From HSEEP Vol IV,
1030_Hospital (Word Doc)

[Protective Marking]

Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)

                                                                                                                    [Full Exercise Name]

Hospital/Victim Breakdown List                                                        [Exercise Name Continued]

The Hospital/Victim Breakdown List should contain the hospitals that are participating in the exercise, the number of actor victims that will be prestaged at each hospital (if applicable), the number of actor victims that will be transported from the exercise site to each hospital, and the number of victim actors that will be exhibiting various levels of symptoms.

[Hospital Victims at Hospital Victims Transported from Site Mild/Moderate Severe Severe/Trauma Psychosomatic]


Victims at Hospital

Victims Transported from Site






1 [Jurisdiction]

From HSEEP Vol. IVDocument (Word Doc)

Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)

                                                                                                                    [Full Exercise Name]

Public Information/Media Release                                                     [Exercise Name Continued]


[The Public Information/Media Release should be disseminated to the public and/or media before exercise conduct. It should contain a brief overview of the exercise, including the purpose and scope of the exercise, a synopsis of the scenario (without identifying the threat/hazard/ agent), and participating agencies/organizations.]

[Agency/jurisdiction]’s exercise is a [exercise type]. This exercise will focus primarily on preparing emergency responders to effectively respond to [scenario].

As part of the exercise, the [agency/jurisdiction]’s response to the incident will be examined as well as its interaction with other agencies and assets that will respond. Evaluators will offer comments, which will be compiled in an After Action Report and Improvement Plan with recommendations for future training, equipment, and response procedures.

The purpose of this exercise is to provide participants with an opportunity to evaluate current response concepts, plans, and capabilities for responding to a [scenario]. The exercise will focus on key local emergency responder coordination, critical decisions, and integration of the State and Federal assets necessary to save lives and protect the public following a [scenario].

This exercise is a [length of play] interagency exercise focused on the [scenario]. It will be conducted in a no-fault, no inspection, learning environment as a valuable training tool for response personnel.

[Provide a brief description of the scenario.]

The following agencies and organizations will participate in the exercise:
• Agency
Contact Information

For more information on this exercise, please contact:
[Exercise Point of Contact]

1 [Jurisdiction]

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51 thought on “HSEEP Hospital / Victim Breakdown List and Public Information / Media Release”
  1. Great discovery, Professor. How much did Boston (after blasts) cost taxpayers? The five thousand goofy scary squad cost what? How much did the hospitals bill for false injuries? Would any of this be available by FOIA? If there were a real blast and the 2008 Servino documents came to light in the main stream press, then those real victims could sue, so it was better not to have real victims. The unfortunate policeman and Tamerlan and Todashev families are strangely quiet.

        1. That’s a lot of incentive to keep up the fiction, even if it starts a lot of trouble with other people, like Chechens. Or death.

          I would tend to approve due process is someone was involved in drugs or killing for hire. You know, like what Whitey Bulger is being prosecuted for after being protected by his FBI handlers for years. In his case the pay-offs were small. Hard to know why the Tsarnaev’s fell out with the feds – maybe a change in “higher ups” as I hear some Mafia types from New Jersey have relocated to Boston (could there really be a Sandy connection – the hurricane that is?)

          The crookedness of this whole thing just stinks, and when you consider it even fits into foreign policy – well, Iran Contra did too – it combined L.A. drug trafficking with international relations. So I guess it’s nothing new.

          But as has been observed – this is so in-your-face. There isn’t the tipping point yet where we realize we’re living in, say, Sicily, where everything is Mafia and Code of Silence (Omertà) but it’s getting there. Some people think they are living in the Boston of 19th century literature or 18th century patriots. But that’s all gone now. Gone with the wind.

    1. James, there is something insidiously “in-your-face” about this HSEEP application. Like Amendment 85 to the FY 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that effectively grants legal permission to the media to subject Americans at home to propaganda intended for an overseas audience –

      The only term I can think of that describes this is Orwell’s “doublethink” which he defines in his book “1984”: “The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them… To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just as long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies – all this is indispensably necessary. Even in using the word doublethink it is necessary to exercise doublethink. For by using the word one admits that one is tampering with reality; by a fresh act of doublethink one erases this knowledge; and so on indefinitely, with the lie always one leap ahead of the truth.”

      Kathy, Officer Donohugh says “…I, however, have very little memory of the week’s events and am working with officials to piece everything together…”

    2. Thought it was strange that the double amputee attends sporting events and a single bullet wound apparently still has this victim struggling in rehab. Thought they wouldn’t remove the bullet as it would be proof of friendly fire, but this article states it was. They hammered over 300 rounds in 5 to 10 minutes against a signal handgun, it is a miracle more innocent citizens were not hit hunkering down in their bullet ridden homes!

    3. Kathy,I think maybe they were talking as though they believe that somehow the slain officer’s ghost was watching over him. I still maintain that it was all a set-up and the “suspects” were sacrificed on the alter of the looming dictatorship that once was a great Republic.

  2. Kathy – Officer Sean Collier was shot at MIT, several miles away (from the Watertown shootout, and hours before it. What Donohue (who trained with Collier at MBTA(Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority)) was talking about was “spiritual” and that the ghost of his friend was watching over him, reinforcing the religious quest here to fight Islam. This has been a very Catholic operation in Boston, very Crusader and defense of the nation from a foreign influence. Utter bull.

    1. musings, You cannot be serious, “Catholic”? It has been anything but. I called the Arch Diocese and told them they should offered to bury that boy’s body. They replied, we can’t say that we have or that we haven’t. Even the Catholic’s were not behaving as Christ taught – to love our enemies.

      1. Not saying it is abiding by the teachings of Christ, only saying the operation is very local and based on the common religious bonds of local Irish and Italian (I know because these are my people – at least on my mother’s side). There’s a martyrdom thing going on, and a lot of vigil kind of behavior, as well as this cop thinking he was watched over by a ghost – if you want, it is ethnic superstition. The “resilience” thing is more “up with people” and Protestant (my other side). It’s “put on a happy face” and “Jesus loves me this I know.” Anyway, it is a mix of American Christian tropes.

        1. Sicilian Irish born Napoli
          honesty compassion intelligence guts
          may the real Roman Catholics please stand up

  3. musings, I agree with you that the people subjected to this horror show have dealt with it in a culturally consistent way. I think it is important to distinguish the victims response from the perpetrator’s objectives. It is not the victim’s “religious quest here to fight Islam” – that is the event designer’s program of indoctrination – to instill anti-Islamic fear and hatred in the American population. The star of David, not the cross hangs over all of it. Stage one of Zionism is a Jewish homeland, stage two is world governance. But Islam forbids usury. if Islamic nations can not be taken by economic weapons of mass destruction they must be taken by military force and that’s where the American’s come in.

    What is the symbolism in the placement of the first explosion in front of the wall of national flags which had to be violently torn away to rescue the injured? Isn’t it the symbolic justification for abolishing national boundaries?

    What is the symbolism of the simultaneous mini-explosions at the JFK Library on the other side of Boston – two miles from the marathon finish line? What’s the first word that comes to the average American’s mind in response to the stimulus “JFK”?

    This series started at the opening of a Batman film with a man who believed himself to be the Joker.

    1. Part of Islam is already taken, the Saudis, Qatar, Jordan, Yemen have already been taken, as it began with a trader named Schulman and proceeded with others installed by the crown agent Shakespeare. Hence you see them working up a cannibal army known as Al Mcainada, which join McCain just crossed the border and met with.

      1. Yes, Dublinsmick, this is consistent with what I’ve observed. The Saudis have betrayed their fellow Islamic Arabs. Very sad. I see a similarity between the Islamic Arabs and Amish and Mennonite communities – they reject covet means, self-promotion, etc. Noted the Amish and Mennonites are pacifists to the point of not engaging even in self-defense – please correct me if I’m wrong.

        1. I think Dublinsmick is implying that the House of Saud is about as Arab as Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg Gothe is anglo.

  4. When you look at this blueprint for a drill, and when you see that something like a drill occurred – isn’t it the case that FOIA would mandate the access to what was filled in on all of it? Here’s the template, there are all the people with their badges, the mix of FEMA and local responders. We then have complicit media (Zaurus Snape shows in one of his videos how a still cameraman works with the videographer – both from Boston Globe) to highlight scenes and edit them for later use to tell a different story from a straight drill. It is all in the editing. Taken sequentially and as a whole it is clearly a drill. But when edited, it is a terror attack. To kill the filled-in blueprint which shows all the prep for the drill is to fake a terror attack.

    The person who wields the editing tool is in charge of turning one thing into another, after the fact.

    We can speculate as to how the actors are muzzled but they may never have gone into it thinking it was anything but routine.

    The source of the orders to edit, the ability to force the news services and the hospitals to comply – where could that come from but the very top of the system?

    Nevertheless, given that certain agencies were in place, they have to have records and those records belong to the public by right.

    1. “We can speculate as to how the actors are muzzled but they may never have gone into it thinking it was anything but routine.”

      Has anyone around here been reading Dave McGowan’s fantastic series on Boston? (

      Six installments so far, all great (and hilarious) in pointing out the obvious fraud the whole thing is. But it’s number six that musings reminds me of. It is dedicated to quotes from all the doctors and nurses who claimed to be helping the “wounded”, and how almost everything they say contradicts other things they said previously, and especially what others say. And the photographic evidence proves everything they say to be a lie.

      Here’s how he concludes number 6:

      “Everyone who has had a microphone stuck in their face has, virtually without exception, lied about what they saw, what they experienced and what they did. And these have not been random lies, but rather lies specifically crafted to describe a scene far more horrifying that what actually existed – bodies piled up in bloody heaps, disembodied legs littering the scene, the stench of burning flesh, bodies being pulled out from beneath the rubble of buildings, gushing wounds spurting blood everywhere, etc. Not one of these people though can point to a single photograph that actually depicts what they claim to have witnessed.

      “But they don’t have to because the entire media establishment is happily playing along and no one is going to call them on their bullshit. And people like me? Well, we’re just fucking crazy … right?”

      1. Thanks for the reference, which I read with admiration. Davesweb assembles a lot of telling photos and also has collected many of the notable quotes which have been accepted by media around the world without an ounce of critique, straight out of the shared bottle of tainted moonshine. His defense of his critique is that indeed he is not attacking victims – because it isn’t the actors who are the victims, it is us, the target audiences.

        If anyone ever felt that government of the people, by the people and for the people had a noble purpose, these hijinks show that the trust is misplaced at this time. It cannot be restored in the minds of thoughtful citizens unless events like this one are known by the majority for what they are. The democratic hopes of our forefathers or even those with more modest hopes of representative government, have been dragged through the mud one time too many. One can only wonder about further onslaughts.

        There will be those who jump at every shadow, seeing the hand of foul purpose in nature itself. But I am not one of those. I focus instead of the events which are provable by direct or circumstantial evidence. Always, I ask cui bono. This one is a puzzler. Except for the support for prosthetics development technology (MIT anyone – robotics?; also the brand new location of Spaulding Rehab), as well as the test of civil defense “shelter in place”, martial law lite, I see only the further demonization of another Moslem semi-autonomous republic on the Caspian (Chechnya would, if cooperation with its overlord, Russia, be a staging port for goods to relieve Tehran if and when it is attacked; absent that port, it would be measurably harder for Russia to support its ally Iran). Chechens are already being used in Syria and they are potential terrorists in Russia (Assad’s ally) being supported by Israel and the US. So what is this about – demonizing Chechens – could it be a split in the US war-monger factions? Could it represent a repudiation of Republican Senator McCain’s outreach? Could it mean US “diplomacy” speaks with two voices rather than one, in regards to Syria? So the grafting onto the structure of the Chechen story seems to take things in a different direction, against the alliance with rebellious Chechens.

        I note that blue state Massachusetts is full of Russian emigres these days, although most are not ethnic Russians, but “rootless cosmopolites” as the saying goes. I imagine they could support Chechens if it meant getting rid of Assad and his Hezbollah buddies in Syria, so that would put their foreign policy beliefs in alignment with McCain’s. It’s confusing.

        Like that line from the film JFK uttered by David Ferrie (Joe Pesci) – “Operation Mongoose – switchin’ sides, they were always switchin’ sides” Operation Northwoods, patsies, coup d’etat – counter coup d’etat…”Spy vs. Spy”…. now we’re cooking with full pressure. It’s an old model, but it still works.

  5. Oh, and another large piece of this thing was the presence of people who said they were from Sandy Hook, immediately across the street in bleachers from the finish line. I want to note that the two buildings opposite are both Boston Public Library – the older one is the historic collections side, the modern one with odd-shaped windows is the place where the public checks out books (although the older side is also open as a kind of museum if you are there without access to collections as a non-scholar). There is also a subway stop in between, known as Copley Station. Anyway, Sandy Hook families, allegedly, are positioned in those stands – so if you saw any people associated with Sandy Hook who were witnesses or victims – well, that’s of course going to be the explanation. Actually seeing the dead of Sandy Hook is another matter. Miracles do happen.

  6. Doctors of ‘The Hartford Consensus’ Draft Plan to Help Cities, Towns Prepare for Mass Shootings,0,95337.story
    SUMMARY/COMMENT from Citizens for Legitimate Govt:
    The eight-member committee met two weeks before the Boston Marathon bombing [Holy coincindence, Batman!] 27 May 2013 A Hartford Hospital trauma physician met with doctors from the FBI, the Navy, the Dallas SWAT team, the New Orleans Police Department and elsewhere one day in April to begin work on a plan to help cities and towns better prepare for a mass shooting. The idea was hatched by the American College of Surgeons in response to the shootings at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo., and at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. The group of doctors has become known as The Hartford Consensus, a committee of eight people from medicine, the military and law enforcement. Committee member Dr. Alex Eastman, who is the interim chief of the trauma center at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas as well as a lieutenant on the Dallas police SWAT team, said The Hartford Consensus is an effort to “put on paper what we all know needs to be done.”

  7. This has been posted on James’ site before but I think it is worth noting again here: the text of the amendment that permits government to subject the American people to propaganda:

    Sponsors: Thornberry (TX), Smith, Adam (WA)

    Amendment #85 to H.R. 4310, FY 2013 NDAA

    Would amend the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 (known as the Smith-Mundt Act) and the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1986 and 1987 to clarify the authorities of the Department of State and the Broadcasting Board of Governors to prepare, disseminate and use public diplomacy information abroad and to strike the current ban on domestic dissemination of such material. Would clarify that the Smith-Mundt Act’s provisions related to public diplomacy information do not apply to other Federal departments or agencies (including the Department of Defense).

  8. FBI used Photoshop in Boston bombings evidence: Investigative journalist
    29 May 2013 An investigative reporter has revealed that the image released by the FBI as evidence on one of the suspects of the Boston Marathon bombings was doctored with a computer software such as Photoshop. The FBI image was put forth as evidence that 19-year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who the police took into custody on April 19 after a day of intense searching that shut down major parts of Boston, arrived at the scene of the bombing with a backpack but left without it. Comparing pictures he took of the scene with the photo released by the FBI, reporter Ralph Lopez of The Digital Journal suggests the FBI photo shows clear evidence of being made with Photoshop.

  9. “The fish rots from the head down,” an old truism. When you begin to realize the banking and Wall Street influences on our society, you can get an idea of the width and scope of the fraud.

    Money rules, so small wonder things running down the foodchain are in a state of terminal disorder. It can be likened to an experiment by a mad scientist lacking any sense of proportion with self-brakes cut or removed. Everything they touch turns to ash.

    Overseeing the world economy is being funneled into the hands of a few individuals with power unsurpassed in the annals of history. And they play games with that power–much as you might find them at a gambling
    table in glitzy Monte Carlo. Also, they compete with one another to see how much wealth they can amass or how much influence they can wield.

    The poverty of our culture is the organic result of over-farming a natural resource.

  10. Tonight there is a fabulous concert going on in Boston at the Garden – Boston Strong – the New Kids (Donnie Wahlberg), Dropkick Murphy’s (my son’s favorite), lotta victims (but wearing earplugs to help with that eardrum injury), Sweet Baby James and Carol King (the latter two just gave a concert at the White House). Quite a kick-off for a summer of fun. Can’t keep a good city down. “It isn’t a city, it’s a family.” Oh yes, except for those Rindge and Latin graduates, those outcasts, those horrible terrorists, the Tsarnaev’s. The family just got a bit smaller. You’re either in or you’re out.

    I guess I want to be counted out. Gotta find anotha’ family. Maybe I’ll try someplace with smarter people and better weather. Rumors of Boston’s braininess are greatly exaggerated.

  11. I found this comment under a YouTube video. It answers the question: why are Syria and Libya the enemy?

    Rothschild wealth is estimated to be 500 TRILLION. They have 155 central banks under usury tied to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS – central bank of the central banks) where ALL 155 central banks are REQUIRED to keep reserves. If they refuse, they suffer sanctions & economic boycotts until they get in line, but if they establish their own state banks not beholden to the BIS, like Syria & Libya have done, & economically benefit their people, then they get attacked by NATO & overthrown.

    Q.: What does this have to do with the Boston Bombings?
    A.: The citizens of Syria and Libya and the Boston Bombings suspects have a common religion, Islam, which forbids usury.

    1. Suppose one has manufactured a new world order. One would have to clear the way to roll it out. Deeply rooted cultures would have to be cleared from the way (this goes for Christian ones no less than Islamic). A culture doesn’t just determine what people wear and eat. Something like usury may be not just unlawful, but culturally unacceptable. It could not be allowed to continue.

      In the oh-so-precious UAE, non-citizens receive prison time for owing too much. Unless you’re in a select family (you can’t simply be born there or get citizenship) you are a non-citizen. This is a new culture. It’s not Arab. It’s not Islamic. It’s not even Nationalistic. Syria and Libya are in the way. But guess what: we are too.

      In “the West,” getting paid for the work you do has been culturally inherent. Life had been valuable for the longest time. We see that that is quickly dying off. Zombies have never been more popular (they have been made so for a purpose). Getting old is re-imagined a sickness. Older people have to have something done with them. They can’t just be old, anymore

      They’re not building up a police state in America to police Asia. The police aren’t wearing executioner black to scare Assad. DHS, announced in 2002, exists to politically police America. Actually, what is anti-Islamic sentiment but the decimation of “live and let live,” something quite a few Christians used to believe in.

        1. This is totally vague. You can’t outlaw vagueness. What, specifically, does Islam mean by “usury”? What, exactly, is it? How does an Islamic court prove someone committed it, whatever it is? What is the penalty for doing it?

        2. Patrick,

          In Islam the word for “usury” is “riba”. This may help:

          This is good:

          The US Constitution guarantees the right to the government to print the country’s money and circulate it – so why, since 1913 do we borrow it from a private bank at interest? Here is a number that isn’t vague –

          US DEBT – INTEREST ONLY, 2012: $359,796,008,919.49

          This is interest on money the US borrowed to, among other things, wage a “war on terror” for whose benefit?

          Have you ever carried a balance on a credit card and had your interest rate jump from 7% to 30%? Have you ever needed cash quickly, and given into a “Pay Day Loan” at what can easily become 700% annual interest? Have you seen your student loan interest go from 12% to 25%?

          Usury is taking financial advantage of another person’s needs. We all know it’s wrong – but our culture encourages it.

          I like this documentary on the money system:

        3. Thank you, Peter, for your reply to my follow-up question.

          I’d like to critique it. I hope you don’t mind.

          First, the link didn’t help at all. If you can understand what is written there, I’d like to know how that can be done. Or maybe I don’t want to learn how to understand such gibberish. It is a bizarre jumble of weird opinions, and I can’t imagine the mind of one who could actually write it. Nothing even remotely specific there.

          I still have no idea what “usury” is, after wading through it ponderously–outside of a vague, general, notion that it has to do with “something bad involving money and the lending of it.” How it is defined, and how it can be prosecuted in the kind of courts we have in English-based law, well, I’m left without an answer. Please help clarify.

          Next, you start talking about money printing by governments and central banks. Why? What does that have to do with my question?

          You talk about credit cards and “payday loans,” as if you have already defined “usury”. But you have not defined it yet. What are the numbers? Please, tell. At what number does “usury” begin? Is it .00001%? Is it 1%? Who defines it? What number, again, does Islam outlaw interest charges at? Does Islam allow a voluntary choice of an individual to elect to borrow money at some number (let’s say it’s 30%), but denies that man the right to borrow at the next tick higher? What punishment is imposed?

          This is an extremely important question, incidentally, because of your accusation of the monsters responsible for this element of our troubles here in the West. Here is what inspired my question to you, if you recall:

          Q.: What does this have to do with the Boston Bombings?
          A.: The citizens of Syria and Libya and the Boston Bombings suspects have a common religion, Islam, which forbids usury.

          Our monsters attacked those noble people because they oppose “usury”, you say. Maybe. I have no way of knowing because I have no idea what you are talking about. If you are correct in your assertion, I can only find it out if I know what the word actually means.

          What is the specific, exact, definition? Please. Tell me.

        4. Patrick, I didn’t use the word “Monster”. You didn’t watch the documentary I linked on the history of money; it’s three and a half hours long and your replied forty-eight minutes after I posted it. Are you sincere?

        5. Of course I’m sincere. I own a copy of the Moneymasters, and have seen it a few times over the years. I know the work of Bill Still very well. If you think it contains the answer to my question, I find that an odd thing to think.

          One thing I should say is that I disagree with him. I think that central banking should be outlawed, but Still is nuts. He thinks Congress can be trusted to only create just enough money to make the economy prosper. He trusts politicians. He also hates gold. I believe in a zero fractional reserve, gold coin standard. Every unit of currency equal to a fixed amount of gold. He thinks that’s nonsense–he uses that word to describe my position. He thinks commodities have no intrinsic value–that you can simply create money out of thin air, unbacked by anything, and it miraculously has value.

          I appreciate the additional Moslem link. It clearly states that all interest is evil. Evidently, the answer to my question, to your mind, is that “usury” is just another word for interest. You could have just said so in the first place and saved us a lot of time.

          I guess all houses in the Moslem world are built for cash and sold to new buyers as cash-only transactions. Anyone starting or expanding a factory, likewise–maybe that’s why there is almost no industry in the Moslem world. What a sad life that dictates. It is certainly completely unbiblical. Glad we don’t have to groan under sharia where I live.

          Interest is not evil, and I doubt very sincerely your contention that the West invades Moslem countries and persecutes Chechen boys because they refuse to charge interest on loans (I also doubt that there is no interest in Moslem economies).

          Interest is simply the time value of money. If I have a pile of money sitting around, I can use it or let it gather dust. One way I can use it is to trade it for something–like a house. What if there’s nothing I want, but someone else–you, say–wants a house but can’t pay for it? I may want to use my money in the next few years, so if I lend it to you I won’t be able to do that. So if I lend you the money I will charge you a fee to compensate me for the lost access to my money. That fee is called interest. God (Jesus) calls it good; Allah calls it bad. I think Allah is a nincompoop.

          Oh, incidentally, the word “monster” is my own; I wasn’t putting it in your mouth. The people driving us toward world government are monsters.

        6. This is excerpted from the first link on Islamic finance I posted. It pertains: “It is of some relevance here to note that Jesus (peace be upon him) evicted the money changers from the Temple in Jerusalem for practicing a kind of usury that seems in all respects equivalent to riba al-fadl. Jewish pilgrims arriving in Jerusalem to pay the Temple tax would wish to do so using the half shekel, this being the only silver coin that did not portray the head of a pagan Roman emperor. The usurers of the Temple made a business of receiving the despised silver coins and giving in return the half shekel. The exchange of coin for coin was simultaneous, but the usurers took more weight of silver from the pilgrims than they gave. Thus, they practised an exchange of unequal weight of silver hand to hand, riba al-fadl. The similarity between this mechanism and the practices of those Kings who debased their currency is obvious.

          It is often suggested that the use of money sooner rather than later is a valid countervalue to the payment of interest, although the benefit of this earliness of use has itself been questioned by various writers. However, a little consideration does yield some examples of unfairness in the riba al-nasia transaction. For example, if A gives B corn today under an agreement for B to give A the same amount of corn next year, then B is effectively storing and maintaining corn on behalf of A free of charge throughout the period. The exchange may also result in one party having to provide the other with a commodity that is of more value at one time of year than another. If it is easy for A to provide B with corn at harvest time, it may not be so easy for B to provide A with corn at the outset of the growing season.

          Riba is mentioned in a number of Qur’anic verses (2:275-279, 3:130, 4:161 and 30:39) and contrasted with acts of charity. It is seen in juristic writings as one of the means of ‘devouring’ others wealth. This accords with what is known of fixed interest financing mechanisms, relying heavily upon wealth transfer in many cases, for instance where collateral is seized by a lender in a loan default. One might equally argue that the process of money creation also results in the devouring of others’ wealth, devaluing their savings through the mechanism of inflation.”

  12. Musings – would suggest moving south, the Carolinas are nice, and not near a big city! Took me awhile to get accustomed to the friendliness most seem to have, everyone says hello!
    Talking about ‘doublethink’, pro-life groups are now being targetted by the FBI, IRS and Homeland Security as anti-American! Here’s a since deleted 2009 document from Homeland Security that states – ‘Proposed imposition of firearms restrictions and weapons bans likely would attract new members into the ranks of rightwing extremist groups,….’

    1. I was born south of the Mason Dixon line – Maryland, and I’ve heard I have family in Charleston, but haven’t met them. We had a big extended family there and it was a very haven at one time (I moved to California as a small child but loved going back for visits). Irish family, basically, paternal branch came up from New Orleans after the Civil War – probably didn’t like martial law or (more likely) the economic devastation. Can’t say I have all the red state values, but I do insist on saying hello to everyone I pass on the street – it’s the one Southernism/Californianism I keep up, even if I meet some stony faces.

      As you know, patriotism is a big thing with southerners. So, also, is truth and fear of God’s terrible judgments on sinners who flout His commandments. However most of my DC/Virginia kinfolk also work in the defense establishment. It’s a mixed bag. They tend to believe more than I do about the good faith of their government. The South is nevertheless tempting in many ways.

  13. Something I would like to hear comments on is why NO PARTICIPANT or someone well acquainted with a participant has come forward. C’mon, someone would say something, right?

    1. It is obvious – money, pension, power or maybe even one’s very life is at stake here. Another victim who was questioned for 8 hours in his home in FL by Boston FBI and troopers, because he knew the convicted, deceased ‘bomber’, was shot 5 times including one in the back of his head. The FBI has become the judge, jury and executor of our justice system!

    2. It is an excellent question Sector7, and I think Kathy is right on the money. But one would think tangential people would come forward. Like a bagger from the A&P who helped a wheelchair bound Jeff B. with groceries before the Marathon or saw his prosthetics when he stripped down at the gym – let’s just imagine that there is such a person – someone who has nothing to loose by coming forward. What mainstream media outlet would provide a forum for him? None. And by the time he made it known what he wanted to tell – how long would it be before he were bribed, or threatened or disappeared. Still, it’s an excellent question and one would think given the number of “actors” involved the leaks would be hard if not impossible to stop.

      1. This might be a simple explanation for why some ordinary person has not outed the amputees.

        One – there are not too many of them who have ever been interviewed. One who has, the Corcoran woman, has been checked out by someone at nodisinfo I think and turned out to have to have another name. The woman with her name and her husband, Kevin, as well as her listed age, is someone else, nor do they have a teenaged daughter. Another woman, the “dancer” is associated with a military husband, so maybe she is too.

        Few if any of the names are correct, as I found with the Richard family and his alleged daughter, Jane, who is an amputee.

        Two – lower limb amputations are incredibly common in the U.S. at the rate of 500 per day. Childhood cancer is one cause (Ted Kennedy’s son for instance).

        The most common reason in adults is diabetes. Almost always the lower extremities are taken, but sadly, further operations are often required, including the loss of the other leg.

        Accidents involving transportation are the other big cause.

        I also heard a sad story of a woman on the Diane Rehm show (that woman is a class act by the way because she never mentioned the Marathon and only talked about prostheses and their huge pricetag); the amputee had dropped a computer monitor on her foot and after multiple surgeries and a lot of pain, she lost the foot. I got a sprained ankle once – it swelled and hurt for three years, so I can actually relate in a way.

        People who have amputations can hide in the crowd, especially if they live in big cities where they tend to come into contact with strangers and foreigners who see them on a regular basis in stores, etc.

        The Jeff Bauman character is therefore an outlier. Costco stores are huge and you might not see familiar employees from one visit to the next. He could have been working with prostheses under his clothes and who would know? He could have been behind a counter or in the back room. Or he could be from some other country where nobody would snitch on him. US military overseas or even I.D.F. – just basically out of harm’s way in terms of being outed.

        But people seem happy with a few victims they can relate – one always hears about “little Martin” whose life was cut short. Maybe he is his own older brother. Parents always wonder what happened to their little baby. But I think it is more likely he is an actor or a photoshopped picture of someone who no longer looks like “little Martin.”

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