At present Sandy Hook School is being used as a platform to argue that certain laws and programs be placed on the books at the state and federal levels. Should such measures be considered or enacted without full knowledge of what actually took place?

James Tracy will pay $1,000 to any academic, journalist, public servant or private citizen capable of prevailing in a debate with him on the December 14, 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut. The successful discussant will convincingly argue with appropriate prosecutory evidence (forensic, laboratory, audio-visual) that Adam Lanza was the sole perpetrator of the incident.

Tracy will counter with observations and evidence that the event did not take place as it has been described to the public at large by major commercial electronic and print media, and that a rigorous independent investigation should proceed immediately in an effort to produce concrete information and address unanswered questions concerning the incident that the American political leadership require to make informed decisions on behalf of We the People.

Interested parties should contact  James Tracy directly and provide an overview of their credentials and understanding of the occurrence.

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93 thought on “The $1,000 Challenge”
  1. Perhaps if no one is willing to take Professor Tracy up on his challenge we citizens can donate to make the purse a little fatter. Not that any challenger would have a chance of winning the debate, but the embarrassment of losing would make it worth their while.

  2. Given that there will be no trial since according to TPTB all the relevant parties are dead, I think this is a great idea on your part. On the other hand much of what you would be doing is negating what those fronting for the Sandy Hook party line would be arguing; unless, of course, you have several smoking guns (NPI) of your own, information wise, that you are keeping close to the vest for the appropriate time? For skeptics like me the bottom line is getting at the truth, no matter where it leads, even if it goes against what I as a skeptic am postulating at this point in time, which is that the mainstream SH narrative is full of way too many holes to be plausible.

    1. Well said. At this point we have not been shown genuine, verifiable evidence that the event took place as reported. We need to demand such evidence, and have it independently verified by unbiased experts (if such can be found). Too many, however, have staked out the position that nothing happened, no one died, etc., which I also do not see solid evidence for. What is apparent is that there are way too many inconsistencies and evidences of pre-planning to dismiss theories of some sort of plot by some party. The fact is there are so many glaring inconsistencies, that it becomes difficult to believe they stem from ‘fog of war’ or sloppy planning, depending on your theory. The wise should keep in mind that there exists the possibility that a ‘plot’ could include drawing skeptics into the trap of claiming nothing happened, Adam Lanza did not exist, etc. and then springing the trap with genuine evidence to the contrary, conveniently withheld until the appropriate moment. This would put the pesky conspiracy theorists in their place nicely, wouldn’t it?

  3. You GO Dr. Tracy!

    And I hope you will of course have the entire debate on video and hosted here and on YouTube – should you ever find a taker. Will you use a judging panel of some sort – professors who teach debate, for example? Will you request payment of the same amount from the losers (seems fair to me)?

    Perhaps you should consider sending personal invitations to CT’s Gov. Malloy and maybe to the White House too. Or Mayor Bloomberg? Sarah Brady, Dianne Feinstein? Charles Schumer? I think their responses would be very interesting too.

  4. There is some ‘LEGALESE’ word play being utilized with the American people because of the Sandy Hook ‘event’ that we should all be aware of. Firstly, ‘GUN CONTROL’ appears to be the agenda, ultimately with control of People being the objective. One should know what ‘LEGALESE’ is being used in that overused term (“GUN CONTROL”) and what it REALLY means in a COURT OF LAW. A ‘GUN’ according to LEGISLATION (LEGALESE) is a ‘weapon’ that has a barrel that accepts a shell that is at least ‘one and a half inches’ WIDE. Therefore ‘a GUN’ is a ‘military’ weapon. In other ‘words’ it can be assumed in a COURT of LEGALESE that it ‘belongs’ under ‘military juris-diction.’ Remember, LAW is ALL ABOUT ‘words.’ Secondly, the path to confiscation of 2nd Amendment-protected ‘firearms’ is to get Americans to ‘REGISTER’ their ‘weapons’ by referring to them as ‘GUNS.’ “REGIS-TER” in Black’s Law Dictionary (the Bible of LEGALESE) means: “to surrender.” In ‘other words’ (literally, the ‘other words’ are LEGALESE) by REGISTERING our weapons, we are LEGALLY acquiescing and consenting to ‘military confiscation’ of our ‘surrendered’ ‘guns’ which of course they will claim are the government’s now, because we ‘SURRENDERED’ them by REGISTERING them with the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. (BTW – The “ALL CAPITAL LETTERS” ‘distinction’ is a signature of CORPORATE LEGALESE and THAT is how the elite ruling class have always managed their subjects in their corrupt COURT SYSTEM. Look it up, then wake up, People. By changing DEFINITIONS’ they change LAWS. It’s “the united States of America” NOT “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” – BIG (CORPORATE) difference – LEGALLY. And to the elite’ that’s what matters most – aside from the objective: PEOPLE CONTROL. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a foreign-owned CORPORATION. Is it any wonder that the ‘OWNERS’ don’t want us to be able to defend our lives, liberty and pursuits? The only other question is: What is their real reasoning for wanting an unarmed populace? History proves that GUN CONTROL leads to weapons confiscation, which leads to tyranny. (Think: Hitler, Stalin, Mao) Don’t think, “It can’t happen here” because it looks like it already is.

    1. “A ‘GUN’ according to LEGISLATION (LEGALESE) is a ‘weapon’ that has a barrel that accepts a shell that is at least ‘one and a half inches’ WIDE. Therefore ‘a GUN’ is a ‘military’ weapon.” I think you’re missing a sentence. I don’t see where gun means military weapon, strictly speaking. Probably does but you didn’t explain.

      1. Hey eman, thanks for reading it & finding an interest. Let me preface my answer by stating that there are over 1 million pages of (fine) print in what’s called, THE FEDERAL CODE, aka ‘the laws of the land.’ Which by the way, are actually the laws of the high seas; British Admiralty Maritime Law. Not many people know that. But that’s the system of the UCC & how they ‘manage’ the ‘World’ of International Commerce. It’s been estimated it would take over 3000 years to read all those pages and come away with a working knowledge of what it all means. And yet, ‘ignorance is no excuse for ‘the law?’ THAT is a system of fairness and justice? Word games, presumptions of authority, and portrayals of superior status – that is the ‘authoritarian government show.’ The reality is that “All government is by the consent of the governed.” -Barack Hussein Obama. He’s right too. Not ONE SINGLE LAW on Planet Earth is mandatory. The US system is completely voluntary and we can ‘opt-out’ if we so choose. I have. It’s called the ‘redemption process.’ Look up “UCC – 1 filings” and then “assume consent and move forward” – that’s what ‘the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT does. And finally, in response to your query: Look up ‘Rod Class – America’s Private Attorney General’ on the web. He had an incident with the TSA – they charged him with having a “loaded gun” in his bag. They had to drop the charges and apologize for the inconveniences. He quoted ‘their own statute and definition’ to them. That’s where I found out about it and I have been studying LEGALESE for several years now & why I always ‘see through’ the word games that the cabal behind it all are playing with the American People. Know your rights. “He who doesn’t assert his rights – has none.” (I don’t know who said that)

    2. I know that, in the military, the word gun does not refer to a pistol or automatic rifle, but to “larger fire sticks”. I guess that’s what you mean by “barrel of 1 and a half inches.”

    3. You have found the ‘holy grail’ of our abject ignorance. This is their game, their rules and their vision of the world. We can CHOOSE to play in this game or opt out….the Amish are a fine example of this. Not that I would join a cult to opt out of this system but it is appealing, the thought of directing my life in accordance with something higher than man’s flawed judgement, nontheless.

      All of these conversations need not even take place if we cooperated to engineer and build a world based on principals that served every living creature…..not just those deemed worthy. The Constitution is flawed from it’s inception. No man or woman has the power to ‘free’ humanity as these are inherent attributes from before our birth into this world. They chip away at the Constitution because we believe that it creates our freedoms. They dismantle it because we fear this. They trample it because we are not autonomous without being told we are already autonomous.
      As long as we continue to hammer away at their institutions we will find ourselves spent and sorely abused. Build another world.

      Their system, their institutions, their vision. Choose one diametrically oppossed to the one that they have created and you have eradicated their support and foundation.

      Good work in pointing these facts out to the public, zareth.

  5. The gov (and MSM) have yet to produce a shred of evidence that Adam Lanza was a perp let alone the sole perp. They might as well end all their press conferences with the edict “Let it be said. Let it be so.” And this from our public servants… Yeah, they serve someone all right but it ain’t the public.

  6. I love it!!
    But, at $1,000 it might not be enough. Hmmm, perhaps we should take up a concerned patriots collection program to get answers for this event + the events involving the deaths at our embassy in Benghazi. Apparently we have to dig on our own.

  7. WASHINGTON: April 9, 2013 POLITICO – PI SCOOP … SANDY HOOK PARENTS TO HILL WITH MEHLMAN VOGEL CASTAGNETTI: Nearly a dozen parents whose children died in the Sandy Hook shooting are headed up to Capitol Hill today, looking to make the case for gun control legislation in person, Anna and John Bresnahan are reporting.

    The parents have signed on with boutique lobbying firm Mehlman Vogel Castagnetti, which recently filed paperwork to begin lobbying on firearms legislation for Sandy Hook Promise.

    1. Boutique Lobbying Firm? There must be a damned lot of money in lobbying for gun control, if you can get a firm of that ilk to volunteer to push your story about your dead kid for you. If they didn’t volunteer, then who’s paying them, and why?

      Enough money perhaps, to hire actors and / or send people into ‘witness protection’ style new lives after the scam is unfolded? Enough to buy off or kill of those few who really knew what was going on in order to preserve the original ‘official version’ of the story?

      Call me a cynic but it seems that ‘my kid died that day’ is a sympathetic enough story to stand on its own merits without a lobbying firm. Unless, of course, the story is worn out and has lost credibility by now. It sure has lost any credibility with me. To borrow a phrase, ‘Methinks they do protest too much’. Using a lobbying firm to push your story in D.C. just seems a little ‘over the top’ – maybe a LOT over the top. Perhaps the firm should get some rock star or Hollyweird-o to come and read their statements for them….

  8. I find it completely irresponsible that any Senator/Congressman/Governor/Mayor could vote to enact any law based on an incident that has NOT even been fully investigated! It is a stated fact that Adam Lanza did NOT have a “Long Gun” AR-15 when they supposedly found him. So who used the long gun to murder all these children? The guys running up the hill into the wooded area? The day Obama was re-elected he said he was going to try to get the UN-Small Arms Treaty signed and ratified, the very next day Diane Feinstein said she was going to re-introduce her Assault Rifle Ban that had expired in 2004. This was BEFORE the Sandy Hook Shooting! They are trying to pass all these laws as fast as they can. Why? Can we say Agenda? What about Eric Holder’s Project Longevity? What a convenient coincidence exactly 1-month later the Sandy Hook Shooting takes place and little children are the target. I can’t even say it……
    Every lawmaker who participates in this fraud should be held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    1. We don’t know for certain YET that those kids were shot with ANY long gun. We have the coroner’s statement – made while he was laughing. That’s it. Investigation results have been leaked – just a little, not all.

      So what we have is at the moment statements that they were all shot with handguns, and the state coroner’s statement that it was with a .223 – and I have to wonder how he knew that so quickly about all those shots, which he said were 3 per child. How would he know so fast that they weren’t .22 Long Rifle? Or .22 WMR? He only had a few hours to look at the bodies and make that call.

      1. It was drill that went “live” as they all eventually do. 911 had several drills going on, even drills crashing planes into buildings. The Colorado shooting had a drill going on at a local college based on a theater shooting, The Sandy Hook shooting had a drill going on about children in jeopardy right down the street.The London 7-7 bombings, had a drill going on with the exact same scenario as what actually happened. Look at the Sandy Hook videos, at least 25 main characters have badges on them with different colors based on their part of the drill. Even the Nuns have badges and ALL the crying people for the photo shoots have badges and some are trying to conceal them and even avoid the cameras!! They issued brown and blue jackets with ripples to the players. If We the People keep challenging them they will have no choice but say “yes this was a drill that went live”. And then we got them and they know it. DO NOT let this go down “The Memory Hole”. Obama keeps saying “we can not forget this and pass Gun Control now”!. This is the first time I agree with Obama….let’s not for this and hold them accountable. Their only way out is “the drill went live” scenario which they should have used 12-14-2012.
        If you want this to all end..Dismantle DHS Homeland Security and end ALL these drills and save us hundreds of millions of dollars and lives.

  9. grreat idea. The problem with the best legal defense, Freedom of Expression, is that the whole argument is wrapt up in a liberal ideological cacoon that avoids discussing the systematic duplicity of the media.

    This approach makes the power system pay a price in credibility for harrassing you, and there is a good chance that they may not want to.
    It would attract attention to the homicidal conspiracies that the media, and academia, wants to cover up.

  10. I recently saw a debate hosted by IQ2US. According to the Tampa Bay Times Robin E. Blumner, “Victory is a simple matter of persuasion. The audience votes at the beginning the debate, choosing to be for the motion, against it or undecided, then votes again at the end. The winning team is the one that sways the most people, not the one with the most votes.” Finding an impartial moderator shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

    I, too, would be willing to chip in for prize money, especially if the debate was recorded and posted. If the money wasn’t collected, it could be donated to a worthy charity or even Dr. Tracy’s website. Kickstarter is an easy way to set up a fund, I think; it’s certainly easy to donate through.

  11. I will be interested to see if anyone takes the Professor up on his offer.

    This whole thing smells of Gun Control and pushing oppressive “Patriot Act-ish” legislation on the American People. I have great concern about the new “security” proposed for our nation’s schools, it looks like it will be the “compromise” reached in Congress.

    “Homeland Security” contractors are chomping at the bit to get into our schools:

    1). In February, as a response to Sandy Hook, Ingersoll Rand announced on the website “Homeland Security Today”:

    “The greatest impediment to protecting school children is funding. Therefore, Ingersoll Rand has augmented its grant-funding consultation capability to school administrators, facility and maintenance personnel and others by offering data from its 24/7 cloud-based database of federal and state grant funding information that identifies $11.5 billion in funding sources.”


    2). “Israel now sends $1.2 billion in “defense” products to the United States–up dramatically from $270 million in 1999. In 2006 Israel exported $3.4 billion in defense products–well over a billion more than it received in US military aid. Much of this growth has been in the so-called “homeland security” sector. Before 9/11 homeland security barely existed as an industry.

    By the end of this year, Israeli exports in the sector will reach $1.2 billion–an increase of 20 percent. The key products and services are high-tech fences, unmanned drones, biometric IDs, video and audio surveillance gear, air passenger profiling and prisoner interrogation systems–precisely the tools and technologies Israel has used to lock in the occupied territories.”

    — Naomi Klein, “Labratory for a Fortressed World”,

  12. I like the idea although they won’t respond to the “nutty professor” out of fear of legitimizing James Tracy. I believe if you even offered 5 million you still would hear nothing. Similar to the offer of Donald Trump to Obama concerning his college records, passport etc.

  13. Have Senator Paul or Senator Cruz filibuster gun control by saying they will support gun control if anyone can prove Sandy Hook happen.Filibuster with all the facts that it didn’t happen. End of Gun control. Harry Reid will go nuts along with the Washington elites.

  14. In light of the horrific stabbing performed by a deranged deaf student in Texas, will the liberal elite now call for a ban on knives? The Deaf? Such an atrocity is merely proof that the criminally insane will find their vice, regardless of regulatory control.

    1. Very likely. There is already a ban on knives in the UK, and now doctors are requesting a kitchen knife ban there, as well.
      As far as the deaf, I am sure the pharmaceutical companies would love to have some precedent to prescribe mind altering drugs to the hearing impaired.

    2. Yes!!! We need knife control now!!! And hammer control…..and hatchet control…….pipe and bat control……auto control……..America! Do not trust yourself with any blunt instrument. Pencil control, lamp control! I once stubbed my toe on a….shit…we need coffee table control……..Congress! Put us all in rubber rooms with straight jackets! Americans are all crazy and we need someone to protect us…..FROM US!!!! YIKES!!!

      1. And do you how much whoop ass one could do with a fishing rod?
        And you don’t want to know what kind of damage a treble hook would do.
        Ban em all I say. Yes, put us all in straight jackets and force feed us Prozac.

  15. The question might be asked,, in conjunction with the evidence or lack of it presented in this debate (which would be difficult to arrange) is whether the banning of guns of the population is in any relevant to the emerging police state that appears to be gaining traction under the guise of Defending the people against Terrorism.

    Is it conceivable that the monstrous inequality that has occurred when the multimillionaires became multibillionaires can only be maintained by a politicall state that drives increasing number of Americans into destituion. And to impliemnt this poliice state, whether it is convenient to leave the population defenseless by taking away their weapons.

    This would increase the salience of the need of Freedom of Expression in order to combat the possible false flag operations conducted to take away the Freedom of the American people. Which is done under the guise of reducing gun violence.

    I am strongly in favor of reducing gun violence. Also violence by bombs, drones, artilliary, radiation, and other weapons that are killing hundreds of thousands of people. This can be done by reducing the military and de-militariizing the police. Then it is possible to reasonably discuss questions about restricting the guns of the American people.

    But not until then.

    1. Mark,

      I, for one, definitely see a connection.

      The emerging Police State is intricately connected to the gold rush in providing “Homeland Security” services—there is incredible pressure to keep this gusher flowing.

      1) Israel has experienced an economic boom, a “Homeland Security” bubble, as it is the largest provider of security consultation to the U.S. The intense dependency this creates is shocking, Israel’s economy and its security is essentially strengthened by the emerging Police State in the U.S.

      See: Naomi Klein, “Labratory for a Fortressed World”,

      2) Our schools represent a $11.5 billion playing field for “Homeland Security” firms to hone their craft on a captive population. A chief benefit is that our youth will come to accept this policing as normal.


      We should all be very concerned.

  16. I would hardly think that Newtown was an attempt the government to avoid changing gun laws. In fact, quite the contrary. People now have the notion to increase their arsenals or begin one. This one’s a no brainer. Now if the government’s aim was to ratchet up fears for the purpose of making a change of government to a Plutocratic Oligarchy, this would be ideal so big government can protect them from these “horrors.” the behavior of the people at Sandy Hook, was completely contrary to the way people act at scenes where parents or family members are killed. I was a paramedic for nearly twenty years, i just looked at the lackadaisical behavior of ALL of the people, the destitution of any evidence that anything but theater was afoot. this government doesn’t carry off frauds well. 911 is the best example of that fact.

  17. All the goings-on in Newtown reminded me of an article on the movie ‘Hide and Seek’ which took place in Woodland.

    The sentence just above the picture before “In Conclusion” reads, “Also, were the people in this friendly town “in on it”? Is Woodland a kind of government-owned remote location used for MK programming?”

    The caption under the picture reads, “Most people in Woodland are extremely creepy and strange. Every man made it a point of saying that Emily was “very beautiful” – with an unsettling, perverted look on their face. These scenes might refer to a child abuse ring going on in the town. Or maybe it was an odd way to add some suspense to the movie.”

  18. Not that a debate would not be interesting and informative, but frankly, as far as ‘gun control’ legislation, it does not matter whether or not Sandy Hook took place as reported, or at all. The second amendment ensures the right to bear arms without infringement by the government. Period. I didn’t see the part where it says “unless twenty or more children are killed by a lone gunman, in which case all Americans will be duly punished and must surrender all arms”.

    1. That same amendment you refer to was written prior to the development of the type of weaponry now available. We need to be responsible in gun ownership. truthseekerOO is way off base stating that we’re expecting all Americans to “surrender all arms”. That’s part of the problem – comments like that are inflammatory.

      I come from a family of gun owners, so do not accuse me of being against gun ownership. However, I’m also proud to say no one in my family owns rapid-fire assault weapons. Both my father and step-father served in the military as a career; those are weapons of war…not recreation. And they need to be regulated.

      1. do they own any semi auto rifles? “Assault weapon” is a political term that doesn’t actually mean anything. It means what some politician wants it to mean. Under CT law, and the 1994-2004, the AR found at Sandy Hook was not an “assault weapon”. The rate of fire etc is the same as a wooden stock semi auto. Depending on the person, about the same as a bolt action too. The traditional wooden stock vs modern has more to do with a generation gap. ARs etc. are often used in target competitions. The “military grade” refers to assault rifles, which by definition is select fire, a machine gun. My wife has a bolt action rifle that was military issue 85 years ago, a “weapon of war.”

  19. Newtown seems to be morphing into the surreal, a latter-day narrative from Stepford, USA. Rod Serling saw this coming in his quixotic view years ago, a chilling reality even “1984” failed to capture. It is called a ‘soft kill.’ So smooth, too few can detect or combat its velvet grasp.

  20. Peter Phillips, long time head of Project Censored, is teaching a class in Conspiracy Theory this summer at a California state college. It comes at a grreat time in helping to make conspiracies respectable. The notion of ‘conspiracy’ has now entered the academic realm on both coasts and hopefully will make its way into the heartland. This will protect professors and staff teaching these courses, since universities, which traditonally have been very conservative in the USA, will find in more difficult to harass profs for telling the simple truth in an emerging academic field.

    Professor Phillips wanted to teach a paper I worte a few years ago but I was irritated by the stuffiness of the academic genre. But, what do you know, I was just too impatient. Truth marches on. The stigmatizing of the notion of’ conspiracies in the American truth tradition by the media, universities and other truth institutions is, from a rational perspective, preposterous. Power has always engaged in conspiracies throughout history.

    The concept is important because it can be used to unite the left and right currently influenced by the Dems and Repubs, and transform the axis of political conflict to people vs power. The concept can help form a leadership truth cadre needed to reorient the American political system historically.

    And if teachers and journalists are protected by the increasing legitimation of the concept, more will come out of the closet to form a truth guard for telling the simple truth about power relations. However, the course costs 1300 bucks, which limits its appeal.

  21. You guys are nuts. I live in Sandy Hook. This happened exactly as you have read or heard. A terrible slaughter of innocent children. I notice my posts never get posted.

    1. It doesn’t matter where you live, there is little evidence to support the official story. Even if you are Lt. Vance’s daddy, you still don’t have any proof that this happened. Sorry, but geographic advantages do not apply.

    2. again you are wrong, both about Sandy Hook and about your comment being posted because I read it and replied. The stepford town of Sandy has one pat answer to all who querry :It happened because I know someone who knew someone who was affected” The motive behind this madness, do we need dare say?? Money in the millions!!

    3. Then answer Prof. Tracy’s questions, and clear up the huge loose ends. Take his challenge. Personal attacks are cheap and easy. As your sorry… information lacking… emotive post reveals. Any child that was hurt or murdered is a tragedy…no one disputes that. All anyone has EVER asked for were truthful answers to direct questions and a narrative that fits the incident.


    Here is media footage of a crisis that happened today. A bus overturned. An eyewitness describes what happening on the scene, and there is video footage backing up his description.

    This is aerial footage taken from a helicopter very close to a major airport, and they managed to document the event.

    There are emergency responders working the scene, the state troopers cleared the highway to allow entrance for emergency vehicles.
    Several triage areas were set up very close to the scene of the tragedy, and people are seen being treated and loaded into ambulances.

    Emergency personnel were busy and one could actually identify what they were doing. They also loaded passengers, that seemed unhurt, onto a bus to be transported to the hospital to rule out possible injuries.

    I watched the live footage.
    Even after the scene was cleared of victims, the emergency workers were busy with specific chores. They were not going in circles, or standing around on cell phones, drinking water; no one posing for photo-ops.
    There was a job to be done and the emergency responders were taking care of business. And that’s how an emergency situation is supposed to appear.

    Compare this to the scene at Sandy Hook. I understand that there were reportedly very little survivors at the school on 12-14. But I would still expect to see every available emergency responder going into action very close to the entrance of the school.

    Even if one argues that there was an active shooting and emergency personnel couldn’t set up close to the school, then why are people allowed to remain in harm’s way photographing images?

    There are too many contradictions and too many gaps.

    I hope someone takes you up on this challenge, Dr Tracy.

  23. Where’s the news actor and gilded- diaper- born Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper? Surely he would take on Prof. Tracy? I mean…after all… Coop was once an intern at the CIA. If he is so concerned about Sandy Hook….Common…Coop… there is money on the table and though you don’t need it….; donate it to your favorite charity. I am sure there are a number of Museums in NY that wouldn’t mind the donation during these hard economic times,

    1. Nice idea, Kelley. However, the influence that it took for this to be pulled off would prohibit anyone involved to come forward no matter the monetary gain.

      1. (adding to my own comment)
        Besides, if anyone came forward with the “truth” the media either would not cover it OR they would totally and quickly discredit the person. Moreover, it would be dangerous for any one person to come forward (for a couple of reasons). Remember the warning – the same day of the Sandy Hook event – about anyone disseminating “false information” being prosecuted to the full extent of the law? And this was before there was really any information…

    1. Let’s have this debate in Newtown. You all are invited.
      Maybe afterward we can debate whether the bombs really went off in Boston of perhaps it was staged.

      1. James, I wouldn’t dignify your offer with a response. Why would we want to put those poor families who have suffered so much, to be part of this right wing conspiracy theory? However, feel free to come up anyway and speak to those that were part of this tragedy and to pay your respects.


    This video at 4:18 reported that the shooter was allowed into the school because principal Dawn Hochsprung recognized him as the son of a colleague. Why isn’t anybody in Law Enforcrment coming forward with this information there are so many witnesses? I am devastated that these children were slaughtered and everyone is too fearful to prosecute the real perpetrators.

    The detailed case of all credible evidence pointing to Scott Vollmer is on this thread:

    1. The real tragedy is that there are those who think that there were deaths. No-one died. No-one stuck a frying pan – among other things – in their daughter’s casket because she liked cooking (McDonnell family).

    2. This is hardly compelling evidence. Nancy Lanza NEVER worked or volunteered at the Sandy Hook school. During that awful day, there was a lot of misinformation reported. Rumors, etc. It was a single gunman, case closed.

      1. Sorry Joe but the evidence suggests otherwise. Sally Cox clearly identified the shooter as being the son of a kindergarten teacher and the report of Hochsprung allowing Vollmer in the building is consistent with that. Furthermore an armed SWAT guy was caught hiding in the woods so what do you think he was doing there ? His picture is on a tweet and available on the thread I referenced above. Is it also a coincidence that Janet Vollmer’s friends were off from work that day like Joanne Didonato ? By the way Joanne Didonato’s daughter Stephanie is also a high school friend of Scott Vollmer- another coincidence?

        Oh and is it also a coincidence that SWAT raided a house on Philo Curtis road and Scott Vollmer has a High School friend named Scott Deweese that just happens to live on that road too?

        Why do the police not release the 911 calls? Especially the one made by Sally Cox ?

        Why has Natalie Hammond, or any other witness, not come out and said that she saw Adam Lanza?

        Why did Lt Vance avoid answering the question when asked if teh Shooter’s mother was affiliated with the school?

        No doubt about it there was a team of assailants and their motive was to promote gun control!

        Now what was Lanza’s motive and what evidence is there ?

        Your turn…..

      2. Jules, so you don’t think it was staged by actors like many people on this website but rather by a team of assailants? Sanction by who? The President?
        Again, Nancy Lanza NEVER worked or volunteered in the school system. The police did release the 911 calls. What is so odd about a SWAT guy in the woods? What is it about this tragedy that you find it so unbelievable? Was the Boston bombing staged too?

    3. Lori, Certainly the parents of the 20 murdered kids lived in Newtown. Most of the educators lived in the surrounding towns.James, right wingers don’t believe the government, they feel the gov’t is spying on them and lying. They believe the media is part of all this, that the gov’t controls them. Basically, there are no facts to back up these right wing conspiracies. Like all the Birthers who feel our President was born in Kenya.

      1. “Basically, there are no facts to back up these right wing conspiracies.” I take it you mean theories and observations on governmental and corporate conspiracies against the American people and those in foreign locales. Yes, I think you’re probably right. I can’t think of any offhand.

      2. If there were facts to back up the allegations of conspiracies, they wouldn’t be ‘conspiracies’ but rather crimes waiting to be tried. A conspiracy, by definition, hides the evidence to protect the guilty, and the only ‘facts’ available become the results of the conspiracy.

      3. Joe, Certainly Wild Rose Farm wasn’t in Newtown (Lewis family). Check the Barden residential address on their donation fund website (Google Earth the house and note the distance from Newtown). Jimmy Greene is assistant prof at Western Connecticut University in Danbury, CT, and his wife, Marques-Greene teaches at a university. There is some evidence that they lived at least 45 minutes from Newtown and attend a church in their neighbourhood. Why commute your young children to a “public” school that far away when both parents are working in professional capacities? How many of the families were “new” to the area – and how many have since left the area? In-depth research is necessary, Joe – of the information available – in order to substantiate your claim that “certainly the parents of the 20 murdered kids lived in Newtown”. Here, you’ve made an assumption that is incorrect. If you can point me to any evidence that any of these people were long time residents of Newtown (say, over two years) please do. You might also want to consider some of the professions of the victim families’ parents and wonder if they would be sending their kids to a public school at all (instead of a private school). As well, I would suggest, that many of the photos are old and these kids (whoever they are) will have already graduated high school and have gone on to college – and, in one case, I suggest the girl is now a mother herself. Even the classroom photos are dated and fuzzy, and in today’s world of technology you’ve got to wonder why.

      4. Lori, in CT you have to be a resident of the town in order to send your kids to the public schools. That is a another fact which you like to ignore. It is not an assumption on my part but fact. Where do you live that your town allows out of town residents to go to the public school? They aren’t private schools but public. Sorry to sink your conspiacy theory.

      5. Thanks Daisy; exactly. Sorry, Joe, if I wasn’t clear in my writing.

        Regarding “conspiracies”, hard evidence would be exposing people who have much power and influence which inhibits individuals from coming forward with that evidence.

        I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned the “Dunblane School Massacre” (found on Wikipedia), but it’s worth a read to see the influence that event had on gun control and how it parallels Sandy Hook.

        Boston Bombings (and other alleged attacks by radical youth):
        I have an idea that what is about to happen is that today’s youth will be targeted for “screening” – the upcoming generation. A push towards screening of, say, high school students to ensure that they’re not “radicals”. In other words, if they think outside of the box when it comes to government activities/policies they may be referred for counselling to thwart their radical views. Peers will be encouraged to report suspicious talk and/or behaviour. This will happen in the workplace as well. The public will support this, again in the name of safety. Free speech will be adversely affected.

        So first disarm the public and then take away freedom of speech – all in the name of safety. So the question has to be what does freedom mean to you, and be careful what you wish for.

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