horamschoolOn the morning of December 18, 2012 administrators at New York City Public School 79 (the Horan School) in East Harlem conducted an entirely unannounced “active shooter drill.” The event, which took place just four days after the high profile Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown Connecticut, terrified the school’s 300 special needs adolescent and young adult students and the 100 teaching and counseling staff members. Ranging in age from 12 to 21, Horan’s largely Hispanic student body contends with an array of mental and emotional disabilities, including autism and cerebral palsy.

Coming less than one week after the Sandy Hook tragedy, the Horan School hoax drill has left many students and staff members severely traumatized and seeking accountability from administrators. With the exception of a pithy article in the New York Times[1] and a subsequent piece in the online opinion outlet Daily Kos,[2] the story has been exempted from the news cycle in the wake of the exhaustive yet often baffling coverage of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. As New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg busied himself with calls for tightened gun control measures, no press conferences were held to either condemn the public school’s management or further scrutinize the rationales behind such drills.

“The lockdown drill began about 10 a.m. on Tuesday,” the Times reports,

with a woman’s voice on the school’s loudspeaker saying, “’Shooter,’ or ‘intruder,’ and ‘get out, get out, lockdown,’” said [a] staff member, who added that it seemed so realistic that it was hard to tell if the woman speaking was actually talking to a gunman or to teachers and students throughout the school.[3]

Horanwatch.org, an advocacy organization of Horan School’s teachers, parents, community members and concerned professionals, has been established to demand accountability from the P.S. 79 administrators who planned the event. “Due to age. race, income, language, immigration, geography, and disability,” Horanwatch states, “the public school kids of New York City’s PS 79 are the most vulnerable in the nation.” The affiliation notes that Horan teachers and staff have been retaliated against and warned by administration not to speak publicly about the event.[4]

The group’s account is more detailed and contrasts with the Times’ fleeting glimpse of the incident. Horanwatch.org calls the event an “intricate hoax,” with news of the phantom shooter circulated “in the most dramatic way possible through every intercom in the building, ‘Shooter/Intruder in the building, oh my God!”

Staff and students were then whipsawed through “contrary messages of ‘Get out’ and ‘Lock down.’” As the school’s occupants “fell to the floor shaking, in prayer, or with their bodies in order to cover immobile students and friends,” some even phoned loved ones to utter what might be a final goodbye. While students crouched in fear Horan administrators reportedly sent security officers into the hallways to push against classroom doors as terrified teachers struggled to keep the doors shut.[5]

The questions remains: Why would major news media virtually censor an event where hundreds of especially helpless individuals were needlessly terrorized by supervisors who took it upon themselves to create an “active shooter” scenario? Where were the convoys of satellite trucks and slick broadcast journalists interviewing the traumatized victims? Why weren’t cable news talk shows abuzz with pundits decrying the needless drill and defending the underprivileged children and teachers?

The simple answers are that 1) Horan’s students are poor disabled minorities—a constituency that is politically powerless, and, 2) no one was injured or killed. These are both plausible explanations for the media blackout. Still, such an event being played up in the immediate wake of the December 14 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting may have also prompted large swaths of a grieving nation to more critically reflect on both the news media’s often confusing and contradictory representation of the tragedy and America’s growing police state.

Alongside a dearth of publicly available evidence and an ensuing investigation into Sandy Hook that authorities maintain was carried out by a single estranged young man, the Obama administration and its Congressional allies have proceeded to move forward on far-reaching gun control and mental health-related diktats and legislation as if the investigation itself was entirely consistent and transparent.

While Horan exemplifies the undue excesses of domestic security measures, the Sandy Hook massacre has provided the pretext for increased statist measures with the express goal of heightened safety and security. Public schools do require safety measures to contend with dangerous situations and episodes. Yet imposing terrifying manufactured events such as “live shooter drills” on society’s most vulnerable members—our children—points to an intensifying police state in America where fear vis-à-vis militarized surveillance and control are being gradually instituted under the guise of “safety” to reconstitute normal forms of expectation and existence.


[1] Al Baker and Alex Vadukul, “Lockdown Drill Surprises Some, Scaring a School in East Harlem,” New York Times, December 19, 2012.

[2] “NYC School Stages Hoax School Shooting on 300 Special Ed Kids,” Daily Kos, December 27, 2012.

[3] Baker and Vadukul, “Lockdown Drill Surprises Some.”

[4] “An Open Letter to NYC School Principal Greer Phillips,” Horanwatch.org, January 19, 2013.

[5] “An Open Letter to NYC School Principal Greer Phillips.”

Republished at GlobalResearch.ca on February 3, 2013.

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46 thought on “Live Shooter Drill Hoax Played on Nation’s “Most Vulnerable” School Children”
  1. Good questions, professor, and I think you draw valid conclusions too. I wonder how many of these drills would occur if even one time a teacher – or a parent at the school during the day for some reason – pulled out a concealed weapon and shot one of the participants – or two or three of them. Would they then kill the teacher or parent? Would they ever do this again unannounced? It will happen eventually. They keep denying these are false flag events to justify gun confiscations – so parents and teachers have to assume the school shootings are genuine events and threats. What will happen when ‘drill meets trained and armed parent’?

    1. Nothing irresponsible in your comments. In my part of the world, policemen do not routinely make no-knock raids at the wrong address and kill innocent people and pets. They do not wander around with the swagger of heavily armed ex-convicts.

    2. I want to know why we were told that Adam lanza was able to force his way into a school carrying his body weight in hardware and ammo.. I want to know why the media told us the body of peter lanza was found in a Hoboken apartment.. I want to know how the media got Ryan lanzas name in light of the whole “stolen I.d.” statements being retracted and replace with “mistaken identity”.. why was he arrested? I want to know what happened to the “room full of evidence and close to motive” that they stated the day after event….

  2. That’s an irresponsible comment. What needs to happen is parents rising up and DEMANDING that these drills cease and DEMANDING accountability from school officials.

  3. 1960’s all over again (re: nuclear attacks from U.S.S.R. drills – duck and cover) Fear has been seeded in the national security pysche. In order to grow, the plants need to be watered with these despicalble tactics from dark forces inside the country.

  4. What does anyone think of this – a discussion about the meaning of so many tribute sites and grief-counselling sites seeming to have been established before the SH shooting had happened. This guy is a web developer who seems to know what he’s talking about, and he makes a persuasive case.


    He suggests the shooting was originally timed for Dec 10, but had to be scrubbed, but not before some of these website had been launched and logged at Google.

    It seems to me that such solid questions as this, and the curious anomalies surrounding the children Rosen allegedly sheltered (if all of Soto’s kids are accounted for elsewhere, then Rosen would be proved to be lying) are the kind of points that could be pursued most successfully.

    Dr. Tracey? Are you considering any further investigations?

    1. I don’t consider much of what I’ve written to be truly investigation, but rather analyzing and presenting information that’s already freely available to all. Apparently this is controversial because I work at a public university.

  5. Excellent writeup Prof. This ‘drill’ must have been carried out for BIG pharma. They probably got in touch with the security complex and ask for a favor….’do some terrorizing, we need more victims to drug, sales and profits are down, fines are crushing us.’ Its not too difficult to see through media censoring because of course they thrive through glorifying death–no death here…. and really there have been so many public accusations about drills, that I think the media are holding bated breath in hopes this story will quickly turn to vapor!!

    I’m really glad to see you covering this story, because the audacity of this security network is becoming ‘shockingly out of control.’

  6. Next FEMA drill
    and guess who is making threats of “shocking attacks same fellas they say did the 9/11 attacks ….
    and we have sinkhole in Bayou Corne Louisanna that could blow with the force of 100 Heroshima bombs… hmmm interesting . I think i smell a false flag on FIRE !

  7. Yes, thank you for covering this. It really makes you wonder how many of these drills are going on that we never hear about.

    It may seem like a side issue to some, but Americans need to ask why are these foreign born “special needs” children a burden on US taxpayers? How many millions does just this one “special needs” school cost? Why are these foreigners even here and not being provided for by their own countrymen? Why are Americans forced to support and care for the needs of aliens imported from the 4 corners of the earth? Don’t we have enough people who are in need of help in America? Aren’t there millions of Americans who are hungry, homeless, and in need of special schools? Who decided we, the US taxpayers, are obligated to deplete our dwindling resources providing for the world’s endless line of destitute and their vulnerable and “special needs” children while our own country’s people are callously discarded like trash on the streets? What about their own countries taking responsibility for their own people’s needs instead of dumping their unwanted burdens on American taxpayers who are stretched to their limits.

    Americans should be angry about all these bogus drills but also about Obama’s plan to impose a bogus amnesty of tens of millions of permanent legal financial obligations on US taxpayers. Both are part of the same plan to destroy us .

    1. Au CONTRAIRE, Corn. Lashed has a stellar MIND and SOUL!…of which you can claim neither…I regret to tell you. I, too, have had to stomach the ignorant parroting of the entrenched powers mantra, “Kill care!”, and it chills me to my core!
      You have provided a clear picture of what is so very putrifying about our entire world.
      Children, who are vulnerable and victims of our abject ignorance and self-interest, are to be PROTECTED from ALL HARM no matter from whose loins they sprang forth or what country they hail. “ALIENS”? “Imports”? You are vain, insular and ignorant….but, that can be remedied with the reclaiming of your heart, mind and soul from those who captured it.
      Borders are created by very tiny minds and hearts, Corn. There is no seperation but we are taught that at a very young age by some very immature and perverted souls who need us to serve such an insular world view. Insular people disgust me to my core. They are an abomination for their value system is aligned with something so dark and heartless that it defies being described as ‘Human’.

      Thank you, Lashed, for giving a voice to our children. They can use all the help that they can get because there are few who recognize them as human.
      God help us………..

    2. Jamie, white children are to be protected and kept from harm, too, but safeguarding them is increasingly not an upheld value in the US and in many places in the world. I see right and wrong on both sides of this sub-thread, but we are getting way off the topic of the main one.

      1. I said nothing to the contrary, Sue. You are “preaching to the choir.” ALL children are to be protected from harm. As for “American values”, well, I was born here in America and have NEVER embraced this vulgar, immature system of self interest. If you can recall, Sue, it was only 50 years ago that we practised hanging people of a dark skin. I, personally, knew someone that was paid a visit from the KKK and threatened with death. Why? Because he went to lunch with his co-workers. Now, you may argue, “That only happened in the South” , but, it should not matter what corner of America that it happened in but that it happened at all. America was founded on deceptive practises leading to the decimation of natives who posed a threat to this current “Value system”. Strange though it may be for most rabid American constitutionalists to believe but Mexicans were here first. We ran them out with our brute force and deceptive practices. You might try reading JohnPerkins’, “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”. It is jammed packed with evidence of the “American Value System”.
        A system that does not value the SANCTITY of ALL life is a system of death. I do not care if you coat that system with all the sugared goodness you could employ it still remains, at it’s nasty core, a system of death.
        Your monetary wealth, or lack thereof, should NEVER be EQUATED to the VALUE of your LIFE. Why does no one get this?? America’s “Value system”, and I quote that great “American” Robbie Parker, “Sucks”.
        It sucks the life right out of the soul of the human trying to BE! Just go ask anyone who has had their home or job confiscated in the last 5 years.

        “American Value System”? I have personally lived this “value system”and know many who have not survived it.
        This is what is wrong with the world. They merely skim the surface and refuse to go deep into the heart of dysfunction.
        This is an ancient dilemma. It did not begin on Jekyell Island.

  8. http://www.phibetaiota.net/2013/02/review-strategic-intelligence-for-the-21st-century-the-mosaic-method/

    A quote regarding the reviewing author’s book (not the one reviewed above)
    ‘The book contends that given the threat environment of the 21st Century, the security of the world transcends that of individual nation states. In Steele’s view the parochial and obsessively secret approach to intelligence by individual, isolated nation states is inadequate for the challenges presented by global threats to a global population. In the most radical (and controversial) sections of his book, Steele argues for a public global intelligence system based on worldwide contributions from all people, everywhere, at all times. He envisions humans everywhere using the global intelligence system to integrate their individual cognitive processes into a single “human world brain” which would be capable of surmounting the sorts of threats to humanity that he sees as inevitable.
    The reader does not have to agree with Steele’s concept of the future to derive a good deal of benefit from this book. It is in point of fact another serious and important meditation by Steele on the sort of strategic thinking needed to produce intelligence that is actually relevant to the real world.”

  9. Lashed but not leashed………….

    You are wrong in your criticism of Cornspiracy. His points might be “off topic” here on this Post; but his points are nevertheless just as relevant and important as all the other. I find that when someone can’t make an argument against, they deflect to other issues. You say that because we have all these other problems, that we shouldn’t be thinking critically about illegal immigration; illegals; welfare; food stamps etc., etc.

    This is just a wrong. Cornspiracy makes good points. Just because we have all these other problems, doesn’t mean we should just forget about the rest. Who made you Pope of morality and ethics? Trying to frame some kind of heirarchy of virtue thus diminishing the points that Cornspiracy brings to the table.

    So just relax. Just because what Cornspiracy says is not ‘relevant’ to you……so what. Are you dictator? I thought his points were valid and need to be said and addressed. Perhaps not here, but I understand why he commented.

    BTW………..stop with the Nazi bashing. There are no “recycled Nazi’s” running this country. The Jews made sure of that. We need a HItler in this day and age. The National Socialists loved Germany and the German people. what is so wrong with that? We need people in this Country to love “the posterity” and start fighting for those who created this Country.

    Don’t go telling me that Hitler gassed 6 million Jews either. Anyone who still believes this lie is simply………………THE FOOL. Learn history. Not the fake history the Jew wants us to believe.

    We have one common denominator with all these criminal acts — 911; wall street etc., etc. Christopher Bollyn has done excellent work in this regard. Bollyn.com

    1. Mother of God! Are you people hearing this? What we need in this day and age is a Hitler?


      My files are BRIMMING OVER with a LIFETIME of SERIOUS, SOBER, UNBIASED, COMPREHENSIVE, CAREFUL RESEARCH. It’s YOU who hasn’t consulted any facts, asshole. If you had, you could NEVER have written such a stinking pile of garbage as you just did. All you’re doing is granting yourself a license to IGNORE every bit of REALITY it pleases you to ignore so you can go on blaming and bashing victims of generations of underpay. Psychopaths always blame the victims! Go read some David Cay Johnston already and get a CLUE about WHO is stealing everyone’s everything!

      That’s IT, I’ve HAD it with you unconscious apologists for oppression. I give up. The stratospheric insanity of both the left and right in USAmerica is so entrenched it’s crazy to even try to speak it anymore.

      YOU, Jeff, are the reason Ben Franklin said “Nine of ten men are suicides.”

      I’ve written you a poem:


      memo to Noah
      people are disgusting for not being horrified by the horrors
      they are disgusting for a million trivial tv shows amidst the horrors
      they are disgusting for a billion trivial conversations amidst the horrors
      they are disgusting for not being in earnest to get out of the mess
      they are disgusting for not picking up on the hints that have been thrown out to them
      they are disgusting for fiddling while the world burns
      they are disgusting for their vanity, their self-flattery, their egotism, their prejudice, their violent beliefs
      they are disgusting for their denial, for their facile head in the sand behaviour, for the poverty of their horizons
      they are disgusting for their lack of shame at not being fair
      they are disgusting for thinking they have some right to go on seeking agreement on answers to all the wrong questions
      they are disgusting for their failure to prioritize sanely
      they are disgusting for their avoidance of getting real and going after the root of all horrors
      they are disgusting for their devotion to silence on extreme extreme extreme economic unjustice
      they are disgusting for their overpowering love of having otherearned wealth
      they are disgusting for their selfdestruction
      they are disgusting for many reasons there is no longer any point in listing

      most of all they are disgusting for erecting a wealthpoverty, masterslave situation whenever they have an egalitarian opportunity so they can indulge their taste for sadomasochism for a few centuries and then when they get tired of that, have a killfest, and then do it all again

      Scuttle the ark, Noah – Scuttle the ark

      1. and last but not least, Jeff – your sniveling little dictator remark? I’m the one out here fighting tooth and nail every day for decades giving everything i’ve got and then some to a truly Herculean effort to make it IMPOSSIBLE for ANYone to have power over other people – while pricks like you do everything they can to kill the messenger bringing justice out of the dungeon – so BITE ME.

      2. Lashed/Leashed person, you seem to be quite volatile and you also seem to have a problem with self control with your constant overuse of ALL CAPS – and even going so far as to write a poem to someone you dont even know over the internet. One wonders how much civility you could maintain in a real world situation should someone deem to have an opinion that differs from your own. Sir/Ma’am , I hope you get of your emotions as getting the blood pressure up like that is not good for – esp as Ive seen you rant like this on far more than just one occasion. One should nott spend their llife/or so much life energy inside, and online. Sunshine can be a good thing. Getting away from what plagues your conscience can actually restore you so that you will better be able to attempt to help the world/your country – it may also help you in your way of approaching people, by getting people to understand your views – instead of “lashing out” at them. Which is how you are coming across now.
        Peace, friend.

    2. Lashed! You speak a truth that only FEW will be able to hear for their hearts and minds have been so corrupted that they cannot know TRUTH, EVEN if it bit them in their face!
      You know, Lash, I keep hearing people say that people who speak in caps are “crazy” or “special needs” ,but, what I have found more appalling is those who do NOT speak in caps when describing all of the injustices of this VULGAR and HEARTLESS NWO!

      BRAVO!BRAVO!BRAVO! For EVERYTHING you have stated here at Tracy’s blog!
      Truth hurts, it is said, and no truer words were spoken in your retort to Jeff.

      “Nine out of ten men are suicides”, indeed! WHAT does it take for the average man to stand up and say, “ENOUGH!” Well, from what I have seen merely the threat of removing his “Right to bear arms” is all that it takes to see them moved to action. With so many other INJUSTICES meted out by this insane, corrupt cabal this one seems to hit a nerve that just might be related to a subject that requires the use of metaphors.
      I, too, am tired of men chanting for war. I have had enough of war.
      Not ONE person asked my granddaughter if she would like to sacrifice her father. NOT ONE human! No one considered her feelings or needs. Not ONE. NOW!…NOW she is utterly defenseless in such a degenerated world! FILTHY WORLD filled with FILTHY MINDS and HEARTS!
      They have been reduced to self adulating, self pleasuring masses of irrelevant flesh…not because I say it is so but because it is evidenced in our culture. Completely irrelevant.

      Thank you, Lashedbutnotleashed, for saying what lives within my heart and on the tip of my tongue.
      P.S. I do not cower when confronted with IMPASSIONED and BOLD displays of OUTRAGE. I am emboldened by THEM! 🙂 It is a pity that so many cower in the face of true moral courage. An utter disgrace!

  10. It is quite interesting and yet unsurprising to read some of the comments on this blog. It mirrors the fact at how successful those in power have been in dividing the citizens of this country. Here we have some who agree on the deceit in this Sandy Hook charade, and find room to inject their left or right political thoughts into their comments which in turn pisses someone else off who feels differently on those issues. We as a people are deeply divided. I have friends and family whose beliefs on some issues are polar opposite of mine, but this Sandy Hook thing has given some common ground to us. Regardless of where we stand on issues that can divide us we should all strive to find common ground to unite us against the very source of most of what has divided us; a manipulating deceiving shadow government (the FED, Trilateral Commission, CFR, Bilderberg, etc.) and the forces that are used against us all. By now more and more people are opening their eyes and minds to what is really going on. It should be obvious (or be becoming obvious to some) that 911, Sandy Hook, The Gulf of Tonken, etc., etc., are all connived actions against us all for those pulling the strings to have their way with us and the wealth of this nation and the world. Divide and Conquer is their motive. Instead of haggling over the things that divide us we must recognize who the real enemy is and set aside our differences and unite for a common cause to stop the NWO in it’s tracks before we end up in civil war against each other which is what they want.

    1. A primary purpose of the forum is to exchange information and ideas in a civil manner. Flaming each other with outlandish diatribes is not helpful or productive.

  11. Great post, Wald.
    We’re all here to ask questions.
    I’ve found personally that I belong nowhere and have no real ‘tribe’ or group-identification precisely because I question everybody and hew to no dogma. I’m a wandering skeptic I suppose. Why not question Obama? Why not question what authority has attempted to coerce us into believing, whether it be about WWII, the left, the right, white people, hispanic people, nazism, tyranny, etc. People have come together on here to pose questions and seek answers, and I’ve been edified to note that that basic human capacity – to both love unquestioningly and to question lovingly – has found such poignant outlet and expression.

  12. Prof. Tracy –
    I really think you need some IP address identifying software. Your readers don’t need to see any results, but I think you should. Lashed but Not Leashed is clearly not what most of us would consider ‘stable’. HE (or she) is the kind of person who will one day show up at a mall, or school, and start killing everyone he can. This is a person who is dangerous. Call the FBI or somebody who can find him – because you may be in danger, and if not you, some other innocent people are. Your blog has attracted a genuine nutter.

    1. Do you really believe that the operatives undertaking Cass Sunstein’s project for cognitive infiltration of “conspiracy theorist” groups are so technically inept that their activities can be identified by the IP addresses they use? It would be amusing if that were so, but it seems highly improbable.

      1. CanSpeccy – do you really believe that the foaming-at-the mouth guy I named by his handle is working for Sunstein? I don’t think so. There’s no ‘professionalism’ in his rants – like when finds the usual trolls. All of these probably false-flag events were committed by people who were walking among us one day and decide to kill as many as they could the next. I’m concerned about that one poster, that’s all.

        And yes, his IP address would lead to identifying him or where he works. And that could be posted here too if necessary to calm him down. It worked for us when I was blogging. One post about whether or not we should publish the fact that he was trolling on agency time and he went away – but I have no idea if that was because he’d been ‘outed’, or if its because he really wasn’t supposed to be doing the trolling.

  13. Lashed, this is a design …by that special interest group Bilderberg, to create a spectacularly ignorant body of humans who would serve their desires. Actually, I think it is an artifact of being human and has been around since before the advent of written history. I am sure you have ‘Panemet Circenses’ for the unwashed masses?
    I can see this as something that goes much deeper, though, than what is perceived on the surface. We are evolving and there are those who have a nasty habit of interfering with this process. They take advantage of ignorance.
    I noticed a perceptible change in the intelligence of my peer group in the early 80’s. By the 1990’s it was obvious. I was not able to carry on a conversation with any of them due to the massive chasm in our intellectual pursuits. While I was reading Plato, Thomas Moore and Descartes, my friends were watching ‘Dallas and going to the movies to absorb tripe like ‘The Electric Horseman’. This is what happened to all of the mature, thinking adults. They were reduced to nothing more than self-pleasuring, self adulating, irrelevant, gossip-mongering taxpayers.

    The only way that I can see for this to change is through personal responsibility to one’s education. It is a massive undertaking and requires a commitment to unlearn every lie we have been taught.
    We need to take our children out of these government run schools. Bring back the Lyceum.

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