By Max Malone and Anonpyrates

The following videos are presented with the caveat that they may contain potentially misleading or uncertain visual information. Readers should exercise extreme care when presenting and analyzing such evidence. The videos are not conclusive and are intended for research and discussion purposes only.-JFT

This cellphone video captures the immediate seconds following the first blast of the April 15 Boston Marathon bombing. Taken several meters away from where the bomb was detonated, the footage documents a number of apparent figures who subsequently appear in media coverage as purportedly injured from the ordnance.

Along these lines, an overarching feature of the video is the visual and aural absence of the bomb’s fallout in terms of traumatic and injurious effects alongside property damage that would likely attend detonation and the broad dispersal of variously-shaped shrapnel. For instance, the photo to the right shows the Lenscrafters retail outlet’s front windows burst asunder. However, in the cellphone video the very same windows are thoroughly intact for a considerable time following the first blast.

Recall also that severe maiming and wounds from shrapnel were repeatedly recounted to reporters by Boston area hospital physicians attending to at least several dozen bombing victims (See, for example,herehere, here, here, and here). Medical authorities have since confirmed three dead and 264 injuries from the attack. Yet the most severe reactions to the bomb evidenced in this video are disorientation and swift voluntary movement away from the blast and smoke.

Further detailed analysis and discussion of the images and their significance as proof of the event’s potential staged features may be found at

A more recent video by Anonpyrates presents several unusual maneuvers at the initial Marathon bombsite, including “the lady in the pink vest” who appears uninjured and is clearly mobile prior to being transported out in a wheelchair. Also, why are so many non-police and EMT figures allowed to permeate the location, including what are apparently photojournalists, when the likelihood of another ordnance has not yet been determined?

Finally, this just in …

Hi guys,

I’m from Japan. The following is my latest YouTube exposing CNN’s HOAX. And now CNN is screaming of “copy right” against me via YouTube administrator. Please take a look before they remove it.

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41 thought on “Cellphone Video of Initial Blast Aftermath / Additional BMB Videos”
  1. Come on guys, give the News people a break.

    If you watch a movie or a TV show, you’re not expected to examine the professionally crafted plot for contradictions, are you? .. you don’t expect the laws of physics/biology/anatomy in movies to correspond to reality, do you? Movies and TV shows aren’t supposed to be taken seriously. It’s just entertainment designed to give our emotions a roller coaster ride. They’re not supposed to be cerebral.

    We’ve had a spectacular terrorist bombing entertainment presented to us. So, why don’t we just join the crowd instead of pointing out the obvious plot holes and scientific inaccuracies and spoiling everyone’s fun?


    1. The House votes 312-0 to honor Marathon bombing victims, rebuking Tremblay. Stella stayed home. It is a dark day when only one member of the legislature has a functioning brain. You can see by the comments of those who respond to the New Hampshire Union Leader article they are hopelessly infantile and unreachable with lots of the wrong link dude type mindset. They are much too busy reading the morning paper to have their world view explained to them and drinking a 40 ounce slurpy. Jim Fetzer unsettled a few of them.

  2. How on earth can we stop these people Dr. Tracy…I mean we are all aware of what they are doing but how do we stop this and get our contry back right?

    1. Unfortunately we are NOT all aware. Dr. Tracy and the people commenting on this blog represent a small fraction of the American population.

      Have you seen the hit piece against Dr. Tracy in the Palm Beach Post and the vile, ignorant comments? There are vast masses of Americans who still believe the US has a free media and that journalists battle each other to be first to be first to get the real story. Ha!

      Not everyone can blog or produce YouTube videos to get the truth out. But everyone can talk to their family and friends. Some people, like Dr. Tracy, will reach tens of thousands. Others of us may only reach those in our immediate circle. Getting the truth out to as many people as possible is our only hope, I believe.

      1. Here is what I know: the official narratives of the Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon events do not add up. Literally.

        If you’ve studied storytelling or produced media, the timing and “facts” of these events were just too cliche. They were PsyOps.

        The effort to get the “truth” out might be better directed at advocating for better representation and legislation at our local and State government level. I focus my efforts there, opposing legislation and government decisions designed to further entrap us. I also boycott countries and corporations that don’t thrill me.

        The big stories of Sandy Hook and Boston are major examples of the media, politicians and law enforcement lying to the public. We are lied to in many other “new stories” as well. I’d love to see a Snopes-type site that had a BS meter on media stories… verifying “facts” to see if they are even true. I nominate the “Actors with Guns at the Iron Man 3 Opening” as a first review.

  3. What do the hospital records actually look like? Was the actor in red wheeled all the way into emergency in a hospital or was she let out a few blocks away? If many of these actors were processed in emergency and the hospital billed insurance, etc., then they are all in fraud zone.

    Max, great video, but please let someone edit your grammar. Your videos go all over the place and your credibility is higher when there are no mistakes in the analysis.

    1. Another note of caution. I’ve seen what looks like a counter intelligent op spreading. People are claiming the actors from the drill are from Hollywood. One can imagine that quoting something like that is going to damage credibility.

  4. One must ask the question, what are the Authorities gearing up for?!? Marshall law is very serious. It implies that all chaos has broken out. The fact that this exercise will result in more Civil Rights amended or suspended, should cause much concern. I hope there are enough of us to stop this seize! The last time the United States faced this kind of threat was when the British invaded. Which is why the Gun Bill is a must to get passed. It seems the Authorities don’t any Minutemen this time around!!!

    1. I think leaders look at what rulers in other countries get away with and set their goals in comparison with what has worked elsewhere.

      For example, Egypt was in a “State of Emergency” for about 30 years

      >>Emergency law in EgyptFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search Emergency law in Egypt was first enacted in 1958, as Law No. 162 of 1958[1] and has remained in effect since 1967, except for an 18-month break in 1980/81. The emergency was imposed during the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, and reimposed following the assassination of President Anwar Sadat.[2] The state of emergency expired on 31 May 2012, two weeks before the second round of voting in Egypt’s first presidential election after Hosni Mubarak was deposed by the Egyptian revolution.

      So, everybody please find a safe spot to self-shelter and we’ll tell you when it’s safe to come out.

    2. Please do me a little favor – call it “Martial Law”. That’s the way it is spelled. John Marshall, a great Supreme Court justice, had nothing to do with it. But Martial refers to “Mars”, the god of war. It’s war-like law imposed on a civilian domestic population who inevitably become “the enemy.” That’s why we hate it.

  5. Not only deceptive techniques that have worked in other countries, as Jed Martin suggests, but have worked in history. America power knew there would be critics telling the reality-based truth after Sandy Hook, but went ahead anyway. Reality based truth was stigmatized as insane, Unpatriotic, and reckless and irresponsible. Or, an an academic colleague of James, who was addicted to exclamation marks like a high school sophomore, put it, reckless and irresponsible!

    However, in my opinion there is another emotional factor that is used to ideologically repress the truth. And that is that the reality based truth is a DESECRATION or DEFILEMENT of the blood sacrifice of these children and runners, who died to make us Free.

    You think this fanciful? A few years ago when I was in New York during the Sept 11 demonstrations, I was staying at a midtown hotel and decided to go to the demo. I passed through the lobby where a tv was on and a beautiful media woman was discreetly railing at the people at the demo for desecrating the Holy Ground where the people died on 9/11.
    I stopped and watched for a moment, and strongly remember feeling: THOSE BASTARDS!

    What I was feeling was the precise opposite of what I was thinking, the basis perhaps of Orwell’s DOUBLETHINK, the ability to hold two contrary ideas in our head at the same time, and to believe both of them. My daughter at the U of California states that the students who were told the reality-based truth about Sandy Hook were grossly offended, as if it demeaned the deaths of these children, simply because they may not have occurred.. This is unreasonable of course, but we are not talking about reason here, we are talking about media narrative and the delusions they induce.

    In previous centuries it was conducted in religous terms, now with tv in secular terms, but the the language of purity and violation continues. The Nazi notion of racial purity was quite effective ideologically. They had their little ways of dealing with the impure which hopefully will not occur in modern Orwellian police states. But it is important to understand when discussing the matter with the less initiated, you are dealing with emotions that will initially resist what Michael Parenti has called THE DIRTY TRUTH, the title of his book.

    But it will wear off with repetition, like the rest of the Shock and Awe, so it is necessary to keep on keeping on.

    1. Thank you for one of the best explanations I have ever seen of how people get conscripted into acting against their own best interests and how these “noble lies” acquire a religious aura. Even those who understand how this works, and who are close enough to one of the epicenters of this (say, the shrine to Sean Collier at MIT which is no different in character than the one at Copley Square Boston), who are normally skeptical and atheist, are drawn in enough to fight for the grieving survivors’ rights to our sympathy. Don’t look too closely at the magic. It has power to move us in directions we otherwise would not go. As icons led men into battle, as the mystique of royalty led men to fight for king and country in trenches, this is one of those man-made scepters of power.

      The very fact that most of the injuries are easy to discredit, that they made almost no effort at Forum (and produced two deaths rather than just one – although realizing that rumors of a third bomb in some unknown spot might be necessary), “the play’s the thing.”

  6. Ok, how intriguing that the windows appear to be intact at Lenscrafters right after the blast. And that leads me to something else that I had pondered….concerning the movement of the flags. I watched a video in which the flags caught my attention. After the blast they are blowing out towards the street furiously like a fan was aimed at them. Of course, heat and fire create wind drafts. After just now re-watching a video I see a series of flags blow from the draft immediately after the blast and smoke is dispersed for a time and the flags calm down pretty much and then another big poof of smoke or dust is created and comes from the window area of the store and the flags start flipping around again. The video I watched can be found on the let’s roll blog, under the thread titled My Boston Bombing Research, and then go to page 101. The video is called *Boston Bombing Finish Line Time Lapse* by Mike Wayne.

    Perhaps the windows broke after the 2nd poof of whatever.

  7. There are two LensCrafters signs. The one that is shown is to the left, while the one that was closer to the bomb was right. The right one is damaged and the window under it is broken.

    If you fail to triangulate your claims then you will lose the argument.

    Crisis Actors is looking for people who are willing to risk eyesight, hearing and third degree burns. Would you knowingly put yourself near that fireball?

    1. I wasn’t making any argument really – the windows were not my main concern or question nor crisis actors. My main interest is why did the flags blow out, calm down and then another 2nd poof of smoke appears and the flags again show movement. What was the reason for that?

  8. I’m not getting anything of substance from these videos. To be honest none of the pics and videos have convinced me that these bombs weren’t real. I’m not an expert, though, so take my views with a grain of salt. Only wish a certified expert would comment on the visual evidence and give his or her take. Still, even if the bombing was legit, I’m quite troubled by many other aspects of this case such as the FBI involving the public in the identification of the suspects. That made no sense at all given their knowledge of these two. . Oh, and one video that has me thoroughly perplexed, is the video shot of apparently the older brother naked and being escorted to a police car. If that is really him then someone has a lot of explaining to do.

  9. I am seeing the same pattern emerge with Boston as we did with Sandy Hook; there is painfully clear evidence right in front of us that has to be questioned out in the open. But rather than use our energy and time to write to media, write to the FBI, call into radio, or mass email our own networks with solid evidence and questions to force these issues out into the mainstream, we seem to confine ourselves to debating ridiculous and impossible to prove aspects to the case on sites like this.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful Dr Tracy and others like him are putting their necks on the line, but the rest of us have to take this to the next level. The majority of us on these sites believe this was an inside of job of some kind, so let’s not waste our time debating amongst one another, let’s start debating with non believers in our communities or more importantly in mainstream media. And lets stick to the more obvious aspects of these coverups.

    This happened with sandy hook; rather than stick to 10 very simple straight forward questions that are hard for law enforcement or media to answer, such as demanding the names and ranks of the men seen running into the trees, or demanding to see the video from the school or finding out who exactly was pulled over dressed as nuns, we end up debating whether or not a photo of a blonde girl was photoshopped on Obama’s lap. It doesn’t help when other sites like the one where everyone on earth is played by a hollywood actor start to float to the surface. It discredits any type of rational dialogue on these obvious coverups.

    With Boston, no one (at the mainstream level) seems to be concerned that there are private military contractors all over the place – who the hell hired them? No one seems to be questioning the ridiculous time line and inconsistencies put forth in both cases. No one is sticking to getting answers regarding the back pack clearly seen being worn by a private contractor. No one is questioning the ridiculous use of martial law on the residents of Boston. No one is questioning the fact that the FBI was following their patsies on the day of the bombing (clearly shown in videos to boot).

    So here we are looking at grainy images trying to prove that the cowboy wasn’t the same cowboy at the event and that he had one arm (I have to believe this is simply someone trying to confuse and discredit the movement for truth). Yet the obvious and almost hilarious issues surrounding wheeling a double amputee down the road upright, which is seen crystal clear in all images, is now being put on the back burner. This has not been answered yet, we can’t move on.

    If we want to get serious bringing about change, then we need to start getting serious about the topics we debate. We need to start involving experts who can attest to the reality of say, what might happen if you sat a double amputee upright for 10 minutes after losing his legs in an explosion. There are numerous clear shots that I would love to hear from EM 1st responders on. It seems obvious to all of us, but let’s hear it from people who are trained in this field and have extensive experience with injuries of this nature. Let’s speak with law enforcement 1st responders – I am quite sure none of them have seen blood so bright in all their lives.

    To close this off, maybe one thing we should do is collectively and consistently is call the ‘Tip Line’ they posted at the bottom of many of the news channels in the videos of Boston, let’s provide them with some of the more obvious tips, like the various other suspects caught in the images – and let’s record all conversations. Now this would make some heads turn. But if all we are going to do is debate more ridiculous aspects to these cases, then nothing will change.

    What we should all be thinking about is – what is coming next? These are simply training exercises for something much bigger. The longer we don’t bring this to the surface of mainstream media, the sooner we will see another tragedy transpire.

    Remember – all our mainstream media, as ridiculous and out of touch as it appears, is only made possible through the efforts of thousands of humans just like us, humans with a conscience and many with young families. I have to believe we are better than this.

    Peace out,

    PS. Don’t forget to March against Monsanto on May 25th, this is a Global march happening all over the world. Myself and the kids will be participating here in Vancouver BC.

    1. Mais c’est toujours les petits détails, n’est-ce pas? Like Watergate, where a security guard caught the burglars when he found a door with the latch taped over. In my opinion, the case was indeed cracked by the small details which people like Zauras snape assembled, although after the fact. It proved “the dog that didn’t bark” in that anyone really bent on solving what looked like a crime would have noted these details, but no one in the media or an official capacity ever did, proving complicity and planning. Yes, you have the macro things like Craft employees – but a lot of that was gone after the winners were crowned. On another macro level we have the mass casualty plans at FEMA (but unknowns from other agencies like CIA wanting to use assets for geopolitical purposes). They buttress the conclusion of a hoax (though one can only speculate about geopolitical goals at the moment), but now it is clear from the little things that real concrete evidence confirms this. It’s more effectively dispatched than even Sandy Hook (which was allowed to remain more mysterious and “black box”). This is a tiny and comprehensible 9/11 in fact, with everything easily understood once it comes into focus – except that is for the ongoing “Chechen problem” which continues to unfold as a demonstration of the new unconstitutionality of our system, which has swapped liberty for security and truly come up short. Dr. Franklin is as great as he ever was in having warned us. Now we must live up to our fathers’ legacy. We are their heirs. How will this go?

  10. Way to go, DublinMick, for finding that orthopedic surgeon. There may only be one professional in a field who is honest and courageous, but it makes an enormous difference from there being none of them. Somebody like this surgeon or James knows obvious specialized truths that we don’t know, and it helps to moralize an increasing number of dissident truthers.

    This is necessary to form a truth cadre that can unite the American people and help protect an increasing number of pros to come out of the Responsible and Professional closet. It helps to focus the attention of media viewers when the truth is only of marginal interest to them, so they accept the authorized version. People don’t like to be considered dupes, which helps the reality based truth infiltrate the authorized truth consensus.

    It creates a subterranean fire that one day will burst into visible flames.

  11. Sheila, I didn’ think the piece by George Bennet on James was so bad; he actually discussed the ideas. Especially contrasted with the learned comments of professors and the Columbia Journalism Review.The learned cretinism was much worse. He was making the cowardly and intellectually corrupt faculty members look bad.

    They said that truth was the end product of an historical process. You know which end they represented.

  12. Maybe someone can help me think through a couple things:
    In this video of the winners crossing the finish line ( )
    at approx. 04:08 I can see a Large t.v. screen between two buildings. However, in this video ( ) I

    can’t see the large t.v., anymore. Where did it go?

    Also, if a bomb just went off why is this woman in a blue colored shirt carrying a purse making her way past
    everyone lying about on the ground? ( I see her first on the right
    at 0:11 but then i see she has not gone through, but circled around close to the building at :39 and is watching the
    ”operation rescue”. Someone should interview her. At 0:49 you can see her exit stage right in the bottom right of video.
    She’s certainly not afraid of a little blood or stepping on ‘blow off limbs’

    Speaking of which where is the BLOOD…all that activity and none of the rescuers has any blood on them!! Lots of white jackets
    and light colored pants in that video, shouldn’t they be blood stained?

    At :52 there’s a woman in a brown sweatshirt kicking back against the building watching everything.

    Just noticed at 1:06 the event clock reads 4:13:22.

    At the end of the video i can no longer see the event clocks or the sign that was hanging on the white building to the left of the
    explosion so obviously this video is an edit job.

    The flags and all that smoke provided a great cover for everyone to get into their places.

    offtopic: nice comprehensive article about Bauman.

    1. After watching the video clip you posted, I am wondering what is going on with the EMT(?) and the man on the stretcher at 1:14. Is he attempting some sort of CPR as he runs down the road with the patient? It’s been a long time since I’ve had a CPR course so perhaps this is a technique I’m unaware of.

  13. Maybe the purpose of the second bomb was to distract people so that the actors could get in place and so that others could bust out windows and scatter debris so that it would look like a real bomb went off.

  14. Hi guys,

    I’m from Japan. I’m the author of YouTube titled “Boston Bombing CNN’s False Photo Busted!” It is now under SYSTEMATIC SLANDER/DISLIKE attack. They are so desperate to bury the truth.

    When I first knew BMB on the text news on Apr. 16, I sent an email to two of my friends saying,”I’m sure poor people from Middle East will be framed up with planted “evidence.” At that moment I didn’t even see any pictures but my hunch made me write that way. Of course, Chechen is not in Middle East. I should have written more correctly “Muslim.”

    My next predictions:
    1) Carlos Arredondo will receive Presidential Citizens Medal in a few months.

    2) Boston Marathon Bombing will be made into a movie within two years in Hollywood. “Movie” into a movie? Why not? They’ve already made “Zero Dark Thirty.”They have started fabricating history at will.

    1. Zaurus (I have seen it spelled Zauras too?) I cannot thank you enough for the YouTube. It gives amazing detail as to how the impressions were created while really being something else.

  15. After following the blood “donor” doing his make-up work, I noticed something else – every place that needs to be blocked out from view temporarily has that heavy woman in brown acting as a wall. She moves all over the set, standing placidly and blocking random views – whether at the fence when the amputee is being fitted out (before the reveal at its dramatic tear-down), and in this spot, and at another moment in front of a blown out window, three distinct places far from each other on the finish line set. She is so still and placid you assume she is simply gob-smacked by the action – three different times.

  16. I don’t understand how the person who filmed the first video could have spent so much time waving his camera / phone around without any apparent direction. It seems as if that person couldn’t control their arm.

  17. I was disturbed by your addition of the YouTube video from the reader from Japan. Professor Tracy, the inclusion of that video diminishes the impact of the overall article simply because that video is so much of a stretch that Plastic Man couldn’t make it… There are so many other legitimate questions regarding cowboy hat guy’s role on 15 April, choosing to include in your article such a poor production piece from the reader from Japan is disappointing to say the least.

    Look forward to your continued thought provoking articles. Thank you for sharing them with the world.

  18. Do the math:
    *286 people injured in what square footage of sidewalk space?
    *4 people dead but no pics of them or death certificates available (just like Aurora and Sandy Hook?)
    *No witness or pics of the “shoot out” that happened where?
    *Brother one identified by close relative, naked, gets in a police car and winds up with his body trashed?
    *Brother two, sits on edge of boat with no obvious blood and then has a neck wound that “keeps him from talking?”
    *A gillion militarized cops and military personnel with a martial law lockdown to get one 19 yo boy who somehow evades them in an SUV?
    *Waco, Ruby Ridge, 9/11, Columbine, Tucson, Aurora, Michigan temple, Sandy Hook, Boston…two plus two is always four and this, IMHO, adds up to yet another false flag perpetrated by a collusive effort of aberrant government agencies, probably the Mossad, Main Stream Media, etc.

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