After writing a series of articles documenting the discrepancies and outright lies in the official narrative of the Sandy Hook shooting, Professor James Tracy of Florida Atlantic University shot to international attention when the establishment media began covering his work. Now, Dr. Tracy is left trying to explain the misinterpretations, lies and soundbites that the mainstream media is using to discredit his work. Find out more in this week’s GRTV Feature Interview.

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65 thought on “The Sandy Hook Controversy — James Tracy on GRTV”
    1. Mr. Tracy, I feel I HAVE to write. The Sandy Hook news broadcasts ripped my life apart. I cried and sobbed for days. I barely was able to make Christmas happen for my family as a result-I’m the Mom. But something about it all did not set right…and now I know that is what I was really crying about. As days passed I began to question in my own mind and mentioned some inconsistencies to my husband who quickly dismissed them because the tragedy was just too horrible. Things that did bother me the most were the aerial views (no crowds, no confusion, no emergency vehicles pressing through crowds, etc), the “other” suspects, the coroner’s answers, etc. but also something bothered me that I have not heard very much about. What doesn’t add up for me is the story surrounding Adam. Whether or not he may have been autistic or not it still seems strange, that if he was “jealous” or wanted to punish his mother in some way, that he would have shot her first and before they interacted that day…because that means she didn’t know of his intentions. Also, if his plans were to kill himself…and obviously he had been making elaborate plans…then why wouldn’t he want to leave some evidence or “statement” that would reveal to his “family” the injustice that he felt had been done him so that the ‘punishment’ and/or ‘blame’ might be felt. Instead, it is described that there was a very thought out and successful effort to hide everything about himself ie. smashing his hard-drive, etc. I kept wondering why he would care what people would find out…why he would care so much that he went to those great lengths to conceal all evidence…I mean he would be dead. To me it is not consistant with the act of a mentally and/or emotionally disturbed person. So, for me, it meant either he smashed his computer because he believed (and may have been instructed to do so) he needed to hide something for the sake of , protection of or to conceal the identities of those that would remain alive and what/who would that be?…or that it was a false scenario put to the public to stop further inquiry into Adam’s motives.

      I am a HUGE Fox News fan. And I must say I believe I am possibly more informed (or disinformed) than most anyone I know. Though I believe that you are now somehow being made to pay the ‘price’ on the networks, FOX included….and I really for you is also why I HAVE to write…I must tell you that seeing that bit on you HELPED ME enormously!!! Immediately I went to your blog…and from there began my own sort of research. I had to know. I stayed up several entire days and nights. Now…I believe that much of the coverage was staged, I know for a fact that there was an HSEEP full-scale simulation exercise going on that week right there concerning shootings in schools (the catalyst meeting was at Sandy Hook Fire Dept almost 1 year to the day prior where actors & citizens were given instruction onhow to react, what to wear, about make-up, etc) and I believe this was definately part, if not all, of it…would also explain wy there were so many SWAT type teams in the area, etc. I have copies of the documents they were given.

      Anyway…because of YOU…I have found comfort in knowing that there is quite a number of Americans out there, just like me…we’re not alone…and we want answers. With our current president and administration I am so fearful and more mistrusting of our governement than I have been before and I am extremely comforted to know that it is not just me alone against the pod people! So, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…and please don’t let them get you down. \
      Sincerely, Linda Bates

      1. Thank you Linda. Such frank honesty is always rare and so deeply touches others when it is expressed. I hope for you peace of mind as you seek to satisfy the growing doubt you had to live with and I hope this site gives you the relief and courage to know that you are not alone.

        Thank you immensely for what you have shared here…..

      2. Sinse you are a huge FOX news fan then you should be really familiar with the phrase ” Some people say ” they think it news fact and a jump off point for a attack question.

        1. Yes, I’m very familiar…and I’m not sure what you mean to say…I’m still a fan but though Fox News criticizes mainstream media, and they are right to…I’m dissappointed they haven’t given this more attention and I understand why though I don’t condone it…but because they did do the small bit on Mr. Tracy it got me thinking…maybe so or maybe not the way they were hoping…but I’m grateful they did…and I’m grateful Mr. Tracy is doing this…even though he is under such personal scrutiny and pressure. It is quite brave. I’m already being viewed as “nut” so I cannot imagine what he is going through. But I’m a believer in Mass Hypnosis…so I’m wearing my aluminum foil hat and looking for alternative media sources too! 🙂

      3. Did anyone read the media reports in the first month about the ‘altercation’ Adam had with four faculty members some time in the weeks prior to the shooting? I’d read this in several articles and also that three out of four of those faculty members were killed; the fourth apparently wasn’t in school the day Lanza allegedly shot his victims. Where has this story gone? Did anyone else notice those reports?

        I’m suspicious that Adam went in and expressed outrage, maybe because his mother was in the process of having him institutionalized, at the school. They may have been amassing records for his mother or just become the focus of his rage for any variety of reasons.

        But they wouldn’t want us to know because it cripples the federal government’s drive to spin whatever they want out of the event. I think it’s possible Adam should have been reported to the police and that they in turn could have gone to the Lanza house and confiscated Nancy’s guns, and the whole thing might have been avoided. But that would bring lawsuits and embarrassment for the local gov’t, and a problem for Obama’s agenda.

      4. Why don’t you conspiracy obsessed miserable sick people take a look at the autopsy photos. Shame on you, Linda. Imagine your child ripped into pieces by that weapon of mass destruction as were these babies and their teachers. I’m sickened by all of you who have to turn every tragedy into a conspiracy or a political question. I went to Newtown on Christmas eve. I breathed their air. I wept with them. i trust our government a lot more than I trust you ignorant buffoons who can even transform the aftermath of an unspeakable tragedy like Sandy Hook into a soapbox for your political agenda. I apologize to the victims of Newtown and to their families and loved ones for you. I hope in their immeasurable sadness and grief, your evil paranoid moronic ramblings are far far from their ear shot. Shame on you. Stop watching FOX news and read a book.

      5. Wow MJ, did you even watch this interview? I completely agree with Tracy that it is a thousand times more disrespectful to the deceased and their families not investigate this fully. It sounds to me that Tracy doesn’t believe that the tragedy never happened, he is more worried about the spin the media is putting on it, but, unlike you with your emotionally charged responses that achieve nothing at all and your inability to consider things from different points of view, he keeps an open mind and considers all possibilities, and I’m sure that if further investigation reveals that what the mass media has portrayed really did occur he will quickly align his position with the available facts. Now stop trolling and leave the comment space for people with something to add to the conversation.

        Also, this is my first post so I am not aware of how this will format, I am referring to MJ’s comment that begins “Why don’t you conspiracy obsessed miserable sick people take a look at the autopsy photos…”

        My question to you MJ is, why didn’t the medical examiner take a look at those photo’s either? How can you conduct a thorough autopsy on 20 children and not notice how many are boys and how many are girls??

    2. I follow James too. I agree, he is great. Always sites sources.

      I can honestly say that I feel like eventually I might break and 2+2 will = 5. Please keep this blog going. We can’t give-up on accurate information. You are doing the right thing.

      1. MJ, I looked all over the net and there are NO photos available. Did you actually see them? Where? Who showed you? What did you see? Did you attened any funerals? Were the coffins open or closed?

        What proof do you actually have that this horrible event took place? You rant, but provide no facts.

    3. To no-one will we sell, to no-one will we deny or delay right or justice.
      – Clause 40, The Magna Carta, 1215

      All persons who were the victims of a crime were expected to raise their “hue and cry” and apprehend the criminal; and upon hearing their cry, every able-bodied man in the community was expected to do the “utmost in his power” (pro toto posse suo) to chase and apprehend the accused as a “posse”.
      – 1215: The Year of Magna Carta by J. Danziger et al (2003)

  1. Dr. Tracy, remember, just like in court of law, when the evidence is against you and your argument is lost the fall back is defamation of character. It easier to discredit a person then to disprove or refute their questions.

    1. Or to tell people they are nut cases in need of “help”. Like this NY Times article commentator:

      Yes, where are you reading/hearing about conspiracy theories? Glenn Beck? Sean Hannity? Other Fox News crackpots? Rush Limbaugh, for God’s sake? If that’s where those “conspiracy theories” are emanating from your mind needs a good cleaning and you need to stop watching/listening to their bile.

      1. “That is the reality.

        “When Obama announced his intention, in the wake of Sandy Hook, to go nuclear with expanded mental-health services across the country, the president of the American Psychiatric Association, Dr. Dilip Jeste, praised the program.

        ““I am strongly encouraged by the President’s recommendations because they include a focus on improving mental health,” Jeste said to a Psychiatric News reporter.

        “The Psychiatric News article continues: “A new initiative outlined by Obama would provide training for school personnel and help ensure that young people who need help are referred to treatment…[and this new program would] train 5,000 additional mental health professionals to serve students and young adults.”

        “What we are looking at here is wolves circling prey.”

      2. Great link, Rocky. I wrote on a couple of threads here last week or shortly before about the dangers of the partnership between Big Pharma and Big Government. There are so many levels and dimensions through which to apprehend those dangers that I don’t know where to start. Thomas Szasz (sp?) was the psychiatrist who in the 60’s foresaw the coming of the pharmaceutical industrial complex and I highly recommend anyone interested to read some of his works. Also try books by Peter Bregin and Paula Caplan, a psychiatrist and psychologist. She’s far more radical than Bregin but because he’s an MD and exposes *some* of the lies being told by the psychiatrists/pharmaceutical companies about their drugs, he’s come under more attack from the psych establishment. Szasz and the linked article’s author go a little too far for me but I’d say they’re over 90% dead on and should be required reading for any skeptic of what’s going on in our government.

    2. Sue, I followed the entire altercation story and all reports on it…then it fizzled out, there was official denial and it went down the memory hole. Of the four mentioned people, three are said to have died and I wondered if the fourth was the school secretary who said in an interview that she was absent that day and had called in sick. I’m afraid its another loose thread but is sure thought provoking when we hear the school nurse say in an interview that ‘Nancy Lanza was a wonderful woman and an excellent kindergarten teacher that any parent would want with their child.’ Sure is baffling!!

    3. reply to MJ
      I am sorry you spent your xmas grieving with the Sandy Hook residence, but I would question your trust in the Government, that is your choice.
      I cannot see people on this site Evil and paranoid or miserable, or any other adjectives that you can muster up in your rant. Did you see the autopsy photos? well that’s when the questions should be asked… Why do you take the MSM view of everything they say about the event as true facts.. That is all we are asking..It doesn’t add up, There are lots of underlying facts ( the pipe line).the Lanza family, the evacuation of the school.. and why can’t people ask political questions? It is a democracy we live in.. but sometimes I wonder about that..We want to know what actually happened. If you saw this boy actually go into the school with all his armoury – if you saw any real evidence that this happened they way they said. please let us know, If I was one of these parents I wouldn’t leave one stone unturned..- something is just not right. I am not saying these people didn’t loose their children – its an horrendous situation.. One that needs an investigation..with factual evidence. It’s ongoing now and we wait and listen and in the meantime – we wont bury our heads in a book – We Ask Questions.! A tragedy like this needs more people to ask questions.

  2. No real new information in this interview; just an overview of the history of your posts on the SH massacre with the media response.

    Many questions remain unanswered such as what was the original source of the crisis actor theory? With medical examiner Carver (you can’t make up names like that for his job) was what we were seeing incompetence or misinterpretation of what he was getting at in the interview (Scopes)? Are the priorities being skewed or undermined by the conspiracy blogs as writers at Veterans Today have shown?

    1. Primary source for crisis actors being involved: alleged father Robbie Parker. He’s acting. Plausibility of the source: crisis actors do exist and are employed to play parts in different drills (

      There are a million different angles to follow here (and you can be sure “academia” won’t, even though they are the ones with the tools and the types of jobs/resources to make the case). Some of what we hear will turn out to be counter intelligence. There are extreme possibilities like the planting of crisis actors on the scene just to draw attention and trigger untenable theories, effectively keeping up a smoke screen against real and raw inconsistencies. Obvious questions like “how’d he manage” are obscured by intrigue, perhaps deliberately placed. Sensible people may be more inclined to ask sensible questions about this unsolved crime if loud maniacs didn’t control the discourse. This is why a James Tracy is being demeaned. It’s alright when Alex Jones says what he says because if you listen to him day after day you’re going to, eventually, crash and burn. He’s serious for a moment, and then it’s crazy clown time. If mild mannered people start saying something crazy happened then the masses might see something, instead of seeing someone, crazy.

      1. I never thought of some of the motives and tactics you’re mentioning for supplementing with crisis actors, although I’d thought of the obvious one that they could be placed to massage the crisis for political aims, etc. What’s odd is how many assume (or pretend to) that the deployment of crisis actors may not exclue the fact that the massacre happened.

        I’m also very interested in the various permutations of the theory that a drill may be ‘hijacked’ by the powers-that-be to actually become a real crisis. They’re far out but still interesting to ponder.


        Snopes won’t let me copy and paste some of their points but they are on target on how people who have lost a child may not behave as you would always expect, crying, disconsolate and maybe incomprehensible. Could you imagine how you would feel after losing one of those kids being called a fake or imposter? That is why those around them are so angry with such accusations. We reap what we sow folks!

  3. The NY Times has an article on 1 28 2013 which interviews several Newtown police.
    One says:

    “I got out of the car and grabbed my rifle and it stopped for second,” Officer Chapman said. “But then we heard more popping. You could tell it was rifle fire. And it was up so close, it sounded like it was coming from outside. So we were all looking around for someone to shoot back at.”

    They also say they got there within 3 minutes:

    >“We drove as fast as we’ve ever driven,” Officer McGowan said.

    >They made it in under three minutes, arriving in the parking lot while >gunfire could still be heard.

    So did Adam shoot 27 people in three minutes, or did he have a little help from hillside snipers shooting in through the windows?
    The world may never know.

  4. Building 7, David Ray Griffin says, is the “smoking gun” of 9/11. It most definitely woke me up to the impossibility of the official narrative.

    Out of all the inconsistencies and implausibilities, I wonder which one will stand out ten years from now?

    1. 1. Crisis Actors will go out of business and/or become permanent employees of homeland security
      2. If Rosen dies a mysterious death he will become the de facto smoking gun of the conspiracy theorists. If he doesn’t, he’ll still be an interesting person to watch over the next ten years.
      3. The school will very likely be demolished soon, and may serve as the permanent unanswered question. Show us the doors, the rooms, the bullet holes, etc.
      4. The Newtown Bee will fold. Where are the rest of the pictures?

    2. Yes, – find the smoking gun.

      When you find the irrefutable smoking gun, maybe all the questions will have their answers.

      Until then, all small lies and contradictions could be just misstakes or poorly concieved.

      If not a conspiracy, why would some scenes from the tragedy show same action, same time, live on TV but another school? Maybe this is the irrefutable lie that give the “smoling gun”.

  5. Ok, so now the story is, Lanza got there, shot his way through the door, shot the principal, and one more in the lobby, went into Nurse Sally Cox’ room, went out closed the door, went to one of the classrooms, shot 14 (?) kids plus teacher 3-11 times, went to Soto’s room, argued with her about where her kids were (also weird considering he killed 6 of them trying to fleed) and shot 6 of them 3-11 times, plus changed ammo 5+ times all within 3-4 minutes?
    The cops say they got there that fast, granted, i guess they got the call after he had shot his way into the school, but id assume they got the call about the same time he shot the principal (maybe even quicker if neighbours would have called), so still, that’s just not doable, probbaly not even for a professional, let alone a “mentally ill” kid, in that ammount of time.

    1. Well, that’s the problem: there is no real “official story” yet, no official report. It’s all just a bunch of “eyewitnesses” telling their piece to the media.

      This NYT piece is a newspaper account by several Newtown policemen who tell their personal experiences, which may or may not gibe with other “eyewitness” accounts also presented as fact.

      The policemen seem to unwittingly confirm the theory that others were shooting in from the hillside. And they either didn’t want to enter through the shot out front door or they didn’t want to risk it so they went in through the side and back doors.

      >Leonard Penna, a school resource officer who had raced to the scene >from his office at the Newtown Middle School, entered the school with >Sgt. Aaron Bahamonde and Lt. Christopher Vanghele, through a side >door that leads to the boiler room, he said. Officer McGowan and two >other officers entered through a locked rear door. One of them knocked >out the glass with his rifle butt so the rest of the officers could get in.

      Does there exist a single comprehensive narrative of the event?

    2. just a thought..In Nurse Sally Cox room.. How would some one walk out and ‘ close the door’ with full body armoury on and guns held in both hands? I can’t open or close a door holding a cup of tea..and a plate!

  6. I am confused trying to understand how this Newtown resident’s story fits with everything else we’ve heard. She said the whole plate glass had been shattered, yet in the one image I’ve been able to find, there’s just a big hole shot in the glass. Maybe that is what she meant. What is the timeline here? She arrived after the glass was broke, but before the police. Weren’t there only a few minutes between the time the police got the call and their arrival on the scene. Strange that she said there was another mom there too and they had time to discuss the strangeness of the situation. Again, Adam Lanza did the bulk of his damage, we’ve been told, prior to the police entering the building. Wouldn’t the two moms have heard steady shooting…in other words for him to get done what they say he did before the police arrived, he wouldn’t have been able to take that many breaks. Kids were already running out of the school past her right after she arrived and she didn’t ask them what was going on?

    1. Yeah, it seems like another inconsistency. Maybe it would be helpful both for internal clarity and for informing others if some kind of short list of the key anomalies could be made? The timeline is helpful obviously, but something briefer and focusing on the most inexplicable elements would be really useful

    2. CE….along my travels I watched the video of the other mom this woman speaks of….she is a blonde haired woman and related the exact same story as this mom…even mentioning how the silence was somehow disturbing. Apparently the two spoke, wondered about the broken glass and the car sitting in the front of the school loading area with all 4 doors open and some black material on the ground beside the car. These two moms complicate the timeline because there is a Teacher who said she arrived first before the shooter, the police say they arrived first yet it seems these ladies did. I’m afraid its a terribly screwed up timeline…
      Thanks for dropping the link….

  7. Thanks RO….I don’t belong to FB but my grand daughter does and got me in there so I could read this person’s plea for help. I didn’t know what to make of it so I chalked it up to another anomalie.

  8. It is all coming together what the ramifications are of gun-control upon the civilian population:

    It is critically important for people to understand that the only reason that 66 MILLION RUSSIAN CHRISTIANS WERE MURDERED when the zionist Bolsheviks took-over Czarist-Russia is because they were DIS-ARMED AND DEFENSELESS, and the same damned thing is happening to America what happened already to Great Britain via “The Dunblane Massacre,” and to Australia via “The Port Arthur Attack.” The same groups who forced gun-control upon THEIR citizens are the same groups doing this to US, now.

    I will say this again: AN UN-ARMED POPULATION IS A DEFENSELESS POPULATION FOR THE PREDATOR-CLASS, AND THE END-RESULT IS ALWAYS AND INEVITABLY THE SAME FOR THOSE WHO ARE UNABLE TO DEFEND THEMSELVES. Folks, you better do what you can to make people aware of this fact because these creatures are using this whole Sandy Hook mind-game to make THIS our “Dunblane Massacre” or “Port Arthur” to take-away our right to defend ourselves, and the above videos are SHOWING YOU WHAT OUR COLLECTIVE FUTURES ARE.


  9. This is a genuine puzzler. The passing of time has begun to blurr the event into something like a collage. It would be very easy for the officials who have the authority to bring clarity to the whole incident by presenting a recapitulation of the event: providing the when, where and who. Today for example I came across an article that claimed that in ’09 Adam Lanza had changed his name to Ryan Lanza; furthermore that the Lanzas only had one son. Else where I read that the obituary for the mother only mentioned Ryan as a son.
    There is no question but that these possibly erroneous statements could be eliminated by the state providing us with a long dull run down of verified details. It is almost as if they are teasing the public by unnecessarily withholding information. This is not national security after all.
    The other thing is this: Americans like to emote about children and yet the 179 at least children killed by drones never receives any real coverage on national media. I do like children and am pained by the continuing massacre of innocent persons. I tend to think Americans are hypocritical with respect to children given how they treat them. Perhaps an event like this makes the mass mind feel real guilt. So attacking this professor and projecting upon him things he does not think and has not written is a way to have the scapegoat to carry their own sins!

    1. Remember that initial reports named Ryan Lanza as the shooter. Later that story was revised claiming the initial reports were mistaken because Adam Lanza was carrying his brother Ryan’s ID.

      How was the supposed shooter identified as Adam if he was carrying Ryan’s ID? Did someone on the scene identify him as Adam because they knew him before he changed his name to Ryan and didn’t know he had changed his name? In other words, how did reporters misidentify someone who was carrying ID as someone else? It makes no sense.

      Then, according to media reports, as soon as Ryan Lanza (supposedly at his place of work in New Jersey–not arrersted as a second shooter at the scene as initially claimed) heard his name, Ryan Lanza, reported as the shooter, he left his place of work, went home and made a statement on his facebook that he was not the shooter.

      Where is Ryan Lanza and why haven’t we heard from him and his father, Peter Lanza? Did Adam changed his name to Ryan in 2009 and, if so, what was the reason for the name change?

      Reportedly, investigators can find no documented trace of Adam’s existence since 2009.

      The key to unraveling the Adam Lanza mystery is his father and brother, and IMO their silence is incriminating.

    2. William, What was the article that claimed Adam Lanza changed his name to Ryan Lanza? Has any one has more info on this. If it’s true he would have been carrying ID the name of Ryan … but it begs the question – Why would he change his name to his brothers name… Has any one seen any photos of the family of four?.. The Aunt ( or some relation) stated in one newspaper that she hadn’t seen Adam since he was small..Adams Mother had emailed a cousin or Aunt saying she was travelling USA England on some travels.. I presume Adam was staying with his Father at this time – Just trying to look at events before this tragedy happened. ..Or are these all red herrings.. would like some thought on it..

  10. I haven’t heard anyone talk about this- but have any of you thought of how perfect the setting of the scene is? A school with woods all around it, with one road access? Rare.

  11. Good interview. One I would think any real journalist/reporter/truth seeker would find stimulating. When I think of Sandy Hook and the other recent massacres.. NATO’s infamous “Operation Gladio” comes to mind. For those who don’t know about it. Operation Gladio was a Cold War program sponsored by the US ( NATO) to keep Western Europe from succumbing to the supposed communist threat. It was a terrorism program that – among other atrocities – murdered innocent civilians to then place the blame on Left wing/communists groups. Yes, it was terrorism sponsored by the US Military/ CIA (among others). I can’t help but believe that “Operation Gladio American” has been underway since The Oklahoma Bombing incident.

  12. I’m glad to see Corbett Report is keeping the questions about Sandy Hook alive. Perhaps James Corbett could make inquiries whether Ryan and/or Peter Lanza would agree to an interview. (though I doubt these men even exist)

    I’ve noticed how other mystery men Jered Loughner, his family, James Holmes, his family, and now the Lanzas have disappeared and have been made off-limits to the public, even extending to the sealing of PUBLIC court and investigation records.

    1. this youtube is of the firehouse during said evac and guess who is there when he said he was helping six children ? Also why are ADULTS not children , walking out one door and back into the firehouse into another door ? One more thing this is footage from an arial view and appears to me to be from a boom eye view , a BOOM really there are NO higher vantage points at that location so it would have to be a boom or cherry picker bucket . Does not appear to be from a chopper ( to smooth looking ) INTERESTING , VERY INTERESTING!

      1. That’s what I thought when I viewed the footage, all the Adults walking back and forth..I couldn’t spot ‘Mr helper’ in the footage. but it was too smooth looking to be from a helicopter, then I though, well what else could take these images…as you say.. Interesting Terri.

  13. “It will, if the New York Post is to be believed, have a new 10 PM show, since the paper wrote Wednesday that Anderson Cooper “learned his show will no longer be repeated in prime time.”

    Has the CIA’s mockingbird Anderson Cooper been fired or just demoted from primetime?

    Looks like not-ready-for-primetime Cooper’s attack on Prof. Tracy backfired bigtime. Good riddance.

  14. This video Ive posted KEEPS getting moved so here is the name of it on youtube: (old Marine and Max Malone Talk About The Sandy hoax Actors Circles )

  15. The most recent MSN psyop is unfolding in Alabama. It is no accident that the kidnapped student is being held by a survivalist/prepper inside a bunker. Watch as this group is systematically demonized by CNN, CBS , Obama administration etc. Ultimately survivalists/preppers will be catagorized as the mentally unstable arm of the NRA, and the US will be effectively divided into two groups – The rational mainstream population seeking common sense solutions to gun violence (the sheeple), and the lunatic fringe that is CLEARLY out of touch with mainstream America’s values. Oh and preppers have lots of AR-15s and hi-cap magazines too.

  16. Has anyone else taken a look at the families of the Newtown shooting victims – could be entirely a coincidence but a great number of them had moved to the area within 24 months of the shooting. I just thought it was odd…but perhaps the town’s re-vitalization efforts resulted in an increase in relocations.

    1. Beth, sounds like this “shooting” has been in the works for at least a couple of years. It takes a great deal of planning to pull off a stunt like this. Or false flag, whatever you want to call it.

      1. Well, whatever went down – I think the organizers messed up badly on several fronts …hence the information “black out”. It just struck me as so odd that something like 1/2 (at last count) of the victims had just moved to town within the last 24 months. It will be very interesting to see what “the powers that be” will end up releasing as the doctored “original” story of this event.

  17. Has anyone been able to cleanly debunk the MULTIPLE web pages (FB, UW, etc..) that were created prior to the massacre? People say google “cached” these pages and that is why the dates are incorrect, yet I haven’t seen another page that was cached to appear to have a date older than the page itself. Something is off here….

  18. Thanks James for having the courage to state the obvious. I feel the same way about the government. I have felt that the recent rash of shootings were staged but they were not generating enough emotion for the government to launch it’s ant gun campaign. They orchestrated Sandy Hook and immediately launched their anti gun agenda through the media which they own. Like the rising Tyrants before them they relied on the lazy, naive, complacent Americans to swallow the story without question. A short trip into the recent past will show that the American government has no qualms about murdering innocent children or adults when it serves it’s purpose. Look at the dealings with the Native Americans. I need say no more.

  19. Unrelated to this particular story but in reference to the media in general:
    I came upon a documentary the other day about the director and producer of the documentary about the Dole company’s treatment of fruit workers in lessor advantaged countries. I immediately thought of Dr. Tracy’s and how the media has turned into a sad, sorry state because of their corporate ownership, their control over information and the fact that there is no one (except for an occasional rare bird) who will question/inquire/dig into a story with independent thought. The media is told what to print/say and this is horribly disturbing. This documentary about what happened to the makers of “Bananas!” an independent film by Sweden’s Fredrik Gertten. I urge you to review how the media sided with Dole…it was horrifying how they reprinted PRESS RELEASES from Dole as if it was news. I was so happy that the Swedish government finally stepped in to encourage Dole to drop its defamation suit against the filmmakers — but you’d never see the U.S. doing this 🙂 Anyway, it was an incredible learning experience for me just to see the depth in which the media will sink – and surely this is something Dr. Tracy addresses in his work and why the media is after him like gangbusters. Stay strong and fight the good fight all!

    1. Beth,
      Yes the US government uprooted countries in south America to replace Presidents with Dictators who would then take all the land back from the farmers. UFC (United Fruit Company) It had a deep and long-lasting impact on the economic and political development of several Latin American countries. Critics often accused it of exploitative neocolonialism and described it as the archetypal example of the influence of a multinational corporation on the internal politics of the banana republics. After a period of financial decline, United Fruit was merged with Eli M. Black’s AMK in 1970 to become the United Brands Company. In 1984, Carl Lindner, Jr. transformed United Brands into the present-day Chiquita Brands International.

      But ya, it’s America that spins the most propaganda and use the Stae Controlled Media corporations to do so,

      1. Twjames,
        Thank you so much for your input – very interesting. As my eyes are opened – I realize I am seeing so much more ugliness and nothing surprises me anymore. But, it is better to be “awake”.

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