Editor’s Note: When President Obama announces his new carbon-centric climate initiative at Georgetown today the main cause of anthropogenic climate change–stratospheric aerosol geoengineering–will not be mentioned even though it is likely a foremost cause of “extreme weather.” I had the fortune of becoming acquainted with Michael Murphy, the director of the award-winning documentaries What in the World Are They Spraying? and Why in the World Are They Spraying? in the summer of 2011. My experience of inviting Murphy to screen his first film at the institution where I teach is recounted here.

As Mr. Murphy will readily attest, a central force behind his work has been Dane Wigington, an independent scientific researcher and journalist who over the past several years has developed an expert knowledge on the geoengineering phenomenon likely matched only by the well-paid military and foundation-funded scientists involved in the immediate execution of such nefarious agendas.

In re-presenting Wigington’s excellent presentation captured on video here I can only attempt to reemphasize his well-founded observations on the complex and multifaceted programs of genuinely man-made climate change that in the immediate term pose the greatest threat to humanity today short of full-blown nuclear catastrophe.-JFT

By Dane Wigington

GeoEngineering Watch


In this video, geoengineering authority Dane Wigington gives an updated presentation in Northern California on the harmful effects of Geoengineering, declaring that there is no more critical topic today. The very essentials needed to sustain life on earth are being recklessly destroyed by these programs. This is not a topic that will begin to affect us in several years, but is now already causing massive animal and plant die off around the world, as well as human illness.

The debate over whether geoengineering programs are going on is now a moot point. We have more than enough data to confirm it. We have actual footage showing tankers spraying. The materials showing up on the ground are exactly the same materials mentioned in the numerous geoengineering patents and documents. Visit our website for a list of these government patents and documents.

Our skies today are simply not normal. Upon examination this cannot be denied. They are filled with nanoparticulates of heavy metals. But the skies have been filled with grid patterns for so long now that we are used to them and do not see them anymore. Sadly, the fact is that people do not look up.

To be clear, what we are seeing is not cloud seeding to increase rainfall. These particulates are designed to block the sun and move the jet stream. Dane explains how this is causing the drought and deluge being experienced around the globe.

Our atmosphere is nothing but a massive physics lab to geoengineering scientists who have no concern whatsoever about the consequences to humanity or any living thing, including themselves. The experiments are literally tearing the planet apart and destroying life on earth.

Dane reports, among other things, on:
• Geoengineering related climate disruptions, extreme drought and deluge
• Ozone depletion
• Methane release
• Drastic reduction in arctic sea ice
• Global oxygen content reductions
• Oceans on the brink of collapse
• Massive fish die offs
• 200 species becoming extinct every single day
• A drastic rise in Autism, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia
• Crisis level forest reductions
• The sterilization of soils making it impossible for plants to grow without Monsanto’s aluminum resistant seeds

Dane Wigington presents hard data which reveals what these catastrophic programs have done to our planet to date and what they will do if they are allowed to continue. Please take the time to watch this video, follow up with some investigation of your own on our site — http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org, and share this information far and wide.

Thank you,
GeoengineeringWatch Staff

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80 thought on “The Most Important Topic of Our Time”
  1. It is so incredible that you are covering this important topic.There is not going to be a world for any of us to exist in, if global spraying of our atmosphere is allowed to continue.

  2. I have called through Twiiter, Piers Morgan and Lord Monckton on my observations over the years with tepid results. Climate warming is dead as an issue says Mr Monckton and my response is that chemspraying is next. I am on Canada’s west coast and see or hear the jets from 6 or more times a day, to intense blanketing each 20 minutes. The objective is to starve the prairies and Ontario, plus the northern states of water thereby destroying our food security. It is ruthless and unrelenting. Make no bones about it, we are under attack and there will be only one winner. As we are word smithing, the nets are cast, knives are sharpened and the table is set.
    You and I will be dressed appropriately for dinner and of coarse will be featured by our predators.
    A council member enjoying a western sunset rebuffed my ascertion that described the multiple tracks in the sky with more coming into view from the north as nothing more than contrails. He has seen them since a young man. Not quick in my wit a useful answer would suggest that all these jets were in need of service being it looked like they are all smokers. He noted that the busy season was upon us as there were so many planes. I talked with a ploce officer who are often on the beat and he noticed it and the secretary there was surprised at his admission. What does that tell you about those couped up in offices?

    1. KUDOS to you for at least trying ! I’ve lived by military bases all my life & KNOW the difference between contrails & chemtrails ! Let them know we’re not fooled ! We know what they are, we know exactly what’s in them, & we’re learning how to compensate ! Remind them they live & breath in this shit too, do THEY know how to compensate ? That should shut them up. Don’t expect an answer that WON’T insult your intelligence.

  3. The internet is no longer a “nerd niche”, but a viable source of intel. We are gonna beat them with their own technology. Not only do we see the chemtrails, we know EXACTLY what’s in them ! We also know about HAARP. Together it’s disasterous. You can see pics of HAARP facilities & locales thanks to satellite views. Last pm I posted pics of 2 chemtrail facilities & their locations. What’s difficult to fathom is that the CIA funded Air Force is doing it. Do these pilots not know they are breathing & living in this shit too ?? No families to worry about ? You Godless, motherless scumbags !! Let this old granny drag her 60’s soapbox out of the closet once again to promote flattened tires or sugared gas tanks while they fly! I sign off facebook ea. eve. w/ a placard that reads…”Goodnight FBI, goodnight CIA, goodnight NSA, goodnight DHS”. Given up fear ! Hell, can’t live forever anyway & couldn’t live w/ myself or look my grandsons in the eye if I didn’t TRY !

  4. “The world will be watching Tuesday afternoon as President Obama delivers a major speech on climate change on the historic steps of Old North. Yet with only a select group of Georgetown students making it onto the university’s guest list, many are left puzzled by the nebulous invitation process”.
    The above is the leading paragraph by Danny Funt in todays Hoya campus newsletter at Georgetown. I am having network problems sending him an email requesting inclusion of the Geoengineering side of the story.

  5. Kudos, James.

    I remember the first time I heard Obama’s voice (on the radio, I never watch tv).

    I immediately thought (shuddered really): ‘This is the voice of a gangster.’

    And people were raving over this guy?

    Needless to say, I didn’t go in for that ‘hope and change’ bit.

    Perhaps we should listen to ‘The End’ by Jim Morrison and the Doors.

    This is it.

    THE END.

    your friend,

  6. Thank you, this in indeed the most important crisis we are being saturated in today. It is not suprising that my government representatives neglected to acknowledge my correspondence on this subject. Think I will utilize all those postage paid requests for donations they send to me to keep asking them to expose and cease this attack on the world.

  7. I’m trying to think of “come-backs” for well meaning environmentalists, if there are any. I was able to think up was “I don’t want to hear about the environment unless you can tell me about geo engineering.” Of course, there are other serious issues (like fracking, see bp oil catastrophe) but most environmentalists solely address made up stuff like “carbon footprints.” Maybe the response to this is “you’re telling a carbon based life form there’s too much carbon. Is that a threat?”

  8. While it may appear somewhat ‘plausible’ that the geo-engineering of the skies is a maniacal and evil plot to decimate and cull the numbers of souls on planet Earth I will tell you and your readers that this is NOT the design of chemical aerosol spraying.

    Why is it so difficult for millions of American born people to understand that the twin towers ( and building 7 ) was an inside job perpetrated by their “elected” and “appointed” “officials”? Why is it so difficult for millions ( if not billions ) of humans to understand that we are NOT the only intelligent ( and this is highly debatable ) life in the Universe?
    I could go on and on about the idiocy and complete redundancy of mankind’s many, many follies and misconceptions about his/her reality but, then, I would be here all day listing them. We don’t have time for lists of our ignorances, whether abject or self-perpetuated.

    Not many people read much less read any scientific papers NOT published by the Asymmetrical Power Structure; Forget anyone reading ANYTHING from ancient cultures as a factual account of Earth’s history. Most of these pertinent documents are relegated to the category of ‘Mythology’ or to the ‘Science fiction’ section of your local library.

    Professor, while you may be correct in some things you are not correct in your understanding of ‘chemtrails’ nor is Dane Wigington or the many other souls who continually beat the “they are killing us with chemtrails” drum. Not everything is a conspiracy to cull us.

    Is the aerosol spraying a conspiracy by default? Yes, because it is done under a cloak of deep secrecy- yet, for ALL eyes to see! Because we are a deeply self gratifying lot of human flesh we spend very little time examining anything that might require dendrites forming new pathways and bridges. We would rather gossip, facebook, pinterest, twitter and blog about inane and irrelevant garbage. So, in light of our profound lack of interest of anything other than what is placed before our eyes by our omnipotent ‘Drug’ Lords, it would seem unlikely that we would be able to draw any important conclusions regarding much of anything, and, even much less, the chemtrail issue.

    If you can take your mind as far as Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon being completely contrived events then why is it so difficult for you and your readers to take your minds one step further- beyond the boundaries that have been artificially placed by the Asymmetrical Power Structure?

    Here, on your forum, I will present a reality to you that you will find difficult to believe much less understand, but, it is necessary in order to evolve this theory of ‘weather modification through geo-engineering’.

    I encourage everyone to read John Mack’s ( the late Harvard Professor who was censured and almost terminated for his work with contactees ) work as it is what is real and relevant to every living being on this planet.

    It is never too late to remove barriers placed by those with something to hide.

    1. Jamie I have taken the liberty of editing your comment down to something more succinct. If you wish to address one of more of the several strands of your discussion, which to the lay reader may appear somewhat confusing, it might be helpful to submit a guest contribution for editorial consideration, or perhaps post a url link in the comments directing readers to your blog.

    2. While I appreciate your passion & empathize with your pain, you, sir, have taken a great many words to tell me no new news. You underestimate the masses as they ARE awakening !

    3. What a horrifying misinformant this person jamie is , he must be one of the shills that stalks all the you tube videos and all the credible people on the internet like Dane Wigington & Dr.James who are trying to warn the people about these deadly chemtrails & horrifying geoengineering of the weather that is being done to us all . But this misinformant shouldnt even be allowed on credible threads like this with his nasty debunking nonsense . Hay Jamie . how much do they have to pay you to go around misinforming people and putting all their children at risk ? .
      Why dont you go to your own nasty debunking threads instead of poisoning Mr James thread with your nonsense.
      . I am sick of waking up every single morning to a geoengineered sky and never seeing the sun and all my trees are dead or dying from this poison that is being sprayed on us 24/7 . & jamie dont bother bringing your misinformant commenting on my you tube videos that i document these CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY on , I will block & delete you just like i do to all the nasty misinformant shills . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9zNQsmga2E

  9. With all due respect Jamie, no one really knows the intentions of those who order and spray chemtrails in the world skies. This has been going on since the nineties, just more obvious in this past decade.

    What we do know, is that levels of barium, aluminum and strontium, as well as other biohazards, are rising in our soils and water. Two decades of this activity, which is vehemently denied by officialdom, must have health effects on all living systems. More recently, the spraying goes on at night, so during the day we have the wispy white haze overhead. I have seen these trails from airplanes and they are everywhere.

    Here we see the sun at its hottest during the day, and only see “trails” blocking the setting sun, which may simply be a result of where the chemicals congregate.

    The rate of brain disease is much higher now, and this is a plausible reason for it, though there are many other problems which contribute.

    Given the compartmentalization of information, only those at the top really know the “why” of chemtrails spraying. We are concerned here with the effects.

    1. In no way am I denying the ‘side-effects’ of aerosol spraying; They are real and dangerous. Those in power are ineffectual as humans being and as intellectuals.
      There is a precept in Natural Law; First, Do no harm! Only an evolved and conscious being can operate from such a place of understanding. The APS is neither of these things. Their methods will always cause ‘serious and grave side-effects’.

      I would ask you to read your last sentence again. “Those at the top really know the “why” of chemtrails spraying.”

      This is mankind’s problem; He believes that these people are at the “top”. The ASP is only in control of planet Earth because man has relinquished his autonomy in trade for a few “trinkets and shiny baubles”.
      They are not in power because they are “evil”. They are evil because they saw an opportunity to exploit man’s ignorance .When mankind becomes awake and aware of what I have spoken of he then will no longer be controlled by this APS.

      Please reread what I wrote. We are experiencing a Polar Shift. The APS has NO control over a Polar Shift so they deploy their lame chemicals to mitigate the loss of Earth’s Magnetosphere. It is a last ditch effort to stave off the inevitable. For Christ’s sake, does anyone read? The Earth has gone through such shifts before…..why would it not happen now? Are we so arrogant as to “believe” that we do not deserve such an event in our lifetimes? Ridiculous! Time to grow up…time to understand.

      1. I, for one, am always open to considering plausible explanations for observable events. I did read about the Polar Shift back in January. The article discussed how the earth moved in relation to its position to the Milky Way. I would be interested in learning more about the Polar Shift should Jamie provide a link.

        Funny, I was actually wondering about this yesterday. The weather here in the Northeast over the past week has been more like Hawaii or New Zealand, morning Sun and afternoon thunderstorms. Nice sunsets. We have the same predicted for the rest of the week.

        1. Dear Wondering, I am the link, so to speak. I do not have a blog as I have not the energy to nurture one, and, it would be redundant to speak about the very same things that others are. Some are doing a wonderful job of raising man’s awareness of reality. Jason Martell, Jim Marrs, Michael Tellinger have very good blogs that help to demystify the mythology of mankind and from whence he came. I know these things they speak of to be true.
          On the subject of Polar Shift:
          In 1988 I was shown what would happen on Earth. It was a most horrific scene . In this scene millions of people were begging for their lives. From behind them a red sky glowed. I began to cry and then became angry. I was standing with three beings aboard a craft watching this nightmare unfold. In my anger I yelled at these three beings ( they are a very real part of our Earth family ) to help these people. They simply stated that “this is how it must be”.( To not clog up Professor Tracey’s valuable ‘real-estate’ I will explain this further to anyone who would like to understand what they meant by this privately).
          From that moment I remembered what would happen on Earth…a remembrance from before I came to this world. I knew that this would happen but had forgotten until I was reminded in 1988.

          Many contactees have told of the same event or something very similar. Most of us share an ongoing “mentoring” and contact with our extra-terrestrial family.
          Any information that I provide comes directly from them.
          I am motivated simply by compassion and love and desire no remuneration for anything that I speak. These beings operate from this place as well. They “sell” no secrets or technical information to world “governments”, although, many report such events.

          Souls who operate from a place of self-interest are not to be trusted.

          We must remember that everything that we have been taught, through social engineering institutions, is an utter falsehood. There is no way that this control mechanism would tell humanity the reality of our situation as it would remove the illusion of control that they have worked so long and hard to conjure.

          My impetus for sharing such information is merely one of deep love for my family. Everyone is considered ‘family’ where I come from. Sharing this information is not easy as I am not one to seek attention or notoriety of any kind. I do not enjoy being slandered, vilified or ridiculed but this is bigger than me and my ridiculous ego so I share…and share …..and share this information, for decades now, only to fall on prejudiced ears.

          Some of that “alternative” information on the Internet, regarding this subject matter, is the truth. I would read or watch anything by Immanuel Velikovsky or Zecharia Sitchin as to the reality of what is transpiring as we speak.

          Professor, I am very sorry to cause you any unwarranted ridicule but I do hope that you always consider the source from which this ridicule originates?
          We have to move past fear and shame to a place that does not allow those negative emotions to take root for time is short……very short.

          And, to Ric Allen, you are the reason why so much suffering is a part of this world. Your ignorance, glaring like a second Sun, radiates to others of like heart and mind, creating that vast and dark forest of shallow rooted bonsai trees. Your arrogance is honed to a sharp point to which you apply to others who share not your narrow vision. You stab at another as though you will not experience your intended wound; Be not fooled, foolish one, for you will feel that wound to your core when your soul is stirred by compassion and understanding rather than contempt and conceit.
          Use your dendrites, Ric Allen, to build bridges…you cannot imagine the landscapes you will be afforded once this work is undertaken. I wish you “warp speed”.

        2. In accord with some of the observations on this thread, it appears that the address provided is not to a valid yahoo.com email, and the website/blog referenced is similarly dormant.

    2. Asthma rates have skyrocketed, too; for what it’s worth, the CDC reported that US rates were at an all-time high in 2012. And yet the air quality is supposedly better than ever…so what gives?

      Geo-manipulation, though widely denied (see “Chemtrails” entry on Wikipedia, for example), is a fact, with evidence that includes countless patents, admissions (both public and not-so-public), governmental and scientific reports, environmental (air, water, soil) tests, and medical testing results. In most every place in the world, one needs only look up to see the proof that something, indeed, is going on.

      One can only wonder what in the world is going on in our oceans and other waterways, away from prying eyes. Are world scientists fiddling with increasing/decreasing algae blooms, salinity, acidity rates, or electromagnetic charge in the earth’s water, to somehow “benefit” mankind (of course!)?

      I suspect that what we see going on in our skies, as well as HAARP, ELF, EMF, and other microwave technologies, etc., are all related to Agenda 21 (or similar global program), either directly or tangentially. If recent history has taught us anything, it’s that there is ALWAYS an underlying agenda, and there are ALWAYS unanticipated consequences.

  10. The best kept secret hidden in plain view yet none of the 535 congressman and none of the 200 or more Governors and Mayors can seem to “see” these Chem-Trails spewing all over American and ruining our beautiful Skies. I guess its just “us” Crazy People?

    1. wow. a wooping 25 people respond to the biggest conspiracy on the world/planet. No one even comments on my comment. And nut bags go on about APS and Aliens. We are screwed. I never blog. Only here do I risk exposing myself to the Govt. I’m going back in hiding. Good Luck with exposing this. They win. Aliens, APS….Its the Govt stupid.

      1. Maybe it’s because they agreed & felt no need to stroke your ego w/ a reply. Please don’t assume we are all still “drinking the Koolaid” because you got no response; this is NOT the biggest conspiracy going on…just one of MANY !

        1. Bonnie, I never meant to come off as I did and boy did Jamie really let me have it. I apologize if I offended anyone on this blog. I guess what I was really trying to say is its the Govt doing this using white unmarked jets and sometimes I’ve seen a commercial airline spray but rarely in the Los Angeles area. And as I said everyone in any position in Govt pretends they don’t know anything about it. I’m sure you saw the guys from “what in the world are they spraying” walking thru the halls of congress and nobody knew anything but would look into it.

        2. OH, you need not apologize. I realize passions are rising as more conspiracies are uncovered. I was simply trying to express that a lot more people are “awake” than some realize, they are just quiet because they are perhaps still in shock.Thank God we have Dr. Tracy & the likes of him who face harassment & ridicule to bring things into the light. I am just eternally grateful we have at least one professor who is trying to teach the future leaders TO think, not WHAT to think !

  11. The point Jamie has put to us; what effort are we going to make to survive when so many others are alien to us.
    I don’t speak to the alien question because true or not it’s a canard. This is more about what is done by humans, one to the other. Psychopath may be an explanation for certain behaviors yet that is another canard.
    Our disadvantage is reflected in a fact evident today in spades. There is 101 channels and nothing on. TV is not living but many live through it. Turn it off and help others with that addiction. Once we stand together outside these little boxes and the ones lived in we can begin to experience again. Have street parties or conferences with a view to mending our broken relationship to each other. That ought to be job one in my view. The effort in a sense is it’s own reward. Ask Dr. Tracy where he would be now if we didn’t commune. Think of how much better if we in numbers had faced his detractors. Folks are taking back their councils and communities from the predators, then our skies. Portland said no again to fluoride, refute all assertions that you need to be controlled. The law society doesn’t reflect our society. The Justice System developed by them isn’t just. The truth is, predators have made other predators, some even fly drones. We have to connect all the way up the line. Talk with your policemen and women. Let them know they are in our thoughts, same for whoever attacks or neglects us. We are sovereign and not beholden. Our creator gave that to us for safekeeping.
    The indigenous people here were freemen and those who ran from the tyranny of Europe became freemen.
    This is all about what we do to each other. Turn it around.

    1. “I don’t speak to the alien question because true or not it’s a canard.”

      A ” Canard” you say? I would not commit to that MSM mantra, massa, if I were you. 😉

  12. Dear James, I was so excited to see that you were writing on this mainstream media ignored travesty that I couldn’t even finish reading the article until I wrote to you. I am an avid reader of your blog and I believe that you are an undeniably credible voice on the most serious questions of today. It is imperative that scholars and academics comment on these infringements because only then can the charge of “conspiracy theorist” be challenged Not one single problem in this country, in this world, has even a chance of being resolved until we as “the people” acknowledge that there is indeed a cohesive plan that is working to deny us our basic rights. Write, please keep informing us because although it is common sense you offer is has become far too uncommon.

  13. We have just had massive flooding in southern Alberta, worst in recorded history. I’m wondering if we could attribute this to the geo-engineering?

    1. you can bet your bottom dollar all the droughts and flooding are man made – we havnt seen any “mother nature” weather in a very long time . All our weather is being geoengineered , manipulated by man – please do the research for an hour and please spread the word of this , we are in an ecosystem crisis from man playing God , the sun almost never shines , it is always covered over by a heavy metal /sprayed particles in the air and we must all ban together to stop it somehow ; you can find many sources to study this on both google and also You tube , in the search bar put in chemtrails & then ( put in your location ) to see the weather manipulation going on in your area , or look up and see the jets spraying you , they are spraying / chemtrailing most areas of the country very heavily . look up also HAARP/ man made weather manipulation . here is a video to start your research . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u99IijE_WEU

  14. Hi James,

    I really appreciate your work and commitment to journalistic truth. You are a true hero at your institution.

    I am interested to hear more of what Jamie has written so if you get a blog or link, please pass it along.

    I agree that weather modification (some of the components: the persistent trails used for mapping, other types of aerosols and NEXRAD stations used to modify, build or stop natural systems – if these actually exist anymore) and trying to kill us slowly seems a bit too simplistic. While they are likely side benefits for many corporations to exploit and profit from, given the cost and potential for exposure, this cannot really be the real reason for this massive program. However, when you factor in the current solar conditions,when the spraying really ramped up, and how this ongoing program is better kept under psyop-wraps than 911, this puzzle comes together for me.

    Facts are: our Magnetosphere is collapsing and the poles are shifting more rapidly than before. This is likely the major cause of the significant climatic changes (check out what is happening on other planets) we are experiencing.

    With our weakening Magnetosphere and current solar activity, it is a good thing to know when the sun sends something really significant our way as happened in 1859 – the Carrington Event. This type of event would not be pleasant for anyone on this planet in our modern society, but it will likely be more painful for those in the northern hemisphere and specifically connected to and reliant upon power grids.

    Check out Suspicious0bservers on Youtube for a daily update on earth events and solar weather – and possible connections between them. He has some other great information and resources, some are: How to Watch the Sun, They Should Tell You, The Solar Killshot – The Facts, The Evidence, Solar System Shift, Energy from Space, and Earth Quake Prediction.

    Given the current state of our world, specifically the US and our actual declining intelligence (indeed helped by vaccines, pharmaceuticals and fluoride), there are very few people aware and intelligent enough to discuss these issues.

    I think those, called by a number of names – the Breakaway Civilization, TPTB (really the powers that SHOULDN’T be), or the APS – understand the huge implications of these facts and it now answers (at least partially but maybe significantly) one of my questions (many thanks to Catherine Austin Fitts) and why so many of the compass arrows point in this direction as more of the puzzles come together clarifying my map..

    Why are they behaving this way?

    Thanks Jamie for your enlightenment and James for your forum.


    1. What a brilliant point of light you are, Tony. I do hope that you share your thoughts more with Professor Tracey and his readers.

      I do not have a blog. It requires too much attention and energy that I do not have at this time. Not that I do not find informing humanity of the reality of our situation of utmost importance but it would be difficult to substantiate my claims without physical evidence, especially to a crowd of souls who have been instructed to trust nothing they cannot see with their five senses.

      I have no transcripts from my contact nor am I in possession of any artifact that would lend credence to my claims. Suffice it to say that I am one of thousands who have had lifelong contact with off world beings. You can read some of these contact stories on the Internet. Joyce Libutti is one such contactee and has a very credible story that she has made into a small documentary at St. Germain Productions. Her story is credible because it is one without fear or prejudice of anyone.
      I am not stating that Joyce Libutti was shown an Earth Change but merely illustrating that this is a real event and is a part of many people’s lives throughout the world.
      Most contactees are just ordinary, by societal standards, and live a very quiet life.

      In all honesty, Tony, no one would even believe the “government” right now if they said we are experiencing a Polar Shift so what I would do if I were you I would read everything I could on the science behind it…although, you will not find much that is credible on this subject that comes from mainstream scientific journals. They are too busy obscuring reality in order to maintain control over humanity.
      Read Immanuel Velikovsky. He was ridiculed and blacklisted by the APS. Being the recipient of ridicule and blacklisting, by the APS and it’s apparati, should always be considered a badge of honor for this is where truth and integrity reside: Within the recipient.

        1. Hello, Tony. I have contacted James Tracy 3 times in regard to my issues with the hacking of my email address so will just contact you through this blog as I have no idea how to contact you or Bonnie otherwise.
          I find it impossible to give out my address on a public forum without someone, with malicious intent, abusing my generosity, so will ask that you contact me through my youtube channel ‘Espana 76’. Just post a comment and I will respond.

          I apologize for the confusion.

          By the way, I did check out ‘suspicious observers’ site but did not see how to contact other members. A bit confusing.

          Have a wonderful weekend…….

  15. THANK YOU SO MUCH for bringing this up – UNLESS WE bring this topic into the open and stop GEOENGINEERING/ MAN MADE WEATHER MANIPULATION & CHEMTRAILING we are doomed – we are in a global crisis now from this horrifying weather manipulation , please everyone look up HAARP / man made weather modification – this is the most important subject in all of our lives and we must find a way to stop them. please if you are on Face Book go to “chemtrails global Sky Watch ” for education and sharing of information on this deadly subject that we all must be a part of to get the word out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KgwCoOTQnk&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PL71B5B2E90DCA562E

  16. Re: Moorish Law. Does this woman represent a religious sect, perhaps an off-shoot of the Black Muslim denomination? The term, Black Liberation Theology, pops up in my mind. That philosophy is not without a down side, however.

    Interesting and clever locutions and study in linguistics. Not sure how it can apply to modern jurisprudence. What do we take away? How are human affairs to be governed and rules set to accomodate the complex reality of modern societies? If we want to change things as they are, we must replace them with ‘something of value,’ as a sage once observed.

    Just musing….

    1. You may have lost the meat while catching hold of the skin. She created a door that implored us to look at law, all law or even GOD as a veil by which other operations can go on and on.
      In fact she declared that those operations had a single purpose and not the one you subscribe to it.
      If the golden rule is ‘do unto otthers as you would have them do unto you’ would you trade that law in for gold?
      They have. That LAW SOCIETY and all of it’s off spring has filled your jails with a huge population for unjust that, for gold.
      Don’t look for the peanut in the poop.

  17. This is going to have devasting effects on farm production this year – this article indicates much of the east coast has experienced over a 300% increase in rain for June, which means farmers cannot plant in the muck of the north and the crops in the south that have already been planted have been washed away or rotted in standing water. http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/east-us-poised-for-flooding-in/14678694 Here is a map of flooding in the US http://www.esri.com/services/disaster-response/floods/latest-news-map
    Here is a gov report on the severe droughts on 4/13, it does not appear the heavy rains are focused on these areas at all. http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/RL34580.pdf Sadly, my ‘well’ educated niece posted a tourist picture in Greece, proclaiming what a marvelous sunset and all I saw was grayness and an oblique sun, that generation does not even know what an amazing sunset looks like…..

  18. This is indeed an issue of vital importance, and I, too, thank our host for taking it seriously. But I do have to quibble with some of the comments on this thread.

    First, I’ve been coming here since the Sandy Hook story made me aware of James, and have delighted in it ever since. Most of the discussion since then has involved, variously, media bias, evidence (and lack thereof), and official (government) lies. This topic involves all of these elements. The media refuse to acknowledge what everyone can see with our eyes; the evidence is indisputable (the chemtrails can be seen, planes have followed the sprayers and filmed the spraying, the material being sprayed has been analyzed in the lab, etc.; and the government lies about it all.

    The difference I detect is the weirdness of the crowd which seeks a voice in this forum on this topic. I don’t see why it needs to be so different; it’s just another New World Order operation to shape the world for what the dark forces have in store for us. So why does an alien abductee, who is obviously quite passionate about what he/she thinks the aliens told him/her about the purpose of the operation draw so many responses? “Jamie,” for whatever reason, is intentionally vague about what the aliens told him/her about why the sky is being engineered and the Earth and all life on it poisoned. Why? If the Aliens told Jamie, it would only be polite for him/her to tell us all; don’t be coy, Jamie. What did your non-human pals reveal to you about this?

    Don’t get me wrong; I know that the abduction phenomenon is real, but I also know that the Stockholm Syndrome is real. Jamie is a poster boy/girl of it, evidently. I advise an exorcist be contacted (pun!), STAT. Trust me, Jamie, these creatures are not your friends. Purge them permanently.

    Still, the aliens (demons, I say), are not piloting the Evergreen company (a CIA cutout) unmarked white jets, and they’re not manufacturing the toxic product. Their human helpers are doing that. Perhaps they were not lying to Jamie when they told him/her that “this is how it must be” because these human chemical manufacturers and pilots and governmental agencies are in league with them, and “it must be” because that is what these monsters decree, and their slaves carry it out. “It must be” because that’s what slaves are told by their masters. But that shouldn’t make us feel warm and calm. It should scare the hell out of us. These creatures are not here to help us. They are our deadly enemies.

    Now, I’m by no means certain that these creatures are the key to the chemtrail op, as Jamie claims, although it rings true. But if so, why anyone would trust an alien who is poisoning all life and ruining the weather, and assures us that it’s all right–don’t worry. Well, I’d advise not asking for his/her email. That person does not have much sense, and deep communication with him/her is not advisable. This sad, unfortunate “Jamie” has been victimized by alien abductors since childhood (unless Jamie is not telling the truth) and trusts them. Just because Jamie trusts them is not reason for us to do so also. Aliens/demons are by definition liars. They mean us no good. They are not poisoning our skies for our good. If they say so, it proves the point.

    Now, I trust that James edited Jamie’s first post so as not to rob it of vital content, so I have to wonder about what Jamie means when he/she wrote this:

    “While it may appear somewhat ‘plausible’ that the geo-engineering of the skies is a maniacal and evil plot to decimate and cull the numbers of souls on planet Earth I will tell you and your readers that this is NOT the design of chemical aerosol spraying.”

    Well, what IS the design, Jamie? Did James inadvertently leave out the answer, when he edited your comment? If the monsters that are intentionally destroying the planet have some wonderful purpose that we should get on board with, why doesn’t Jamie tell us what it is? I for one, would like to know. Please, Jamie, tell us. But make it short and concise. I have a hard time tracking your longer ruminations. You tend to ramble.

    1. Patrick, this is James Tracy’s forum to discuss the topics he feels are important. I replied to his topic with what I know. I hardly think it appropriate to use this space to attack other commenters.

      If Professor Tracy will indulge me…as he indulges you…..I will take the time to address some of your accusations and misunderstandings.

      1) Stockholm Syndrome victims BOND with their captors. You will notice that 99% of this planet has bonded with their captors also known as ‘The Powers that Be’. These victims align with the captor in order to survive or ‘thrive’…..I have actually nearly lost my life due to the inability to bond with my captors. I must possess a fatal flaw that prevents me from genuflecting to any form of hierarchy…even under extreme duress.

      2) “Weirdness” is a word small minded souls use in order to discredit and marginalize other souls. They use these types of adjectives to conjure , in the small minds of others, a sense of separateness or superiority. If you look back at some of the words that have been used on Professor Tracy, by the MSM and certain segments of the public, I dare say that they are one and the same.
      I will provide a link to a Martin Luther King speech here—->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXEIYpnlxbw —- to further illustrate how words can be used as a form of abuse but are, in all actuality, a baseline for sanity and reason.

      I will concur with MLK, I am proud to be not only “maladjusted” to this fetid society, but, also welcome the slur you cast upon my character. If it gives me a status removed from yours then it speaks volumes of the recipient rather than the donor, Patrick, and not in the way that you intend. We have all had our fill, I dare say, with school yard bullies and boys clubs.

      3) “Dark Forces” are energy applied in the negative. “Evil” is the antithesis to “live” therefore a creator of death and de construction…or entropy. What is important to understand about “Dark Forces” is that they work in the realm of negativity ……this would include those who build bombs that are dropped on babies, those who drop them on babies, those who engineer and design weapons of mass destruction ( this would include GMO’s, pornography, cults of insularity and bigotry, schools of indoctrination, money markets, banking cartels, all drug industries and the list goes on and on ). “Dark Forces” are alive and well on planet Earth as you can see but are not the brainchild of any “Demon” Alien. Patrick, I mean no offense when I say this but you almost sound medieval in your thought processes. You have the stench of a 17th century witch burner about you.
      We are our own worst enemy yet we continually seek outside of ourselves for that enemy. America, currently, is the poster child for paranoia when it comes to projections of fear. I won’t even go into the misogyny at the root of , not only this paranoid western society, but in all societies on Earth. It is the ruling destructive force ( “Dark Force” ) on this planet.

      4) Fear and ignorance is not only your undoing, Patrick, but the undoing of billions of souls on Earth. I fear men most because men have shown me that they are not to be trusted. They have shown me that they are not fair, balanced, just or moral. Need we recite the history of Earth to illustrate this matter? I don’t think so.
      They create secret societies and men’s clubs. They exploit women and children for their personal pleasure….it is the most under addressed crime on planet Earth.
      They create an environment that is hostile to all life.
      My interaction with off world beings ( who, by the way, have depth to them that we “humans” lack ) has been the complete opposite. They have not abused my mind, body or, most importantly, my soul. They have only increased my awareness of understanding bringing about a growth in my consciousness. I am still growing…as we all are…as they are. If my interaction with them has increased my love and understanding then how is this to be construed as “evil”. Is everything so upside down here on Earth that the Patricks’ of this world believe that what is “good” is “bad” and vice versa? It appears so. Humans have a history of hating that which they do not understand…and worse…we have a history of murdering that which we do not understand.

      You state that I “seek” to have my voice heard in this forum and that you do not understand “Why it has to be so different”? I will ask you, “Why do you require conformity”? Is it for your personal comfort? Is this not the way that the APS and it’s apparati works? They seek to implement schools and forums of indoctrination for the intent of creating conformity within the society. It seems that you are the victim of Stockholm Syndrome, Patrick.
      I only know what they share with me ( although, I did know this before I incarnated ) about mankind and what to expect on Earth. I do not know who will survive, how many in number, the best location for survival , nor was I shown any maps or graphs of the duration of the event. I offer what I know so that others might prepare for their own personal, physical survival because it is not for me to judge who should physically survive….unlike the APS.

      You seem to want to know details, Patrick, that I cannot offer, and, I can understand your condescending tone….to a certain degree. Why should I know this and not you? I have asked myself this question and they have answered simply that those who know have a greater responsibility to mankind than those without the information. So, this is no “prize” or “honor” to be aware of something so epic. It is a heavy weight….a burden that only causes one to be the brunt of someone else’s contempt. This contempt can lead to all sorts of violence of an emotional and physical nature.

      5) I never stated that these beings were involved with the aerosol spraying. I clearly stated that the APS was deploying this method of geo-engineering in a last ditch effort to save their sorry carcasses.
      IF there is an “Alien” ( meaning foreign ) race of beings who are involved in shifting Earth’s Poles and creating all sort of mayhem and havoc on Earth I am not aware of it, and, I am quite sure that I would have knowledge of such a threat. I KNOW to be wary of mankind…no one else.
      It is a precept, throughout the Universe, that other technologically advanced nations may not molest nor interfere, in the negative, with the evolution of souls. This is difficult for most to understand due to the level of deceit and indoctrination here on Earth by those ‘High Priests’, also known as TPTB. They have hidden documents from mankind’s eyes for millennia in order to manipulate his/her energy.
      I apologize if you do not like to read what I am saying. You have the freedom and liberty to ignore what I post if it causes you so much derisive anger, Patrick.

      ” Well, I’d advise not asking for his/her email. That person does not have much sense, and deep communication with him/her is not advisable”

      Ah, Misogyny rears it’s ugly head. You seem to take a lot of liberty in telling others what to do with their time and energy. You would not be a ‘pastor’, ‘brother’, ‘priest’, ‘deacon’ or ‘preacher man’, would you, Patrick? I have noticed that these types like to tell people what to do, when to do it and how to do it. They usually have serious issues of self control so seek to control others. Come, Patrick, don’t be coy. DO tell us of YOUR affiliations so that we may know your personal motives.
      Who, in this hell, are you to tell people what to do with their time, who to communicate with, and, why, in the name of all that is decent and kind, would you cast aspersions upon my person when I have done YOU no harm? Ah, you are behaving as a “demon” ( 3.a person considered extremely wicked, evil or cruel). That is who, in this hell, you have become.

      “Perhaps they were not lying to Jamie when they told him/her that “this is how it must be” because these human chemical manufacturers and pilots and governmental agencies are in league with them, and “it must be” because that is what these monsters decree, and their slaves carry it out.”

      What I know to be real and true is this; We are pure energy. We incarnate for the evolution of our consciousness. We have CHOICES to use this energy to create either a positive or negative environment. There are consequences that come with these choices.
      It is very difficult for a soul to be born into such depravity and corruption to grow in health and positivity…almost impossible. This is why most humans continue to make the same negative choices as their fathers and mothers.
      Those in power KNOW these things but they desire a world of physical hedonism as it serves the lower self/false ego. They create a world based on their selfish ‘values’. Earth is a “boy’s club” and it seems that they are bent on taking as many “members/captives” with them when they go.
      All born into such a valueless society are subject to the conditions of the valueless society and therefore grow accordingly, as I mentioned above. The “boy’s club” allows only the voice of those who align with this valueless system to be heard. All other, dissenting, voices are marginalized or silenced. Many methods are employed to silence dissenters.

      What they ( these beings ) were implying is that there are consequences for the choices that a soul makes, and, that these consequences are created by the soul for the purpose of growth. It is not a negative experience to reap what one has sown…it is merely a lesson, Patrick. Next time, perhaps, we will be more full of CARE?

      If you are not aware of Bohemian Grove then you should acquaint yourself with this ceremony, Patrick. This “boy club” is creating mankind in his salacious and heartless image by “killing Care”.

      You suffer from Cognitive Dissonance, Patrick. You accuse “foreign” people of destroying Earth all the while your sex ( predominantly ) seats high offices of power and uses those offices to abuse the collective. They conspire, under the cloak of secrecy, to manipulate the minds and hearts of mankind, through the use of all forms of media and social structures, for their personal self-interest. Their ultimate goal is to steal the only thing of real value to any living being; The Soul.
      They have nearly accomplished this feat. Many souls are well adjusted to the sick and perverted societies of the world.
      This will cost them precious time for Earth is a school and we the student/teacher simultaneously..

      This is what they meant by “this is how it must be”; Natural Law of consequence.
      Keep your mind, heart and soul under your OWN direction.

      I can only offer the information and it is for you to decide what you will do with it. Trample these pearls like that proverbial ‘swine’, Patrick. It will harm only you.

      Now, Patrick, please, when , and if, you respond,…… keep your insults and bias to your negative, misogynistic self for I have an exceptionally difficult time speaking to medieval mindsets.

      ( My apologies, James, for the lengthy post. )

  19. Here is an article that explains how weather futures are traded, and the rationale for it:


    The buck stops somewhere, when it does, it’s usually telling. The military/industrial/security complex provides the private sector with immense opportunities for profit. I think the likes of Evergreen is no different from Raytheon or Halliburton cashing in on gov contracts. It serves many purposes, but money is number one or two. My guess.

  20. Hi,

    I wanted to provide some additional clarification on several points and to be explicit on the conclusion I have reached regarding aerosols.

    “They” have realized our Magnetosphere is collapsing and that the energy from the sun (and maybe also from space) will impact our planet in very bad ways and not just from a significant CME. Since our Magnetosphere is the planet’s shield and without it or in a reduced state, we will experience significant climatic disruption both hot/cold and weather extremes. The aerosols are a way to temporarily mitigate some of effects by global dimming, which is now occurring at about 20% and regional cooling. As I posted earlier, using the weather modification for derivatives and other predictable food shortages or land grabs and slowly poisoning us are just are added benefits for the private network to profit from to keep quiet and support, however, these are not the primary motives.

    I stated this is a psyop on a grand scale and going on for a long time. What I didn’t mention is that it is currently evolving. For the past decade, you have seen only ridicule, marginalization and reduction to the label of conspiracy theorist. However, all of that is changing and I would agree with Dane that this cannot be kept under wraps for much longer so you are now seeing the Limited Hangout. For a good understanding of how it works and how to identify it, check out Webster Tarpley’s piece on a different, but important topic at Press TV: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/06/18/309609/how-to-identify-cia-limited-hangout-op/

    How this relates to geoengineering is important. Lately, we have seen a number of journalists/shows bring this issue forward. It is always presented as a possibility to deploy and of course “only as a last resort” but it never addresses the facts or reality. This coverage does not disclose anything new and is obviously a cover for something larger. In the past few months, I have seen Amy Goodman on Hypocrisy, sorry, Democracy Now!, Abby Martin on Breaking the Set, and KPFA (there are likely others as well) cover this topic. They are all puff pieces with no hard questions only presenting it as a “theory” or only experimental. Now that the limited hangout has begun, you will see this topic emerge on the mainstream and all about the CO2 issue. I am sure you will also even find hapless dupes to demand aerosols be deployed to help save them from the evils of CO2.

    Don’t be sucked into this vortex and do your own research.

    Suspicious0bservers has a new website (just launched today) and is a forum to discuss some of these topics. Check it out: http://www.suspicious0bservers.org/

    Good luck.

    1. Bravo, Tony! You have done your homework. It is so refreshing to see humans being responsible for their education, and, not only being self responsible but caring enough to pass along the information to others so that they might know what you know.

      You are so very right when you talk about the “Alternative” media talking heads being “puff pieces”; It appears they serve the same master as the MSM gate keepers. And yes, I do agree that there will be many who will demand someone else to do something about “saving” them…..even with chemicals.

      Tony, I do not think that they “realized” that the Magnetosphere is diminishing. What I do think is that, since the 1960’s, the APS has been studying those who have had contact with these “visitors” and have mined them for information on the coming Polar Shift.
      I am baffled to the extreme that no one has questioned the NASA Space Program in light of all of our worldly problems that demand our full attention….and “worthless dross”. How do we justify spending billions of dollars sending ‘probes’ to Mars when our infrastructure is antiquated and falling into ruin? How much sense does this program make? Not much if you ask any engineer who must deal with the Duck River Dam ( http://www.cullmantimes.com/local/x240787190/Duck-River-Dam-project-hits-snag ), or the Bayou Corne sinkhole ( http://lasinkhole.com/ ).
      The Space Program has always been about controlling …or an attempt to control Earth and it’s inhabitants. To even suggest that it is about “exploration” and the understanding of the Universe is beyond ludicrous because, if this were the reality, we would have agreed to spend our money on understanding each other so that we could create a healthy environment in which to grow our children……here, on Earth.

      ‘They’ have been aware of a coming Earth event for nearly 6 decades…or more. It is all about ‘control’ for these people.

      In closing I have to add that whenever I read your posts, Tony, I feel I have gained something of tremendous value. Thank you for adding value to the world.

      1. Thanks Jamie for your kind words, I am pleased to have added value to you and/or your understanding of things, something not so easy to do these days with most folks for so many reasons. Yes, taking responsibility for what you consume is key – whether it is food, water or information. I hope others reading this blog have gained from our conversation as well, however, I suspect our conversation is limited to just a few at this point so it might be best to take it off this comment thread. I am happy to include others who read this blog and want to continue a discussion (there is a new forum to discuss this topic intersected with space weather/energy), it is the Geoengineering Forum on http://www.suspicious0bservers.org/.

        I would encourage everyone to watch, Energy from Space, it covers aerosols and weather modification: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yy3YJBOw_o

        I would also encourage everyone to check out the following:

        · Scott Stevens – great close-ups of planes and analysis of spray lines: http://www.youtube.com/user/weatherwars

        · Weather Wars 101 – great analysis of weather modification as well identification of psyop operations against the truth: http://www.youtube.com/user/WeatherWar101

        · There was an attack against Jamie, see Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation and how it works: http://www.whale.to/m/disin.html How many can you identify on this recent blog?

        The Polar Shift information is interesting, I wonder what impact it has upon the collapsing Magnetosphere. I would like to pursue this topic further.

        Glad to be part of this discussion.

  21. Obama apparently is advancing the theory that coal burning is generating the bulk of pollution in the atmosphere.

    However, there are those who think this is a ruse to promote further oil and gas exploration, thus aiding those industries. Seems our fallback nuclear energy is also going under the microscope. Though nuclear was never a panacea in the energy game.

    Do these power sources compete with oil and gas and, therefore, must be curtailed and/or eliminated? And how does fracking for natural gas improve our environment? That technique is a horror story in and of itself. Not to mention the Gulf oil spill tragedy; US Gulf states are still dealing with that ongoing disaster without much help from either British Petroleum or the US government. The public is shut out of the discussion by the MSM, public officials intimidated into compliance or reimbursed for their vote.

    What is the solution to the energy crisis? Smart meters. If we want power, we have to play with the corporate ball.

  22. Saw a pretty blatant trail, here in the ‘United Kingdom’ yesterday evening.
    The aircraft was flying in a north westerly direction and at a fairly low altitude. The plane itself looked nothing like a passenger airliner and was gleaming silver in the sunset, spewing out a hideous, dense trail behind it. I decided to follow it to in order to observe from a higher vantage point.
    From there, I could see not only had the original trail expanded – at least tenfold but also merged with previous ones that had occurred before the first, which was still hanging there, almost black in colour.
    The ‘cloud’ formations that subsequently followed where almost identical to those in the videos shown above and the ones covered on this site.
    Apologies if my experience might come across as being somewhat naive to this matter, but I will admit this is not so far from the truth.
    My research into the subject is still in progress and the reality is, at first I didn’t believe it, didn’t take much notice, couldn’t tell a chem trail from a contrail and never looked at the sky that much.
    Will be now though. Thank you to all concerned for helping me open my eyes to this despicable agenda.

  23. what are chem trails?

    here’s a little vid I saw where I work
    there’s a guy who works in the parking lot and he saw me shooting chem trail vids and he said “oh, that’s from the airport, you see those all the time”
    but the airport is about a mile away, so these are not from either landings or takeoffs but when I mentioned this he didn’t seem to understand

    so some people think this is normal even when you point it out to them

  24. I had not made the connection between Chemtrails and Haarp until I saw this video and some of the pictures of the “haarp clouds”, although I had heard some speculation about it.
    I saw the first Chemtrails I can remember around 2000-01 out in Colorado and there was actually a lot of press about Cloud seeding(w/silver iodide, I think), in the years previous newspapers. Those were almost billowy cumulous grid types, now in NY now I see mostly the type that creates a wide haze…we almost never have a blue sky day anymore.
    The oddest thing is that no one seems to notice it at all..at all!

    Incidentally, I remember watching the 1969 woodstock movie and someone talks about this and thanks to youtube I found a clip of it here at the (20 sec. mark.)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mi9AaMcsxUk

  25. Sorry this is off topic but is there a way to contact you Dr. Tracy other than the public comments board, which seems to be closed anyway under the heading of ‘Contact?’

  26. Well, perhaps this is the most important calamity of our time. After witnising the MSM felenous attack on the fellow in FL, the State Attoney insisting that trumped up charges be placed against him in spite of what the local police concluded, all the politicians who joined on the band wagon, and the clear evidence that it was self defense, there appears that major riots will ensue when the jury does what they are charged to do. Here, it is interesting, that this video uses clips from many different news sources, albeit mostly FOX, to demonstrate what the intent of all this is… http://youtu.be/ECwEQfbaW58

  27. I have said to many people, nothing is more important then the Chem trail conversation. I live near many vineyards, and the owners have told me the PH in the soil is changing due to the chem trails. Now here on Long Island New York the new worry is the media pounding West Nile, the asian black and white mosquitoes need to be controlled. We are all afraid this will mean arial spraying, then what do we do. Chem trails, fungus for the mosquitoes control, no ones immune system can take all of this. Suffolk County held a vote in December to ban chem trails and it was going to pass, then suddenly the councilman decided it would be to hard to enforce and dropped it. God help us!

    1. May God bless us all! May He hear our prayers daily thanking him for this wonderous gift of life, pray that there is mercy for the good souls and convince those in large cities to evacuate now! The small town folks, do not have the happening night life of the big cities, but we do look out for each other and share whatever bounties we might have!

    2. THEYA RE KILLING US ALL – by fire or by floods they are going to kill us all – they ( the sociopathic elites in washinton ) are toasting every death around the world due to there GEOENGINEERING OF THE WEATHER – unless the majority of the people catch on and quickly WE MUST STOP THEM – now over 100,000 RUSSIAN TROOPS ARE ON AMERICAN SOIL – they are proparing rapidly for our demise – we have the most disgustingly traitous military on the planet . most of our military leaders are MEMBERS OF THE CFR ( counsel on foreign relations – new world order) . So unless the poepl wake up to what is actually going on around here WE AR DOOMED . soon we will reach a tipping point where the soil will no longer be able to grow normal seeds and we will be forced to use MONSANTO POISONOUS GMO/s – WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE – WAKE YOUR NEIGHBORS UP – HURRY UP http://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2013/07/treason-obama-now-allowing-russian-forces-to-provide-security-at-us-events-on-american-soil-includes-super-bowl-and-presidential-inaugurations-2530824.html

  28. I am inclined with the above, and the only solution I see that makes sense is to band together and go Guerrilla…as such has been going on since the early times. The New World Order is not only here now, it has been here for a very long time. Research research research.

  29. And here I thought my 3rd Eye was wide open, seems I was wrong. This is huge. This connects all the dots. Alcohol, cigarettes, GMO’s, chemtrails, etc, etc, etc. I was aware for a long time that there are wicked men and women in high places carrying out all kinds of atrocities. I didn’t realize just how deep the rabbit hole goes until coming across this article. This is some scary stuff but I appreciate it. The truth is the truth. Thanks Prof. Tracey.

    1. ALL these high corrupt entities connect back to the CFR one way or another ( counsel of foriegn relations) – every single connection points back to them – someone in every corrupt organization WILL be connected back to the counself of foreign relations – this is the NWO new world order/ global government that runs every media outlet in America & they ARE the ‘global government’ and all connects to EVERY corrupt entity monsanto – exxon – kraft-heinz- hess-american express- bank of america – the list goes on & on – please see these links for ALL THE CONNECTION TO CHEMTRAILING AND GEOENGINEERING http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FPAQlbmlSc AND ALL THESE corporations are responsible for the spraying and the demise of our once blue skys , and every single corrupt government connection goes back around to the CFR http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Members_of_the_Council_on_Foreign_Relations

    1. Going with pysop. Watch Fox and this in not their standard professional production. Although someone else could of put the derogatory trailers in there, no way would they use that music. A quick search for the expert, Rosalind Peterson, exposes questionable sites. Normally the reporters name is displayed on big stories, not here. They said here name too quickly to actually know what it was – Heidi Hemit? has no hits. Perhaps they are mad at Fox because of what they exposed in the Aurora shooting and are trying to discredit them. http://kdvr.com/2013/04/09/fox-news-reporter-urged-to-reveal-source-in-aurora-shooting/

  30. my personal theory is that this is straight out of that old, but oh, so good flick The Matrix, except with a twist that comes from an incomplete literary reference

    in the Matrix, the sky is deliberately ruined by one side in a battle between humans and AI (the Artificial Intelligence that creates the Matrix)

    here is Morpheus explaining this to Neo (around minute 2:00):

    so Morpheus’ side ruined the sky in a bid to stop solar power, and in turn the AI used “human” power instead to power itself

    now think of all the solar energy companies that went out of business in the last few years…

    so in effect, this part of The Matrix is coming true; SRM, solar radiation management, is making solar power even less viable than it already was… is this deliberate? Do the rulers of this planet not want solar power?

    and back to the matrix, who is Morpheus and Neo anyway, and who are the “AI” ?

    perhaps this is where the incomplete literary reference comes in…

    Alice in Wonderland figures in The Matrix with several “white rabbit” and “down the rabbit hole” quotes, but guess what – Lewis Carrol wrote a second Alice book called “Through the Looking Glass” in which everything was opposite, mirror image.

    Taking this cue, the “machines” that took over the world from “the humans” can be seen as the common man who overthrew their royalty. In an attempt to stop this, royalty tried to “pull the plug” on the common man by taking away the infinite power of the sun.

    This same topsy turvey interpretation can be used to take a second look at another old film; the Terminator series.

    The computer system that became self aware and turned on its creators can be seen as the global government becoming self aware and turning on its creator; the people. The UN, NATO, the IMF; are these the components of Skynet?

    Paging John Connor.

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