James Tracy discusses the latest investigation into the Sandy Hook shooting and related topics on GCN with Joyce Riley.

The Power Hour

July 17, 2013 (hour 2) 

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33 thought on “The Power Hour, July 17, 2013”
  1. Love it…as usual, Dr. Tracy ! SOOOO glad you’re tenured !! Praying my grandsons take classes under you as it’s so refreshing to find an educator who teaches them to think, not WHAT to think !!

  2. In regard to the question : “Was the Sandy Hook “incident” a drill?”, the following videos raise interesting questions about the identities of both Emily & Madeline Parker and Adam & Ryan Lanza…

    Q: Have the Parker Family Changed Emily’s Name to “Madeline”?
    Has the Parker Family JUST 2 Children?

    CNN Fox News Mistake ! ! “Emily Parker Alive Myth”
    (Debunking) FAILURE! Emily Parker PROVEN Alive!! (?)

    Who are… ADAM / RYAN LANZA ?
    Q: Is “Adam” Lanza actually “Ryan” Lanza (?)

    Adam Lanza…Did he really exist [?]

    Adam Lanza 101

    1. In regard to the Parker family photo, there is one other anomaly I noticed…the child with her hand in her mouth…notice her two hands are hugely different in size. Some say she is giving a Satanic Illuminati sign. I thought that was over-the-top and so much disinformation is being thrown out like chaff to disrupt investigative radar. You can follow the track of these bread crumbs that fit into a Hollywoodesque reinvention of reality. Then it just becomes more fiction. Why go to all the expense and trouble? That is the question. Too bad Stanley Kubric isn’t around to sort it out for us.

      The whole Emilie Parker video is a definite scripted-before-hand movie for public consumption. The Parker family saga is such a slipshod production, only a fool will buy in.

      1. “The Parker family saga is such a slipshod production, only a fool will buy in.”

        Ah, but that was the point of the experiment, wasn’t it? To find out how much of the country is made up of those kind of fools?

  3. While our Spiritual Salvation may require “faith alone”, faith, alone, has never been, is not, and will never be the only ingredient in our recipe for good government. In lieu of “faith”, our good government relies on it’s principle ingredient: Transparency.

    Therefore, as the Sandy Hook Elementary School security (surveillance) video (of 14 December 2012) has yet to be made available to the public [which would confirm to the public the identity of the (heretofore, alleged perpetrator)]; and as the (heretofore, alleged) crime scene photos have now been sealed by the Connecticut Legislature (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jun/05/connecticut-bill-sandy-hook-privacy)]; and, moreover, as no photographs have ever been found of the two brothers, Adam & Ryan, together; and as the links below provide increasing support of the ever-growing claims that:

    (1) Ryan Lanza never existed before 2009; and
    (2) Adam Lanza changed his name to Ryan

    the combination of the suppressed evidence, continuing research, and well-supported speculation, begs the question (which must be answered) as to the confirmed identity of the (heretofore, alleged) perpetrator of the (heretofore, alleged) Sandy Hook incident.

    The Vital Records of Kingston, New Hampshire, 1694-1994

    Not only that, but when we conduct a search on any one of several Identity Search sites, like intelius.com, for Peter Lanza, we find that only Nancy (who is deceased) and Ryan are connected to Peter.


    NANCY and ADAM LANZA NOT in SSDI & More Funny Business

    Adam Lanza, WAS NOT The Son Of Nancy _ Peter

  4. I learn something even now with the ongoing interviews. James Corbett and Joyce Riley know how to conduct an interview. They let the guest speak without too much interference or interjection of their own opinions. That is essential to communicating needed information in a age of fast-speak.

    Thanks to Dr. Tracy for taking the time to communicate and to other independent media outlets for realizing the importance of posing the right questions at the right time. Little by little, the mask of deception slips.

  5. Prof. Tracy,
    Did you ever speak to the “military investigator” the caller referred to who had been a previous guest on Power Hour who allegedly faced “retaliation” for speaking about Sandy Hook? “Mike Powers” was on the show on Jan. 17 at the height of the Sandy Hook “truth” zeitgeist and 2 days later had his own weekly radio show “Rapid Fire” which ran for 1 month on the Orion Radio network. He then disappeared as quickly as he came into nowhere.

    It interests me that he could have been a Disinformation/Limited Hangout agent sent into gauge/misdirect the burgeoning interest in SH or if not then someone genuinely facing “retaliation” for speaking about a controversial subject. I thought it was odd that Joyce Riley said she “advised” him not to come on the show but would like to have him on again.

    Things like that would be very useful in the “Crisis Mapping” that you refer to in the interview. This all happened at the same time as the Debunking backlash (salon, snopes, blogs) and the absolutely shameful conduct of the mass media regarding your blog. I guess we can all be assured the NSA-DHS has been “mapping” all of our electronic behavior following these crises.

    1. I am familiar with Mike Powers’ appearance on The Power Hour yet was unaware that he also had a show briefly on Orion. My impression judging from Joyce Riley’s explanation was that he was in military or law enforcement and received pressure from higher ups to assume a lower profile.

      I will have to review his Jan 17 commentary again. Yet if I’m not mistaken, Powers remarks in that interview that the AR15 bullets would refract easily and come to rest in the flesh of the victims. This is contrary to the dynamics of such a long gun and information I’ve received from other weapons experts familiar with the firearm’s capacities that I’ve included in my SH analyses.

      Perhaps my explanation of “crisis mapping” lacked clarity. This practice is conducted to gauge public reaction to mass casualty drills or events in real time in their immediate aftermath that would not extend beyond a few days, although Boston may have proved to be an exception. One such agency operating under government and military auspices I referenced that is doing such research is Heroic Project, http://heroicproject.org/

  6. I have to keep coming back to what the Youtube guy, Morris, based in England, is saying about these events: they are forcing us to “converse in lies.” People might as well be describing the latest episode of Downton Abbey or some police or hospital drama or their favorite soap. It comes down to the same thing, except for the budgets for a terror war and the surveillance of the public resulting.

    Or, it’s like putting counterfeit money into circulation, or setting up a virus and seeing how far it travels and how it mutates.

    I understand that Boston Magazine (in its zeal to “counter” Rolling Stone with its attractive portrait of a “terrorist”) has accepted photos from some cop named Sean Murphy (have to be hundreds of men with that name in Boston alone) who we are told was fired for releasing them. Yeah, whatever. They are allegedly of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev being arrested at the boat. Is it just me or does that blood look a lot like the stage blood of the attack. Now I can start my own speculation – was he fired because the fake blood gives the game away? Or does he not even exist? Is this “battle of the magazines” just a publicity for the upcoming “trial” of a guy who apparently even his classmates say has the wrong accent (guess they’ll be banned from the courtroom from now on).

    All this stage machinery means that cutting through the illusions has become increasingly difficult. “If it bleeds it leads” has given way to “if the stage make-up is good enough, the show has legs — prosthetic legs too.”

    1. musings,

      In case you’ve not dropped by http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com recently, Dave McGowan’s research is now 15 parts, so far, in length. Starting at the end of part 8 he settled into a frame by frame analysis of the photos of the site of the first explosion taken by two different photographers. Lots of pictures. He learned a lot over the course of his study. Here’s how he launches part 11:

      It appears that nearly all of my working assumptions concerning what happened in Boston on April 15, 2013 have been proven wrong. Before beginning this journey, I had thought that recent claims that crisis actors have been involved in these type of incidents were pretty far-fetched, to say the least. But I was wrong (which I can occasionally force myself to admit).

      My next assumption, in the early days of my investigation, was that there were only a few actors planted in the crowd, specifically the Jeff Bauman and Associates grouping (hence the title and initial focus of this series), who were there to inflict maximum trauma on the American people through the display of unbelievably graphic disfigurement. But I was wrong again.

      My thinking next evolved into the belief that the Boston incident had been run as a drill/training exercise which was sold to the American people, and the world, as a real attack. But I appear to have been wrong about that as well, because it has become perfectly obvious that this crime scene was in no way handled like a real crisis situation should be handled. And if it was, then we’re in a lot of trouble if there ever is a real attack on these shores.

      Since 9-11, this country has spent untold billions of dollars conducting disaster-training exercises so that first responders will be equipped to deal with real mass-casualty events. If what happened in Boston is an accurate representation of what all that money has bought, then we have a serious problem here. It’s not very reassuring to learn that, if I happen to find myself a victim of such an attack, and if I have the misfortune of having both my legs blown off, I will likely be allowed to bleed out unattended on the pavement while dozens of responders stand idly by. And if I happen to find myself in traumatic arrest, fighting for my last breaths, I will likely be ignored for even longer – though a cute girl may stop by for a photo-op.

      As will become increasingly obvious over the course of the next couple posts, the ‘responders’ on the scene were not real first-responders being trained and tested for disaster preparedness. No, they were in fact every bit as fake as the purported victims. No one on the scene seems to have known how to respond to or react to a real mass-casualty event. The scene that played out was, I have to say, pretty comical at times.

      End of quote.

      McGowan’s close examination of the movements of the people at the scene, over the course of those eight or nine minutes, reveals that every element of the official story is completely fraudulent. It is incontrovertible evidence. No one was injured, and everything every “victim” and “responder” has said is an obvious lie. No rubble, no severed limbs littering the scene, no shrapnel, no heroic rescuing. The pictures prove it. (Contrast this with Sandy Hook, where there is no visual evidence to examine).

      So this whole Rolling Stone thing is ridiculous. No bombing means no terrorists means we’re being taken for a ride–living inside the most elaborate hoax since the Apollo program. The difference is, with Apollo, it took decades for the photographic record to be examined closely, and the warm glow of national pride that was made to surround that stupendous nonsense is very addictive. This one, Boston, was immediately called into question, and lots of very good minds have been keenly aware of the nonsense from the beginning. I suppose we can be grateful for that; I couldn’t call it a critical mass that might be able to stop the madness, but plenty of us are instantly skeptical these days.

      I like your reference to television. We are all expected to act as if a fictional world that is obvious fiction is the real one. Reality becomes fiction, because everyone is expected to live and respond as if the unfolding made-up story is true, and they do so cheerfully.

      This reminds me of another great insight Dave shares with us (in the most the most recent installment, part 15):

      Has anyone seen the new NBC television series Siberia? If not, you really should check it out. Not because it is a particularly good show, because it isn’t, but it certainly is an interesting one. The pilot episode is available for viewing on NBC’s website.

      Before it aired, the new series was promoted as a ‘reality’ show featuring real people competing in a survivalist environment for a $500,000 prize. It was also scheduled as a ‘reality’ show, airing as part of a three-hour block of programming that also includes American Ninja Warrior and Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls. And it is clearly structured as a ‘reality’ show, complete with frequent confessional segments with the contestants, who are identified in captions by first name and occupation.

      But there is nothing real about any of it. It is a 100% scripted show with actors in contrived situations reading lines written by a screenwriter. And yet the show’s creators clearly want you to accept it as reality. But why?

      There has never been, as far as I know, a show quite like Siberia. There have been, to be sure, other scripted shows that mimic reality shows, but that has been for the sake of skewering the over-the-top elements of reality television. Burning Love, for example, did a splendid job of parodying The Bachelor franchise, but that show’s creators let the audience in on the joke. In Siberia, no one ever winks at the camera.

      What then is the purpose of the new series? It’s not an actual reality competition show nor is it a parody of reality television. It is a scripted show that very much wants to be accepted as a reality show. It is a show, in other words, whose only purpose seems to be to further blur the line between what is real and what is not. And it arrived, conveniently enough, directly on the heels of the Boston Marathon bombings and the possibly even more absurd Woolwich incident in the UK. But I’m sure that is just a coincidence.

      1. Patrick, you have provided quite an intriguing hint of the “why” behind the very odd “what” of (among other things) the Boston Marathon bombing. It’s not definable as a drill, because no one behaved sensibly. It is something with a propaganda value for sure. It tells the American people they have, once again, been victims of terrorism. It also had some audience participation. April 15, a Monday, is a holiday in Boston; (in fact you don’t have to file your tax return, even the federal one, until the following Tuesday, although by edict, after this event you got I believe an extra whole month or possibly longer), thus that was a three-day weekend.

        The end of the week, Friday April 19 (the real Patriot’s Day, commemorating the first shots fired in the Revolution), became an impromptu “holiday” in which 6 towns and Boston were shut down so that, without K-9 units anywhere in sight, they could “look for” runaway Dzhokhar.

        Another three day weekend, it was audience participation in the “sit-stay command” for humans. Mini-martial law and fears instilled (if you listened to those bug-eyed newscasters, screaming at the top of their lungs) of opening the door or the curtains. That nutty.

        I would imagine people in the local ghetto where there is a shooting every weekend would never leave their houses at all if they “sheltered in place” the way “innocent victim” whites did.

        So this might have been part of the goal – the test of the docility of the local populace and their lack of arms. Can you imagine a community with its own hunting dogs and guns sitting still for this kind of thing if they thought a person like a real terrorist was in their neighborhood? Maybe I am imagining things, but I really think that outside of New England, this would not fly.

        What is especially creepy is the united response of all politicians and many businesses to this thing, adopting a belief simultaneously in the reality of it. Or playing along. I can only think it is due to their power being pre-empted by federal power. It may not have been a real drill, but wasn’t Homeland Security found to be involved? Didn’t it have (all of it, including the police actions during martial law) features of known drills, one spelled out online or described in op-ed pieces? Maybe nothing was learned, but perhaps this was a different sort of drill, about controlling the population in a crisis. Maybe that was the underlying idea. And my God, how could all the hospitals participate? How could they sink so low? Because they did. And of course this is where the weeds get deeper – it isn’t just the stuff on the street, it’s the doctors playing along.

        So what’s this about to them, why did they go along? Do they see it as something you do in an outbreak of a virus (the shutdown on Friday, April 19)? Is there any redeeming value to this?

        I can only say that following so close on this were the Snowden revelations, the death of Michael Hastings. It didn’t divert me from thinking of this ongoing conundrum, but seemed to underscore it, seemed to underscore that “We the People” are not to be considered or feared or served. That there really is a new order, and it isn’t a good one.

  7. Another good interview – thank you, James. You mentioned at one point the Univ of CA system…seems I’m the only person looking at the fact that Janet Napolitano will take over All of the “assets” of the UC system when she becomes president…and the fact that they are boasting about her prior experience really leaves me wondering how corrupt that situation can become. People in CA should be outraged –

  8. Good grief, I appreciate what you have to say Prof. Tracy, I attribute you as one of the people who actually opened my eyes to what the news is really about. But do you have to go on a show who’s commercials consist of snake oils, and UFO conferences?

    It ruins it for me.

    1. I regret that you find the network’s format undesirable. At the same time, I believe you’re misrepresenting the advertising. GCN’s valuable programming and talent should not be written off even if its sponsors beyond the pale appear at first glance. The network provides an important and timely variety of alternative news and analysis that’s difficult to find in mainstream and particularly foundation-funded “alternative” and “public” media outlets.

    2. Mr. Croll,
      Please allow me to interject in this conversation for a moment, because I think you alluded to the answer to your own question in your response. You stated that this blogger was one of the people who “actually opened my eyes to what the news is really about.”.
      Fair enough, but what is the “news”, really about?
      Just look at any media, lets say prime time “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams”, okay? Polished, sharply dressed, handsome, media pedigree, high production-value and a steady stream of Big,Big Stories about the Latest War, the Home-Front Economic Situation and then the fluffy Human Interest Story to close out the half hour….pretty impressive stuff even if you don’t believe it. Oh, but the advertisements that you have to watch,(no Water Purifiers here!), are compelling “Jeep Liberty’s” and “Chevy half-Tons”, followed by a flurry of Big Pharma ads…(never mind all those ads from 5 years ago that now have been shown to basically kill you.(..i.e.Lipitor…), followed by the tech-com ads for Verizon-AT&T(we will happily hand over your personal Info to the Gov’t)…..blah …blah. Great products, huh…? Wrong, you are the product!
      Yes, you are the product the media sells to its advertisers….where do you think they get their money? Investigative journalism costs money so scrap that, and also scrap any stories that aren’t ‘complimentary’ to the ad copy….no hard hitting pieces on Big Pharma or the military industrial complex because well, NBC/GE has a huge stake in that. Lets go straight to the White House presser for this Breaking News………..some lone nut went mad with a machine gun a then swallowed a hand grenade.

  9. Never said I had a problem with the interview itself. Although upon looking back on your blog and reading/watching the “geoengineering” stuff I wonder if you might just be deluded after-all. I shouldn’t feel the need to explain how condensation works, and how the patterns are because air traffic control has planes follow set routes in the sky.

    I agree with most of what you have to say about Sandy Hook and the Boston bombings. It warrants more questions and thought. But you hurt your cause with the pseudo-science.

    Plus it just makes me wonder if I am the crazy one for even reading this blog. 😉

    1. Kevin
      You are the deluded one, there is plenty of evidence that geoengineering does exist and plegrave damage has been done to our environment by mad scientists and greedy evil doers. You need to do alittle research before dismissing one of the possibly worst threats to our society today. They have done so much damage, and left so much evidence for the public with open minds to see, believe they are finally coming out in public to announce they will study and experiment how to fix it. http://www.wnd.com/2013/07/cia-spooks-investigate-geoengineering-to-fix-climate/?cat_orig=us

  10. Just my two cents, but the “geoengineering stuff” is perhaps the most crucial element of the puzzle. It encompasses the whole planet and threatens all life thereon.

    Meanwhile, back in Middleville, USA, seems the hoaxes are perpetrated to further nail certain themes in the theater of new reality. That reality is not real and many know it. Start pulling a loose thread, the fabric will unravel. Some may view that exercise as destructive, pointless. Others may see it as a path to reconstruct the whole. No one said it would be easy or perfect.

    When our world has been turned upside-down, it is no wonder the majority retreat into a shell of denial. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” a pop tune with dark undertones, even moreso since the days Ronald Reagan sold us “Morning in America,” as a campaign slogan. Like all advertising, keep it simple and catchy to capture the imagination and deflect any real intellectual output.

  11. The “geoengineering” stuff is not real. It is beyond our technology. I read the stories about it and it makes my brain hurt. lol.

    But like I said, I do agree with his overall point. I only came to this site because I doubted what the news had to say about Sandy Hook. I will never get over the “Sandy Hook Actors” video on YouTube. The ultimate evidence of fake people.

    But please, keep things grounded in reality Prof. Tracy. There are no planes spraying things in the atmosphere, that is the domain of schizophrenia.

    1. I wouldn’t go so far as to accuse anyone of madness – not in the kind of world where people working for our government as contractors and such practically admit to their own insanity every day, every time they describe their paranoia about the rest of the human race, who is their enemy in an attempt to establish American supremacy.

      But my own taste runs along your lines. I tend to react to what I know is lying in some crisis – whether Sandy Hook, where nothing seemed reasonable, or more recently the incredible Boston bombing.

      I react when I am forced to pay attention to an event because it affects me where I live, and where things are being shoved down my throat which I know cannot be true. I don’t go looking for chemtrail monsters to slay – there are enough monsters to come up against in the Big Lie factory that has us taking our shoes off at TSA checkpoints. I stick to the concrete crap. Who knows – chemtrails may be real. I know radiation from atomic testing was and from Fukushima (all the fish is safe to eat you know). If I spend my energy thinking about all the tenuous stuff, I cannot oppose the other more obvious. Maybe I have a pedestrian mind. That’s my limitation. But it is scope enough for me.

  12. Kevin Croll says,

    “There are no planes spraying things in the atmosphere, that is the domain of schizophrenia.”

    And you know this for an absolute fact, Kevin, because…?

    1. I don’t know, basic understanding of science? What our current technology is capable of?

      There is such a thing as asking insightful questions, then there is crossing the line into paranoia and delusions.

      1. Watch this video, starting at 9 minutes in, then watch the whole thing, Kevin.


  13. If you found Churchill’s criticism of Mohammedism interesting, read what he wrote about Jews, communism and Zionism (keeping in mind that Churchill is alleged to have been sponsored by Zionist banksters): Note: I don’t think Hedges or Churchill read the Protocols. http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Zionism_versus_Bolshevism.

    I post these links to create associations that might suggest Islam (or Catharism or Shakerism or Amishism) might be a more humane way to end ecological degradation. Wouldn’t an industrially retrograde religion be preferable to forced collectivism, FEMA camps, food and water rationing, forced and selective sterilization? Having read the Agenda21 documents, it’s clear that’s what’s on the menu in The New World Order. Wouldn’t you rather die young of natural causes surrounded by your loved ones than be selected for death.after you’ve become – no longer useful?

  14. They never got a chance to get into the real good issues. Wondering why Wayne Carver is such an idiot is a waste of time that is why is was an employee of the State working on dead people. The “evil gene” they suspect in Lanza is actually contained in carver’s DNA precisely adjacent to his buffoon gene.

    The evidence of multiple shooter’s and Scott Vollmer’ being identified by witnesses is really the big issue on this case.

    Emily Parker’s photo may very likely be Photoshopped but so what ? That does not mean she does not exist , that does not mean she was not killed. Yes Allsion Wyatt’s picture was falsified but again so what ? Adam Lanza cannot be found on people search but so what ? That would not be unexpected if he was not registered to vote and only 20 years old. These are distractions. How many dead people have we seen from VA Tech?

    Why doesn’t anybody ask why the critical witnesses are silent? Natalie Hammond, Chris Manfredonia, Barbara Halstead ?

    HERE IS A GOOD QUESTION – WHO CREATED THE PHOTOSHOPPED PICTURE OF LANZA THAT THE MEDIA USES ALL THE TIME? (sorry for caps) Doesn’t the State Police have a driver’s license picture?

    Why are the parents not interested in who was the off duty SWAT officer caught at the scene ?

    So many unanswered questions why get hung up on the insignificant minutia. Not a single local in town has come fort overtly or anonymously to assert ant deaths were faked.

  15. To “Kevin Croll”:

    When the Council on Foreign Relations is hosting “workshops” and
    publishing papers re: “Unilateral Planetary Scale Geoengineering,”
    (see links, below) then I can only conclude that geoengineering is not
    solely the “domain of schizophrenia,” but is instead the real domain of highly qualified and funded, seemingly-“reasonable” sociopaths (individuals completely devoid of ethics). Based on multiple reports published by “credible” news outlets in recent years, there is, at the very least, serious, large-scale experimentation
    underway to test these various mad scientist’s geoengineering hypotheses. Moreover, for those who’ve read Professor Tracy’s work, we can reasonably conclude that the “modest” experimentation revealed to the Sheeple in these reports is likely only the small tip of the iceberg, with regard to what is actually being done. Here are just a few links to these reports from recent years… I’ve not tested to see whether these links are still active, but if a link is now “dead,” then one should be able to find the same content by searching the title and original source/host.

    AP: Obama looks at climate engineering:
    John Holdren told The Associated Press in his first interview since
    being confirmed last month that the idea of geoengineering the climate
    is being discussed. One such extreme option includes shooting
    pollution particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect the sun’s
    rays. Holdren said such an experimental measure would only be used as
    a last resort.

    Obama climate adviser open to geo-engineering to tackle global warming:


    Council on Foreign Relations
    Geoengineering: Workshop on Unilateral Planetary Scale Geoengineering:

    Workshop briefing notes: Unilateral Geoengineering (PDF, 546K)
    Unlike the control of greenhouse gas emissions, which must be
    undertaken by all major emitting nations to be effective and is likely
    to be costly, geoengineering could be undertaken quickly and
    unilaterally by a single party, at relatively low cost.  Unilateral
    geoengineering, however, is highly likely to impose costs on other
    countries and run risks with the entire planet’s climate system.

    M. Granger Morgan: Unilateral Geoengineering: A few basic ideas about
    the science to start our discussions (PDF, 4.56MB):
    Four examples of how the earth’s albedo might be increased:
    1. Add small reflecting particles in the stratosphere.
    2. Add more clouds in the lower part of the atmosphere.
    3. Place various kinds of reflecting objects or diffraction gratings
    in space either near the earth or at a stable location between the
    earth and the sun.
    4. Change large portions of the planet’s land cover from things that
    are dark and absorbing, such as trees, to things that are light and
    reflecting, such as open snow-cover or grasses.

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