Photos and text by Vivian Lee

I took a trip to Sandy Hook [on May 27], entering from Route 34.
SH entry from Rt 34
Route 34 at Riverside Road
SH from Rt 34 w Riverside Rd at R 5-27-13
Sandy Hook Memorial near Firehouse.
SH memorial near firehouse 5-27-13
I stopped at the firehouse, which was being painted by a local artist. He is going to give the painting to the firehouse for a fund raiser to be held June 15.
SH firehouse ptg 5-27-13
The green firehouse flag had its 26 stars, which included the 6 larger stars of the perimeter, and the roof had its 26 stars too.
SH firehouse flag 6
SH firehouse roof w stars 5-27-13
SH firehouse 5-27-13
The Firehouse driveway was inaccessible as was Dickinson Dr, so I could not get anywhere near the school itself.
 SH firehouse driveway 5-27-13
Dickinson Dr w firehouse & shed 5-27-13

A local woman drove up, parked her car near mine in front of the firehouse and started to talk to me and to the painter. She was very insistent that the citizens of Sandy Hook did NOT want any visitors. That included me. But I was polite, and we did converse amiably for quite some time. She believes the entire official story completely. She did not leave until she saw me get into my car. Basically no one was around except for the few SH tourists who drove up looking for the school (and who were told to leave by the local woman); the restaurants were closed in SH, although there was a bit more life to be seen in Newtown.

The SH resident was … still very distraught by the shooting. I really felt sorry for her. It seems that SH has been traumatized beyond belief. She said no one could go anywhere without IDs being checked by law enforcement for a very long time. The woman told me that the children had had their arms and legs blown off, because they were so small and Adam Lanza was shooting from a much greater height. She said the funeral director who had to officiate over a large number of funerals right after the shooting was beside himself.

The resident said she blamed Nancy Lanza for buying her son all those guns and taking him shooting. She said Adam Lanza was a “sick puppy” who had lived in his mother’s basement. She said that the media were “vultures,” although she knew she shouldn’t say this because it is important that we have a “free press.”

The woman also noted that the substantial donations were a huge source of consternation for everyone, as the funds that were overseen by Newtown officials were just sitting there, and no one knew what the money would be spent for. She said that this was “worse than 9-11 because these were children,” wishes that people would stop giving donations, and that people would stop coming to SH and let the town be.

I explained to her that people were coming because the whole country was traumatized, and that it was a media event, which people saw on TV or read about in the papers. I said that people meant well and were coming to see the school so that they could understand the event, or at least the venue, in a more real way.

Gene Rosen’s house is RIGHT near the firehouse; his driveway is directly adjacent.

Gene Rosen house  beyond firehouse 5-27-13
Gene Rosen driveway 5-27-13
Gene Rosen house front 5-27-13
Several properties were up for sale throughout the Sandy Hook district, but not as many as one might imagine.
SH house for sale Rt 34 5-27-13 SH house for sale Rt 34 SH house for sale SH property available Rt 34 5-27-13 SH property for sale Rt 34 5-27-13
Happy Memorial Day!

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70 thought on “A Memorial Day Trip to Sandy Hook, CT”
    1. Hi, Stacey. What more do you want? This is SH as it is now. A ghost town. The locals believe the Official Story (TM) and they’re drinking the Kool-Aid. People want to move out of the town — it’s cursed. Kudos to Vivian for braving the negative energy and visiting the town. Me? I live 45 minutes away in Hartford and couldn’t bring myself to drive through the scene of the greatest false flag until the BMB.

      But let’s all be grateful for the epic fail of the planners . . . it only made most Americans more appreciative of their Second Amendment rights. Shout out to Alex Jones for breaking people out of their trance and kudos to Professor Tracy for providing this gathering place despite intense opposition.

  1. Looks like a historic preservation district. The houses you photographed look like they could be under some federal protection if the owners designated them as such. Don’t know how that might have worked.

    The morbidity seems a lot like Boston lately.

    By the way, I looked up the family William Richard in the white pages. He is the alleged father of two from Dorchester whose daughter Jane lost a leg and whose some Martin is supposed to have died. His wife is said to have a serious head injury and may be losing an eye. Naturally, only his name occurs in the white pages (no other family members). His “wife”, Denise K. Richards has a different address in Dorchester, but no kids either. They are preservationists who fix up old houses, so maybe they don’t live in the same house but nearby. They apparently spent money to preserve a community clock, and they were filmed in front of it at the moment when their son Martin was alleged to have died, for a memorial moment of the demonstration of grief. Why do I think of the Virgin crying “real” tears in some Italian village?

    Dorchester is not a section of Boston you want to show up in asking questions by the way. Unless you have back-up.

    Anyhow, the devotions continue without ceasing in Boston.

  2. Sorry for my typos. It’s Denise K. Richard, same last name. Her associate is Tiffaney (sic) L. Burford, not William Richard at that address. He (with a different phone number) is at one and perhaps two (as W) different addresses, none of which have other people associated with him.

  3. There have been other tragedies involving children in the past, but this is the first time they try to keep everything secret and hidden.

  4. It is wrong to let disasters like this one or a thousand like it where innocent people die hijack politics and thus do irreparable damage to the country as well as millions of people who are just trying to lead normal lives. As the city people try to dictate and control the people of the country who usually have a great deal more common sense and humanity, the entire body politic is corrupted.

    Think of how 9-11 was used to hijack politics; the supposed ex-Iraqis who lied to draw us into their country with the staggering financial costs; and numerous other disasters, whatever the cause. Politicians need to say no and “drop dead” to all these screaming, emotional, manipulative people who subvert right reason and normal political process.

    1. Sorry, Rocky, but politicians have no say in this matter. They have no input into these events before, during, or afterward. They are just there to give the illusion of normalcy.

      For decades now, I have been trying to point out to anyone who will listen that the president writes more than 90% of the laws in this country. It is a dramatic, slow-moving revolution that took place, called “administrative law.” Congress creates “agencies” (think IRS, EPA, OSHA, FDA, etc.) and gives them complete authority to make law, to set up their own courts to judge infractions of their made-up laws, and police powers to enforce them. Congress is almost completely out of the loop after that, and even in the most egregious tyrannies they commit, bureaucrats are almost impossible to fire. Congress doe not care.

      This is in part how the unnamed forces who are shaping the police state accomplish their goals. Note that FBI is almost always on the scene before the media, and they take complete control, arrogantly shoving local authorities aside. Almost never will the locals talk back, complain, or appeal to the public to see it as an outrage. When they do, terrible, swift, retaliation ensues.

      The real goal is world government, in the form Orwell described in 1984, and the major obstacle to its achievement has always been the Constitution. The invisible government has been patient, so much so that anyone who points out the pattern in the almost glacial pace of gradually encroaching tyranny is easily made to look like a kook. THe process, as I say, has been slow and gradual, but this unnamed enemy seems to perceive that success is at hand, and they’re demonstrating their complete mastery of the media and public perception. They can to the most outrageous hoaxes right out in the open, and even when the internet is saturated with demonstrations of the elements of the hoax, the secret government is confident in its control. Web sites like this one do not bother them. They know that its too late to bring back the Constitution, or to reconvert traditional media to its long-dead role as active questioner of authority. They also know that the people are now so debased that they cannot be awakened to the truth of what is being done to them.

      So put not your faith in politicians. Those who try to point out the truth are killed or imprisoned, or destroyed in the press. Whatever it takes. Those who are corruptible are given roles to play commensurate with their corruptibility, the model here being Masonry. New Masons are told all lies about the meaning of the symbols and rituals, and gradually told more and more truth about them as they are observed over time. Only the most deeply corruptible ever get to the inner circle, and no one in any circle is made aware that there ARE deeper circles.

      This is why I always find it amusing when people (many are readers of this web site) think they know who did 911: the so-called “neoconservatives,” a political philosophy that only recently came into existence. Individuals the adhere to that way of thinking, and seek power, no doubt are let in as deeply as their corruptibility makes them trustworthy with the secrets of the pathway to world government, but their just another batch of tools in an ancient agenda. Just before them came the communists that saturated Franklin Roosevelt’s Washington. Same process, different era.

      Thus, George W. Bush probably knew nothing of the plans for 911; Cheney probably knew a lot. Most members of the Project for a New American Century knew something, some more than others. I have an unusable test to determine who knows how much: what level of access does an individual have to Area 51 and all the other Deep Underground Military Bases? Another unusable test is this: what level of access does an individual have to the people who tell David Rockefeller what to do?

      When this subject comes up, and those with whom I’m talking don’t buy it, I always ask if they’ve seen Stanley Kubric’s final masterpiece Eyes Wide Shut. If they have, I ask them the names of the people in charge of the ritual gatherings on the vast estate Tom Cruise stumbles upon. The answer, of course, is they are unnamed. The dark forces use front men. Kubric, of course, told too much truth about what he knew when he made that movie, and we all know what happened to him.

      1. I agree with you Patrick. The rabbit hole goes much deeper than many who are called “conspiracy theorists” even realize.

        But despite how far along this nefarious plan has advanced, I don’t believe that all hope is gone. Do you?

        1. I believe that we should prepare our hearts and minds for the worst, even as we work to expose the works of our enemies and wake up those around us, hoping to stop the train wreck. There are times and places where all hope indeed seems lost, yet that kind of posture proves more powerful than the nightmare. Dietrich Bonhoeffer is an example of that.

        2. Another way of addressing this problem may be found in The Lord of the Rings. During the siege of Gondor, Denethor was driven mad by the knowledge he had gained by looking into the glass; he had seen how vast the enemy’s armies had grown, and how outmatched was the West. He preferred to die on his own terms rather than wait it out and experience slavery. Contrast that with the attitude of Gandalf and Aragorn. The battle that was raging when Denethor killed himself was, against all odds, won, but the war was far from over, and Denethor was correct that the Enemy’s forces were many times larger than those he’d sent to Gondor. So what did Gandalf and Aragorn do? They marched a very small army to Mordor and knocked on the Black Gate! Gandalf was psyching out Sauron, implying that they had the Ring and were ready to use it–this would draw Sauron’s attention away from his own land, where Frodo was so close he could feel it–but Gandalf also knew that faith was the most important thing; no one knew where Frodo was, or how soon he might finish his task, if at all, but it was their only hope. In fact, if Frodo did not accomplish his mission right then, they would all be slaughtered then and there, and they knew it. But they were fearless in the face of overwhelming odds, knowing that it was now a case of all or nothing. This is what I mean by preparing our hearts. Know the odds, but don’t collapse in fear; face it head on. Faith is our only source of power in such circumstances. And such faith is not built in a day.

          It is not yet a case of all or nothing, for us, but we must prepare ourselves for such a day. Use the time we have remaining wisely. That’s my advice.

        3. Reply to Patrick: I think there are patriots in the military & elsewhere who cannot act until the American people have shown publicly that they desire a return to constitutional gov & dethroning of the banksters. Whenever you express yourself publicly, tho it may feel futile, you are helping to tip the scales of public opinion until the word “conspiracy” no longer embarasses people. And until those who long to act feel they have political cover to do so.

  5. Never to have seen the body as evidence that the trauma I am experiencing is justified (personal survival) was common in the mining town I came from. Attributing responsibility or irresponsibility gave me the opportunity to connect the dots which gave the experience validation. Even then at 11 years of age my world was all made up for me and by me.
    This ego-soul is the seed of birth and death,
    Foolish people take it for the true original self

  6. Read somewhere–perhaps here on memoryholeblog–that the Sandy Hook area was reconfigured outside Newtown proper, as if it were a movie set. Odd people coming and going (some say actors, maybe, brought in specifically for the ‘event’), with normal business routine curtailed. In other words, the whole suburb seemed coopted for a staged and scripted drama, years in the making.

    I must say many facts bear out that theory, as chilling and disorienting as it is. Reality TV and hyper-real movie plots fuse spontaneous action with makebelieve convincingly. Watch closely as the squabbling ‘guests’ on, say, a Gerry Springer show, wait for their cue to start to pummel opponents. You have to be alert to catch the split-second beat between cue and action, but it’s definitely a part of the staged entertainment. Then in closing, Springer will deliver his profound homily on human behavior, as if he were adding something important to the fractured dialogue.

    See the trend?


    1. It really does look that way – also the historic homes – look like you could set aside the district as a historic preservation zone, stop the property from changing hands freely, have them held.

      A long time ago, the Rockefeller family took over St. John in the US Virgin Islands, and also South Pomfret Vermont, so this kind of thing has been going on for a long time. You then do historic preservation, aided by federal laws and regulations, above and beyond the local.

      Not saying it was always done for nefarious purposes. You can also see that Disney aspired to the same thing with the town of Celebration. Control. Gated community without the gates.

      So employing this old trope —

      I see that the area near the Marathon also abuts a historic district. Things can be reconfigured into something that appears one way but is another.

      The novelist Jack Finney, famous for Invasion of the Body Snatchers and several time travel novels about creating another place and time by preserving antique settings, has a lot to say “fictionally”.

      Then too, the famous Potemkin villages of old Russia, which Catherine the Great was shown through an area where she saw only a strip of villages to get the impression there was more.

      This kind of camouflaging is old.

      I was struck by two things with both Sandy Hook and Marathon:
      the wink-wink of signs. At Marathon it was Firehouse Subs, Well Done.
      At Sandy Hook, it was “Sandy Hook Elementary, 1956, Visitors Welcome.”

      The latter is a totally retro concept, since schools even in the most tranquil suburbs have all kinds of security check-points and they hardly welcome casual visitors in this day and age. So that looked to me like an ironic wink, referencing the bloodbath to follow. It was too too noir.

  7. Hello all~

    Even though I object (a little) to James Tracy’s own ‘elitism’ (his professorship and ‘command’ of English language), I love this blog.

    Please support it and the other blogs listed with your ongoing comments and readership.

    Otherwise: Welcome one and all to Stepford, Connecticut, USA.

    And we wouldn’t want that.



  8. Why is it that they choose only to recognize 26 of the deaths when 28 people are suppose to have lost their lives in a sad screwed up event?

  9. Like a statue depicts the nature of a victorious athlete, the iconic firehouse with its 26 stars on the roof, the flag with its 26 stars, the heart with its 26 stars depicts the nature of tragic death and seems to symbolically relay without language, the ‘death of innocence.’

    Not all memorials are healthy for society! Memorials are erected not only to stand for things were told we must never forget but they also are erected for the otherwise called ‘gawker crowd’ looked upon as the crowd that brings in tourist money which has now extended to inciting ’emotional riot’ which serves the new and growing hidden wealth frontiers of donation funding for disaster. Of course this greatly conflicts with the local woman’s claim ‘we don’t want visitors’ and ‘we wish the donations would stop.’

    The contradictions point out that the woman represents a superficial societal fundamental and the iconic memorials represent a deeper fundamental that in essence is shaping the more superficial fundamental. It reminds me of Alvin and Heidi Toffler’s book ‘Revolutionary Wealth’ and their passing remark concerning a digitized world and how easy the possibility to create a ‘loneliness industry.’ [pg 5]

    Iconic memorials are not always healthy for a society; they can as they stand through the tests of time, keep a wound open onto a running sore constantly needing to be dressed and addressed. They mock our God-given heart, that wild frontier within us as the place for mediating ultimate things where we celebrate loves and grieve losses ultimately growing from the very bonds and boundaries that bind us forever to our kin and kind.

    This and only this inner process of slow holding on and slower letting go, especially in the face of tragedy, allows true healing and the assurance that life must and does go on! It might be marked by inner agony and slow acceptance but as privacy is set in place to guard it and our growing internal character–it protects the rest of society from emotional chaotic upheaval and ensures cultural and societal sanity and stability.

    Something is clearly amiss and it kind of looks like what Alvin Toffler described as the manipulation and breakdown in previously well-formed cultural boundaries and the possibility of creating a new environment that grows new previously unidentified industries. We could call it a death business but as its now just like in the embryonic stage we will have to wait to see what it unfolds.

    Thank you Vivian for taking the trip and producing and offering such clear pictures for viewing here on the Professor’s blog. As ever, thanks James!

    1. I too thank Vivian for her courageous trip into Newtown’s odd corner, Sandy Hook.

      My heart aches every time I see the high production value reifications of the Marathon bombing – which began suspiciously quickly to appear in Boston. I have already stated that I feel Boston Strong is the answer crafted some time ago to “Occupy Boston” which must have made the owners of Boston’s Financial District a little nervous as they retained their camp outside the Federal Reserve Building for four months in 2010. Just like the several months silence of the 2000 election before they called it, something wasn’t working for the powers that be, something needed fixing.

      The first indications were posters in the windows of Kendall Square, MIT, near an aborted scene for a Third Street carjacking that was miscalled after the death of Sean Collier. They were Fidelity Trust Co. and MIT Press, both using that phrase along with their brand icons.
      Later I saw a firehouse in Newton with a very fancy and expensive banner, like what they might have produced after a war was over which said “Boston Strong” (mission accomplished?) in the colors of the marathon itself (“which will be even more spectacular next year” and “(hopefully) with drones”). The absolutely nauseating final blow has been the Boston Museum of Fine Arts with its own banner. Like a scene from that play “Rhinoceros” where everyone turns into one.

      And Newtown has the flag with the stars – a riff on the US flag or some other aspirational symbol of unity and progress now commemorating early and meaningless death of what – imaginary people? They are not meaningless or imaginary to the designers of this psy-op. Do they stand for all the kids gunned down in ghettoes or do they symbolize people yet to die in some crackdown? You decide.

      1. In response to the question, I would definitely say the latter. The symbolism was included in the photo shoot for a reason and by no means co-incidental. The ‘Well Done’ image was purposely inserted into the Boston photo gallery for the perpetrators of this scam to congratulate themselves on achieving their goals. While in complete contrast it is also supposed to ‘show’ the asleep (HSEEP) public that the ‘terrorists’ had also completed their mission.
        Deception, wizardry and media fakery/propaganda have become commonplace, in this modern version of society.

    2. When you mention “death business,” I think there is a bit of irony that the author of the “Hunger Games” allegedly lives in Newtown.

      Considering the vast amount of television-play this event has been given…, if one squints at the telly a bit, you can almost see Caesar Flickerman.

      1. Did you know that in parts of Canada, the Board of Education mandated down to school’s grade 7&8 classes not only mandatory reading of the book ‘The Hunger Games’ but also mandatory teacher supervised trip to the theater and big screen for viewing of the movie ‘The Hunger Games.’ Parents were not too happy they had no say in the entire activity.

        Are we supposed to classify this under ‘important things to learn.?’

        Regarding a ‘death business’, I could not help but notice that a pattern has developed and of course a pattern means ‘a method is being used.’ Here is the pattern:

        Crisis/disaster happens=collective death rituals=massified victim funding=???

        Victim funding in our economic wealth system has always been ‘value to society’ because its work we do for nothing, its also referred to as ‘a free lunch’ for business and global talking heads because it equals out to cost cutting for them. If you massify victim funding is it becoming something else? ‘Civil society’ is one of our many deeper fundamentals, so is some group tampering with it??

        Maybe we should classify this under ‘where money goes.’

        Ironically, best to don our ‘iconic tinfoil hat’ because I am sure something is hidden here. 🙂

        1. For one thing, the fund-raising can produce a slush fund for pols and other black ops accounts. The administrator of the Boston One fund is Kenneth Feinberg (who managed money paid out by the Catholic Church – with the help in that case of the lawyer in the case Rod MacLeish, the 9-11 fund, and several others involving high profile attacks). Feinberg has gone on record as telling “victims” to lower their expectations of pay-outs. At last count the fund contained tens of millions of dollars. It could be that since the “victims” are just amputees who came to work that day (or only worked as interviewees), they will get some nominal pay-out (I have heard it reported that it was to be one million dollars) and the rest will be used for other purposes, not intended in any way by the donors (who are clueless but kind).

      2. Indeed. I think it’s bizarre that the author Suzanne Collins had nothing to say about the event. It would be like if some huge event happened in Hartford in the 1890s and no one thought to get a statement from Mark Twain. Did not one reporter think to find out where she lives and get a statement from her back in December? It’s a small town and she is a huge celebrity; one of the most famous authors in America. No statement on her website. Don’t 26 kids die in each annual hunger games in the book? I read it over a year ago and don’t remember the exact number. Just another bizarre aspect of the many bizarre aspects of Sandy Hook.

  10. I hardly know what to say or where to start with this nonsense..

    Sorry, I’m not the least bit “traumatized” by Sandy Hoax. I don’t believe that a single person died in this staged event UNTIL and UNLESS I see verifiable proof of, not only pics of the crime scene, but that these victims even existed(!) and I must see video of the alleged shooter or shooters, at the very least, gaining entrance to the building. And, even then (since so much time has passed that a hundred staged videos could have been produced), I would have difficulty believing ANY of this preposterous event.

    Adam Lanza is a patsy. He is now Ryan Lanza – the Lanza’s only had one son. He changed his name after the very ugly divorce and cut off all ties with his father. There is no doubt about that. So, if there was a “shooting” (doubtful) it was carried out by agents in the employ of our intelligence services (most likely the FBI) or a foreign intelligence service like MOSSAD. More likely, though, the town of Sandy Hook is nothing but a movie set and the inhabitants are some kind of freakish “Wicker Man” cult and nothing in the comments above or the posted pics here have changed my mind in the slightest.

    1. How do you know the Lanza’s only had one son? In the original information of the story, they were trying to connect Ryan with his father (in New Jersey). Are you saying that the geeky brother “Adam” in those pictures grew up to be Ryan? It is true that people focused on Adam to the exclusion of Ryan in all the stories.

      I’ve thought that many of these stories turned on taking pictures of a child from when he was younger and pretending he is another brother. I thought about this in the Sean Collier story (where he was his brother), in the Martin Richard one, etc., which is one way to do something if you are not actually making up the family out of whole cloth.

      Another way to go is to take a person who was already dead years before and to make believe his old photo is recent (I believe someone pointed that out about the 9/11 American Airlines pilot – a person I really knew in my youth, so I know he existed – Mr. Burlingame; they stated that he had died in a crash in South America years before, perhaps dead-heading on a commercial flight that went down from the US, perhaps in some secret flight in the Colombian cocaine wars).

      I am willing to imagine that if they could use identical twins they would, but earlier photos of the same person that could be photoshopped are just easier to pull off.

      Obviously with capabilities (recently demonstrated) that both Russian spies (Cambridge, MA, using the identities of Canadians who died in infancy -sleeper spies for 20 years until recently busted) or Israelis (using Irish and New Zealand passports to target someone for assassination), I am sure the US can play the same game and does.

      The thing is, they used it in warfare against declared enemies, not against the US public. I know the cynics think we never had any standards at all. But if we didn’t why should we care? What we sense is change and being targeted these days. We are now the prey of war, openly and in your face.

  11. Was curious on the differences between Sandy Hook and Newtown. Zillow indicates 200 homes for sale in SH, 259 in Newtown. SH is a village in Newtown, it is run by Newtown gov. They share all the same schools, one in use was built in the 1920s! Two other communities in Newtown, have their own separate schools. The area previously supported itself with mostly farming that has all but disappeared. With the advancement of the car, they now are a suburban town to the larger cities of Bridgeport and Danbury and even NYC. From the Newtown Historical Site – ‘Between 1950 and 1990 the population of the town almost tripled, going from 7,500 to 21,000. The 2000 census shows Newtown’s population exceeding 25,000. This unprecedented growth has created strains in the town’s educational facilities as well as on other areas of its infrastructure. Some small industry has moved into town such as warehousing facilities for Georgia Pacific, Ethan Allen, Lazy Boy and Pitney Bowes, but their contribution to the town’s tax base is small. The future challenges for the town will center on attracting such industry and businesses that will increase that tax base while maintaining the rural suburban nature of the town.”

    1. Funny how the media works hard at making Newtown seem like a small town. 25K is not small. I won’t even call my city of Santa Barbara small back when it really did feel small 25 yrs ago. A previous commentor said the use of signs like “Visitors Welcome” for Sandy Hook School is all part of creating an illusion of folksy open-doorness even though casual, drop-in visitors are hardly welcome in any school nowadays.

  12. I’ve had mostly cordial email correspondence w/ Lt Vance since January and some of the answers he’s given in response to my questions just make me all the more bewildered about the case, ie the NJ coroner trailer was “borrowed” but no other details given. Funny because NJ is where Ryan and I believe Peter lives.
    It’s interesting that even though per Lt.Vance, the report is due this month Chief Prosecutor Stephen Sedensky took it upon himself to release and redact info on Adam Lanza’s computer habits – just in time for the gun trade treaty (ATT) and gun control talks.

  13. I see so much Asch Conformity Experiment played out in real life with Sandy Hook and Boston bombing. Sheeple ignoring obvious anomalies in comparing evidence with reports. Creepy Gene living smack right next door to firehouse and not bringing the kids there given the sirens were most likely heard by him even BEFORE he discovered the kids. The police were at the school within 10 mins of the break-in as scanner shows.

  14. I have a difficult time believing that someone who wants a visitor to leave town so insistently would be so forthcoming with information about the town, the school, the Lanzas, the funds, the funeral director and the method of limb loss. I’m skeptical. This seems like a weak attempt to authenticate the official story.

      1. I wonder if Vivian realizes she apparently was also being followed as she drove the streets of Sandy Hook and stopped to snap pictures of homes for sale. If one looks in the driver’s side rear mirror, one can clearly see the same vehicle stopped directly behind her in pictures #13, 15 & 16.

      2. Dear MH readers–thank you for your comments on my SH visit. While I am entirely skeptical of the event, I did have the feeling that the resident who approached me was authentic. She began by saying that no one who did not live in SH on 12-14-12 had any idea what it was like to experience the “shooting.” I am sure this is true. I was the one who tried to engage her further, as I was interested to see what she would say. Besides, I needed to wait by the green flag until enough wind appeared to cause it to unfurl so that I could take the photograph.

        The woman was slight and sad looking, and she seemed quite unhinged. Some of her comments were taken directly from the MSM accounts, but others seemed even stranger. All in all, I got the impression that the event (whether one believes the official story or not) threw the entire town into a maelstrom of despair and depression. When one thinks about what it must have been like there in the aftermath, I can see how this would happen.

        I found this woman interesting (and pitiable). Those of us who were not there have been concentrating on the media trip-ups, the weird interviews, the green-screen shots, the medical examiner, antiquated photos, the families for gun control, etc. Here, apparently, was a representative of all the non-participants who were sucked into the vortex, which seems to me to have destroyed the town. The lives of those living there, whatever they believe happened, were certainly ruined.

        BTW, yes, the cute town does look like a stage set, but this quaint charm is characteristic of many towns in CT, which is why lots of people want to live there. The town is real. What occurred there in this well-planned and carefully orchestrated PSYOP is not immediately apparent.

        1. Vivian, why didn’t you park some distance away such as above the school woods and walk down from there like the guy in cami right after the event,. From the woods you may have gotten closer.

        2. Last winter, I took time to read through comments at the Newtown Bee on articles concerning security at the schools, the donations, and whether the school should be torn down.

          There were many unhappy opinions being expressed about the group “Sandy Hook Promise,” the proposal to tear-down Sandy Hook, and whether funding could be used to pay for additional security staff at the town’s schools. (Interestingly, Nicole Hockley commented that she did not believe the donations should be spent for town expenditures, but should go to the victims. No one responded directly to Ms. Hockley’s comment.)

          My impression was that despite the efforts of some in the blogosphere to paint Sandy Hook residents as Stepford Citizens, the Newtown Bee’s website is a showcase of voices of opposition.

          I would imagine that being an individual possessing some level reasoning and common sense in the midst of this deception would be quite upsetting.

        3. Vivian I think most of your questions can be answered on this thread or you can google “Sandy Hook + Scott Vollmer”.

          Now the governor is attempting to hide all 911 calls and information on the incident and you may ask why? I am convinced it is because the evidence contradicts the official story.

          The most critical evidence is the School Nurse 911 call because she would have identified the shooter if she knew who he was. In early reports by Andrea McCarren Sally Cox came eye to eye with the shooter and said he was the son of a kindergarten teacher. The individual who would fit that description and have a motive would be Bloomberg employee Scott Vollmer.

          Then Sally Cox changed her story and said she only saw the feet. If that was a simple mistake why is Andrea McCarren refusing to discuss the issue and clarify the misunderstanding ? She is also blocking all twiiter accounts that ask her about that issue as well.

          There is also ample evidence of multiple assailants which will also be confirmed in eyewitness testimony and the 911 call

  15. Why People Believe Misinformation, Even After It’s Corrected

    “People are exposed (to misinformation) over and over again, so it’s no wonder that people come to believe it,” Butler said. “When they do, if they believe it very strongly, our study shows it’s very easy to correct this in the short term. But as they go on about their lives, over time, they forget it. They remember the misinformation.”

    “One avenue may involve self-esteem. Nyhan worked on one study in which he showed that people who were given a self-affirmation exercise were more likely to consider new information than people who had not. In other words, if you feel good about yourself, you’ll listen — and if you feel insecure or threatened, you won’t. This would also explain why demagogues benefit from keeping people agitated. The more threatened people feel, the less likely they are to listen to dissenting opinions, and the more easily controlled they are.”:
    “Researchers have found that misinformation is “sticky” and is often resistant to correction. Retractions are often ineffective and can sometimes backfire, strengthening incorrect beliefs. Although correcting misinformation can be difficult, the authors provide several tips for people trying to set the record straight.
    The authors suggest replacing misinformation by presenting simple and brief messages that focus on the new, correct information rather than on the incorrect information. When correcting misinformation, provide an alternative — but accurate — narrative of events to fill in the gap left when information once thought true is found to be false. Individuals’ pre-existing attitudes and worldviews can influence how they respond to certain types of information, so those trying to counteract misinformation should consider the specific views and values of their target audience.
    Misinformation is prevalent in our society and can be hard to discredit. By better understanding the sources and causes of misinformation, we can not only learn to avoid its introduction but also learn to successfully correct it.”:

    1. The fact that ABC News and the Boston Globe are referenced here making room for a discussion of “misinformation” is a real howler.

      A potentially more fruitful and interesting line of inquiry might address exactly what constitutes accurate and reliable information versus gatekeeping advocacy (“By better understanding the sources and causes of misinformation, we can not only learn to avoid its introduction but also learn to successfully correct it.”) or why individual motivations that may tentatively factor in to one piece of “correct” information being privileged over an “incorrect” one. For example, when I contacted Dr. Nyhan to speak with him in March I sought to ask the following question:

      The main thrust of John Milton’s Areopagetica is that in a fair exchange an argument based on the truth will triumph over lies and deception. Do you think that the major media’s use of terms such as “truther” or “conspiracy theorist” to designate individuals or groups with ideas and theories that differ from government and/or corporate entities is a productive part of the journey toward truth and enlightenment Milton envisioned?

      Nyhan turned down my request.

      1. I hesitated using ABC and the Boston Globe as points of reference – oxymoronic at best!

        There are valuable ideas in each. There are however, points that I do not necessarily agree with as well. The implication that self-esteem is the determining factor of an individual’s beliefs, thought process and is the underlying factor of whether a person is capable of re-evaluating (or just listening to) information and considering new alternatives to misinformation, is assuming that since these individuals may not feel good about themselves, they are dumbed-down to the point of accepting what they are told and incapable and/or unwilling to consider alternative options.

        This also assumes persons with high self esteem and self confidence may be smarter and more likely to accept alternatives to misinformation. It doesn’t take into consideration that this group may actually hold true to their own beliefs and misinformation, because they have high self esteem and confidence, and therefore may be unwilling to accept corrected information based on their confidence level (ie Donald Trump vs Obama’s birthplace).

        Also, the implication is that self esteem level is parallel to fear and threats. These are very separate issues. That being said, threat and fear has merit. Fear and threats sell. People will read and absorb this type of media first and if the story is written with a few bits of misinformation – oh well, maybe there will be a retraction somewhere or better still, it fulfilled it’s intended purpose. Look at 9-11 – the terror threats were meant to keep everyone on edge; fearing for their lives with the treat of doom lurking – making us putty in the government’s hands. The fear people felt had nothing to do with their self esteem or intelligence level.

        Motivation? The incentive may be different for each event but ultimately it’s all about money, power and/or control. It’s also about who reported it first. Today, it’s also about the social media and “the messenger” game and who can be the first to top another’s story or knowledge. It doesn’t matter “what” is reported, as long as it sounds convincing and it’s said over and over and over until it’s absolutely ingrained in the memory of the majority.

        This is not a issue about “…understanding the sources and causes of misinformation…” – in many cases, we can blatantly see why information was methodical, deliberate, meticulously manicured and presented in such an exotic and juicy manor that it is consumed as is – no questions asked. The media sources have no intentions of presenting the boring, plain, tedious, unimaginative truthful version – there’s too much to lose, there’s too much competition. People are obviously enticed by the attractive storyline – no matter how gory.

        It is an issue as far as individual beliefs and whether it’s political, religious, racial, educational, financial, etc. If an individual has a prejudice, preconceived notion, intolerance or sensitivity regarding a certain subject matter, their interpretation of events and willingness to evaluate the situation beyond a stedfast belief, may be stifled. They may commiserate with the victims or recount a personal past event that limits their ability or readiness to move forward or beyond what they believe to be true.

        “Researchers have found that misinformation is “sticky” and is often resistant to correction. Retractions are often ineffective and can sometimes backfire, strengthening incorrect beliefs.”

        Remember hearing a song years ago and knowing all the words. You can recite the verse the second that tune is heard even though you haven’t heard it for years and years. But wait – you had some of those words wrong. Okay, no problem, you know the correct words now, so the next time you hear this song & start singing along – you’ll get it right. Or will you.

        It sounds as if the researchers are stating any information absorbed may be similar to the results of taking cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine and in need of a warning label stating a certain majority are susceptible to it’s long term affects which may be irreversible and if you deem it necessary to be informed correctly, carefully consider your source as misinformation may be permanently etched in your brain.

        There are many that have heard an original brainwashing narrative and have been able to see beyond the facade. But try sharing the new found truthful information with others and it very well can backfire – many are unwilling to listen, get angry and hold on tighter to the original story as if the bottom of the world is about to fall out. In regards to S.H., I heard: They wouldn’t “lie” about children; there were crosses as you went through town – no one would do something so unreligious….; the President spoke – it must be TRUE.

        Is it an individual’s belief or is it the constant repetition (or both), that drives the information deep into memory, never to be forgotten. I think it’s both and with constant loop media, the repetition is certainly enforcing the misinformation. The narrative has something for everyone and no matter who you are, it’s intended to affect you in some way. The truth hasn’t a safe place in the main stream media – if the truth were able to be as repetitive and strong as the misinformation/lies, it might stand a chance at setting the information straight. This would have to involve support of big named people (celebrities, etc) to even stand a chance (that’s what people are drawn to). Misinformation is bigger than the bully in the school yard. The truth just can’t stand on it’s own against misinformation without a better matched fight.

        It’s a shame Nyhan turned down your request as his research/expertise would be of significance to validating (or not) conspiracy theorist/truthers (terms known almost entirely as derogatory) as individuals working to clear misinformation, not unstable individuals that seek to muddy the waters. As far as Milton’s truth triumphing over lies and deception – it’s a wonderful concept. It’s one that many are raised believing – if not religiously then morally. Many are aware we live in a society of falsehoods and the people that represent us are considered liars and thieves. Our politicians have little support as far as honesty goes; priests, police and our court systems depend not on the truth but who can afford the best attorney and if this attorney is the more convincing actor; and the list goes on. Society has grown up knowing these “non-truths” and accepts them as part of daily life. Truth doesn’t always prevail especially if lies and deception are stronger and supported by people society deems as respected and all-knowing. Milton’s basic argument for free speech and argument of persuasion is being represented – at least here it is – Thank you Mr. Tracy.

        1. You are welcome. Yes, and I would add that Milton’s concept today is intertwined with the notion of reverence toward expertise, which is a variant of the unfortunate idea that a system of checks and balances reins in the inordinate and/or criminal use of institutional power. Recall, for example, Chomsky’s assertion that 9/11 could not have been pulled off because someone would have come forth with the plan. This is to suggest that the parties involved in any such plan have the same freedom to simply walk away as those at the grocery store checkout. It runs counter to his (and the broader Left’s) otherwise critical analysis of such power wielded by specifically private/corporate institutions. “Our” intelligence agencies public and private are no less ruthless than any other country’s.

          One would have to more carefully assess whether Nyhan’s research is genuinely scholarly or more along the lines of contributing to a political project demarcating certain facts and ideas as deviant. As the “disposition matrix” and like projects come into clearer focus such work that sports a scholarly veneer will likely be in high demand. Nothing unusual to political science. Yet returning to Milton this in my view is why a more assiduous analysis of what such studies deem as “factual” versus “misinformation” becomes essential.

  16. One of the most important comments to remember in this Sandy Hook event is Dr. Carver”s comment about hoping *this* doesn’t come back to bite the people of Sandy Hook. That is telling and what else does it suggest but that an agenda was to come from the episode. How can an event that actually happened bite the people of SH…unless it it is all theatre?

    And what of the agenda? Those, who we are informed are parents of dead children, are jetted around the country pushing gun control. Here in Illinois, where our 2nd amendment rights are always under threat, we recently heard from SH actors or parents (your choice) arrive in Illinois to testify as to why the citizens of IL needed more gun control!

    You see, the courts have ruled IL cannot keep concealed carry from its citizens – IL the LAST state to deny CC to the people. So, send out the Sandy Hookers to help curtail freedoms granted to other states.

    That was the purpose of Sandy Hook. And still no evidence exists outside of hearsay as to what went down there.

    It seems more road trips to SH might be valuable. Who else is paid or volunteers to intercept visitors and parrot the talking points?

    1. Gun control for sure was the federal agenda, the local benefit of the massive influx of money is what may very well “come down on them.” There will never be a proper accounting of all the ‘charities’ created to benefit the families. This article indicates 40 familes were directly affected, which includes 12 families whose children escaped the gunfire. Did not all the hundreds of other children in the firehouse also escape the gunfire? This article indicates some funds eventually will be used to pay for public purposes, such as parks, playgrounds, schools and memorials. Perhaps the battle over who gets what will bring the truth to light. Where is the IRS when you need them?

    1. No death certificates? Talk about “excceptionalism”. Clearly, the Newtown people do not want to be treated like real people, because if they were they would be breaking the law by generating fraudulent documents.

      In claiming this exception, they are actually undermining the laws of the state. Their incendiary statement that it would simply inspire other mass murderers – “the next Adam Lanza” – means that they think history began with them and that murder victims were never before seen by anyone other than officials.

      Should it then become law that any family could suppress the truth about their “loved ones” and such a privacy exception be carved out, it would become a destruction of local law. Perhaps the goal is to put everything under central federal control.

      One of the problems for people using the real world as a back-drop for their “reality” shows is that tying up loose ends and getting permission is not always possible. You then have some embarrassing back pedaling to engage in. Here is one example: When the Tsarnaev brothers scenario involving the shooting of the MIT cop was supposed to go forward, a false tale was told of their robbing a 7-11 in Central Square, Cambridge, one mile from MIT. The executives of the company came forward to deny that this had happened. Even so, it continued to be put out that someone had robbed that store (and this seems to continue to be put forward). The back-pedal is that it was a case of mistaken identity. I don’t believe the crime of a robbery was “solved” that fast nor that the executives could have done that. I think they never said it was robbed at all. But they had less reason to insist after their initial disclaimer – wonder why? Anyway, an embarrassing glitch for the movie makers of this “reality” drill.

      If somehow these phonies change the law (not just gun laws) it will go a long way to breaking down citizenship and local control of the law.

      I give another Disneyland reference: The Magic Kingdom in Anaheim is not supposed to be a totally autonomous place. There was an accidental death once when a visitor was hit by a cleat that was pulled out of a dock by one of the two ships that operate in Frontierland. The proper thing to do was probably to put up the barriers which they did so that other guests would not see the blood, and to shut off that part of the park until police and emergency staff arrived. In fact what was done was an immediate clean-up and destruction of what some legal authority had to determine was either an accident or a crime scene.
      I considered this wrong. Others I know thought it was the expedient and proper thing to do. To me it smacked of extrajudicial, extralegal privilege assertion by an entity which is basically a corporation. You could see a factory doing the same thing and getting slapped with a fine.

      Is Sandy Hook Elementary School basically a movie set? Or is it a reality show drill plus real school? I think these lines are getting blurred.
      And now, if they prevail legislatively it is definitely the tail wagging the dog. But they are already king in the infotainment sphere where news and fakery meet. Balloon Boy has come home to roost.

  17. I am sorry I can’t sign this petition via from the parents of Sandy Hook to seal the documents and make it private because I seek the truth and there are too many things that just don’t add up. Perhaps we should create a to keep it open, public. Once the truth comes out then a nation can morn, until then it appears like a false flag.

    I greatly enjoy reading this blog and the conversations that have started to take place amongst intelligent minds from all over the world.

  18. Several years ago, I wrote a personal essay on the slow disintegration of a small Ohio town where I grew up. It was not large in numbers but it was known for its big industrial output. Perhaps Newtown has suffered similar dislocation for the same reasons–globalization and the ‘deindustrialization’ of the American economy. All devised in the name of sustaining Mother Earth, curtailing population, and constricting the individual’s natural right to make choices.

    One can hazard a guess as to what perpetrated the general malaise and disfunction we witness today. I won’t go too far down that rabbit hole; it’s gets very murky but one factor does keep popping up: Agenda 21, the UN’s master plan to change the world as we know it and the destiny
    of the human species. The project seems to spring from the minds of
    men and women who can be easily manipulated into believing they have answers. Globalists meld socialism, capitalism and fascism without
    seeing the irony. Many still think Russian-style Communism underwrites this neoliberalism…it is more likely the ideas are being cherry-picked to play to the left/right paradigms most people have accepted since WW 11. But the goal is a whole new regime; and it is currently being employed around the country–much wider than we would suspect.

  19. Watching Sandy Hook unfold on TV, it seemed off. To me the school felt like it was an abandoned school, since then, people from there have said so.
    Investigators could find no evidence of an Adam Lanza anywhere.
    Having worked emergency scenes before, if felt off also. Ambulances blocked in, ER vehicles sitting there without their lights on. No sense of emergency, neighboring first responders were denied access.
    The scene at the Fire Dept with people walking in one door, then out another over and over. People standing around and the sign in clip board, pallets of water already there and workers already had badges in Langards around their necks.,
    So many discrepancies if you look them up.
    There was even a video taken of a residence, man, sitting in his window holding a sign saying it was fake. Weird. Then he mouthed, it isn’t real.
    Another resident wrote in and said each family involved did get a big payout. Makes total sense, since this regime is built on lies.

    1. Just saw a television spot on a local show in Boston (Emily Rooney, daughter of the late 60 Minutes curmudgeon, Andy Rooney ). Her guest was a local newswoman, Gail Huff, the wife of former Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown, who lost to Elizabeth Warren.

      Gail Huff showed footage of her visit to Watertown, where the shoot-out with the Tsarnaev’s took place (in whatever sense). She was pointing out “bullet holes” in houses on Laurel St. there, and she explained why some residents would receive as much as $100,000 each to repair the damage, pointing out that it might have gone through furniture, etc. Considering that the only injury to the police that day was a friendly fire incident, the number of holes is rather suspicious. The “gunman” had been said to have tried to take a gun from an MIT cop and when he couldn’t he shot him. So the number of weapons he had —

      Oh, never mind. It’s a movie. But you can see how the residents will be paid off, and how much. It’s kind of spelled out, but this political wife.
      In a non-partisan fashion, too.

      Scott Brown ran on his barn jacket and pick-up truck the first time he sought Ted Kennedy’s seat. Kind of a male Sarah Palin. They bought the sizzle, not the steak. I’ll always see Gail Huff in a fur hat, standing by the freeway, covered in falling slush. That’s how she earned her spurs in the news industry. It’s an image I treasure even more than her husband’s Viagra-like commercials for himself.

    2. Just saw a television spot on a local show in Boston (Emily Rooney, daughter of the late 60 Minutes curmudgeon, Andy Rooney ). Her guest was a local newswoman, Gail Huff, the wife of former Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown, who lost to

      Elizabeth Warren.

      Gail Huff showed footage of her visit to Watertown, where the shoot-out with the Tsarnaev’s took place (in whatever sense). She was pointing out “bullet holes” in houses on Laurel St. there, and she explained why some residents would receive as much as $100,000 each to repair the damage, pointing out that it might have gone through furniture, etc. Considering that the only injury to the police that day was a friendly fire incident, the number of holes is rather suspicious. The “gunman” had been said to have tried to take a gun from an MIT cop and when he couldn’t he shot him. So the number of weapons he had —

      Oh, never mind. It’s a movie. But you can see how the residents will be paid off, and how much. It’s kind of spelled out, by this political wife. In a non-partisan fashion, too.

      Scott Brown ran on his barn jacket and pick-up truck the first time he sought Ted Kennedy’s seat. Kind of a male Sarah Palin. They bought the sizzle, not the steak. I’ll always see Gail Huff in a fur hat, standing by the freeway, covered in falling slush. That’s how she earned her spurs in the news industry. It’s an image I treasure even more than her husband’s Viagra-like commercials for himself.

      1. It was on the local Boston PBS station yesterday (June 6) on the Emily Rooney Show. The station is WGBH Boston. The clip was shown during Rooney’s interview with Gail Huff (Mrs. Scott Brown), about her visit to Laurel St., Watertown to see the damage and talk to the Watertown Police Chief (Gail wore a black dress to the site, a little unusual for her).
        I hope you are able to find it. It is associated with I haven’t tried to find the link, so good luck.

        1. no im talking about the video of the man holding the sign sam was talking about. i have never heard of that

  20. Larry, it was on one of the very early sites. I was looking under Sandy Hook two years in the making and also Sandy Hook the Hoax. Dozens of videos and an interview of a local CNN newsman that said he could find no evidence of Adam anywhere including with neighbors. I only saw his interview once…..most likely he was shut up.

  21. I’m sorry this comment isn’t specifically about this topic, but I don’t know where would be better and I think y’all might be interested.
    Rachel Basch, a Newtown resident and writer (employed at Fairfield U), wrote a testimonial in the latest issue of the literary magazine “n+1” You can’t read it online for free, but here’s the table of contents:
    She writes “I return home to an urgent message from Candice, the executive director of Newtown Youth and Family Services. I help administer a fund there, called Caroline’s Gift, which was established fifteen years ago in memory of our stillborn daughter. Candice has asked NBC and Yahoo to direct people who want to contribute to Newtown’s recovery to Caroline’s Gift.”
    So I googled “caroline’s gift newtown” advance search for 1995 til Dec. 1, 2012 to see if there is evidence that it indeed preexisted the event. Here are the first three entries – the rest are irrelevant.

    “Caroline’s Gift: A fund established in the late ’90’s by … – Newtown, CT…/NewtownCT…/coachesgift_carolinegift.p…‎
    Feb 20, 2010 – Dear Swim Families,. It is a strong Newtown Torpedo tradition to donate to a local community organization in lieu of coaches gifts at the end of the season.

    How to help Sandy Hook shooting victims | Bethel Buzz News‎
    Sep 11, 2001 – Newtown Youth & Family Services has a collection under the name of Caroline’s Gift. Click here to donate. The Newtown Parent Connection has a collection to …

    Celebrities donate to Sandy Hook victims | Bethel Buzz News‎
    Sep 11, 2001 – Newtown Youth & Family Services has a collection under the name of Caroline’s Gift. Click here to donate. The Newtown Parent Connection has a collection to …”

    You should be able to see a screen shot at my facebook here:

    None of the links work. The “bethelbuzznews” indicates the domain expired eight days ago. Note the Sept. 11, 2001 date on the links re the Sandy Hook shooting.
    I will look into this further and post more if I find it.

    You can hear Ms. Basch talking about the event on this podcast:

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