This letter was received from a reader in central Europe and relates provocative claims and insights on Sandy Hook, particularly with the backdrop of several new PBS-sponsored “documentaries” addressing the incident. The text is reproduced in its entirety below with minor editing. The name and other identifying information of the writer have been withheld to preserve their anonymity.

(Name and address excerpted)

January 31, 2013

Prof James Tracy
c/o Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Rd
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Ref. Sandy Hook


As a retired aircraft engineer, familiar with crash-sites, I realized immediately that no aircraft had hit the ground in Shanksville or the walls of the Pentagon.  What intrigued me most, was the obvious media lies spread all over the world.  Central control so to speak

I began to collect information on all these dubious “terror incidents”, mainstream-and alternative media.  Now, I kind of regard myself as a person with a “sixth sense” on these matters.

Sandy Hook

Forget the Alan Jones [sic] Network. Didn’t you notice, interviewer Watson repeatedly saying, “No doubt, that thing happened and these kids got killed”?  How did he know?  They get their instructions from the same crime network. It’s a deception set-up.  Talking about deception:

The smoking gun that nothing happened and there are no dead kids, is the guy the police dragged out of the woods, who, we are told, said, “I did not do it.”  This is it!

They needed someone to entertain the thought that a shooting really took place!  It’s part of the scam!  This suspect, a possible 2nd shooter, we are told, ended up on the FRONT seat of the police cruiser and the CBS TV Crew on the spot did not care to catch him on camera?  They made certain, all the radio news broadcasts and some TV stations carried the story during the first hours following the “incident.”  They had to present A SHOOTER to support their story.

Then they put the police chopper video on the net, to give the story another boost.  “Shooters” had to be brought into the discussion, because there was none.  This would also breed “conspiracy theories” (who would instantly be dismissed by mainstream media, due to an ignorant population).  Under normal circumstances this police-video would not be released to the public.  They did it in order to fool us!

The second “smoking gun,” are the longtime Newtown residents and Adam Lanza.  Ask the residents what they know about Adam?  Adam Lanza!   This guy is a phantom!   We know nothing about him.  No birthdate, no death certificate, how he died, where he is buried.  Nobody could identify him as the shooter, recognized him on his way to the school, on the parking lot.  Nobody apparently saw him for years.  There are no verified school records, bank accounts, doctors visits, birth certificate, drivers-license (photo+birthdate), club memberships, video game purchases.  We have no confirmation that the weird looking person on the media run photograph is Adam Lanza.  He had no friends.

Instead of discussing discrepancies, whenever Sandy-Hook is mentioned, media always remind the listener, “A GUNMAN shot 20 children and 6 adults.”  Each and every time.  Days and weeks on end.

The lady neighbor only remembers Adam as a little kid, which may well have been brother Ryan.  The only information comes from school mates, in the “Hartford Courant.”  Most likely planted fakes.  They were all reading from the same playbook.  The only Lanza relative on media, Aunt Marsha, is another dubious person.

Investigations of Peter J. Lanza’s address found 11!  Two at Newtown, Yogananda Street, Nr 36 and 13!  In the box “Associates” you find Nancy and Ryan, but NO ADAM!!

We know little about mother Nancy.  Shot twice in the face, another story states 4 times in the face.  Connections to Sandy Hook, being a teacher, visiting shooting ranges, with autistic Adam?  All media lies.  Nancy too, had disappeared for months.  Neighbors said they had no contact for years (not months).

CNN timeline Quote “Law enforcement sources involved in the investigation said the shooter was 20 years of age.”  This was hours before the shooters name was changed from Ryan (24) to Adam!!

The “fast and furious” response by Obama and the White House does not match the norm.  Obama actually spoke to the nation (15.15) 30 Minutes before Police Lt. Paul Vance published the first correct casualty list (15.45), that became the official number (20 kids, 7 adults).  And: How come it took law enforcement 6 hours to count 25 + 2 bodies?

How come that the dead were left on the premises for 14 hours, until midnight.  This is against all rules.  Who was in charge attending the victims, in the immediate aftermath of the “shooting”!  Why are there no pictures/videos of their recovery/transport?

We’ve seen no pictures of the shot-up entrance, the bodies, the blood, the messed up classrooms; Nothing!  There were funerals and stories told, but absolutely no proof that a shooting had taken place.  It’s another scam by the minority group who governs the USA.  Declaring never ending “wars on terror” and now war on the majority of law-abiding Americans.

The media monopoly by this group has to be smashed.  Without, there is no hope.

Yours sincerely,


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    1. According to this link and story…..

      Sandy hook staffer Sheri Thornberg who was running late that Friday morning, arrived at the school at 9:30. She claims the door was locked and she was buzzed in. (No mention of shattered glass as this would have certainly alerted her to be alarmed)

      In link and story she traces her steps:

      -enters foyer into principal’s office
      -glances at staff new’s bulletin
      -leaves office
      -turns left going down hallway past cafeteria
      -enters Math/Science room to hang coat and store lunch
      -stops to chat with two collegues and show recent picture of her son

      (How much time would have passed here??)

      It is related that school intercom was on and she and her collegues heard ‘pop/pop’ and janitor yelling supposedly at shooter ‘put the gun down’…’put the gun down.’
      The three staff hide in closet.

      Meanwhile in this link and story:

      Link in relation to parent Barbara Sibley.

      Its also 9:30 and two parents are outside school; one parent upon arrival stated she witnessed a group of children already running from the school towards firehouse. Both parents are alarmed at the silence from the school, there is shattered glass they seemingly examine at door entrance, and remark that a black car is in no parking zone with all 4 doors open and black material strewn about the car.

      Now they hear the ‘pop-pop’ sound and head for safety, hiding behind a dumpster!

      It is stated in early releases that Adam Lanza also entered school at 9:30 and last night I read an article on the Newtown Patch that police confirmed Lanza entered school at 9:40. If this was so, then the two hiding parents would have witnessed this!
      If this were true who broke the glass these parents were examining and who is doing the pop-pop shooting that causes the two parents to run and hide. Why does staffer Sheri Thornberg not see broken glass?

      These two stories greatly conflict because of the first little pack of students witnessed running from school toward firestation, which leads the public to think they are fleeing from the shooting. If this were true and the 9:30 timeslot were true then the late staffer would have had to step over the bodies of the principal and school psychologist and the related ‘pop-pop’ heard by parents and three conversing staffers would be the classroom shootings.

      Nobody has ever reported on just who this little pack of students were or why they were witnessed running from school towards firehouse; however there are stories about a group of young students who left the one classroom even while the shooting was going on.

      It matters not whether the time was 9:30 or 9:40 for Lanza to enter school. Both timeslots conflict with these witness statements. Another very confusing element is the janitor as it is related that he is heard over intercom yelling at shooter and then is checking if classroom doors are locked. I’m assuming this would be total chaos. Why would shooter not attack him?? How could he leave the first situation to then check for locked classroom doors? Makes no sense!!

      Personally I find these witness statements and the way they conflict to be the biggest ‘red flag’ in the entire developing story and I am sure there are other early stories that would again conflict further!!

      1. regarding the “little pack of kids” making an early escape from the school, I did watch a news interview with the father of one of the boys in that group who described what happened (as told to him by his son). When Lanza went into one of the classrooms a number of kids just decided to run out the door instead of staying in the room, supposedly led by the son of the man who was being interviewed. In the interview he goes on to say that his son even held the front door of the building open for the rest of the kids to go through. He said that no words were exchanged with Lanza and that Lanza just inexplicably let them leave the room without attempting to harm them.

        Now, problem is that I don’t remember where it was that I saw this interview. I’ve watched so many videos. But if you look you should be able to find it as they make the boy out to be somewhat of a hero.

      2. Bev, the Wikipedia article has a coherent story line though you may disagree with it:

        At about 9:35 am, using his mother’s Bushmaster XM15-E2S rifle,[19][20][21] Lanza shot his way through a locked glass door at the front of the school.[22][23] He was wearing black clothing, earplugs and an olive green utility vest, carrying magazines for the Bushmaster.[24][25] Initial reports that he had been wearing body armor were incorrect.[26] Some of those present heard initial shots on the school intercom system, which was being used for morning announcements.[15]

  1. HERE is Dan Rather :saying that he was fired from his job after 40 years as one of the best media journalists in the world along with many other fine journalsist who all where FIRED . They where fired because they wouldnt LIE – Dan Rather says that the 4 corporate media giants (the number used to be 600 media outlets in the 70’s ) the number now is between 4 & 6 . He says the ” TRIVIALISATION,POLITICALIZATION & CORPORATIZATION ” of the news media is extremely dangerous & he trys to warn us all to do our research because the truth is not allowed in the media which is all corporate owned & is ” in bed with the white house ” & that the “news on main stream media had nothing to do with news” – please watch :::

    1. This is a great video. I remember another interview with Dan Rather with British media after 9/11 where he said he would have been “necklaced” if he asked too many questions about 911. “Necklaced”, means to have a burning tire pushed over you while you’re executed.

      1. glad you liked the video , Dan has his own channel on you tube also , just go to Dan Rather and you’l find it , he has lots of good stuff there on all the issues. Here is the video of all the ‘mystery deaths’ of all the 911 whistle blowers . I want to keep sharing in hopes you too will share as i have done the research ( i was a non believer in all of this when i started ), but i was told to keep looking by people,so I did . Its all this research that people dont do and they look at you like your the crazy when you telll them our corporate giants and government blew up the twin towers & sandy hook never happened ( at least not like they said it did , and people tell you your a dam fool when in reality they are the dam fools for believing in the boogy man that the corrupt government tells them exsists just becasue they tell them . most people cant connect the dots and wont do 60 minutes of research to get them even thinking . its so sad how dumbed down Americans are , they are a disgrace .

      2. In response to Lexi63…I watched the 9/11 video and it does raise some questions. Please don’t say that you’ve done “the research”……and this goes for many of us. The problem on so many of these issues is that no one has done “the research”. Investigative Journalism and Original Scholarship is dead right now. Watching anonymously posted youTube videos is not research.
        ……….I’ve watched Alex Jones videos since before 9/11 and I admire his passion….but, he makes the mistake of referencing “the documents” or the “white papers” too often, and then tries to fit this idea into an overarching theme of the New World Order.

        1. uuuummmm perhaps YOU have not done your research , but I HAVE , both on 911 , sandy hook , the media & the government . I have been researching them for many years . Have you ever heard of Philip Marshall ? perhaps you should do some research on him and his death and his book about 911 , so you can feel as confident in what you say as us that have done the research . here is the link to his book about 911 . and I ASSURE YOU HE DID THE RESEARCH ALSO FOR MANY MANY YEARS BEFORE HE WROTE THE BOOK AND THEY SLAUGHTERED HIM AND HIS CHILDREN ( along with many others ). & after you do your research , come back and talk about wht you know and don’t know but not until then .

        2. Jones is an investigative journalist and it’s true his persona often precedes him. Yet what should take precedence over documentation to make a particular case? Poems or children’s stories perhaps? Note also that conventional journalists and news media assume and perpetuate “an overarching theme” as well. Namely, that our elected representatives and systems of governance are responsive to a popular will and function to protect “we the people.” Nothing could be further from reality.

      3. It’s ironic, reading the comments of lexi63. (Agony is more like it). A person who is so monumentally ignorant of punctuation and correct spelling can’t expect to be read, much less have others heed their advice. lexi63 calls Americans “dumbed down.” I’m a little surprised that “dumbed” was not spelled “dummed.” And evidently his/her keyboard does include a functioning caps key, because he/she DID use it, once, in spelling Americans.”

    2. Thanks MG….if this father’s story were true then the shooter would have had to be in the school well before 9:30 and the shooter would have had to have, already killed the principal and psychologist and then went on to the classrooms in order for the parent/Mom outside the school to have witnessed the children running towards the firehouse at 9:30.

      This would not explain staffer Thornberg’s arrival at 9:30, no shattered glass and her stated path she followed through the school until hearing the first shots.

      Also here is another 9:30 storyline:

      The meeting involving the principal, psychologist and Diane Day, noted to be the District Therapist among others present in a meeting in conference room, is said to have begun at 9:30. In this story Diane Day is said to have stated that they were only five minutes into the meeting when they heard ‘POP-POP.’ That makes the time now ‘9:35.’

      According to that story staffer Sheri Thornberg had only 5 minutes to take all the steps I outlined above from her own words.

      According to that story police got their first call at 9:36 and at 9:38 shooting is said to have stopped and then by 9:46 there is the first report of ‘bodies found.’ From this figuring its all over in about three minutes????

      So the 9:30 timeslot is real confusing now!! Was there an earlier shooting that would have set that ‘pack of children’ running off???, a staffer enters school and seemingly all is normal ??? and right behind her is two parents outside school, have witnessed those running children, are examining shattered glass and a dark car with 4 doors open, black fabric outside vehicle and parked in the no parking zone.

      But how could there be an earlier shooting if the conference room meeting started at 9:30 and the claim that the principal and psychologist were the first victims shot is true???
      I still think this timeslot is a big red flag!!

    3. Thanks Rocky…..just one question. If Lanza entered the school at 9:35 then how come and why were that small group of students witnessed running away from the school and towards the firehouse at 9:30 by a Mom arriving at the school to deliver something her child had forgotten?? According to statements this particular group of children escaped from the classroom shooting which couldn’t be possible if Lanza never entered school until 9:35 and the children are running before he is even said to have entered the school. The parent who reported on this seemed to me to be a most credible witness.

  2. Dear Dr Tracy, I am so baffled that you arent seen as a treasure at your school, I wish you taught at my daughter’s school. I worry that you may be intimidated to be quiet, sometimes as I research the type of things you question, I am worried google is keeping track of my searches. Two things I wonder about, the purple van with nuns and ski masks, I mean it sounds like something out of scooby doo, what a great idea to use something so crazy that it seems embarassing to ask about it, a purple van? Second thing is the very believable woman who arrived at the school before police responded. She and another Mom came upon the quiet school a broken window and the black car all four doors open and black sweatshirts strewn around. Where is she now? The more I have read about Lanza and his Mom, I just dont see it at least not him alone, and the gun count never adds up. And no time at the gun range, can you learn to proficiently shoot by a video game?

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    1. Thanks for your kinds words. As for search results, they are indeed logged by Google. Try instead as a search engine. has done additional research on the purple vans and nuns aspect.

      1. Rebecca and Dr. Tracy I have heard of local authorities using such things. I am friends with public defenders in a large city. One of them told the story how a client was beat up by a cop in a bunny suit. They did that so the clients would just be assumed to be high when he testified. Some how, the bunny suit was discovered.

        So it is plausible that PTB staging an event would include ridiculous things as credibility killers.

    2. Yes, I was wondering why reports of the purple van, the nuns and ski masks were not followed up,, I now think this could have been put in to detract from the main senario. The more you look at the event the more the whole thing is just unbelievable.

  3. “Then they put the police chopper video on the net, to give the story another boost.”
    The helicopter thing has been bugging me.
    where do the youtubers get the video to examine and comment on, and especially all the closeups?

    another thing is the Rodia car and the bullett hole car…

    a friend of mine from work told me a story that his car was once impounded for illegal parking or something, and by the time he was able to pay the fine and get it back, the police had put a bunch of miles on it, using it for undercover work…

    it makes me wonder if the bullet hole car and the Rodia car were just staged props

    folks other than me have noticed rust around the bullet holes in that car…


    1. Also, unusual that police or news outlets could get a helicopter to the scene w/in a matter of a few minutes to document the shootings suspects leaving the scene. Rodia car situation is also unusual, especially if one is left to rely mainly on the CT police dispatch recording as evidence.

    2. Jedmarlin, that’s been troubling many others also. Where did the video come from? It’s also weird — the people at the firehouse don’t seem to be too freaked out, the seem to be doing figure eights in the building for the purpose of showing activity.

      Here’s a theory: could this footage be from the 2010 Sandy Hook drill?

      Also, it doesn’t seem to be from a helicopter, it appears to be from a fixed location. Search the youtube video: “Sandy hook wardrobe change”

  4. Good questions (signed). It all makes me wonder how it is that, assuming it was a totally fake event, the citizens of Newtown aren’t blowing the lid off the deal. Could it be they are ALL threatened, or somehow controlled? I would imagine a multi-million dollar book deal available to anyone who would tell the story of a false-flag theatrical event and federal silencing of an entire town.

    How can every single one of them be effectively silenced about a scam, unless it was a genuine killing (just not by Adam Lanza), and they are all afraid the real and currently ‘protected’ shooters (some allege Vollmer?) will come after them if they talk. What leverage can there be to silence an entire town without death threats? Well, maybe the threat of soviet-style incarceration in a mental institution (where Lanza should have been if he was real) and a diet of psychotropic drugs every day?

    1. most “common citizens” would not have been directly involved, and so they either believe it or don’t

      perhaps “somebody” should go do some “man on the street” interviews in Newtown

      who will bell that cat?

    2. The real citizens of Newtown are simply kept away. They don’t know so much more than whats REPORTED. If you knew that all the victims were faked, what would you do? Call the news networks? Be labeled a kook or a conspiracy theorist? Media have put on a filter on for whistle-blowers like this. You cant do anything – we don’t have a network.

    3. There was a commenter on this sight that pointed out the home addresses of the parents do not exist in google, and there is a pipeline being built on that street, through the town and the school. Checked and they do not exist there also. Considering, United Way collected 8.5 million, and Senator Joe Liberman and company were trying to reach out to the preliminary list of 8 pages + other charities set up, it is conceivable money could be a big motivater here.

    4. Sorry. Meant to include this thought in my first reply : It seems to me it would be highly unusual (a “first”) if there weren’t human casualties of some sort at Sandy Hook as all the other staged or orchestrated events, JFK assassination, 9/11, Aurora, etc., always include, you could say “feature”, the loss of human lives.

  5. Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    when first we practice to deceive.
    -Sir Walter Scott
    Lets assume, for the sake of argument, that we live in a world of Realpolitik and that the use of coercion, force, and fraud to achieve political ends is a useful tool for a wealth-power class. Lets assume for a moment also, that we were insiders to this group. We can see that although we’ve been very effective, our bloody footprints have been showing up at crime scenes from assassinations, drug running, torture, election fraud,and agent provocateurs. We have infiltrated media and political groups to distort and destroy nascent opposing view points. We have engineered crisis to centralize our power structure, test our control of mass media and demoralize our populations. We have used our state controlled schools to scientifically manage future opposition and insure they never get a real education. We have drugged the populace en masse. We have laundered money, completely rigged the banking system and currency is manipulated to our advantage. Still those footprints…
    Our counterintelligence tells us fracture and discredit opposing viewpoints. We engineer a crisis with blanket control of all media. They report whatever we say. We inject the story with a maximum of disinformation and red herrings to cause cognitive dissonance among the people and splinter opposition groups. We hold national quasi religious events to garner the national psyche into our official Mythology and further alienate the opposition. At the end of the day no one really can understand or make sense of it all. And the Machine runs on.

  6. I have thought about the fact that no one from Newtown has come forward, and I have been wondering if possibly this was staged so that control could be kept over the situation. If I remember correctly, many of the wives and families of 9-11 victims came forward early on to start the 9-11 Truth Movement and asked for a commission to study what really happened. The Jersey Girls come to mind. It would only seem normal that grieving families would want to get the truth about what really happened at Sandy Hook. Since this doesn’t seem to be happening, one has to be skeptical about the “official” story.

    1. Bingo Minna! The only victims of the Sandy Hook event are the US taxpayers and the taxpayers of CT. All physical evidence presented over the last two months points to nothing more than a drill that took place. I have been in the building trades for many years and have determined that the pictures they are using to depict the School of Sandy Hook is proof enough that the school has been closed for at least a decade. The roof is completely decayed, full of holes, the parking lot has not been surfaced or painted in 20 plus years, and the mechanicals and vents on the roof have been out of commission for quite some time. The key to Sandy Hook is quite simple, FOLLOW THE MONEY!

      1. Wes, it was quite simple with what they did. The Sandy Hook School lettering was exchanged with the Chalk Hill Middle School lettering. The students have been at the building called Chalk Hill for ten plus years. That building has been in service for many years and is very well maintained. The old “shell game” was employed in this event. Wasn’t it very convenient that there was an “empty” school a mere 4.1 miles away from the “other” school?

    2. IIRC, a stipulation to all of the September 11th families receiving funds was that no further investigation of the events of September 11th could be carried out in their names.

      97% of the families agreed to this; the remaining 3% were stonewalled.

      By the way, my new retort to being called a “conspiracy theorist” is to call that person INCURIOUS. Just picture an ostrich with its head thrust firmly into a hole – all clear, right?

      1. I like Incurious, Vincent. Maybe “Uncurious” would work, too, although it’s not a word. Coincidence is good, also, Doug. So many people think that things are coincidences, but these things don’t happen by chance.

  7. the common thread between many significant historical events, serious crisis that are not wasted in driving major policy changes, seems to be the withholding of video from the public. The Zapruder video of the Kennedy assassination showing Kennedy being hit from the front and thrown backward, while available to the Warren Commission, didn’t fit the “official” story and so was withheld from the public for many years. The video footage of whatever hit the pentagon on 9-11 was also confiscated and never fully released to the public. At Sandy Hook we now understand that there was, or should be if we are to believe official story lines, video of Adam Lanza approaching the school entrance and shooting out the glass doors to gain entry. Where is this video and why has it not been released? This is the fundamental missing link and as long as it is withheld we can only assume that something about that video does not fit the official story.

    1. Yes, we live in an almost complete surveillance/information harvesting society. Yet, in this Sandy Hook Case, we find almost no material, prima facie evidence. This is consistent with your reference to the Pentagon Video.
      I wouldn’t necessarily put too many eggs in that ‘video confirmation’ basket, because it could potentially backfire when official sources release ‘live footage’ or ‘official records’. Its kind of the Trump Card move that any power structure would like to reserve in a manufactured opportunity.

  8. I have just read that Newtown are proposing to bring out restrictions to stop anyone other than family applying for a death certificate for any of the children or adults of the Sandy Hook school shooting.. they state ‘to protect the families’.. If they have nothing to hide they should allow reporters or any one else access.. Its called democracy, It is taking away freedoms,- This just shouts.. ” something not right’. Please don’t stop enquiring about this ‘ official story’.

    1. >>Blaming overzealous members of the media as well as those seeking to disprove that the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School occurred…

      >> the town clerk had not provided any numbers about how many requests for the Sandy Hook death certificates there had been, or a breakdown of how many had come from reporters compared to those from what he called “non-believers” in the Newtown tragedy.

      here’s a thought: what are they doing with those requests now? honoring them? stonewalling them? are there actual requests coming in, or is this pre-emptive legislation?

    2. Let’s not put too much faith into the ‘denial of death certificate proves conspiracy’ charges. In most states, in order to get a birth or death certificate the applicant has to be a verified close family member of the deceased.

      Investigators should be trying to question alleged family members. It was reported that afterward, each family member had a trooper assigned to ‘keep reporter’s away’. To ‘protect the family’s privacy’. Okay, are the family’s still being guarded? If so why? If not, why isn’t someone talking to them?

      As someone who unexpectedly lost a family member, I wanted to talk about her. I wanted to remember the good times, etc. I would expect each parent would feel the same.

      There are so many ‘witnesses’ who have yet to be identified, contacted, interviewed that it amazes me. Someone find the bus driver (male?/female?) that Rosen spoke of. How many bus drivers are there for that school? Can’t be many. Interview the guy who on camera stated that the guy brought out of the woods was in the front seat of the patrol car.

      There is still a lot of work to be done.

  9. I watched the “documentary”, it’s more an infomercial from the spectacle. it’s really well done, it’s shot like a feature film, long lingering close ups, beautiful connecticut landscapes, a saddened news room. The journalists are perfectly cast and they play their scenes really well, in a wide and then a wonderful midshot that leads to a cu. literally, they knew the script. their casting was so good, i wondered if they were “crisis journalists”. they have a meeting with the editor and they list the bullet points of what is known, and unknown. known, known is that nancy and adam were at shooting ranges, there’s no witness quoted, it’s just a bullet point and one doesn’t need witnesses for that. i kept waiting for a dumped ex lover from nancy’s bar, “the place” to appear, bitching about the kid. but this is pbs. a wonderful infomercial, absolutely fact free, the long gun is still mentioned. the best part is the house, [i guess it’s their house but in a infomercial it doesn’t really matter] they cut to the rusted swinging pole. with the swing swinging. the credits come up. enjoy the spectacle.

    1. they are NOT journalists they are ACTORS on abc,cbs,fox,msn,nbc. ALL the journalsit have been fired decades ago because they wouldnt lie . The ‘journalists’ you see on these stations are ACTORS paid for by your government. they go by a SCRIPT placed in front of them . do your research and spread the word . we must wake people up . so many people are still asleep or pretending to be asleep because the truth is almost to bizarre to believe . we are living in VERY DANGEROUS times and most people are oblivious and living in la la land . sandy hook was a performance to GET THE GUNS & 911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB also brought to you by the same corporate giants that run the government & the media ( 4 global media giants – in the 70’s there where about 600 media outlets , now there are 4-6 ) – please dont take my word for it – do the research – have your eyes opened.
      And as far as all the people on these threads distracting others with all the religion crap . there are bad people of all races,colors,genders,creeds. there are BAD PEOPLE running our goverment ,media ( it is a huge CULT) of bad people . and until enough of the good people start doing their research and truly understanding what is going on around here , because of these people that remain oblivious & silent & dont educate themselves we are all in danger. please do the research & prod / encourage others to do the research on THE NEW WORLD ORDER .It is a real and apon us. Truth is in fact stranger then fiction and the only way to strop this is for the people to smarten up & rise up. A LOT of people know what is going on, but we need more of us to understand and the only way to do that is to do the research – go on you tube ( the only place real journalism can be found – go to – breaking the set-chris hedges-alex jones-David Lory Vanderbeek,Anthony Antonello,the info wars,storm clouds gathering – search The New World Order- corruption in government , corruption in US media ) DO A 1 HOUR STUDY . you will find many many sources of real journalism and you will be compelled to share – that is the only way we are going to get the insideous,corrosive,& profuse corruption out of the white house ,congress,senate , the courts. The people must be educated & knowing about what is going on so a revolution can take place – that is the ONLY was to solve what is happening here.

  10. Unfortunately, you will never be able to convince those who do not see with their own eyes or hear with their own ears, the truth of this situation. It is still very puzzling to me, how you could keep a whole town in the dark, or how you could keep a lid on this if it was a lie. Someone in Newtown knows the truth and wants to tell it, that’s for sure.

  11. Well, the European and commenters are properly skeptical, but the fact remains, if the kids and their teachers weren’t killed, how can they keep them hidden for any length of time. Maybe some of the figures in this atrocity were faked, such as the actors, but there must have been at least some people killed.

    Why would they fake Adam Lanza? I’m sure they have a wide variety of patsies they could use. Howe could they sustain the media narrative over time if it could be proven that some of the killed were simply fabricated biographies. They have no compunction about killing children; it is part of the offical mission of the American military. Madalliene Albright was promoted to sec of state for stating that ‘we think it is worth it’ to kill over a half million Iraqi children.

    So why fake it? If you want to abolish the population’s guns, just kill a bunch of White children with them. One of the first things that Obama said in first public talk on the killings, was that maybe killing a bunch of children would endure in the minds of the American population long enough to serve the purpose.

    The way they could keep the Newtown parents and popualtion quiet is through fear. In southern Mexico a mother went to the police stating the police killed her daughter. They told her that she had other children, and she better go home and shut up or they would be killed as well.

  12. Please don’t let this world silence you. There are very few of us left. Do u offer your conspiracy course online…. There is nothing like that in my town that I am aware of. Memphis.

    1. Apologies as the course is not online. There is an initiative here and at other universities for faculty to develop online courses but I’ve not gone in that direction in part because I’m old fashioned; I prefer to interact with students in person and am unconvinced the teaching style I’ve developed over the years can be successfully executed online. That’s not to say that I’m against using various classroom technology. Also, online classes bring up intellectual property issues (once it’s developed, who owns the course?).

      1. Professor Tracy, there’s an entire initiative on iTunes to make professors’ courses available as for-profit podcasts. You would simply record your lectures and make them available for the rest of us on iTunes. Kindly look into this. Your Conspiracy course would especially be of interest.

  13. It looks like the fundraising is nearly at $10 million (that we know of).

    “So far, there is just a shade over $9.5 million, and we expect a kick after the Daytona 500,” when NASCAR star Michael Waltrip will drive a green-and-white car encouraging racing fans to donate to the fund, Selectman Will Rodgers said.

    Read more:

    Another story today on how the Republican legislators want to prevent death certificates from being publicly available:

    Blaming overzealous members of the media as well as those seeking to disprove that the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School occurred, three state lawmakers representing Newtown testified in Hartford on Wednesday in support of a bill that would seal the death certificates of children.
    Reps. DebraLee Hovey, R-Monroe; Dan Carter, R-Bethel; and Mitch Bolinsky, R-Newtown; and Newtown Town Clerk Debbie Aurelia told the Legislature’s Public Health Committee that the proposed law is intended to protect the privacy of the Sandy Hook families and others when release of the information is likely to cause “undue hardship” to families.

    Read more:

  14. The legacy of Sandy Hook:
    “lockdown” as a means of “keeping children safe.”
    The schools become de-facto “panic rooms” where children are “locked down” to keep them “safe.”

    I predict this will become the norm nation wide, as the military/security complex begins to tap the public funds to “upgrade” all existing schools nation-wide.

    Ask yourself this: how many times in all the reports do they talk about the school being locked down for four hours, even though the “shooter” was killed, allegedly by suicide, after a six minute shooting spree.

    1. ‘Lockdown’ is nothing more than conditioning for both children and their parents. Let’s say that something happens that affects the entire community. Just picking something at random here, let’s say military tanks are rolling down Main Street and you think it’s time to bug out. Well, if the school is on lockdown, your child isn’t going anywhere so therefore, neither are you right? Think about it. Talk to your child about it. Contingency plans.

  15. Thank you for this amazing blog, and for your courage.

    I highly encourage everyone who is so inclined to listen to the police, fire and EMS audio from Newtown — not only from December 14th, but in the days subsequent.

    Audio from December 16th, for example, indicates that the reason for evacuating the noon mass at St. Rose of Lima church was a “continued shooter threat.” The conversation seems to me to be implying that a shooting event took place at St. Rose church (or school) on December 14th. The audio further indicates that the intended “target” of the December 14th shooting is connected to St. Rose; police say they need to “provide comfort” to the people due to them being traumatized by the fact that the target either was or is at St. Rose, implication being that people are naturally afraid of another event at that location.

    You can also hear the evolving dynamic between state and local officers, revealing for example the local officers’ confusion as to which families were involved in the Sandy Hook Elementary incident, and their surprise that so many victim families are clustered on the same roads.

    At the time of the St. Rose evac, there is also a report of a man with a weapon exiting a red Subaru (?!) and running into a field.

    To top off the weirdness of December 16th, police are called to a Sandy Hook victim’s residence in response to what is thought to be a call from a “Dylan” indicating he’s going to hurt himself. I don’t really know where to begin in trying to understand that one.

    RadioReference has all audio from those days archived, but you do have to spring for a premium account. The 6 month acct will cost you the equivalent of three lattes.

    I’m transcribing the audio (oy) and will post in publicly as a work-in-progress; very important, though, for those interested, to listen to the audio itself and pick up on emotional inflections and other information which is lost in the printed word.

      1. Hello @lexi63,

        The audio is currently available at RadioReference; I had to subscribe to an inexpensive “premium” acct to access the archives.

        I’m transcribing daily, though, and as soon as I figure out the legal/ethical ramifications of uploading them to a publicly-viewable fie, I’ll be happy to post the link here.

  16. I noticed a peculiar thing when I looked at Google Maps for Sandy Hook Elementary School just now..:the parking lot is HALF FULL of cars,whereas when I looked a week or two ago(after being prompted by a blogger)there were NO CARS anywhere around or IN the Parking lots of the school. Meanwhile ,a quick check of all other schools in the area had revealed they had been FULL of cars,indicating a school day. Now WHY do you suppose they would go to the trouble of putting up an updated pic of the school?

  17. There is so much that is flagrantly wrong with this horror show, were they truly so incompetent or are they boldly smearing it in the faces of the thinking people, to show us there is nothing we can do, they are in total control? There are no investigative reporters who can dig down to the truth of the homes of the victims that do not exist, the pipeline bulldozing through the same and the long abandoned school? And today we hear the honorable Veterans of the USA are receiving letters that they must surrender their guns and declare themselves incompetent and pay someone to manage their money? Maybe this says it all

  18. How can the gunman have entered the building at 9.40 if the police scanner records the first emergency call at 9.36?

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