On June 25, 2013 President Obama laid out his long term agenda for reducing US industrial and consumer “greenhouse emissions.” On July 11th the Department of Energy warns that “climate change”-related events will be threatening traditional sources of energy production and causing more energy supply disruptions. All the while, the notion that unusual or extreme weather events are primarily due to an excess of atmospheric CO2 and the consequent “greenhouse effect” is arguably based much more on long term economic and political designs than sound science.

As a response to the urgent pleas accompanying the purportedly thorough and unbiased research from scientists comprising the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that seeks to link climate change to human and industrial activity, an array of programs are being proposed and implemented by fiat in both Europe and the US. Such programs will drastically change the standard of living of most every individual in the developed world. Indeed, since global temperatures do not readily correlate with the minute rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide, there has been a marked shift within the CO2 public relations machine from the “global warming” meme to the more amorphous and catchall term, “climate change.”

The real plan behind this international agenda and promotion of an almost religious ideology is establishing the rationale for a massive regulatory and taxation system to reshape human behavior and lifestyle, in addition to carving out an entirely new area for technology outlays and financial speculation using carbon-related securities and derivatives.

Ostensibly a not-for-profit enterprise, preaching the climate change creed has also become a lucrative endeavor, with immense financial resources provided for its continued proselytization. Indeed, the climate-related tax-exempt 501C3 organizations constitute a multi-billion dollar public relations machine devoted to driving home one central theme: humans are to blame for every weather-related disaster graphically presented in every electronic media outlet. Such phony environmentalism involves vigorous efforts to transform public policy based on dubious science while ignoring genuine environmental threats.

While such 501C3s may be found encouraging donations from the general public, the scale of many such organizations’ annual revenue and assets suggests reliance of very deep-pocketed individuals and institutions with an eye toward selling government officials and the broader public on the notion that almost every aberrant weather event is the result of greenhouse emissions.

The following list of nonprofit organizations devoted to pushing the view of climate change and sustainability—by no means complete—has been gathered from their 990 tax forms for 2010. In that year such 501C3s brought in over 1.7 billion in revenue ($1,742,350,656), with the Nature Conservancy, led by former Goldman Sachs managing director Mark Tercek, accounting for over half that amount. Data in the fourth column demonstrates the extent of such entities’ public presence; some command greater journalistic attention while others operate with almost complete anonymity.

501C3 Name

2010 Income

Net Assets

Mentions in Major World News Publications, July 1 2012-June 30 2013 (LexisNexis)

Sierra Club




World Wildlife Fund




Friends of the Earth




United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change




United Nations Environmental Program




United Nations Foundation




Nature Conservancy Inc.




Greenpeace Inc.




Climate Works Foundation




World Resources Institute




Center for Biological Diversity




Defenders of Wildlife




International Institute for Environment and Development




Natural Resources Defense Council




National Council for Science and the Environment




Global Green USA




Pew Center on Global Climate Change




Institute for Sustainable Communities




Sustainable Markets Foundation




US Climate Action Network




350 Org




Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education




The Alliance for Climate Protection




Climate Solutions




Alliance for Climate Education




Climate Central Inc.




Climate Group Inc.




For example, the Al Gore-funded Climate Project was first set up for “educational purposes,” principally to have the message of An Inconvenient Truth carried into US classrooms. Another organization, Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, similarly carries out the less prominent work of promoting the green agenda within colleges and universities. Overall, such resources are utilized to emphasize the alleged dangers of greenhouse gas emissions to the very existence of civilization and life itself. The extent of such resources is comparable to what many transnational corporations spend on advertising annually.

While Obama and the array of well-funded environmental organizations campaign on the purported dangers of gaseous emissions, they are wholly silent on what are truly grave threats to the environment and humanity—namely the widescale contamination of the food supply from genetically modified organisms, the array of clandestine weather modification and geoengineering programs, the destruction of the Gulf of Mexico, and grave pollution of entire global regions from depleted uranium and Fukushima radiation that will last many lifetimes.

In light of these ongoing catastrophes and the powerful financial interests behind carbon-centric environmental advocacy, Obama’s posturing over anthropogenic climate change and environmentalists’ well-funded overtures may be seen for what they actually are—the visible components of a complex social engineering program far advanced in convincing the public that its return to a pre-feudal-like existence will not only be agreeable, but absolutely imperative for the greater good.


Republished at GlobalResearch.ca on July 12, 2013.

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19 thought on “The Forces Behind Carbon-Centric Environmentalism”
  1. Totally agree. We are strangled by the chains of political correctness now which demand absolute adherence to the global warming and sustainability (read Agenda 21) meme. Also, one can’t possibly be green/progressive and not go along with Manmade global warming. Unfortunately the almost total blackout on information available to the general public on Geoengineering – particularly the stratospheric aerosol spraying that had been occurring for at least a decade now, means possibly THE greatest cause of Manmade global warming is hidden. The effects of Geoengineering and weather modification are labelled as results of Carbon dioxide. How convenient.
    There is a global Geoengineering protest in August – see Geoengineeringwatch.com for your nearest location and SPREAD the WORD…PLEASE.

  2. Geo-engineering in the form of aerosol spraying has been happening since at least the 1950s to one degree or another. Just take a look at older films (like those shown on the Turner classic channel for instance) You’ll see aerosol spraying in outdoor and background shots, etc. The spraying has become a DAILY, world wide occurrence since probably the 1990s.

  3. Besides chemtrails, there are thousands of flights a day including helicopters, jets and small planes all around the world and no one considers for five minutes the amounts of additives to the fuel they burn to keep flow in the pipes and tanks that are released into the atmosphere – AL, FL compounds and so on. It’s vast.

  4. “Small carbon footprint” is the Leftist complement to “fiscal responsibility,” the Right’s euphemism for its program of austerity. Both programs seek to further impoverish the middle and lower classes. Want a sneak preview of where we’re headed? Think concentration camp.

    Through one lens, you’ll see the campers living lives of fiscal responsibility. No extravagances for them. Through the other lens, you’ll see their austerity as admirably leaving behind only a small carbon footprint. They are ideal citizens in an ideal community, no?

  5. Going green, the term, has come to connote a lunacy for collective punishment. I’ve seen it used to promote good attendance at meaningless, low-paying jobs (though I can’t quite explain the correlation), and I’ve seen it used in organ donation campaigns (as if to say “you better not leave to big a ‘carbon footprint’ when you expire”). The guns are now directed at the masses instead of the far-off industrialists, as we suck in aluminum and barium.

  6. So, we have the information. I believe my awareness makes it my responsibility to be proactive on this and we all have our spheres of influence have we not….physically and spiritually? I see the light in my son’s eyes and ask ‘If the time is not now, then when?’

  7. What an odd turn of events. For years people have had to fight Corporations dumping PCBs, Dioxin, Mercury and Acid Rain into our environment through lawsuits and legislation. These are still at critical levels in many areas. Our water is undrinkable in many places and often times infused with Flouride (allegedly for our benefit). Monsanto spends 10 billion per year lobbying to ensure that Americans won’t know if their food contains GMO’s. Oh, and don’t look up or ask what those planes are spraying….Now, these huge internationalists are announcing radical environmental policies while claiming to have achieved scientific “consensus” on this issue.

    The irony in all this is that “climate change” is real, of course. There have been 60 ice ages in the last 2 million years. In the 120,000 years since Homo Sapiens evolved their have been 20 sudden global warmings where temperatures have risen 18 degrees overall in a 20 year period. The sun is 43% warmer now than when the earth formed. There have been over 140 Mass Extinctions on this planet. I don’t think we can blame Andrew Carnegie for all of that.

    These multi-trillion dollar “green solutions” are a joke. They will continue to poison your immediate environment, food and water supply, air quality, ect.. Then they offer a phony solution to a real problem that just shows the hubris of these people.

  8. Oh, my, this new breed of money changer is clever. Or maybe scientific evolution has simply dumped untold riches into their purse and they are sitting around in ivory halls debating how us spend it.

    What better way than to reinvent the human being? But where to start? With the mind, that marvelous instrument that produced magnificent art and brought about unparalleled discovery. Someone said, “Whenever something new is discovered, the devil grabs it and runs while the angels are wondering what to do with it.”

    That describes our current dilemma. So many discoveries seem to end up as tools of war or profit-engineered fiascoes. The mark of the man is how he uses his power. Where are our men?

  9. Long ago, hundreds of years at least, the Pope ‘made a claim.’ Firstly, as his ‘official title’ – “Vicar, Son of God” – meaning, “I’m Jesus, until He comes back.” – I’m not joking either, that’s what it ‘meant.’ You see, these ‘claims’ re ‘acts’ (like ‘politics’) like the Patriot ‘acts’ are just that – an ‘act.’ The only thing that makes these ‘claims’ and acts’ ‘real’ are our acquiescence, which they deem as ‘consent’ regardless of our NOT being fully informed – like, for instance, that “Government is by the consent of the governed” (that’s us – the unaware manipulated masses, ‘consenting,’ by our acquiescence.) But i digress, although the aforementioned is relevant to the next historical fact. Because, a ‘claim’ is actually ‘a contractual offer’ to the masses. In commerce, such an offer, to make a claim on anything, like ‘ownership’ of all of ‘the minerals in the Earth and all of the waters upon it too,’ ‘public,’ following the proper procedures of course, and waiting for the 30 days or so, for ‘a counter-offer’ or a rebuttal or refusal, which never came, then his claim, his contractual ‘offer’ in ‘their world’ (the ‘world of commerce’) is ‘valid.’ That’s right my fellow Americans, according to International Law, the Pope owns all of the waters, and minerals upon the Earth – including the waters & minerals in ‘us.’ Therefore, the Pope ‘owns” the physical structure that houses your Soul (your ‘true’ address – ‘your body’ – ‘belongs to the Pope (The Vatican Inc.) In fact of law, the Pope has the power to overturn ANY Law in the USA – true story – remember how the whole health care ‘act’ began to cross the boundaries of the Pope’s followers, all of a sudden there was a 180 by the executive branch here, and that ‘issue’ went away.

    Also, in fact, “The Declaration of Indepedence was just that – “a contractual offer” to the King of England. Of course our founders understood this ‘game’ of ‘acts’ that the King played, and ‘how’ to play it. So they sent this to George KNOWING, that he could NOT ‘respond’ to it, otherwise it would give validity to it, and therefore he would have had to respond with ‘controversy’ and if he did that he would lose his ‘honour.’ THAT is why ‘we’ are free to speak our minds – because Jefferson and Adams knew what they were doing. This of course was before “the united States of American” became “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” (a foreign-owned CORPORATION) which runs all of our lives, through “LAW’ (‘acts’) and is not subject to these ‘so-called’ Laws, because WASHINGTON, D.C. is a ten-by-ten mile square plot of land that is literally ‘owned’ by Britain, where they run their still-operating plantation ‘over here’ across the pond, from behind the scenes. Ever notice how all of these ‘British’ personalities are in American media are always ‘sounding-smarter-than-us with that phony accent’ & pompous attitude’ and therefore everyone overlooks the obvious – “Why is a British ‘subject’ (see: owned-slave of the Monarchy) telling a ‘free’ sovereign audience what we here in America should be ‘thinking’ (because somebody ‘sounding’ smart on the babysitter – our TV – said so).

    The carbon-tax just goes along with the Pope’s ‘claim’ that ‘he’ (the ‘elite Global involuntary slavery co-operation’ called International commerce – in the ‘name of’ CAPITALISM – where we the People have been ‘CAPITALIZED’ (turned into debtor-slaves) ourselves (look at your name on your DRIVER’S LICENSE – “ALL CAPS”) Which means that you are A CORPORATION. And if you aren’t fully aware of that, it’s not ‘their’ fault – “ignorance is no excuse for the LAW,” right? Following me? See: Youtube “Meet Your Strawman”)

    Knowing all of this, and because of the ‘way things have been for so long’ why is anyone then surprised that the Pope’s very own ‘think tank’ (see: social engineering for the manipulation of mankind group of minions) ‘The Club of Rome,’ invented ‘Global warming’ in 1968, and now he wants to ‘tax’ us for the very air that we breathe, because he ‘owns’ that too. The IRS 1040 FORM is “a tribute” that we (AS ‘SUBJECTS’) still pay to Britain (IRS PUBLICATION 6209).

    “Sovereigns’ don’t ‘pay taxes’ – “subjects’ do.

    File an official ‘Apostille’ (see: UCC-1 filing process) and ‘own’ your God-given right to be free from a cabal of foreigners who in 1933, declared the sovereign American People as ‘their’ enemy, when they claimed that we are ‘enemy combatants.’ (truthfully, the ‘fix’ was in before 1776, and Cornwallis told George Washington upon his surrender, that ‘this revolution’ might be over, but the total ‘takeover’ was just beginning. By 1812, the British agents stole & destroyed all of our original, hand-written & ‘valid’ documents, changed a few things, and wrote the ‘name’ of the CORPORATION in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS – THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    ‘They’ say, “You get the government you deserve.” And then they ‘de-serve’ us by taking away our inalienable freedoms & sell them back to us with ‘taxes.’ As long as we continue to ‘put up with’ (see: acquiesce) their ‘CLAIMS & ACTS” – then we are getting the government we deserve. We’re worthy of so much more.

    One final thought for the evening – Native American wisdom says – “We don’t inherit the World from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” Let’s get very active (not ‘re-active’) ourselves and begin by ‘calling them out’ on their bogus status as our ‘authority’ and ‘owners.’ It’s imperative that we make sure our children borrow from their children, ‘the world’ we borrowed from them better World than the one we allowed our parents to borrow from us.

    I love you Professor Tracy. You’re an amazing steward of the Earth & messenger of the truth – a true Sovereign American if ever there was one.

    PS. (feel free to dice it, splice it, or slice it altogether. If you think a point or two is all it needs, I know you can squeeze out ‘the message’ that makes the most sense to anyone not familiar with the ‘word game’ called LEGALESE, which our ‘owners’ use to manipulate us into unsuspecting involuntary slavery – called, THE STRAWMAN. You know me, I can get ‘wordy’ when I’m up late. Much Love. Thank You, for being ‘You.’

  10. One small way to help is to tell your congressional “representatives” that until there is full disclosure about geoengineering in general and chemtrails in particular, you will vote against anyone who supports ANY green initiative that begins with the premise human beings in their normal activities are primarily responsible for climate change.

    Like so much other mischief, they try to tar responsible people with the carnard of right-wing lackey who ask for the obvious to be explored before the arcane and speculative is taken for truth.

    I can look out my window half the days of the week and WATCH what chemtrails do to the sky and the atmosphere I breath. I don’t give a rat’s ass what they think or believe, until there is a full accounting for that abomination they can go to hell with ALL their environmental mumbo jumbo. We can talk green initiatives when they stop screwing up the blue skies I used to live under.

  11. I think Ted Kaczynski, the Amish, Islam and the Christian Scientists have identified the problem and rejected it – industrialization / technology / science. Outlawing these will end over population and planetary degradation. If humanity rejects them en masse, millions of us will die but soon our species will find its place in the natural order again.

    Isn’t it interesting that God’s first and only commandment was “not to eat from the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge”? Is this what we have come to? Are we willing to obey this commandment? Forgiven for our hubris? Restored to paradise? We’d have to learn to hunt and farm and weave and tan leather again. We’d be in perpetual motion – thatching our roofs, fetching our water – does it sound grim? Will sitting around fires telling stories, gallivanting from hovel to hovel be a satisfactory substitute for surfing the web? Could we ever be happy? Can we retain our democratic republic, our constitution, our bill of rights and outlaw technology? Where do we draw the line? – make it a crime to grow penicillin? I would have died years ago but for penicillin. Or are the suggestions outlined in the Report From Iron Mountain (link below) a more attractive alternative to you? They are not more attractive to me…I’d rather be dead.


  12. It’s just a scam to put money into the pockets of empty-heads.


    The hockey stick needs to be used as a suppository for the warmists.

    I know people are bored by the truth (see Sharknado), but would they be bored by see money pour out of their pockets, and into the greedy little paws of Michael Mann, Phil Jones, Keith Briffa, Tim Osborn and Albert “Global Warming’s gonna make me rich, beyotch!” Gore?

  13. This site is really scary. How can so much paranoia be expressed in one place? Looks to me like Global Research is a front for the continued exploitation of the Alberta tar sands, good patriotic Canadians that they are.

      1. How else to explain the kind of man-made global warming denial exhibited by normally astute observers of the world’s political scene. The evidence for MMGW is overwhelming. The willingness of GR to ignore the evidence can only mean that they are in bed with the Canadian economy/govt & its desperate need to ignore the tar sands contribution to MMGW in order to create short-term economic gains. Ottawa lets you criticize imperialism as long as you act as a schill for the destructive environmental policies of the conservative party in power.

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