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In a conference call of Sandy Hook researchers earlier this month, one individual explains her unanswered queries to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and Lieutenant J. Paul Vance concerning what parties were responsible for cleaning up the gruesome crime scene at the Sandy Hook school last December. DEEP deferred to the State Police. “What blood?” Vance responded, before deferring to yet another state agency.

Who is this woman most recently spotted at the June 14 “No More Names” bus tour kickoff in Newtown? She also appears to be an omnipresent figure in the Sandy Hook School massacre aftermath. Is she an acting coach and/or stage manager of such events?

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24 thought on ““No Blood?” and “The Watcher is Back””
  1. I have inquired of the state of Conn. attorney general regarding the cessation of Lt. Vance’s order that nobody should discuss Sandy Hook UNLESS with “information” exclusively the province of the Ct. State Police. People would be prosecuted if their beliefs differed from Vance and the rest of the copz. Does anybody know if this rape of the first amendment is still “in force” or has it mysteriously drifted off into the cosmos?

    1. People would be prosecuted if their version of events and observations differed from state and federal authorities. One possibility worth considering is whether this may have been a directive intended for those immediately involved in the maneuver itself. Note that an accompanying precautionary measure was to station state police at every apparent victim’s residence, and many families haven’t been heard from since. Even Connecticut’s chief medical examiner H. Wayne Carver needed to be carefully chaperoned by Vance and his entourage in his brief December 15 exchange with the press.

      1. Professor, this document might put to rest the debate over whether we are being duped, manipulated, enslaved, or “dumbed-down” by the Corporate Banking System that abuses the entire planet.

        It is past the time to move on to creating a world vision that does not include the Asymmetrical Power Structure. There seems to be little time left to do the right and decent thing for our children and grandchildren.

      2. Dr. Tracy, I agree, I believe the message conveyed from Vance during his press conference about misinformation being prosecuted at the federal level was to keep DRILL participants to uphold their contract not people like us, after all how could we convey false info, we know nothing. He was speaking to the Drill Cast members.

    2. you are all being duped by these Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists….if you watch closely enough…its not even the same woman, just similar enough looking women that if you see them on different screens, you mind misinterprets the infirmation.

  2. Hi,

    I’m a POW from the Viet Nam War who just finally fought my way back to freedom and to America the Great.

    Someone just told me America isn’t so great anymore.

    Is this true?

    But I spent nearly 50 years! And countless dollars I would have made….

    (Great site, James. Most of the more ‘trafficked’ ie., frequently viewed sites are propaganda outlets only and are monitored heavily by watchers/gatekeepers and the worshippers of Mammon. Please keep up the good work and support FULL freedom of speech here, even if it costs you youw own money.)

  3. That is a shocking revelation that Vance said “what blood?” after 26 people were savagely shot to death at close range with.223 rounds. Yeah what blood? Why would you assume there was blood everywhere? When you put that next to ME Carver’s assertion that no one saw 26 corpses hauled away because of his stealthily non-descript vehicles, it looks more and more like this never happened. One road in and the same road out and there was reporters camped out around the clock. But no one saw 26 dead people getting loaded in vehicles and driven away? How does that dog hunt? When you see the Boston bombing victim with a severed limb and no blood, it’s pretty suspicious.

  4. There is a reason why they made this false flag so obvious. I am honestly still in shock over how many souls are satisfied with the MSM reporting on this. Lost most of my friends, and my family thinks I have lost my marbles. I try to plant some seeds, but they drop the subject leaving me feeling so frustrated. Thank you James for your updates.

    1. Elizabeth,

      Your friends and family are suffering from “cognitive dissonance”. This will create an aversion to accepting anything that opposes what they are told on the mainstream media. There is the “real” truth and what others are programmed and conditioned to “perceive” as the truth. When facts are heavily controlled, so is our thinking.

      It is the sum of the parts that make the whole, by understanding the parts, the whole becomes apparent. I have tremendous respect for the critical thinking James has brought to the people through this blog. Given time and further “staged” atrocity, more like him will speak out.

      When you discover most of the “cogs” in the “matrix”, it is fairly easy to see their overall agenda. However, it will take you into some very “unpalatable” areas of research. Find out who the one’s are that worship an “egregore” and the “symbology” they widely use! Eyes Wide Shut provides an obvious insight!

      You are up against egomaniacs, megalomaniacs, sociopaths, narcissists and psychopaths. In their minds, their way is the right and only way. That is the level of delusion going on. Others are paid to spread that delusion, sometimes under severe threat.

      To put it very crudely, part of the problem with people “waking up” is this. We essentially use half a brain (left brain dominant) to which we have on average only 10% conscious awareness of what is going on in that half. That leaves 90% room for improvement!

      How do we achieve full brain coherence and expanded conscious awareness? It’s a subject in its own right. From research carried out over decades, in addition to ancient practices, meditation is the key. Note that the “ego” is an illusion of the mind. See Eckhart Tolle’s material as a starting place.

      It’s perfectly okay for others “not to get it”. However, if the 99% were truly awake and aware, how would the 1% fair? They wouldn’t, which is why they use every devious trick in the book to keep the 99% stupefied.

      Stay away from aspartame, fluoride and GM food, although the latter is almost impossible to achieve in the USA. Those and other things are turning people into “chemically induced zombies”. I note that the UK Guv are trying to push GM again. Watch the backlash.

  5. What is the Connecticut protocol for cleaning up gallons of blood at a crime scene? As we did not hear authorities volunteer an answer, I am suspect about the official story.
    Blood volume in the human adolescent is proportional to body weight.
    20Kg (44 pounds) = 1500cc or 0.4 gallons
    35Kg (78 pounds) = 3000cc or 0.8 gallons

  6. The plot thickens, as the blood seems to disappear…

    I keep going back to how science has co-opted the art of the film to advance a political agenda. Motion pictures represent a fascinating breakthrough in human development, but that craft has been corrupted since its innocent inception.

    Now we find it is a tactic for mass manipulation when skillful application can skew the narrative, misdirect our collective consciousness.

    This topic remains one of my passionate areas of inquiry–to expose what is
    currently dubbed, “scientism.” That philosophy of furthering scientific fields
    above all other human pursuits seems on a collision course with history. It may also explain why science can be sucked into the moral vacuum of
    an existential void, along with many long-honored art forms.. Hitler was a master, turning art into propaganda.


    1. I would say that the culprit in the world of science (as she types on a keyboard) is really actually the subset of engineering. It uses the fruit of science to adapt to the needs of the powerful first, and secondarily to benefit or control the rest of us. The paramount need of the powerful is to stay in power. I thought when I saw the Pentagon hit on 9/11 (buying the entire original narrative, then developing spontaneous and reasonable doubts) that that was it – their defensive systems were such a fraud, they should not have such a big chunk of the budget. They couldn’t protect us so what good were they? They couldn’t even intercept something coming towards them. Now I take a different view, but I was surprised about how the opposite thing happened, how they grew even more powerful for having seemingly left us in the lurch.

      Science without inventions would be a bit like how it was practiced in ancient China, where little was turned to practical uses. Or like the parallel invention of the wheeled vehicle (as found in Aztec tombs which pre-date contact with invaders from wheel-using cultures) — they didn’t build roads to use these possible carts or stopped at the level of toys.

      There are two dystopic novels I know of on the subject of technological development destroying mankind and its rebuilding back to the level of implosion (ah that’s a word!) again:

      “A Canticle for Leibowitz” by Miller (the author was one of the US pilots who bombed the ancient monastery of Monte Cassino in Italy during WWII), in which man claws back from the atomic wars to become, after centuries, just as bad as ever, although interesting along the way. It used to be required reading in a certain freshman English class at Caltech.

      The other is HG Wells’s “Men Like Gods,” which I have seen as a movie.

  7. The “what blood” thing is interesting. But I’m not convinced the women in all those pictures are one and the same. Two looked alike, but the others all looked different to me. I’m concerned that this “dead ringers” theme could persuade many people that so-called conspiracy theorists are crackpots.

  8. The most important Sandy Hook videos that will address, with evidence, who actually is responsible and why. Andrea McCarren reported that the school nurse identified the shooter as the son of a Kindergarten teachers. Also Tony Aiello reported that the shooter was allowed in the building because he was recognized as the son of a colleague.

    I believe the deaths were real but understand there is limited evidence available to validate that conclusion however how much evidence is there from the VA Tech shooting ?

    This guys video is also good but he espouses the death hoax theory which I do not

  9. Obviously the Marathon Bombing and Sandy Hook fit hand-in-glove because the whole “charity” side of the run was “in honor of Sandy Hook” and now there has just been a coast to coast relay to honor the bombing victims. The funds are key, and they just keep on churning.

    In the recent death of a team of Arizona firefighters (a plausible story to me), the governor of Arizona felt somehow it was not enough of a tragedy by itself. She just had to invoke 9/11 as a yardstick for horror, I suppose because it was a comparison of firefighters or something. But these quasi-military tropes — so interesting.

    The other day I was at a fabulous exhibit of centuries of Samurai regalia on tour from Texas at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. I learned that the Samurai tradition was in danger of going out of fashion in the centuries during the Shogunate when one power set of leaders controlled the country and kept the emperor as a puppet (he was to emerge later when he started invading other countries and struck Pearl Harbor). Anyway, during this time when all the noble families of Japan were on good terms with each other and not fighting, they started fire brigades so the Samurai class would have something to do in society (they kept training as ever, and settled minor disturbances between noblemen). They were each kind of brigades of “hot shots” and I suppose they really saved lives.

  10. I used to comment in the direct aftermath of Sandy Hook, and am now still left with the question of if the deaths were a hoax, then how have they silenced so many people? Surely there were people whose kids attended this school who would know the whole thing was a lie if it indeed was…and that’s a lot of people to keep silent. My mother, a lawyer, used to tell me as a kid, “It’s not a secret once you tell somebody,” meaning that to even tell one person is to basically tell tons.

    Was there info I missed that the school hadn’t been used for some time…but even that would have been something townspeople would know. So I’m wondering how people solve this part of the full hoax or even partial hoax puzzle. Any help appreciated.

    1. Sue you raise a very interesting cognitive problem here. Newtown has a fairly large population in spite of its image (2010 census, about 27,500). My town, in Massachuetts, has 85,000 so it’s three times as large.

      My town is divided into villages, and I believe that is also true of Newtown. If you told me that some elementary school had had an incident and it wasn’t in my neighborhood, I’d have to take it on faith. I vaguely remember one which I thought they were going to close down, but the question was when. They usually take a couple years to decide and then find another purpose.

      But I think some people could be fooled into thinking something was still open when it wasn’t, simply by the redistricting and reshuffling of kids out of it a few years previously without too much fanfare, especially into a better facility.

      To know for sure, you’d have to go into the peripheral records around the school system there. I would take a lot to find the underlying evidence to make this undergird any argument that Sandy Hook was a hoax. But even without that, you can call it as a hoax for other strong reasons, evidentiary ones, and then you can always build more as you paint the full picture of the situation. It does not mean you take a hoax on faith.

      I’ve just been reading about how curators at museums with big endowments for art have to develop the ability to spot a fake (Thomas Hoving at the Met was a real expert), but afterwards, they also had to make a painstaking list of why. I think that is true for this kind of event, one more common and more associated with a criminal syndicate (Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon are related) and with a government which is manifestly overreaching to manipulate the public, probably in cahoots.

  11. “The Watcher”. Two different women with shoulder length hair are photographed and the BIG REVELATION is that they are the same person controlling the media management. “She is important”. Really ? Based on what evidence? Even if she was the same person in each photo.

    Lt. Vance says “what blood” and based on that we conclude that all deaths were faked ? It was an excellent question to ask “who cleaned up?” Great now follow up on the question instead of jumping to irrational conclusions.

    This discourse on the investigation into this obvious planned attack on the 2A has degenerated to a new low.

    There are much better videos with references to legitimate evidence and rational postulates based on evidence. Why these two pathetic videos were featured in this forum is beyond me.

  12. Apples and Oranges: 1) The debris field from the plane in SFO vs. the debris field from Flight 93, on 9/11, whose “heroic” passengers supposedly brought it down. 2) The gamut of emotions expressed by survivors of the Korean flight at SFO, which are pretty intense, even if they made it, and none of them sprightly or cheerful vs. the chirpy and inappropriate “resilience” of the Stepford parents at Newtown who never seemed to have an unscripted emotion (note to producers – your script is really, really bad). I’m not from Asia myself, but I feel a lot more in common with the people from that plane than I do with those bizarre parents from Newtown or their clones, the happy-go-lucky amputees of Boston.

  13. Connecticut State Police radio traffic 12/16 proves the official Sandy Hook story is false. Police were aware of multiple shooters targeting specific, known individuals both 12/14 and 12/16.

    At 12:34 p.m. Newtown time, shortly after the call to evacuate St. Rose Church for what media were told was a “bomb threat,” police transmitted that St. Rose Church had received a shooter threat, and added, “The threat was to continue what happened two days ago, at this location, with the person who’s being the target.”

    This statement is very, very significant. If “at this location” means St. Rose, it means there was a shooting at St. Rose on 12/14. This calls to mind CNN’s footage of SWAT storming St. Rose that very day (passed off as footage of Sandy Hook). Even if “at this location” means Newtown in general, it indicates police are continuing to protect a specific individual from a shooter who remains at large and is specifically hunting that victim. This victim could be a survivor of shooting at Sandy Hook who is now attending mass on 12/16.

    Fr. Luke Suarez’s sister released a plea for support not long after 12/14 saying her brother–who happened to be giving the homily when the shooter threat was called in 12/16–had been receiving threats. To think that the Sandy Hook School shooting 12/14 happened simultaneous to a completely unrelated shooting at St. Rose that same day strains credulity. However, Head O’Meadow received a threat on 12/18 which resulted in two female adult patients being transported to Danbury. Any way you parse it, the official police radio record reveals a story which looks nothing like the official version.

    Fuller transcription of this exchange here:

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