Between January 9 and January 16 CNN repeatedly contacted James Tracy to appear with Anderson Cooper on the news presenter’s AC 360 program to discuss the controversy surrounding Tracy’s writings on the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. On January 11 CNN sent its Miami-based reporter John Zarrella to Tracy’s place of employment and residence, where Zarrella repeatedly telephoned Tracy and then, in an unannounced maneuver, proceeded to film outside of Tracy’s residence. On successive nights Cooper explained to his audience the “open invitation” he was extending to Tracy, providing the impression that Tracy was refusing to come on the program to defend his views.
Yet as the email exchange below indicates, Tracy told CNN staff that he was willing to appear but had professional commitments on certain days. Finally, when Tracy specified a date and time when he was available to appear live (not taped) with Cooper, CNN responded with silence. The so-called “open invitation” was apparently revoked.
On Jan 9, 2013, at 7:10 PM, Duignan, Nicole wrote:
Hi Professor Tracy,
We’d like to invite you to join Anderson Cooper tomorrow evening to discuss your views on the events at Sandy Hook Elementary School last month. We are on the air live from 8pm-9pm Eastern Time, but we are open to taping something before the show tomorrow evening.
Please let me know if you are open and available to join us, and we can discuss timing and logistics. Thanks so much!
Nicole Duignan
Editorial Producer
212- (newsroom)
From: James Tracy
Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2013 9:32 PM
To: Duignan, Nicole
Subject: Re: CNN Anderson Cooper 360 Request
Importance: High
Hi Nicole,
I teach tomorrow (Thursday) evening, unfortunately, but thank you for the opportunity.
On Jan 9, 2013, at 10:01 PM, Duignan, Nicole wrote:
Can you join on Friday? Thanks for getting back to me.
From: James Tracy
Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2013 10:59 PM
To: Duignan, Nicole
Subject: Re: CNN Anderson Cooper 360 Request
Possibly. What would the logistics entail?

From: Duignan, Nicole
Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2013 11:06 PM
To: ‘James Tracy’
Cc: Roupenian, Elisa
Subject: RE: CNN Anderson Cooper 360 Request
We’d get you to a studio at a location convenient for you—where are you located? We have studios in Davie and Fort Lauderdale —would either of those work?
Once we determine that we have a studio for you, we’ll have you do the interview with Anderson (via satellite) either live or we’ll tape it and then run it during the show.
If you have any flexibility tomorrow before or between your classes, we could tape something. If that’s not possible, we can do it on Friday.
Please “reply all” to this email—my colleague Elisa will continue discussing this with you tomorrow morning. Thanks!

From: Roupenian, Elisa
Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2013 1:27 PM
To: Duignan, Nicole; ‘James Tracy’
Subject: RE: CNN Anderson Cooper 360 Request
Hi James,
I would love to talk to you about this if it’s still a possibility!
Thank you so much
From: Duignan, Nicole
Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2013 6:44 PM
To: Roupenian, Elisa ; ‘James Tracy’
Subject: RE: CNN Anderson Cooper 360 Request
Hello again Professor Tracy, we are continuing our coverage of this tonight—we are really hoping to include your perspective. Is it still a possibility that you would be able to join us on the program tomorrow? Thanks so much!

From: Zarrella, John
Sent: Friday, January 11, 2013 09:03 AM
To: James Tracy
Cc: Zarrella, John
Subject: CNN Interview
Professor Tracy,
I’m the Miami based correspondent for CNN.  I understand you were supposed to be on the Anderson Cooper program.
I’m trying to find out whether you will still be doing that this evening or if you will at the very least agree to an on camera interview with me today.
Please get with me.
John Zarrella
Cell # 305-
Office# 954-
From: Zarrella, John
Sent: Friday, January 11, 2013 12:04 PM
To: James Tracy
Subject: Re: CNN Interview

Professor Tracy…
I’m still hoping you will reach out and give me an answer one way or the other.

From: James Tracy
Sent: Friday, January 11, 2013 03:37 PM
To: Zarrella, John
Subject: Email statement

Dear John Zarrella,

Please find below my response on what’s taken place over the past week as you have requested in our telephone conversation earlier today.Thank you for the opportunity and understanding my not being able to accommodate you at present with an on-camera interview.


James Tracy

In my analyses of news coverage on the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting I am confident I have put forth questions befitting any decent and reflective citizen, journalist or scholar. My research has led me to conclude that the nation’s media failed to provide an accurate, in-depth and sustained investigation of what took place at the school on the morning of December 14. Unfortunately, most of my observations and their nuance have been reduced to headlines and sound bites that have placed my person and intent in a severely negative light.
The press is not solely at fault, however. A significant portion of the public has chosen to base its judgment of my queries on narrow preconceptions of what they believe intellectual or academic inquiry should consist of and be directed toward. Such individuals have also been quick to judge me personally based on how I have been framed by such media instead of affording my arguments related to the tragedy a less prejudicial hearing.
I maintain that many questions I raise about the Sandy Hook tragedy remain unanswered and that the American public has been underserved by the press in this important regard. I apologize for any additional anguish and grief my remarks—and how they have been taken out of context and misrepresented—may have caused the families who’ve lost loved ones on December 14. At the same time I believe the most profound memorial we can give the children and educators who lost their lives on that day is to identify and interrogate the specific causes of their tragic and untimely demise.
From: “Zarrella, John”
To: James Tracy
Sent: Friday, January 11, 2013 3:58 PM
Subject: Re: Email statement

Thank you!

From: Duignan, Nicole
Sent: Monday, January 14, 2013 5:18 PM
To: ‘James Tracy’
Cc: Shukla, Devna
Subject: RE: CNN Anderson Cooper 360 Request
Importance: High
Hello again, Professor Tracy.
Checking in with you again this week to see if you can join Anderson Cooper as we continue our coverage of all aspects of the events in Newtown , CT. I’m actually not in, but we’re still hoping you can come on talk to Anderson . I’ve CC’d my colleague Devna Shukla on this email. Hopefully you and she can work on determining whether or not you could join us at some point.
From: Shukla, Devna
Sent: Monday, January 14, 2013 5:22 PM
To: Duignan, Nicole; James Tracy
Subject: RE: CNN Anderson Cooper 360 Request
Hi Professor –
What can we do to have you on the program? As you’ve seen Anderson has an open invitation for you to come onto our program.
Thank you,

Devna Shukla
Anderson Cooper 360°

From: James Tracy
Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 8:00 AM
To: Shukla, Devna
Subject: Re: CNN Anderson Cooper 360 Request
Dear Devna,
I would be happy to appear sometime. However, if there’s a studio in the more immediate area ( Boca Raton ) it would be preferable. Your assistant mentioned Davie last and that’s a bit of a trip. I’m also busy Tuesday and Thursday as I teach eves.JT

“Shukla, Devna”
To: James Tracy
Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 12:41 PM
Subject: RE: CNN Anderson Cooper 360 Request

Hi –
Can we talk on the phone by chance? I can work on getting a truck to you and can work around your schedule as best as it fits with Anderson ’s tonight.

Devna Shukla
Anderson Cooper 360°

From: James Tracy
Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 03:54 PM
To: Shukla, Devna
Subject: Re: CNN Anderson Cooper 360 Request

I didn’t know this would be for tonight. As I mentioned, I work this evening. -JT

From: “Shukla, Devna”
To: James Tracy
Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 3:57 PM
Subject: Re: CNN Anderson Cooper 360 Request

Still time to make this work! I can send a truck to you, we can make sure the interview is finished before class.

From: James Tracy
To: “Shukla, Devna”
Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 4:52 PM
Subject: Re: CNN Anderson Cooper 360 Request

This is not entirely fair. You contact me less than 24 hours ago and invite me on the program. I respond and am now pressured to appear within hours, AFTER informing you of my schedule.

I trust that in my absence Mr. Cooper will refrain from slandering me and misrepresenting my views.


From: “Shukla, Devna”
To: James Tracy
Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 11:20 AM
Subject: CNN Anderson Cooper

Our offer still stands to have you on AC360.  We can send a truck to any location of your choice. We can pretape or have you on live at 8pET.

Thank you,


From: James Tracy
To: “Shukla, Devna”
Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 3:17 PM
Subject: Re: CNN Anderson Cooper

Does this Friday at 8PM work?JT
From: James Tracy
To: Devna.Shukla
Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2013 2:48 PM
Subject: Fw: CNN Anderson Cooper
—– Forwarded Message —–
From: James Tracy
To: “Shukla, Devna”
Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 3:17 PM
Subject: Re: CNN Anderson Cooper


Does this Friday at 8PM work?


From: James Tracy
To: Devna.Shukla
Sent: Friday, January 18, 2013 8:53 AM
Subject: Fw: CNN Anderson Cooper

Perhaps you did not receive this. Please see below.Thank you.JT
—– Forwarded Message —–
From: James Tracy
To: “Shukla, Devna”
Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 3:17 PM
Subject: Re: CNN Anderson Cooper


Does this Friday at 8PM work?



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136 thought on “AC 360’s 180”
  1. I think this is awesome. Why? Because with this blog we can see the image the media is manufacturing on the “surface” and we can also see the truth of what is happening behind the scenes. Whoever reads this blog gets clued in a little more to how the propaganda media machine actually works.

    And the more they pull antics such as this the more they seem like they are definitely attempting some sort of spin or cover up campaign.

    Thank you for your continued thoughtful and honest analysis.

    1. Agreed. James Tracy handles himself extremely well on-camera and only a “live” interview attacking the great many inconsistencies and changes in the official narrative will wake people up.

      Of course there’s always the ‘gotcha’ questions – ‘Who did 9/11?’ ‘Did we go to the moon?’ ‘Was the Holocaust a hoax?’ bullshit to watch out for.


        Ok, I’ve not seen this out much – but, what
        I think one of the more interesting aspects to this is the relation of the Iroquois gas line, the major squabble over it being put in through where Sandy Hook elementary is, and that also most all of the victims houses line up to where the gas line as put through. Coincidentally, many of the houses the victims were supposed to have lived in at the time of the shooting were all sold on 12/25/09, which is the same time Iroquois gas, Newtown, and the State of Connecticut can be found to have purchased most, if not almost all of the victims homes – which in another remarkable coincidence..all line up under where Iroquois Gas ran their new line.

        Here is some of the info, and Ill leave the link where you can see the maps of how the homes have been plotted via google ~ and they line up perfectly (along w Sandy Hook Ele.) w the gas line.

        While reviewing property appraisal records of the Sandy Hook victims, I noticed that there are many cases where “last sold date” is listed as 12/25/09 – too many to be a coincidence. I looked at the entries for these properties in more detail and none of them correlate with that date (12/25/09). They have various sale dates listed but nothing on 12/25/09.
        Here’s an example – 37 Yogananda St.
        While looking at areas near Sandy Hook school, I noticed that Treadwell Park is right behind it. Look closely at the sign at the park: (It says “Iroquois Gas Transmission System”, St. of Conn. etc) In the Region: Connecticut and Westchester; Making the Iroquois Pipeline Palatable
        May 24, 1992
        THE Iroquois Gas Transmission System may have found an aspirin for the headaches its highway and corporate construction projects cause communities they intrude upon.(…)..Embarked on a $10 million program to compensate 60 New York State and Connecticut towns disrupted by the installation of its 370-mile-long natural gas pipeline. The money will pay for the purchase of open space and the enhancement of environmental and recreational facilities. (cont.)
        Announcement in 1986 of the taking of private property under a Federal mandate created a firestorm of protest in the affected towns. In Connecticut, residential communities beginning with Sherman at the crossover point from New York State, then winding through New Milford, Brookfield, Newtown, (both articles @ link)
        Phase 1, a 1.6 mile pipeline loop in Newtown, CT, was placed into service November 14, 2008.
        From this newsletter, here are a couple of photos of the pipeline installations. Also note that the newsletter is from Winter ’09 which would be consistent with the “last sold date” of 12/25/09.
        ***I looked at all the properties of the child victim’s homes since they all live in and around Sandy Hook. I believe the adult victims are all from residing areas, outside of the Newtown area.
        I mapped the school and all of the victim’s properties and compared it to the gas line loop just to see if there was any commonality.
        **As you can see, many of the homes are right near the gas line loop. The bottom marker is actually Fan Hill Rd in Monroe. I marked it just to see where it fell on the line since the new Sandy Hook school is supposedly there.
        Many of the victim’s properties show that at least some of the homes were purchased by Iroquois Gas, the state of Connecticut and the town of Newtown. This happens to be the street where the Pozner’s are supposed to live..**
        Another thing that’s very odd is that all of the streets in Sandy Hook appear to be privately owned. You are not able to see them with Google Street View. I can’t see any of the homes of victims and I looked around in the general area and none of the side streets can be viewed.
        I looked at my own street in my subdivision and I could see it with street view. The street behind me is private and sure enough, I couldn’t use Street view on it.
        If you look at the victim’s properties on Spokeo, the majority of them don’t show up as a residence. You can see a house but it isn’t highlighted as a residence with a list of names.
        I also found a couple of websites that list Newtown schools but do not include Sandy Hook school.
        To view the rest, maps most of all go to;

        I find this to be more than interesting (and yet another WILD coincidence)…that so many of the victims homes, and the school would line up right under recently acquired property of Iroquois Gas, St. of Conn. and Newtown Also remember how many ppl were relatively new to the area, even a neighbor of the Lanzas said that while most neighbors knew each other – they did not know the Lanzas.
        Just take a look at the maps on this link, and I think it will “click” for you – that here again..something just isnt right here.
        Also along w Adam Lanza being shown as having died a day before, he also does not show up as being an associated person w Peter and Nancy – only Ryan shows up. (and recall the first stories that were sourced to unnamed officials – about how there was a body found in Ryans Hoboken Apartment, and that his girlfriend and her friend were missing!? It was even in the first reports that Peter Lanza was dead –
        My point is – this isnt just confusion from trying to report quickly on an intense story – these were entirely different story lines!
        I hope someone here would lay this out, pictures that it is easier for the viewer to see what I tried to explain in words.

        Although this isnt direct evidence of anything – I think it is an important part of piecing this highly strange story together.

    2. The MSM AC 360 show realized that you may start alluding to verifiable facts on their live TV show and they know now that the facts do not support their Agenda.

      I found a tweet with a very good picture of the SWAT guy caught with Lanza at the scene meeting with Assistant State Attorney Warren Murray. Apparently Murray made the decision as to what to do with the guy. For what it’s worth for further pursuit of the facts and investigation of this case.

      Libor Jany Libor Jany ‏@ljanyNT
      Supervisory Assistant State’s Attorney Warren Murray just showed up. Standing next to the police cruiser holding POI.

      andy thibault jim hoffer FrankFire Charlie Judy Clarke
      8:00 AM – 14 Dec 12 from Connecticut, US

      1. Found this too- I don’t know why the time stamp on the twitter post with the SWAT guy is at 8am- maybe somebody can look into that. This tweet is at 12:43
        Libor Jany ‏@ljanyNT
        “There is a secondary crime scene here in Newtown,” he said. Confirms another adult fatality.
        sherean Paul Sims

        12:43 PM – 14 Dec 12 from Connecticut, US · Details
        Tweet text
        Reply to @ljanyNT

        Image will appear as a link

  2. Mr. Tracy they are accustomed to people who grovel at their feet and dont understand when a person does not do as they say although, they may say it in a polite manner . I am doing the happy dance right now ! God Bless you Mr. Tacy and keep you in his light.

  3. I noticed before this was posted that Cooper has backed down. What a tremendous victory for the truth and the power of the people! More often the internet seems to be used as a tool to hurl personal invective, sew rumor and foment hate, but in this experience I’ve found that it can serve as just the opposite: a beacon of truth dispelling the paralyzing fog of corporate-controlled misinformation. In one month’s time Professor Tracy and a cyber-militia of devoted patriots fought the MSM and won! To question authority and the government is to love your people! But the war has just begun…

  4. Apparently the offer to appear live has cancelled their opportunity to cut & paste & twist your interview – therefore, chilling the notion to have you on. After many days of obvious harassment, they could not have a ‘thinking man’ appear opposite Cooper, which would likely instigate a serious ratings plunge. Keep up your good works!

  5. Hello Prof. Tracy, and fellow truthies..
    I had never heard of you or your “past conspiracy theories”. I watched the Anderson Cooper 360 clip on YouTube just last night, because I was lead to believe, by other clips of his, that you professor, were a heckler of sorts. I knew better. I am SO GLAD I FOUND YOUR BLOG! Because I can TOTALLY SEE THE PROPAGANDA! And as a former Anderson fan, I am now shocked to see the truth. He even edited your emails to seem as you blew him and his team off, only to give a (what he edited to seem as) an unapologetic statement. (Im sorry if Im rambling, its just amazing to find the truth!) I just want you to know that you professor are brave and highly respected for seeking the truth!! Thank you!!

  6. He should go on, and mention how Anderson Cooper cheered as Al Qaeda filled up pits with Africans they murdered in Libya. Does Anderson Cooper support Al Qaeda? If you were to do a news story on Anderson Cooper and follow him with a camera, would you end up at cia offices?

    1. If you did it would be called stalking but, when they do it ‘s seeking and interview . I think the CIA operates on top of or out of the CNN building…

  7. Maybe Cooper is starting to question this himself??? At first, it goes against human nature to question an event such as this even to yourself much less to the public. But when you lay in bed at night and realize that the questions are indeed unanswered and some of the information is shady (to say the least) it takes a little soul searching to come out about it. This would be awesome if it were the case.

    1. I doubt it. Cooper is from the Vanderbilt lineage (Cornelius Vanderbilt – the resemblance is uncanny). Guess how he got the job at CNN…hard work or bread and circus connections?

  8. Why are the last couple of emails forwarded instead of replied to? The conversation is suspect at the end, he’s repeating exactly what Devna was asking. It’s a litte weird to me. As a programmer and technology expert, it makes little sense to me why he chose to forward rather than reply as in ALL previous emails. Maybe Devna didn’t get the ‘Forwarded’ email response- that is a possibility. I would try one more time and hit REPLY instead of FORWARD.

      1. Thank you professor Tracy. Did either of the last two emails bounce back in error? I ask due to the fact that the recipients name was in quotes and that will often cause the email to fail. Thank you again.

  9. Nice….great documentation! It shows the “bully” media mentality and the extent to which they will go in order to make things “appear” the way they want them.

    Isn’t it interesting how stalking and harassment is illegal when regular folks do it but the media can go to extremes and not be punished?

  10. Thank you Professor Tracy for continuing to shine your coherent light on the MSM (Matrix Sleepwalk Manipulators) who simply cannot allow a semblance of “Journalistic Integrity.” Their entire charade is a Corporate Pteradactyl just a few column inches or sound bytes from extinction. The latest 180 treatment of you is another glaring example of their agenda as
    deliberate agents of the Blue Pill Pharmacy. In contrast, how completely honorable, refreshing and heroic of you to speak forthrightly as a Professor, mentor, husband and free-thinking human being; daring to ask questions!

  11. Apparently, Professor, you’re no longer ‘hot enough’ for Anderson Cooper and his show. I guess you’ve had your 15 minutes of fame, and now the White House is telling the media to ‘move along’. They tried to damage you and gave an anchor to thousands of people who really do want the truth. It backfired, and now they’re running.

  12. Thank you for sharing that. It’s very interesting how they spun things to make it appear as if you were evading the interview. People need to understand how they operate. It is disgusting how they treated you.

  13. You all are in an advanced state of delusion…rather strange delusions, I might add, apparently necessary to support your pathological fears of imaginary conspiracies. I guess now Anderson Cooper is a part of the vast conspiracy? Did it ever occur to you folks that given world and national events, Tracy’s paranoid ridiculous mean-spirited politically motivated ramblings are just not that important to reasonable thinking human beings? What is interesting , however, is listening to the parents and families of the butchered children and their teachers….they spoke out , loudly and clearly yesterday. Did any of you take the time to listen to them? These folks saw their babies and their loved ones in their caskets. To make it real, one parent has shown pictures of her 6 year old in his casket (with half of his face blown off by the weapon of mass destruction) to the media. Is she part of the vast conspiracy too? Could you be so cruel? You would all do well to spend your time and energy on joining millions of Americans who want to put an end to such butchery rather than questioning whether it occurred as reported. Ask the families of the babies and their teachers if it occurred. That’s the reality that should matter.

      1. i don’t provide links for the lazy, Laura. You’ll have to do a little homework and seek facts and knowledge on your own The truth is out there. Noah Pozner was one of the six year old sweet innocent angels gunned down, no, butchered, in Sandy Hook. His mother, Veronique, made the loving and courageous decision to show a picture of Noah to the governor of Ct (and then to some members of the media) a few days after the massacre so they would be sure to remember the horror of the reality of this unspeakable event. Her quote (which is all over the internet if you do some homework) sums it up: ‘ “We all saw how beautiful he was. He had thick, shiny hair, beautiful long eyelashes that rested on his cheeks. He looked like he was sleeping. But the reality of it was under the cloth he had covering his mouth there was no mouth left. His jaw was blown away. I just want people to know the ugliness of it so we don’t talk about it abstractly, like these little angels just went to heaven. No. They were butchered. They were brutalized. And that is what haunts me at night.”
        Woman up, Laura, and read Veronique’s stunning, moving and loving descriptions of her son’s execution. Talk of conspiracies pales in the presence of such a stark reality.

      2. According to The Grio, Noah Pozner’s mother described her son’s body to Neomi Zeveloff of The Dart who is also the culture editor at the Jewish Daily Forward and a contributor to

        Choosing sensitive details in one Sandy Hook story – Dart Society, Published on January 3, 2013:

        “Reporter Naomi Zeveloff of the Jewish Daily Forward reflects on interviewing the mother of the youngest victim in the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting and on writing a complicated portrait of grief.”


        “Pozner’s mother, Veronique, told the Jewish Daily Forward that she made the painful decision to to have an open casket for his wake in order to show people the “ugliness” of gun violence.”

    1. I was under the understanding that the parents weren’t allowed to see the children and that they were asked to identify them through photos. It was also reported that all the funerals were closed caskets. Perhaps you could provide some evidence? The term, “butchered” seems rather unsuitable for reported gunshot wounds; generally that more adequately describes knife wounds. Good emotional buzz word, though.

      Cruel is when you aren’t recognizing the holes in the official report and not demanding truth and justice for the victims and their families. If you believe everything you hear on the news and always side with the government and the media, you might want to educate yourself on the realities that surround you. The reality is that the truth is much worse than most people want to imagine, it isn’t pretty. It is understandable that people don’t want to accept the truth and they use defense mechanisms such as denial, reaction formation and cognitive dissonance to avoid it. People often don’t realize that they are controlled through FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) and there is nothing like fear to manipulate compliance. All you have to do is connect the dots and it will all make sense.

      It’s interesting that the citizen journalists who dare ask questions are the ones who are vilified while the Mainstream Media is just accepted as gospel truth. Maybe people don’t know that all the major news is controlled by 6 corporations. Still think it’s fair and balanced?

      Google Operation Northwoods and Operation Fast and Furious to start your research. If you still believe the official reports, then nothing will reach you. It’s all there in black and white, all documented and therefore can’t be labelled as conspiracies.

      As for me, I will continue to seek the truth. It’s the least I can to do for people who are dying needlessly.

      1. To Annie: ” If you believe everything you hear on the news and always side with the government and the media, you might want to educate yourself on the realities that surround you.” To that I ask: What if your are from Newtown or have family or friends directly impacted? Is that reality or still denial?

        “The reality is that the truth is much worse than most people want to imagine, it isn’t pretty”. To that end,couldn’t the horrific nature of the massecre have the same impact when evaluating the story as you say in this next line; “It is understandable that people don’t want to accept the truth and they use defense mechanisms such as denial, reaction formation and cognitive dissonance to avoid it.”


      2. As i said above, allow me to repeat the “truth” for you,. Here’s a quote from Veronique Pozner, mother of Noah Pozner, a six year old Sandy Hook victim:

        “We all saw how beautiful he was. He had thick, shiny hair, beautiful long eyelashes that rested on his cheeks. He looked like he was sleeping. But the reality of it was under the cloth he had covering his mouth there was no mouth left. His jaw was blown away. I just want people to know the ugliness of it so we don’t talk about it abstractly, like these little angels just went to heaven. No. They were butchered. They were brutalized. And that is what haunts me at night.”

        That’s the only official report I need.

      3. Ohhhh, MJ…….. this woman did NOT lose a child in such a manner. This woman was never a mother…and if she were/is then she is one of the most callous, cold, calculating and empty vessels that I have ever had the displeasure of viewing. I feel deeply for your situation.

      4. Annie, you are one intelligent person. I want ALL the Anderson Coopers of the world to explain Robbie Parker. His inability to show ANY anguish, pain, anger, exhaustion…hell, ANY emotion other than the good humor he has expressed…time and time again….BEGS for an investigation.
        Here is more evidence of this shallow cretin——>

    2. MJ – Maybe you haven’t noticed, but your type of response isn’t effective anymore. Citizens are tired of being lied to. We want the truth about Sandy Hook. Painting interested citizens as wacko conspiracy theorists doesn’t fly. Cooper probably gets it now. It’s time you figured it out too.

      1. So if you’re from Newtown or nearby, have friends who lost friends, attended funerals, we’re not worth the time of day because the media sucks at getting the news absolutely correct(after all the MSM isn’t trying to get the news out fast to stay relevant and make money, no, instead, conspiracy folks accuse the lame stream media-LSM- of being involved with the government to cover up a conspiracy of unimaginalbe proportion) SO, irresponsible folks like yourself take it upon themselves to use even more media (the internet where everything is true when you find the truth you’re looking for – if not, manufacture new truth to support your distortion and spin a tale of your own. I’m afraid the burden of proof lies with conspiracy folks to bring to bear in front of a court factual evidence that Sandy Hook is a government cover up or hoax. This is still America. Until then you are not credible in your assertions and for those of us grieving you appear to show a complete disregard for the events of 12-14-12.

        1. Regardless of whether or not you believe that it was a government cover-up of some sort, the evidence has been given that there is NOT ENOUGH evidence to support a story that is so “mainstream”. And what is so hard about answering all the questions that people have? Tell me! It is ALL over the internet. If it that big of a concern for millions of Americans then WHY can’t it be addressed? That alone should wake you up my friend.

          This is not a matter of the press making minor mistakes in reporting what could easily be misconstrued in the beginning, in the middle of the chaos. But rather a LACK of reporting the extremely large number of indescrepancies, out-right lies and shady people they chose to involve.

      2. Lynne0312, Amen. MJ can just disappear with the other trolls we’ve outed here. Real and honest people here have no trouble providing links to what they are talking about. Only a troll wouldn’t provide a direct link. Only a troll would call Laura lazy. Only the trolls want to quote or write graphic descriptions.

        Only the trolls have no problem with CNN and other MSM interviewing survivors but if any of us attempt it such as the Canadian couple they are callous!

  14. Dr. Tracy,

    Thank-you so much for posting this. As others have mentioned, it exposes the MSM for what they are and how they operate. You have been far more patient and respectful than I would have been in such circumstances. You have handled this situation with so much class that soon they will have to stop portraying “conspiracy theorists” as people who stand on the street corner and predict when the world is ending. Perhaps we just want truth and justice.

    As for the term, “conspiracy theorists”, I have been trying to find a term that will vilify those who believe everything they hear on the 6:00 news. Deception advocates? Propaganda cyborgs? Whatever you call them, they sure are gullible.

    1. Yes check them out MJ please do and while your at it check out the rest of the story … TAKE A REAL HARD LOOK AT THAT SCHOOL . What do you see ? On one hand the MEDIA says this is a wealthy area and then look at that school , does that school look AFFLUENT To you ?

      1. Who cares? I went to Newtown and Sandy Hook on Christmas eve. Have you visited? It is a charming, warm, beautiful area with lovely homes on gorgeous lots, most of which are full of swings and trampolines and basketball hoops. It seems like a perfect place to raise a family. Indeed, It seems like the safest place in the world and, in fact, it was, until December 14, 2012 at 9:30 a.m.. I live in an “affluent” town in the United States and Sandy Hook School looks just like our grammar schools. I’m not affluent, but I’ll bet uninformed resentful unhappy people assume that i am because I live in this wonderful town. More importantly, why would you even raise such an issue? What does it matter in light of the horrific events that took place there…..go visit…go meet and speak to these folks…..take a break from the burden of your paranoia and anger over manufactured conspiracies, show some real courage and face the reality of this horrific event…meet the victims….look them in the eye…..listen to them….weep at the graves….Replace your anger and resentment with genuine empathy and care. You’ll feel a lot better, I promise.

      2. So, if you can’t tell me where to find this, I am assuming that you yourself have not seen it (this seems epidemic) but yet heard about it. Wow MJ….are you seriously that blind? Links please!

      3. MJ ,this is why it matters : They the MEDIA those who say that this occured are not being honest and a school in this condition would be excellent for the dirty deeds done there. The truth is painful but once you have the truth you know better how not to repeat any mistakes and in this case they , meaning those that did this are being so OBVIOUS that they have created this to make us ALL angry for each of our reasons to pit , bully and manupulate and pull the strings to get what they ( they meaning the puppet masters ) to get the results they want . RUSULTS = cilvil war.

      4. Terry, I live in Fairfield County, Ct., one of the most affluent counties on the east coast, and the public schools here, especially the ones built 30 or more years ago, really DO look like just about any other public school. Where you will find the big difference is in the PRIVATE schools. There is a private boarding school near me which, upon first look, I mistook for a college given it’s expanse. But, as I said, the public schools around here are all nondescript brick buildings very similar to the ones we all grew up with.

        Btw, you can search and find out the median household income for just about any town in the USA, if you wanted to. It would take about a minute.

    2. The problem you have with us is not unlike the problem we have with “them”…so, not acknowledging the harm and potential danger “they” pose is a lesser problem we have with you. I tend to think the voices against those who ask questions are acting without much thinking.

      Enduring tragedy doesn’t entirely free any of us from our basic responsibility to ourselves and our world. Those of us who aren’t closely tied to the Newtown incident may sometimes skip the necessary cordiality or even act frankly hostile, I’ll admit. Conversely, it does become tiresome to be critiqued with very standardized arguments that sometimes reveal the critic to be oblivious.

      What is most sad to me is how the critics of our actions say things that can not be justified unless they suspect we are uncaring and narcissistic. If you really suspect that, I think you’re underestimating your neighbors. Think of it as battle-fatigue, heavy-metal fatigue (any Holdsworth fans?!). I can’t yet say I love the smell of corrupt officials or organized crime in the morning. But, I’m resolved to ignore it so long as some of us endure.

      Just writing this comment is a massive energy drain for me, as so many “voices” are employed to engage us and the effectiveness is so hit-and-miss. I’ve smirked at others efforts to “feed to troll” but know sometimes that the person on the other end is real.

      This is why we do it, to anyone reading this…

      Broken Treaties that destroyed and largely killed Americans before us.

      The Hoxsey cancer treatment, which had clinics in 17 states before the FDA and AMA destroyed it and largely erased it from history.

      The perpetual ruse of Cancer foundations to “find a cure”, when they have found them before.

      America going Bankrupt twice and not bothering to tell us we had become slaves in the process.

      The legal system hiding the truth that a jury can throw any case out for any reason and elevating the judge to a King when he was once an administrator.

      War is a Racket.

      Then, there are the difficult to stomach self-inflicted wounds…the false-flag events that have shaped America and the world for decades now…

      JFK Assassination, Bali Bombing, 9/11, Anthrax Mailings, 7/7, Oklahoma City, Waco (Yeah, it qualifies), Arizona Shooting, Fort Hood Shooting, RFK Assassination, JFK Jr. Assassination (Horribly enraging), Aurora Theater Shooting, Sikh Temple Shooting, Norway Shooting,

      I personally could lecture for days on end on any number of these issues and I know others here can as well. Given that, you’ll have to yield a bit and take in some of this “conspiracy” back-story before assuming your criticisms will be taken at full strength.

      See ya.

  15. Funny thing …well not really funny but odd thing about Mr. Gene Rosen , at the time he said and many of MJ so respected news agencies , he said he was helping 6 children he was REALLY milling about behind and with other adults at the fire station . Hmmm I thought they said the evacuated children not a bunch of adults and it looked to me like the fire dept couldnt hold 600+ students are there not fire code capacities in Newtown…? Nice blue coat and nervous antics on the part of Mr. Rosen or was that another audition …

      1. Look more closely at the specific facial features, like the nose and ears, and you will see that the FEMA guy is not Gene Rosen. I’m always skeptical of these videos that never show the faces next to each other for more than a second. Obviously the creator of this video could have paused the shot where the two faces were side by side but chose not to. I wonder why….

      2. Pete, thank you. I’ve looked and looked at that FEMA photo of “Gene” and stopped the video interviews when Gene has his left ear forward. The FEMA “Gene”‘s earlobe has a distinct long deep crease/line through it that I just can’t see in Newtown Gene’s earlobe. I know that Gene is the man-everyone-loves-to-hate but in the end I agree that it isn’t Newtown Gene.

      3. The information provided on the government website notes that a ‘Gene Rosen’ works for FEMA in the particular event of Hurricane Dolly.
        While this image may not be of Gene Rosen it is ridiculous to debate whether he worked for FEMA as a counselor or not. It states this on the website.

      4. Jamie, if we take at face value what’s written we would still only be able to say that there is A man named Eugene Rosen who works for FEMA. It doesn’t prove that it’s the same Newtown Gene Rosen, unless there is evidence of only one person by the name of Eugene Rosen in the country. Beyond that, I highly doubt that the document stating that Eugene Rosen is a FEMA representative is authentic. Notice, in the first document, the text is “FEMA representatives participate in the 25th National Law Enforcement celebration in Harlinger, Texas. FEMA is working with local and state agencies to bring services to residents…….”. Then notice that in the document with Eugene Rosen’s name, the text is EXACTLY the same, except that the words “FEMA representatives” are supplanted with the words “Eugene Rosen a FEMA representative”. Note the verb “participate” is still conjugated in the 3rd person plural. Seems unlikely that this is a mistake as everything else is written perfectly. On top of that, the light purple color used for shading in the Eugene Rosen ” document” doesn’t correspond with any color used on the FEMA website, nor is there a FEMA seal. Bottom line, for me at least, is that there is no way to tell WHERE that Eugene Rosen “document” originated from.
        And , of course, there’s that “ominous” sound track designed to evoke feelings of suspicion.
        For me, there are better places to focus inquisitive energy regarding this event.

        1. Hello, Pete. Your supposition may be accurate…and I have my doubts about some of the documents as well, but, I think that when one finds more than four anomalies in a story line then one must come to a conclusion that the story is contrived… even if other submitted documents cause suspicious notions of being fraudulent.
          The story that the media presents has so many perforations that it actually borders on the ridiculous…if not insane. In reality, I do not need another document to prove that what was perpetrated upon the public was indeed a hoax, but, if one presents itself I will not hesitate to examine it. This particular document does require further examination, but, with all of the other evidence that has come to light I really do not think it matters one iota if it is authentic or not.
          I think that the amount of time we spend dissecting each and every piece of ‘evidence’ is time spent in distraction from the real issue. We should be asking “Why” such a hoax was perpetrated.
          I am sorry if you cannot see reality, Pete, and I am being sincere.
          I think that you just have way too much Virgo in your chart so have a difficult time grasping the larger picture. Anything carried too far can be our undoing.

  16. Hello, Mr. Tracy. I would respectfully like to pose a question. What is it that you wish to accomplish by speaking with the MSM? They can be extremely brutal in their treatment of those who question the “government” or the MSM. I saw this behavior in the interview of Kevin Barrett.

  17. This intire Sandy Hook thing dead children or not is not about guns its about ticking us ALL off so we can be controlled under the quise of protecting children . Its about creating a civil war ….

    1. And that comment, ladies and gentlemen, shockingly sums up the true lack of humanity and decency underpinning the so called ‘conspiracy” arguments. We are better than this, folks.

      1. by the way MJ I have a dead child do to the last administrations LIES. Im beyond grief I want answers so this is not so easy to be done . Im not sure there are not dead children but , I am sure there are big fat evil liars ….

      2. Shockingly I do not speake for nor represent anyone but me so dont give me that kinda of credit MJ . These people are far more educated than I am yet , I have something many dont and thats the uncuth way of telling you to shove it and grow a pair…

      3. Terri, I am deeply sorry for your loss. I share the same experience and that experience compells me to speak truth to lies. I would not waste precious time arguing with people over whether this was a real or staged event. You and millions….ney, BILLIONS of others on this planet know the truth…but, more importantly, Terri, we LIVE it. My husband is from Europe and he tells me what the Europeans think of us and our governement. It is not flattering at all. I am not offended, though, by their critique because sometimes, I hear, truth hurts.
        The MJ’s of this world should be allowed a very quiet space so that they might do the necessary work of introspection and reflection. I think it best just to observe them quietly and allow this process to unfold without interference.

  18. NOT one thing by this and the last administration has been for the people or by the people ! We are not a DEMOCRACY we are supposed to be a REPUBLIC and yes the capitol letters do make a difference in legal context . In the pledge it is NOT , to the DEMOCROCY its pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

  19. You have done so much good and continue to do so Mr Tracey. nothing wrong in asking for a true account of what happened…Let us not be fooled by media and governments…By chance i turned on my TV in UK on the day when Medical Examiner Dr Carver started to talk live and to be honest i was shocked at the way this doctor took this press conference,if this is a doctor in charge !!!!!!
    Sympathy to all involved..

  20. Curious observer,

    I’m not questioning that there were murdered children or that there weren’t people impacted by this. My belief is that it happened but not in the way it was portrayed by the media. It’s just that there are too many holes in the story that I want answered.

    I have an 8 year old granddaughter; my first thought when I heard about this tragedy was her and how it would feel to lose her at all, let alone in such a horrific way. My heart goes out to these people and despite what deception advocates think, so called “conspiracy theorists” aren’t advocating the murder of children. Quite on the contrary, we think the families deserve the truth.

    Are you aware that some of the families of the 9/11 victims want the investigation reopened? Just saying.

    1. i attended 30 funerals of dear friends and close colleagues who were mercilessly killed in 911. So, I can tell you first hand that those families were and remain hurt, saddened and outraged, over and over again, by the sick paranoid 911 conspiracy theories that are insensitive to and completely disregard the actual 911 victims and their families. These ludicrous theories, whether over 911 or Sandy Hook, are perpetrated by paranoid ,unhappy, angry people who find some strange solace in blaming the government for everything that isn’t right in their pitiful empty lives.. Just saying…..

      1. Then WHERE are these parents MJ? I know that if my child died so brutally and people all over the country were saying that my child didn’t die. I would be outraged. I would be all over the news media. There is no way that I would sit back and just let millions of people in the country say that my child didn’t die. Not one parent….no not one….not even a friend of a parent, or the postman of a parent, or the neighbor of the postman of one of the parents has come out and discredited all the people saying this.

        Again, doesn’t the absence of certain things make you wonder? Regardless of where you stand, what you believed happened or what you want to believe, these things AGAIN, are very legitimate concerns and you can’t argue that despite your attempts.

      2. Its sad that you are so closely tied to such tragic events are you in the MEDIA per chance do tell… Just saying dat you coop or one of your cronies? eh MJ or is AC or something like it…

      3. I was wondering MJ since you attend these funerals and are so closely tied why you not angry that your close friends lost their lives ? I know alot about grief and it gets you angry when stuff dont add up , that is if you dont want this to happen again. Or do you want it to happen again and again? Maybe you do …

      4. Wow, 30 funerals. You sure were close to a lot of people who were killed that day. I’m sorry to hear about all the tragedy you endured. Maybe there are families that are “saddened and outraged”, but there are also families that want the investigation reopened. Don’t they deserve just as much respect as the families you speak of?

        Generally when someone is trying to prove a case, they have evidence. If you can provide me with evidence related to Sandy Hook, I’ll admit I’m wrong. I’m not so arrogant or close minded to think that there may not be alternate explanations. But then again, I’m not so close minded that I accept everything the MSM says, either.

        Show me some footage, some documentation, some pictures – ANYTHING- and I will reconsider. In the event that Adam Lanza was still alive, they would need to provide evidence to prove he was guilty and the onus would be on the prosecution to provide that evidence. Forensic evidence. Cold, hard, indisputable evidence. When you – or anyone else- can provide that, I’ll be ready to listen. It’s not against the law to ask questions. Yet.


        P.S. It appears you’re fighting a losing battle. Trying to guilt people into changing their minds because somehow it is disrespectful to the families is a weak attempt at manipulation that most of us can see through. It really makes me wonder what your real purpose here is. Oh, by the way — I am quite happy with my life, thanks, and I would like to keep it that way which is precisely why I am trying to stop an agenda based on corruption and power abuse. The way you characterize anyone who asks questions as paranoid, unhappy, angry people with pitiful, empty lives is probably a reflection of yourself.

      5. MJ, thanks for the history rewrite. You seem to have forgotten that the center of the demands into an honest investigation of 911 were the surviving family members.

        You seem to have forgotten that if a family wanted to receive survivor benefits they had to agree to remain silent.

        So those families who spoke out for truth about 911 sacrificed monetary gain for truth.

        And NONE of the people researching the events of 911 are disregarding the victims of 911–they are respecting them for wanting to know how and why they died.

        Thanks for the insults to people who are researching these subjects. Your respect for humans is limited.

      6. Ahhhhh!! Dang! After that last post….it was even thoughtful…double dang. I’m referring to my last comment in response to yours above.

        I see that the energy vacuum has taken it’s share and my risk-assessment was faulty. Why, oh why do they still get me?!!

        Alright MJ. We’re all discombobulated and dizzy from your super-realistic expiali-tragic tales of your funeral attendance post 9/11 and I’m sure you’re all intimately up in the Sandy Hook thing too. So, give us a break and check the box labeled “successful circumvention.”

        Hell, here’s my comment just so you know what you’re up against. And it isn’t an uncaring monster out for blood. Put me on the list my friend…

  21. Bravo! They have fired alot of people there lately, surprised this ‘person’ is still there! Here’s another article from more brave men that present tons of evidence! About the only good news is that the children probably were not in that school at all! The Sandy Hook handbook is dated 2010-2011 and has a calendar for that year!

    1. I admit it. I am genuinely shocked at these very very disturbing comments. I’m sure that everyone on this site doesn’t agree with the brutal, mean, ignorant, angry insensitive comments of , for example, Terri and Laura. Wow. if i weren’t reading this stuff myself i would never imagine such twisted and evil ideas and attitudes were possible. i’ll leave you ladies to your insanity….so glad you found one another

      1. I have yet to make one insensitive comment about any involved in this “event”. I am not sure if you realize MJ that I am asking questions not providing statements. Of which, you have managed to dodge every one of them. Of which, are valid. Of which, you choose to leave unanswered. Fine, that is your perogative as this is mine.

        All you have done is come on here blasting about how ridiculous it is that we have questions we wish to be addressed. If you are comfortable with what you feel are valid answers that’s great and I don’t condemn you. By the same token, why are you so determined that we accept what you accept?

      2. Evil ideas … not mine theirs MJ and odd how you repeated Andersons phrase ” genuinely shocked” . Who said I was a ladie should I be offended ? See you later… what will MJ be next hmm… anybody care to wag the dog here ?

      3. Terri, yes, who will MJ be next. But the trolls here are running out of options as they are continually called out by us. They’ve tried the high road by asserting that they were the “real” conspiracy researchers. They’ve tried everything in-between and now MJ is here to take the low road of insults and general abuse.

      4. Clearly you did not bother to launch and read the article as there is overwhelming evidence that cannot be denied. When I see MJ – I see more jargon and do not waste any energy on it at all. Sooner or later they might just give up – maybe they are paid from the number of responses they get!

    1. Hmm … and I thought it was just me thinking it wa obvious . I mean think about we as a whole believe what were told by authority . Guess what we are out gunned by our own government . The technology the have can see a dime on a walk from space and use a lazor to split a hair on my hide .I cant even hide from them if I wanted to because so long as I breath my body creates heat and they can point infrared camera and voila the got me. If they really cared that children die then why not seek out crack houses , crack kills so many more than guns and no real effort there on this matter . I think we need to do a Icelandic trend on our government and see how possitive that turns out .Bend like a Icelander ! Federal reserve watch yourself…

  22. Well, well well…

    The “alleged” CIA operative Anderson “VANDERBILT” Cooper is caught in ANOTHER LIE, and of course, CNN is not going to let their audience know the deception on the part of this “alleged” PROJECT MOCKINGBIRD darling. It is really funny how obvious this whole operation is, but given all that we know about the shenanigans played on the people by CNN and others, it is not a surprise at all.

    All anyone has to do is remember what that Charles Jaco did during “Desert Shield” pretending to be in Saudi Arabia and making it appear that their base was under attack with chemical-weapons, all the while that POS was in a studio in America lying-his-ass-off to the millions of people watching him. Here is Mr. Charles Jaco of CNN PRETENDING TO BE IN SAUDI ARABIA BUT WAS IN AN AMERICAN STUDIO THE ENTIRE TIME:

    Dr. Tracy, you should do everything that you can to get on-the-air and expose this deception by CNN against you, and PLEASE MENTION CHARLES JACO’S ON-AIR DECEPTION AGAINST MILLIONS OF PEOPLE SO MANY YEARS AGO.


  23. The celebrity talking heads will drop everything for a chance to be seen on CNN or other high-profile mainstream media outlets. Regular people with real jobs don’t fit into their paradigm.

    Your expected to drive to Davie? They didn’t have a problem getting a truck to the debate at Lynn University.

  24. It just occurred to me that the only people who sound “crazy” on this blog are those who believe the official narrative of events. Outright lying, name calling, attacking, denial…the classic lack of any feasible argument. I won’t comment on my qualifications, but I do know enough to recognize mental illness when I see it and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way.

    I find it quite humorous that the mainstream likes to label us as crazy. I think they almost expect it so that they can make a feeble attempt to discredit the people who have a different point of view. It’s unfortunate that the world is run by truly insane, narcissistic opportunists. Here’s a quote from a crazy, fringe type lunatic. Well, not really. He was only one of the most successful business men in the world.

    “Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”
    ~ Steve Jobs
    US computer engineer & industrialist (1955 – 2011)

    1. Im a proud crazy rebel with a cause and that would be to see the REBUBLIC restored to its former glory for my childen and your’s and even MJ as much as MJ may not want that … follow the example of the founders and Icelanders jailing the corrupt bankers ! Damn Money Changers!

  25. God Bless James Tracy. I am so happy that so many people know what is really going on. I am proud of people for researching and taking the time out of their busy days to share the truth w/as many people as possible. Anderson Cooper probably cancelled because he is missing his nose. lol. That’s what happened with Michael Jackson too.

  26. Thank you for keeping us informed Prof. Stay safe and protect yourself from ‘character assassination.’ Their venue is laden with hidden traps, they get their ratings and profit from making people the news and destroying lives….stay strong, you have alot of support.

    John F. Kennedy

    1. Excellent quote by a good, honest man with integrity. He was also the last President who believed he was actually in charge.

      From one proud, crazy rebel to another – thanks for posting this. The battle is just beginning.

    1. If the US government admits in a civil case and pays money to the King family for the death of M.L.K. is that not admitting they had him killed ? And sinse they admit killing a man such as MLK why would it be so far fetche they wouldnt fake or acutally kill any of us ? Hmmm did’nt some families of 9/11 recieve money too ? Hmm will Sandy Hook families recieve money for their loss or have they already recieved money for a lie or to keep quiet ? …

  28. Thanks Terri for the posting of an “important” linkage which par real to reality(s)..And always remember that Andy Cooper is just doing what he is BEING TOLD TO DO! Who is Andy’s boss?

      1. Adam is listed as a grandchild of Peter Salvatore Lanza , here is a obituary : Plaistow, NH: Peter S. Lanza, 83, a resident of Newton Road, Plaistow, died Sunday, December 5, 2010 at Methuen Health and Rehabilitation Center in Methuen. Born and raised in Haverhill, MA, son of the late Michael and Mary (Simone) Lanza, he attended local schools and was a member of the Haverhill High School Class of 1945. An investment broker and insurance salesman, Mr. Lanza worked for the John Hancock Life Insurance Co. for thirty-seven years until his retirement. He was a recipient of numerous achievement awards presented by the John Hancock Company including the Presidents Club Award and the National and Regional Honor Club Awards. He was also an accomplished musician and played bass as a member of the former Ray Gardella Band, which was well known in the area by many generations of local residents providing music for weddings and other social events as well as entertainment on Saturday evenings at the former Lake Shores Club in Georgetown, MA. A resident of Plaistow since 1994, he formerly lived in Groveland, MA, where he served many customers of the John Hancock Co, and also previously lived in Haverhill for many years. He was a member of Holy Angels Church of St. Luke the Evangelist Parish, the Haverhill Lodge of Elks, and The Victor Emmanuel Lodge of the Sons of Italy. He was also a Past-President of the former Hannah Duston School PTA. Mr. Lanza was devoted to his children and grandchildren and enjoyed the many times that he spent with them. He also enjoyed traveling and dining out. The husband of the late Elodia (Wilkinson) Lanza, he is survived by sons Michael Lanza and his wife Marsha of Crystal Lake, Ill, Mark S. Lanza and his wife Cindy of Plaistow, and Peter J. Lanza and Shelley Cudiner of Stamford, CT, a sister Rose Lanza of Plaistow and Glen, NH, grandchildren, Jeff, Michael, Brian, Daniel, Andrew, Mark, Charles, Stephanie, Ryan and Adam. Relatives and friends may call on Thursday, December 9, 2010, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. at Brookside Chapel & Funeral home, 116 Main St. . , Plaistow, followed by a Mass of Christian Burial at 1 p.m. in Holy Angels Church, 8 Atkinson Depot Rd. Plaistow. Burial will follow in Saint Patricks Cemetery, Haverhill, MA. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the American Cancer Society, 30 Speen St, P.O. Box 9376,

  29. I like the Wayback Machine to pull up old webpages: I put in the address for the Monroe Schools, where the Chalk Hill School is located and no problem getting the old pages:*/
    then clicked on Chalk Hill School

    Then I tried other school districts, such as:*/
    and you’ll have no problem pulling up the old versions of the website.

    But try using the Wayback Machine for Newtown Public Schools:*/

    and you get: Page cannot be crawled or displayed due to robots.txt.

    Wayback refers you to wiki for this explanation: “The Robot Exclusion Standard, also known as the Robots Exclusion Protocol or robots.txt protocol, is a convention to prevent cooperating web crawlers and other web robots from accessing all or part of a website which is otherwise publicly viewable. Robots are often used by search engines to categorize and archive web sites, or by webmasters to proofread source code.”

    Sort of like getting files sealed. Well, I’m no techie so I have no way around it.

    1. Good find, Erik. It all helps to dispell the myth of ‘Sandy Hook’. I liken this to the Picasa album page that was taken down after comparisons were made of the Sextons and the Phelps. If these people were not involved in the Sandy Hook Hoax then why take down a private family album? I know that I would leave my album just where it was even if people were visiting it out of curiosity. It WAS on a public outlet so should have come as no shock that strangers could view this album. Now, these pages no longer exist. The same goes for a Vimeo users Sandy Hook tribute video that was presented days before the actual event. I tried viewing this video but found something rather insulting in it’s place.
      Thanks for doing Anderson Pinocchio Cooper’s job. 🙂

  30. You are awesome!! We deserve answers! This is the information age, and to the families who are offended, if you don’t want your business to be questioned than don’t spread it around the world. You can take donations but you’re offended when we want answers?

    (do an image search for blond zooey)

    If I were trying to deceive a whole nation, I wouldn’t leave the job to amateurs. And I’d have the number of actors and actresses who could later confess to be small enough for a convenient set of disasters to eliminate them. I think the ones who are “in the know” are multi-tasking as multiple people at the same scene and at other crisis scenes and then they will be eliminated before they can divulge WHO was in charge.–finance.html

    I’m looking at possible recent events that might have been planned similar to Sandy Hook as follow-up disasters because one of the actors was saying that we would have to “act” (behave in their desired way – check out behavior modification techniques) since the act was “so low” which makes me think that these people think they will get their way if there are enough “low acts” featured and concentrated in the news. Was there a crisis drill scheduled today and scrapped close to this Dynegy plant? Because this seems like it would have been the perfect setting for an event.

    There is some curious wording for a volleyball camp at this web site, evidently the camp didn’t happen because they are talking refunds. It was 20 minutes away, I’m sure there were other cancelled events that were also 20 minutes away.

    Today, my computer will not let me view ANY YouTube videos. This is bizarre because I have a nice new big apple computer… and I’ve been watching YouTube to do my assignments for communication classes, every day and night for the last few months since I am a college student – I’m paranoid that since I like to participate in this board that my computer has been messed with.

    When you do an experiment using the scientific method, you come up with a hypothesis. I never believed in hoaxes before so my hypothesis was “I believe I live in the greatest and free-est nation on earth and my government would never exploit and deceive in the ways suspected in these hoaxes. In order to explore this hypothesis, a scientist would research it with the goal of proving the hypothesis WRONG not right. Ask any real scientist.

    1. Professor. I thoroughly enjoy your interviews regarding the Sandy Hook inconsistencies. You are a brilliant man! I would like to know why it is that you don’t bring up the fact that Adam Lanzas date of death is listed and verified as 12/13/2012 a full day before the “massacre” even took place? I have access to the fact finding program called Lexis Nexis (used by law enforcement, government, lending institutions, etc as are reliable means to verify facts). It wasn’t until I used this program to search for Adam Lanza, which did verify a 12/13 DOD, that I became highly suspect of the entire ordeal. I would be happy to give you my Lexis Nexis log in and password info so that you can see for yourself. Please let me know if you are interested. After all, how does a massacre take place if the suspect is dead before the whole thing takes place?

      1. It’s one of many important things that should be more closely examined. The fact remains that Lanza’s overall background is vague and this open-endedness has been used by major news media to in many ways construct his persona.

    2. I just watched the second part of the video above and I am totally flattered that they picked up on my idea but they obviously have the WRONG actress. Some people are not good at matching faces, they can’t match both the positive spaces and the negative spaces. I’m an artist, and I recognized Zooey the first time I saw her even though I didn’t know she is a popular actress – I thought she was an unknown. I must have hit a nerve, a BIG nerve, for them to take it sooo far soooo fast with the wrong actress. Next, watch… Zooey either gets brain damage or is eliminated – unless she knows how to run real fast.

    3. Oh Angela….looks like Anderson Cooper and the government are at your computer…close down your MAC, delete your cookies and internet history,,,,lock the doors, close the blinds….turn off the lights….OMG

      1. Wow. You’ve actually been READING my posts and YOU answered my post on Feb 4, 2013 only 20 minutes from when I wrote it. You guys don’t pay such close attention to just any barking moon bat. Again, I am flattered. I’m a 50-year-old homeschooling mom living in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do but “examine the Internet evidence” Since you swiped my last post, I’m assuming that I’m right about both Zooey and the connection with the two other shooting I mentioned. I wasn’t paranoid about doors or blinds or lights, I was paranoid I might be right…

  32. hi professor tracy,

    i personally would like to thank you for everything your doing and saying regarding this Sandy Hook matter. I just had a question and a comment…who is exactly responsible and makes the decision whether or not video surveillance from this school gets released to the public? i swear, just show me a still shot or any video footage that ‘adam lanza’ was there, like they said he was, and i just might shut up for a day or two. i’m actually quite surprised that ‘they’ haven’t doctored some footage up and released that to the media…which probably wouldn’t be hard for them to do. and my comment being, it just makes me wonder if everything that is discussed regarding a conspiracy, mainly information coming from you tube or the internet, is just like (excuse the expression), ‘…pissing in the wind’. alot of the info coming out on the internet, really makes you believe that we can kinda figure out what happened here, meaning because of all of the inconsistencies, that this shooting didn’t really happen the way that main stream media is reporting. what good is trying to figure out what really happened that day, when it seems that no one on tv, whether nationally or local, will even discuss the inconsistencies and/or true facts? i know that trying to find out the truth, is clouded over by the people that have the power over the media…

    god bless (the not crooked part of) america.

    1. Law enforcement seized the crime scene on December 17 or 18. I believe any video would be part of that crime scene. There has been no mention of such footage by authorities. One of many inconsistencies.

  33. Every single one of these knucklehead theories has a perfectly logical explanation for those to choose to look. Watch the youtube video by AmazingAtheist:

    Let me leave it at this… you think it’s possible that these so called “actors” don’t have friends, family, acquaintances that would know if they were lying? and not come out to the media exposing this? You have to be simple minded to believe it.

    1. James,
      The critique originally launched by Dr. Tracy was that the event did not happen as the media portrayed it, and even your Amazing Atheist agrees.

      The people on this site and all the videos on youtube are just trying to get more info than what television has put out.
      I think a lot more info will trickle out.

    2. Let the floodgates of this demented and soulless cesspit of the Illuminati Scum open! Bring it INTO the sunlight for all to see because this planet is in desperate NEED of a COLON CLEANSE! Having endured childhood sexual abuse I can testify that these things are alive and well on planet Earth….and they destroy lives!
      Let us ALL go to that dark, dank and despicable “basement” and bring out the malfunctions of the heart and mind! Let us do it for ourselves and for each other…and then, when we have done our personal cleansing, let us help those demented and tortured souls up from their crevasses!
      Leave them no place to hide…….

      Thank you, eriksf99! You are what is RIGHT with this world!

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