprise for a largely or entirely new Obama crew working at a high technical/political level.  Democrat Obama may have received a “figure-it-out-for-yourself” reception, having to put things back together after the spectacular, unprecedented, disastrous presidency of Bush/Cheney.  Another listing from the record of worldwide earthquakes is “great” earthquakes of magnitude 8.0 to 9.5.  No president since 1900 had as many great quakes as George W. Bush, with eleven, including the one that caused the December 26, 2004 Sumatra-Andaman tsunami.

When Nikola Tesla died in January of 1943, the FBI made it a point to seize his papers and his hundreds of patents.  Under the Franklin Roosevelt presidency just as the U.S. entered World War II there was a “cluster” of fatal quakes in Japan, the details of which may indicate U.S. use of the Tesla patents.  Beginning later that year, on September 10, 1943, Japan experienced its first 1,000-fatality quake since 1933

From 1933 until January of 1995, a span of 62 years, the only 1000-fatality quakes in Japan came in a cluster between 1943 and 1948.  The 1943 M7.4 (1,190 fatalities) was followed by an M8.1 on December 7, 1944 (998), then a few weeks later, on January 12, 1945 an M7.1 (1,961) struck in the industrial area that included the factories that built the  zero fighters which accompanied the bombers at Pearl Harbor.  Later that year, on August 6th and 8th, the nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima (166,000 estimated fatalities) and Nagasaki (80,000), which made the earthquakes seem only symbolic.

The earthquakers were not through, however.  The following year, the war over, on December 20, 1946, an M7.3 in the Pacific Ocean south of Osaka killed 1,362.  The last one, fifth in the series, an M7.3 on June 28, 1948 on the coast of the Sea of Japan, took 3,769 lives.  Had these last two in the cluster instead have been bombings, they would have been irresponsible, violative of the September 2, 1945 terms of surrender.  None of the foregoing were near enough geographically to each other to seem related—instructive concerning the advantage in “environmental modification,” no reason to suspect there was a violation.  A disadvantage is that even a president may not know his people did it.  I personally recall the hatred of Japan by men who were involved in the Pacific—like a lifetime injury for some.  Those first three quakes were under Roosevelt, the last two under Truman.  It’s always possible that Mother Nature did those for President Truman–or some U.S. military officers who felt it their duty to continue without orders.  They do that.

Not so for the Andaman-Sumatra M9.2 earthquake in the Indian Ocean which caused the historic tsunami in 2004.  Its identification by “December 26” stamps it as caused by DARPA, who else?  Motive?  I could list some for your choice, but I needn’t have that to make me feel secure in my judgment of U.S. responsibility.  The Australian geological agency responsible for earthquake insights noted that it was “unusual” for an undersea megathrust earthquake of this size to have no foreshock.  A similar quake off the northeast coast of Japan in 2011 (Honshu) had several solid foreshocks over three days in producing its devastating tsunami, but it was obviously not intended or designed for a recognizable special date.  The Great Tsunami quake occurred within an hour of the time on December 26 the year before–2003–when an M6.6 killed 31,000 residents of Bam, Iran, leaving 75,600 homeless, 85 percent of buildings damaged or destroyed.  Continuing the coincidence, in 2006 Taiwan got a December 26 hit from an M7.1 that tore up undersea cables connecting Southeast-Asia-to-USA communication and caused severe damage to the southern part of Taiwan, with two fatalities.  The USGS lists a second quake just east of Taiwan on December 26, an M6.8, evidently on a separate plate.  The same day there was an M6.0 near the Kuril Islands which “didn’t work.”  That is, no tsunami.

I realize that it is conceivable that two earthquakes could occur on the same day of the month in different years.  When I study forty years of world earthquake records and find that possibility to be so unlikely in nature that it would be like finding a new element in the atom, and I am aware that a U.S. federal agency has the ability to create the event, anyone who claims it is decided by chance will need to use something other than logic.

If the counter argument is that the United States is a good country, of good people, and would not do that, I think of the way we kill children by the thousands and hundreds of thousands in various places and times (estimate for our Great Tsunami runs about 80,000 children), and how we kill unsuspecting families with drones, and killing our own people with tornados and hurricanes.  And chemtrails.  (Check it out.)

Here’s the thing.  President Obama has joined the clamor for controlling guns, surrounded by weeping mothers and fathers who cannot sit idly by when 20 children are killed with a semi-automatic rifle.  Being president, Obama knows the true background for this, as does Mayor Bloomberg, and the people on the top rungs of the New York Times who are going along with it even though it is totally hokey.  They cannot claim stupidity.

The people can be steered by a president’s emotional speech, or a newspaper’s reports about what happened.  We know you can’t trust most presidents, or most politicians, or most news outlets beyond a certain point.  But when the subject is possessing a firearm under the Second Amendment, and you hear all these ideas for gun control which we know build a foundation in formation of a police state, the level of trust we end up with gives us a feeling as if there is a gun being stuck in our back as we speak.  We don’t know what they’re dumping on us from somebody’s tanker planes, or what country is really calling the shots in the Middle East where our last fakey president got us so scrambled.  And when the New York Times passes on grotesque lies accompanied by advice on how best to form a police state, we think we’d better start getting those well-regulated state militias formed.

*James Hanson is a native of Nebraska and graduate of Oberlin College. His first job was as reporter for the Defiance, Ohio Crescent-News.  Drafted, he was with the Korea Military Advisory Group (KMAG) 1952-1953.  His law degree is from the University of Michigan, where he learned the importance of well-drafted legislation.

For the Ohio Water Commission, born of the 1959 flood, Hanson assisted in creating an intelligent framework for water management.  He was legal advisor to the Director of Natural Resources, then legislative counsel for the Ohio Legislative Service Commission.

In private practice Hanson’s long-term representations were for environmental organizations such as the volunteer Water Management Association of Ohio and the Ohio Water Development Authority, bond-issuing agency for municipal sewer and water facilities.  The Wildlife Legislative Fund and the Wildlife Legislative Fund of America became his major clients, which he created under the direction of James H. Glass as the defenders of sportsmen’s interests in Ohio and wherever wildlife laws came under attack.  Their present successor is the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance.

Retired, Hanson was writing histories of immigration into Nebraska when he suddenly found himself duty-bound to concentrate on the flood of government falsehoods spilling over especially since 2001.

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12 thought on “Stealth Terror IV: Earthquakes”
  1. Thank you so much James for publishing this series on your blog. Mr. Hanson has done an amazing amount of research that surely even the most skeptical of readers must give pause. I think the most surprising for me was how long (since 1944) the capability of weather and earthquake manipulation has been available. I’ve read several articles about how the studies of Tesla have been exploited by corrupt segments of our government and this additional evidence is compelling. What I wonder about is if Mr. Hanson or anyone has any clue as to when or why such an earthquake could be planned for the US and what is the motivation for such an event? Is population control ever a factor? Or do you think economic strategy is always paramount. I’d be very interested in your opinion.

  2. There is certainly fertile ground for mischief, if that is the agenda. The earth is vulnerable to volcano activities, tornadic episodes, hurricanes, etc. Choose your poison. Earthquakes are especially frightening; there is no where to hide. Two major seizmic zones to watch are the New Madrid fault along the Mississippi River and the San Andreas fault that runs through the heart of California. Too close for comfort. During the New Madrid quake in 1811, bells in Boston rang. That is quite a spread and now would affect millions, if only psychologically.

    In the clandestine business, it’s called a ‘psy-ops.’ Who needs bombs when you can push buttons?

  3. Great amount of data to prove the lack of coincidences. The Smithsonian blog actually admitted fracking causes earthquakes, another factor, and Indian Point sits right above NYC on the fault line, which is why so many are pressing for no fracking in NYS.

    1. Marzi, shush, don’t you know that no one is supposed to mention the Indian Point facility so close to NYC? Such knowledge damages real estate prices here in Westchester County.

  4. This small mechanical steam-powered device developed by Tesla known as the “earthquake machine” was reported to produce earthquake-like effects, but has never been replicated. In 2006, the MythBusters tested a small machine based on the same principle. The Mythbusters made a retort but powered by electricity rather than steam. It produced vibrations in a large structure detectable 100 feet away, but no significant shaking, and they judged the effect to be a busted myth.

    And you praise him for his research?

    1. The site is back up, but do not see the above article. Guess I will stop sending this to every outlet my tired fingers could find! Of course the outage will always be unexplainable…..

  5. I always wondered if earth quakes were caused by missile testing. It just seems to me when the news announces North Korea or Iran tested a missal, it coordinates with a earth quake on the opposite side of the world. This was a great read and I will now notice the 26th. Thank you.

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