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An overwhelming majority of US and Canadian citizens are entirely unaware that an especially dangerous device has been attached to their homes. While installation of “smart meters” across North America has continued apace since 2009 the health effects such devices pose have yet to be fully realized. Left unaddressed the broad use and continued deployment of such equipment will almost certainly influence human health for many generations to come.

On May 22 my household received a “Notification Letter” from Florida Power and Light (FPL) stating the company’s intent to replace our existing analog meter with a new device equipped to communicate with other such meters in the utility’s wireless “mesh network.”{1] According to FPL we are among roughly 20,000 of Florida homes that have rejected the new digital device in lieu of an analog model.[2] The letter carries the industry’s familiar line–that the “meter upgrade” is intended to “provide you with more information so you can take more control over your energy use and monthly bills” while more readily “identify[ing]” and resolving power outages.

The correspondence came as quite a surprise since in late 2011 after explaining to FPL the health-related consequences of such electro-pollution and expressing concerns for my family’s well-being, the company agreed to remove the “smart meter” and replace it with one that does not emit such energy. This was done only after conducting my own investigation, providing the company with substantial medical research documenting the negative health effects of RF microwave radiation, and threatening legal action.[3]

FPL was in fact much more reasonable in addressing my concerns than was the Florida Public Service Commission, whose legal counsel informed me flatly that the body had no authority over smart meter deployment and referred me to the Federal Communications Commission.[4] Only after submitting a public records request to the agency did I discover that the information Commission members accepted to evaluate the safety of such equipment in terms of human health consisted largely of smart meter manufacturer and utility boilerplate, including a FPL “PowerPoint”-like presentation seemingly pitched to a fifth grade audience.

Upon receiving FPL’s May 22 letter I took a few hours to write a response to the company’s president, taking care to outline my past communication with them, the concerns I have over the device’s potentially negative effects on my family’s health, and the fact that they recognized and fulfilled my opt out request almost two years ago. A few days after sending my letter off, the executive’s assistant called to inform us the notification letter was likely the result of a computer glitch and should have never been sent.

The foremost danger of smart meters is that they are designed to communicate with each other by emitting substantial and frequent bursts of radio frequency (RF) microwave pollution several thousand times per day–a cumulative burden on one’s genetic and biological makeup that children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to given their respective developing and degenerative conditions. Yet the documented health effects are something FPL never voluntarily told me about, and your power utility will likely not tell you.

For example, FPL spokeswoman Elaine Hinsdale disingenuously remarked that smart meters’ radio frequencies are akin “to those in a garage-door opener and hundreds of times less than emission limits set by the Federal Communications Commission.” According to Hinsdale, “You’d have to stand right next to the smart-meter for more than a year to equal the radio-frequency exposure of a 15-minute cellphone call … Once we talk to our customers and explain how it will repair power outages faster and safer, they understand.”[5] In 2011 when I contacted FPL via telephone to inquire on the overall safety of the devices I was similarly told that RF radiation is emitted only “a few times per day.”

Yet other sources I consulted observed that such emissions are much more frequent. I thus purchased a German-made Gigahertz Solution HF35C Elektrosmog Analyzer and did my own measurements. To my surprise I found that FPL’s meter was emitting RF bursts in excess of 2,000 microwatts per square meter at a distance of five feet several times every thirty seconds to one minute. This pulsing radiation was detected in varying degrees of intensity elsewhere throughout the home and may have at least partially explained the common symptoms of electro-hypersensitivity I was experiencing.

I no longer have an active smart meter on my house so on June 9 I took the liberty of conducting readings with the HF 35C on a neighbor’s meter. The readings are demonstrable at 0:38 to the end of the brief video below–each burst exceeding 2,000 microwatts per square meter with the HF 35C at a distance of about one meter from the device. When I conducted a reading with the 20db attenuator, thereby desensitizing the HF 35C by a factor of 100 (not shown in video) the reading was as high as 129, or 129 * 100 = 12,900 uw per sq meter.

If the US public was served by a more honest and diligent press smart meters and RF radiation in general would not endanger public health to the extent they do today. This is particularly the case since a multitude of scientific studies exist that point to the deleterious health effects of RF energy exposure–especially in children and the elderly. Such information is intentionally overlooked by power utilities and little-if-any acknowledgement of negative health effects appear in any of the vacuous paraphernalia they provide their customers–and state regulators–promoting the meters.

When I pressed FPL representatives on what studies the company had conducted on smart meter safety they sent me a privately commissioned 2011 report, Florida Power and Light Advanced Meter Infrastructure & Distribution Automation RF Exposure Survey, produced by an obscure Arlington Virginia firm called Site Safe.[6] The study’s findings assert that one receives almost the equivalent amount of RF radiation standing one meter away from a smart meter as they would within the immediate vicinity of a cell phone tower–an especially alarming observation!

However, the research’s overall flaw and deceptive nature lies in the absence of suitable methodological parameters for examining how smart meters pulse lesser amounts of such microwave radiation throughout the home up to 190,000 times per day. Germany’s Standard Building Biology Measurements of 2008 caution that specifically in terms of human health “pulsed signals [are] to be taken more seriously than continuous ones.” When I contacted the author of the Site Safe study via telephone and email to evaluate his credentials for authoring such a study, he refused to provide me with any information that might confirm such training and expertise.

In May 2011 the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified RF as a Class 2B carcinogen. This means that caution should be applied because exposure to RF and EMF may cause cancer.[7] Given such an admission power utilities should be exercising the precautionary principal lest they further endanger human health with the continued wide-scale deployment of smart meters. FPL and the broader power industry have produced no compelling scientific evidence to date that even tentatively confirms the safety of smart meters. With this in mind, and in terms specifically related to human health, the power industry writ large is executing a transparently dangerous and criminal fraud against the US public.

A half century ago tobacco and asbestos were known menaces to health and over the long term exposure to these substances culminated in a variety of cancers and other terminal diseases compelling the government to intervene on the public’s behalf. The credible scientific evidence suggests the same holds true for exposure to RF microwave radiation. In fact, government and academic research dating to the 1960s points to the potential health dangers of sustained RF and EMF exposure. While the Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Communications Commission, and the American Cancer Society claim that RF and EMF pose no health risks, their conclusions are based on dubious and outdated studies often funded by the telecommunications industry itself.

Current independent scientific and medical research paints an entirely different picture. For example, in 2012 the American Academy of Environmental Medicine generated a list of 86 scientific studies and bibliographies on the health effects of EMF, RF and  extremely low frequency (ELF) microwave radiation dating to 1971.[8] Referencing this literature, in January 2012 the AAEM Board issued a public statement to the California Public Utilities Commission expressing its concern over smart meter installations across the state. “[E]xisting FCC guidelines for RF safety that have been used to justify installation of ‘smart meters’ only look at thermal tissue damage and are obsolete,” the Board observed,

since many modern studies [such as those used by the FCC] show metabolic and genomic damage from RF and ELF exposures below the level of intensity which heats tissues … More modern literature shows medically and biologically significant effects of RF and ELF at lower energy densities. These effects accumulate over time, which is an important consideration given the chronic nature of exposure from “smart meters”. The current medical literature raises credible questions about genetic and cellular effects, hormonal effects, male fertility, blood/brain barrier damage and increased risk of certain types of cancers from RF or ELF levels similar to those emitted from “smart meters”. Children are placed at particular risk for altered brain development, and impaired learning and behavior. Further, EMF/RF adds synergistic effects to the damage observed from a range of toxic chemicals. Given the widespread, chronic, and essentially inescapable ELF/RF exposure of everyone living near a “smart meter”, the Board of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine finds it unacceptable from a public health standpoint to implement this technology until these serious medical concerns are resolved.[9]

Along these lines in 2007 and again in 2012 the BioInitiative Working Group, an international body of academic scientists, medical doctors and public health professionals released a comprehensive review of over 2000 scientific studies and reviews, concluding that RF and EMF exposure can contribute to childhood leukemia and lay the groundwork for a variety of adult cancers.

Aside from long term adverse health effects, smart meters also pose more immediate safety and privacy concerns. The equipment has not been inspected by and thus does not meet  the protocols of the internationally recognized authority on consumer appliance safety standards, Underwriters Laboratory, a potential violation of numerous state and local municipal codes. Careless installation or the limited integrity of smart meter engineering and design have been pointed to as the possible cause of house fires. “We have encountered an unusual amount of fire incidents involving smart meters,” an Ontario Fire Marshal explains to the Vancouver Sun. “New meters may have defects that cause electrical failures (or they may be caused by) careless installation during a changeover.”[10]

Finally, the collection and uncertain wireless transmission of intimate data related to a family’s domestic power usage and everyday life encompassed in residential occupancy also serve as a potential basis for the violation of protections from illegal search and seizure guaranteed under the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution. This lifestyle-related information relayed throughout the mesh network via RF microwave may be easily “hacked” and the broader network attacked by any number of third parties, including criminals and terrorists. Such data may also be easily accessed by police or other government agencies that would otherwise need a warrant and probable cause to access such information. Utility customers should remind power companies that they do not consent to any personal data related to electrical usage and living patterns aggregated and sold to third parties, including marketers, appliance manufacturers, or data analyst subcontractors.

Already RF is involuntarily yielded to through the ubiquitous radiation emitted from local area networks (“Wi-Fi”) in places of employment and public areas. This is compounded by the voluntary exposure to RF through close quarter cell phone and household Wi-Fi use. With the combined financial and advertising power of the telecommunications service and wireless-manufacturing industries the research clearly pointing to the harmful health effects of RF remains to a large degree unknown. Given their wide scale use and around-the-clock activity, smart meters complete the circle of what is now ceaseless RF bombardment; their broad deployment anticipates a not-too-distant future when they will engage with “smart” appliances within the home, further disseminating such radiation while arbitrarily exerting power over everyday energy use and unlawfully collecting vital and likely profitable data on behavior and lifestyle.


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Republished at GlobalResearch.ca on June 8, 2013.

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44 thought on ““Occupy Your Home”: Confronting Smart Meter Toxification”
  1. Interesting post. I had read that many people have not been successful in refusing to have the Smart Meters installed on the side of their homes as it is considered the domain of the utility company.

    Living in a rural area, our Smart Meter was installed (unbeknownst to us) approximately 75 feet from the house on a utility pole. I have not noticed any adverse effects on our health, but will now look more closely into this issue.

    1. Everyone has them in my neighborhood. I wrote them I did not want it and they said not to worry the type on my house did not send much microwave signal. Yeah sure. What is the address you used to have yours cancelled. I need to stay at this. It seemed at the time there was nobody going to listen to me.

  2. We are being assaulted from all angles by the powers that be. Last summer after requesting numerous “holds” from We Energies (Wisconsin) to not install a Smart Meter, I received a letter from them stating that since I still have not made an appt. with them to be home (as they need access to the inside) they will install the meter (to the outside) at their convenience and my utilities will be shut off until they can gain access to the inside to turn them back on again.

    Before I had a chance to respond back to this letter the following occurred. I came home from work to find the back door to my home unlocked, the patio door screen torn up, the back door window screen torn up and a bedroom window screen wrecked and left open. I thought my home had been burglarized. I then found the note from WE Energies as well as one from the local police department.

    In the course of the meter installation one of the workers caused a gas leak in one of the pipes requiring a forced entry into my house from the police and fire dept “to make sure no gas was leaking into the inside of my house. I was LIVID–not only by the forced entry but that by their actions my dog could have run out the door and ran away or if he was a mean type (he isn’t) he could have attacked and been shot dead by the police.

    After numerous outraged phone calls to those in charge it boiled down to they had the right to install the meter–didn’t matter that I didn’t want one and the gas leak required emergency intervention by police and fire. We Energies paid for the damage they caused.

    I had planned on fighting this however, a new issue came up shortly after this happened. My hospital employer was mandating flu shots- no exceptions but for religious and medical reasons and they would be the “judge” if those reasons were valid. After a drawn out battle requiring lots of research on my part and the guidance/help of an out of state vaccine rights attorney-I won the exemption. The hospital had to change a policy that stigmatized any staff that were given an exemption. There is going to be no end to these assaults.

  3. in apartment buildings large banks of smart meters
    are located in basement or side of building
    woe to the resident directly above or next to such..
    Condos too?

    1. Step #1 is to get your own Smart Meter removed, which belts radio frequencies into the wiring in your living space. Metal things in that space will pick up the frequencies (my bed springs were vibrating for a year when I had a meter on my house). Step #2 might be to place a sheet of shielding material on the wall(s) of your living space that are near Smart Meters. See LessEMF.com for shielding fabrics and paint. (Some people do well with shielding; others don’t. You can tack the fabric up and if it doesn’t work for you, sell it on eBay. The paint is another story.)

  4. Within 24 hours of receiving notice that FPL was intending to install smart meters, my son caught an FPL technician surreptitiously trying to open our back gate to install one. He explained we did not want one, and the technician said we might be charged if there was a problem with our regular meter. Perhaps he did not realize that his job would be gone once the company had installed everyone. No more meter readers!

    I wrote a letter to FPL detailing the health effects of the meters, and that my children and I are sensitive to ELF and RF exposure and we don’t have any such devices in our home, including a microwave oven. These were the reasons we were refusing the smart meter. They sent a letter trying to convince me of the “benefits” of this new technology, but since then have left us alone.

    I don’t doubt that they will try again, but at this point we have a waterproof sign hanging on our meter which says NO smart meters!

  5. A great write-up about radiation and Smart Meters. What people may not realize is that once upon a time nuclear fallout was the primary way of irradiating the population. Now that years of independent scientific studies have shown that the damage to tissues from wireless (non-thermal/non-ionizing) radiation is, over time, as serious as that of thermal/ionizing radiation, present-day populations are being irradiated as fast as they become addicted to and dependent on Smart technologies. Please note that The Grid intends to engulf us all. New exorbitant utility rates will be in effect imminently for “peak time” power use, thanks to the second “brain” (radio transmitter) in the Smart Meter which is soon to be turned on. Utility companies are trying to get this done at the customer’s request, so don’t be fooled by their invitations to learn how to “conserve” more energy (translation: doing your laundry at midnight to save money). That second transmitter is a 2.4 GHz monster, and will be even more detrimental to human health, to say nothing of your pets and plants.

    To learn more, watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18IepieChOU (From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: Living in the Manhattan Project)

    Thanks again, James!

    1. You are welcome. Thank you for the added info. These “smart meters” have functionality most are unaware of. Even many of the meters purported to be “analog” can be easily tweaked to transmit RF and thus plug in to the mesh network.

  6. Because I had complained via email when I first learned about it in a mailing, I was called at some point to hear my grips and address my concerns. This was several months ago. Guess the feedback had some benefit, because the options got expanded.

    A couple of weeks ago, I received a letter stating they had an Option B, which is a smart meter but doesn’t “ET Phone Home” as often (once or twice a day) so is a “lost real-time data source” that could have assisted the utility company with real-time load balancing, etc.

    The letter went on and on about the features that Option B did ~not~ have (“You sure you want crummy Option B?”) and that Option B was my choice and would be installed in the coming weeks unless I upgraded at no cost to me to Option A.

    As coincidence with this article would have it, they installed option B yesterday.

    Not that option B makes me happy either, but the meters aren’t my property. It wouldn’t surprise me if Option A and Option B were identical, except a switch or setting that turns Option B into a home-phoning beast of an option A.


    1. It was some years back, but “Wired” magazine dedicated an issue to the “Ultimate Energy” plan which was to move to decentralized energy production…, i.e. windmills on farmer’s lands, solar panels on homes, etc.

      Basically, the editors took the tone that US National Policy was “doing it wrong” and ignoring the voices of experts when it keeps looking to pump energy from a centralized grid.

      I’ve been looking into solar panels, but haven’t decided yet. In my area, there are many financing plans to “go solar” which allow the buyer to finance at a monthly payment rate equal to what they would’ve paid in their electricity bill. The plan sounds great when you consider any excess produced energy is “sold” back to the grid and the electricity company is required to buy it from you… potentially creating zero-sum electricity bill.

      What I haven’t seen is a plan that allows for an “inverter” which allows you to detach from the centralized grid and use your solar power when the grid goes down. For me, a key benefit of adding a solar panels is to be energy independent and be able to function when the power goes out. In the case of Hurricane Sandy it was interesting to read of those with Solar Panels connected to the grid who were rendered powerless when the grid failed.

      I’m leaning toward having an independent solar electrician install panels rather than go with the offering of the Utility Company. (As they say, if they want you to have it… it probably isn’t good for you.)

      In any event, generating your own electricity via wind or solar could be a way to disengage from the Smart Grid and have your Smart Meter removed.

  7. Here in my coastal Orange County, CA neighborhood, we were early recipients of SmartMeters. Though one can technically opt-out (by writing a letter, paying an initial $75 fee, plus an additional $25 monthly fee), I wonder if the opt-out will just kick the can down the road a piece. When a home is bought or sold, will the utility company come in and install their SmartMeter then?

    To learn more about the global nature of this energy plan, watch “Tehnocracy, Sustainable Development, and the SMART Grid” by Patrick Wood (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnreDu_nTNs&list=FLd3KwQN9L-SLakhVVnTdpCw).

  8. Well awhile back, I witnessed a you tube video on a victim on the gulf oil spill and the new disease called the morgelions syndrome. The skin lesions were horrific and I cannot imagine the pain that went along with it. Wish I had archived that historic story, for now it is no where to be found. Pretty much the search engines now describe it as a sickness of craxy people who just want to hurt themselves. http://rense.com/v .

    1. Kathy, what I’m about to say is COMPLETELY off topic, but you asked me a few threads ago if the tornado in Oklahoma was engineered. I told you I have to wait before commenting. I came across this today. I can’t tell you if I think it’s true; I don’t know, or even understand it very well. But here it is: http://2012thebigpicture.wordpress.com/2013/05/23/breaking-oklahoma-targeted-weaponized-weather-event-says-former-weatherman-video/

      I hope it helps you in your quest to understand that event.

      1. Thank you, Patrick. Yes I absolutely believe it is true, as I have seen it with my own eyes, even though they are getting older, my mind will never forget the brilliant blue that used to be present on those now rare, sunny days. Wouldn’t call anything off topic on this site that discusses the state of disinformation we are in, I pray more professionals will step forward with their knowledge and concern for this great country and the world! Thought this was an interesting paper on Mongellons syndrome. While a bit of it is over my head, understand that the CDC recently spent $600,000 on a study to determine if it even existed and declared it did not. The authors pointed out they did not use the proper microscope to see the filaments they were looking for. Was this on purpose? Sadly, probably, these poor suffering people are not getting the treatment needed as they are just deemed crazy! http://f1000research.com/articles/2-118/v1

      2. Just for the sake of clarity, dutchsinse is actually Michael Janitch. http://sincedutch.wordpress.com/
        He just did a post on cell phone towers… http://sincedutch.wordpress.com/2013/06/08/682013-missouri-cell-phone-tower-law-taking-power-away-from-local-officials/

        and the link that Patrick posted is for Scott Stevens, and his website is http://weatherwars.info/ also… http://www.youtube.com/user/weatherwars/videos

        Lots of good info from both, but I just wanted to clarify who is who.

        1. Not to be nitpicky or anything, but Scott lives in Colorado, while dutch lives in the St. Louis MO area…here’s a video from dutch with voice and location… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96jUDalAmqA
          I’m emphasizing this because it’s just so easy for all of us to get confused when there are screen names, videos w/o faces and voices, etc. It’s also nice to know that there are at least several people researching these things and putting info out there, so we can compare and see what makes sense to us (as well as get the information in the first place!).

  9. I did a lot of research into the detrimental biological effects of RF/EMF in order to be able to present a case to my Florida Public Utilities Commission that they would not be fulfilling their stated mandate to provide “safe, reasonable, and reliable” energy if they declared Smart Meters “safe”. (and would they then be liable for effects?)

    I explained to my County Commission, and to my City Council, why the Precautionary Principle should be foremost in their minds when making decisions that will affect all their constituents. Used leaded gas as an example….at first there were “allowable” limits.

    All to no avail… so far.
    It seems that studies and statistics and medical research make their eyes glaze over. After all, I am only a citizen with some information…

    HOWEVER… the information in the video below will knock even THEIR socks off. It did mine. (it also demolished my idea that it’s better that at least MY house doesn’t have a Smart Meter,..)

    In this video an impeccably credentialed scientist, Curtis Bennett, just last week gave expert testimony to the Canadian Public Utilities Commission (analogous to our FCC) that Smart Meters create ‘molecular earthquakes’ in physical structures and weaken them. Weaken municipal buildings! To the point of collapse. Collapse!

    Dollar signs flash. They sit up and listen.

    Curtis Bennett begins @ 29:00. Make this go viral!


    1. Thank you for this. I sent the info mentioned at the end of this video to my township’s Code Enforcement dept. It’s so hard to know who will listen, who can actually use this information, etc. and if they are more interested in the $$ being provided to the utility companies than actually listening to facts. I do think that it takes a large enough quantity of people complaining and signing petitions, etc. for anyone to do anything about this. Facts alone aren’t going to sway the officials unless they know that a lot of people are watching them.

  10. The march of technology continues and we are told it is for our own good.

    Always under euphemistic labels such as “smart meters” or “total body scanners” or “security drones.” For our own good.

    I heard the scam explained like this: in order justify continuing price increases in utility costs, the powers-that-be must sell the idea that energy sources are on the wane; the meters will aid in controlling use, each home monitored and assessed accordingly for compliance to more advantages time frames. You might possibly be charged more if you go off schedule.

    In summary, it is a high-tech scam. It is conceivable that your power might be suddenly disconnected by pushing a button at grid-one. And we have all come up against an autocratic bureacracy in one form or another. Try getting your case appealed through channels. That could take years.

    It’s all for our own good. What’s with the data mining of all human behavior and activities? Refer to Agenda 21 as posted in an earlier comment.

  11. Why don’t you show a photo to prove your meter had those levels? You rant against the media, yet are unwilling to provide the type of data you say they omit?

    1. The remark is well taken as the posts could be jazzed up with some more photos or videos. At the same time, if one does not find the essay’s observations credible I’m at a loss as to why they’ve taken the time to read the blog in the first place. Note that the specific name and make of the RF meter have been provided so readers may conduct their own research if they so choose.

      There are a number of Youtube videos that illustrate smart meter readings with the HF35C. See, for example,


      Also, see the video below at 1:48. The RF meter is spiking as the smart meter emission bursts are in excess of 2,000 microwatts per square meter. This is quite comparable to what I observed while taking readings on the smart meter installed on our house, with lesser readings recorded inside the home. A 20 db attenuator–which the HF35C in the video below is equipped with–reduces the sensitivity by a factor of 100 and is necessary to accurately read emissions beyond 2,000 mw. Yet even with the attenuator attached the RF meter is peaking, thus suggesting emissions above .2 watts per meter.

      1. Why is it that documentation is called “jazzed up?” And why provide documentation of your experiment by linking with unknown origin youtube videos? You are doing exactly what you claim the media does. Get a video camera, show us your meter, show us the readings. It’s not too much to ask of someone who constantly calls foul of the media.

        1. you’re a troll, aren’t you?
          It doesn’t much matter whether Dr. Tracy records his meter readings, you and I and everyone are being bathed in a sea of radio wave and electromagnetic frequencies which are incompatible with living tissue…and, apparently, physical structures we human erect.

        2. Either that, or “dm” likes being poisoned, and wants us all to shut up about it and like it too.

        3. I no longer have an active smart meter on my house so I took the liberty of conducting readings with the HF 35C on a neighbor’s meter today. The readings are demonstrable at 0:38 to the end of the video, with each burst exceeding 2,000 microwatts per square meter with the HF 35C at a distance of about one meter from the device. When I conducted a reading with the 20db attenuator (not shown in video) the reading was as high as 129: 129 * 100 = 12,900 mw per sq meter. See the updated article to view video.

        4. So as a control, you can show us a similar reading at your non-smart meter. No experiment is properly performed without a control.

        1. I said this on your YT video, but you might not see it. I am so glad to see a video of a meter reading where the person is not standing right in front of the smart meter! I cringe whenever I watch them and think of how much radiation they’re getting. Not that there’s any guarantee of getting less by standing off to the side, but it just feels better while watching it.

          My meter and my neighbor’s are almost directly opposite each other and 20 or so feet apart. I try not to go anywhere near them unless I have to, and it’s such a shame to feel that way in and around my own home.

  12. Prof. Tracy,

    Thank you for this excellent overview of the non-ionizing radiation hazard from so-called “smart” meters.

    These devices may also pose serious fire hazards. See, for example, http://microwavechasm.org/2012/09/20/floridians-prevent-“smart”-meter-fires-by-refusing-their-installation/

    Last week, an intrepid Floridian noticed a recent legal filing by FPL (Florida Power & Light) which suggests that FPL is aware of incompatibility between “smart” meters and the metal enclosures housing them. The docket references “heat damage.”

    Unfortunately, it appears that many electricians are aware of the problems, but most are remaining silent. See http://microwavechasm.org/2012/09/22/hazard-questions-to-ask-yourself-before-a-“smart”-meter-is-installed-on-your-home…/ and

    Sadly, Florida’s Public Service Commission appears to be virtually owned by the utilities, and has been derelict in its duty to “To facilitate the efficient provision of safe and reliable utility services at fair prices.” The Chair of the PSC even said in public that the buck stops with the utilities!

  13. A question, since this is not my area of expertise. If I have no smart meter on my house, but are surrounded by houses which DO have them, how will my family and I be affected?

  14. Thought you’d all be interested in this factoid about the meters recently installed in my area (33,000).

    Electricity and water are serviced by the same company here, but have separate meters. The water meter communicates wirelessly with the electricity meter. The electricity meter “phones home” and communicates with the home office about usage.

    Option 1 of these meters does the big nasty as described in the article. It phones home many times in the span of an hour.

    Option 2 of these meters does a little nasty (made available after customer feedback). It collects information but phones home once an hour or so.

    The only difference between Option 1 and Option 2 is a “magnet swipe” that changes the meter from the big nasty to the little nasty.

    Now the city wants to come back to my home and move the water meter from inside my house to the exterior of my house close to the electricity meter but with wires running to the water entry point.

    Yeah, right! If their wiring job is anything like Comcast or the phone company when adding cable TV, internet, or telephone, it’ll be exposed and black running along the ceiling of my finished basement and in other manner sure to piss of the wife. [But if I leave it in the basement, it is probably the entity that interferes with my wireless router… on the opposite of the wall where the water comes in.]


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