(From filmmaker Adnan Zuberi* who suggests the following deserves a place on this blog)

“Within the unique university context, the most crucial of all human rights are the rights of freedom of speech, academic freedom and freedom of research. And we affirm that these rights are meaningless unless they entail the right to raise deeply disturbing questions and provocative challenges to the cherished beliefs of society at large and of the university itself. It is this human right to radical, critical teaching and research with which the University has a duty above all to be concerned; for there is no one else, no other institution and no other office, in our modern liberal democracy, which is the custodian of this most precious and vulnerable right of the liberated human spirit.” Excerpted From University of Toronto’s Statement of Institutional Purpose

*Mr. Zuberi is producer of the film 9/11 in the Academic Community, an in-depth look at the reception of controversial political stances in the modern university that will be released this coming fall.

Zuberi wrote a letter supporting James Tracy in January following the media frenzy over Tracy’s remarks on the Newtown tragedy.

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14 thought on ““The Most Crucial of All Human Rights””
    1. Cynthia McKinney interview about freedom and why events around the country are happening and will continue to happen if the people to open their eyes to the truth.

      Like the professor there are those that will put their lives on the line to bring people the truth, getting people see through the matrix that is around them is another story.


  1. As has been noted by Alex Jones: We now live under a ‘scientific dictatorship’. Modern science and accompanying technology have given such an appearance of ‘success’ to so many people, that hardly anyone imagines to think in any other way. We must have more technology and more science! This (it goes) is the only way humans (or life) evolves….

    So we have a situation where a clandestine minority of megalomaniacal psychopaths have used science and technology to rise to their current positions of overwhelming power, mind manipulation and control and are still seeking more. And anyone of any ‘worth’ or ‘skill’ copies and imitates these ultimate psychos at their own marginal levels of interaction and existence…

    ‘Greed is good.’

    ‘Freedom is for the most aggressive few.’

    Some evolution.

    Ned Lud

    1. Dear Mr. Lud,

      I must thank you for that interesting observation about “scientific dictatorship.” With 20/20 hindsight, I see how that was applicable just after 9/11, when they foisted scientific fraud after scientific fraud at us.

      [OCT] The damage from the airliner and jet fuel fires, followed by fires from office furnishings weakened the steel that allowed a pile driver of (20-30) upper floors to plow through the (80-90) lower WTC tower structure… at near free-fall speeds while at the same time pulverizing content. Don’t worry your pretty little heads why Stage 2 of NIST’s three stages of WTC-7 demolition for the first 18 floors has 100 feet (or 8 stories) identical to free-fall.

      [Infiltrated 9/11 TM] Woo hoo! We found energetic flakes in the dust, so it was nano-thermite that did it, a smoking gun for controlled demolition!
      … Oh, you say nano-thermite doesn’t have the brissance to pulverize concrete into power? Okay, maybe some RDX was added to the mix. It was most certainly chemical explosives.
      … Oh, you say that to account for just a single hot-spot that burned without oxygen for 4 weeks, you’d need the equivalent of a garden-hose (ignore the diameter for the moment) several hundred THOUSAND MILES long packed nano-thermite UNSPENT FROM ITS ORIGINAL PULVERIZING TASK and that the hose would only get significantly longer if mixed with something more brissant?
      … Oh, you want some one to cought up calculations that gives believable ball-park numbers for the amount of chemical explosives required?
      … I can’t answer why no one (until Jeff Prager) analyzed the tabulated findings of the USGS survey of dust samples, so we won’t speak to it showing correlation in the measured elements that clearly spell out a recipe for nuclear fission (ala fission-trigger-fusion device like a neutron bomb).

      9/11 Neutron Nuclear DEW

      Regrettably, 9/11 was my hobby-horse topic that I devoted way too much time to. But I think that “scientific dictatorship” is evident with regards to chemtrails, additives to medicines, genetically modified organisms, floride to water, global warming, cellphone (and utility meter) usage, etc. We’re being conned, big time.

      We’re being hoodwinked.

      How about Boston, letting itself be shut down for this “man hunt” that allegedly went door-to-door. If I lived there, don’t expect me to be opening my premises for any type of search. They be taking our rights from right underneath our noses.


      1. It’s true that nano-thermite can’t be the answer, and that the amount of energy required to do that job could be found in a nuclear device, but it is a physical impossibility that nukes took down the twin towers. The “bathtub” was unharmed. That’s the key to the whole case. The “bathtub” is very, very fragile. Whatever the source of energy, it was not explosive, and the mass of the buildings did not crash down. The buildings “went away.” Their mass simply turned to dust. Read Judy Wood’s book: http://wheredidthetowersgo.com. Most of it is at her web site: http://www.drjudywood.com

      2. Dear Mr. Patrick,

        I try to be precise in my language. You should have too when you wrote:

        It’s true that nano-thermite can’t be the answer, and that the amount of energy required to do that job could be found in a nuclear device, but it is a physical impossibility that nukes took down the twin towers. The “bathtub” was unharmed. That’s the key to the whole case.

        Not a nuclear device, but multiple. Moreover, not just any nuclear devices, but neutron bombs whose expelled neutrons could be directed (DEW) [upwards and out of the way]. Whereas the expelled highly energetic neutrons can effect what they were targeted at (maybe demonstrating molecular dissassociation in materials), the chief goals on 9/11 in expelling them were to reduce the “traditional” nuclear yields of a blast and heat wave to tactical levels while also producing radiation levels that would quickly dissipate.

        The preservation of the bathtub may indeed be a key for why the building had to be pulverized from its earliest stages.

        I’ve read Dr. Wood’s textbook cover-to-cover. I highly recommend it even though I know it is a disinformation vehicle. Aside from lots of evidence that all theories-du-jour must address (and most “official” 9/11 TM theories don’t and avoid like the pest), Dr. Wood puts out lots of dangling innuendos that she does not connect in any cohesive way. [The validity or invalidity of a concept is separate from applicability to 9/11.] In fact, although Dr. Wood constantly questions the amount of energy required to do the pulverization, she utterly fails in speculating what could be its energy source. She frames nuclear mechanisms inappropriately and gives them the bum’s rush, like the disinformation that tries to doubt there were even hot-spots. Dr. Wood does not fix blatant errors that she carried over from her website nor does she address valid criticism of her work, nor does she venture into the work of others (e.g., the anonymous physicist).


  2. James Tracy, PhD is a hero to this republic and for which it stands.

    His work in questioning and exposing official narratives is absolutely critical in returning this country back to glory.

    Right now, I hope and pray Dr. Tracy will maintain focus on the Boston Bombing narrative.

    No EMT would ever put a double amputee victim in a wheelchair. This is an immediate death sentence for the victim.

  3. Discovery and liberty have always been mental partners but most often foes to those who lack the courage to confront either the Dogma which enchains them willingly or the Dogma which they impose upon themselves in hopes of achieving something they can’t imagine they can do. By such acts of selfish imprisonment, the victim seeks to be an example of ignorant prudence, a stance familiar to those who fail to acclaim themselves as statists, but act within that mental prison and desire to encompass all others in that collectivist trap without light or even the imagination of freedom.

    Our responsibility is to refute the feigned legitimacy of such ignorant prudence, rejecting the fallacy of its illusion of security as did Benjamin Franklin long ago, noting that those who trade liberty for security achieve neither of them.

  4. Hey, come on guys, I think we should be happy our government told us a little white lie and used it to stop these people before they (the terrorist cell) could carry out their fiendish plans. Who knows what the terrorists would have actually done? Maybe they would have bombed the beginning of the marathon instead of the end!

    It could have been a whole lot worse!

    So let’s just drop the whole subject, shall we?

    Socrates had to rock the boat and corrupt the Athenian youth.
    Jesus committed sedition against the Roman occupation.
    Voltaire was beaten for insulting the nobility of his day…
    enough is enough, let’s let the big boys play The Great Game in peace, shall we?

  5. I remember being in school when this happened. It’s not like serious questions were shot down. It’s more like they didn’t exist. These were professors spending years analyzing the official story and not a second looking at what really happened.

  6. The last place there will ever be freedom of truth is in a university.The operative function of a university, as opposed to its proclaimed function, is to ideologically indoctrinate the students in the ideology of the power system that sponsors and subsidizes it, which providing the specialist truth and specific information embedded in it.

    Look at professor Tracy. He asked why the media did not question the other suspects arrested by the police, and suggested the obvious, that their were actors staging the event. For that he was censored for bringing his university into disrepute.

    His university was acting as they always do, especially in the USA under Freedom of Expression. In the beginning of the 19th century, the president of the U of Chicago essentially fired Thorsten Veblen for his economic-socio theories. Charles Beard, who discussed the economic motivation of the US Constitution, quit Columbia because ots repression. Michael Parenti, perhaps the best American political scientist in the last half of the 20th century was blacklisted by American universities. And he list many other scholars and scientists in DIRTY TRUTHS who were similarly victimized.

    They are not the exception; they are the rule. Thou shalt not violate American ideology, the ultimate law of conventional Education. And most other countries are no better. Honest, courageous, and talented truthers do the best they can under the academic restrictions, but the freedom to tell the simple truth? Never.

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