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69 thought on “James Tracy on The Alex Jones Show w/Paul Joseph Watson”

      Let me get this straight ? Lt Vance obviously knew unequivocally that there was no AR-15 in the school correct? Then why did he assert that the AR-15 was not left back in the car and was used to kill all the victims? In the press conference with the medical examiner he went out of his way to make that point ? Then why did this lie go on for over a month until yesterday?

      What new information revealed only yesterday, that was previously unavailable to Lt Vance, that the AR-15 was not used at all?



      Why did they wait until nightfall to retrieve the weapons from the vehicle? Why were they working in the dark mostly?

      I don’t understand why Pete Williams stated that this is a complex investigation? A single shooter with his Mother’s weapons who shoots his way in and then kills himself does not sound complex to me.

      Why does Lt. Vance say “maybe ..keep some of your helicopters away quite frankly…”? See Exhibit D at the 1:25 mark.

      Exhibit A- CT State Police January 18, 2013 Press Release indicating that only a shotgun was retrieved from the car and that the AR-15 was found in the school

      Exhibit B – NBC Chief Justice Correspondent Pete Williams confirms from MULTIPLE FEDERAL AND STATE OFFICIALS that only hand guns were in the school

      Exhibit C – Helicopter video edited to only display a shotgun being retrieved – starting at :50 on this video
      Notice how the officer handling the gun operates the action to eject the shotgun shell

      Exhibit D – Longer length helicopter video which displays two long guns being retrieved from the vehicle

      At 2:32 in this video you can clearly see two forensic evidence staff standing behind the vehicle each retrieve a long gun. The one on the right conspicuously holds a long gun up in his left hand. The other staff member then reaches down with his right arm into the trunk to retrieve , what appears to be, the other

    3. Incoherent or unprofessional videos by rank amateurs does not help solve the mysteries here. Alex Jones and his interviewer is not buying the conspiracy narrative; neither is American Free Press….

    4. After additional analysis of the night helicopter video retrieving the “Long Gus” from the truck. It is more evident that the second object retrieved is in fact a magazine. This (alone) is not inconsistent with the 18 January 2013 State Police press release. However the State Police press release is inconsistent with all news reports sourced all day long as well as first responder reports on the radio. “Multiple weapons including long rifles and shotguns” If the shotgun in the trunk was not readily visible at the onset of the police response then the police identified additional shotgun or guns elsewhere.

      Also, why would Lanza bring all of that hardware? He could not carry it all and it is inconceivable to me that he would carry 2 handguns and an AR-15 and all that Ammo.

      Bottom Line – conclusive video of Lanza using the AR-15 will NEVER be produced. I seriously doubt all of the 911 calls will be released either. No doubt of multiple assailants and if Lanza did participate, which I highly doubt, there were others participating with him.

      He may have been told that he was participating in a drill and went along with people he knew or trusted.

  1. Where is Natalie Hammond? She survived when the Principle did not. Is she back at school? Has anyone interviewed her to get her story? Who were the other 2 brought to the hospital? If they were kids which ones? Has anyone followed up with the hospitals for any information?

  2. YOU HAVE TO MAKE A DISTINCTION between a private tragedy and a public cause celebre. If the events at the school were left to the private grievings of the families and to local law enforcement to handle, that would be one thing. And we would be obliged to offer our sympathies and respect to the families and our support to the local investigators.

    But, that is NOT the case. The events at the school have become foundational justification for a very significant (albeit, only proposed, at this point) change in public policy. Therefore, a different standard applies. Exploiting the tragedy for the purpose of changing policy burdens the advocates of the change with a very high standard of public disclosure. The public is owed photos, footage, and details — of the shooter’s history and BLOOD CHEMISTRY and of the many unresolved issues that prof. Tracy and others have raised.

    Exploit such tragedies for policy ends, and you MUST ANSWER TO THE PUBLIC, because the public has a RIGHT to know.

    1. The meDIA and OBAMA hate white people and they hate HATE that we have GUNS!!! Newtown is a LIE!

      Registrations are first. Confiscations are next. Rounding us up for slaughter — just like HITLER did to the JEWS — is their FINAL SOLUTION.

      We need for people to WaKE UP.

      USA! USA!

    2. I agree that starlarvae’s post is very well stated and likely articulates what many skeptics are thinking. I myself have wondered how it is that some of these families have invited the media, the government, including President Obama, in to their grieving process and then their alleged defenders express outrage that many citizens have questions. Don’t allow the media and the president to use your suffering if you don’t want the public scrutinizing it’s cause.

  3. For anyone interested I watched this 2 hour video the other night on the Powerhour. It is an interview with Mike Powers who is a retired police/military investigator and who has taken up an investigation of Sandyhook. Although the interview starts at about 10 minutes in I would listen to the beginning to catch a complete bio of Mr. Powers. There are some advertisements but I just skipped them….its well worth a listen.


    1. It seems Anderson Cooper and CNN are giving Prof. Tracy the silent treatment. They undoubtedly realize they made a big mistake and won’t call him back…unless, they have some kind of ambush planned–like never before seen video of blood splattered walls and floors and “Lanza” lying in a pool of blood. In fact, that could be what they’re doing right now, manufacturing video proof to discredit “conspiracy theorists.”

      Hollywood proof:

      1. The media, and more importantly, the public are not allowed in the school. Are the school grounds guarded 24/7? (What would happen if an regular unauthorized person tried to enter? Would they get arrested? maybe shot?)

      2. The school will be demolished before any honest observers can get inside to take videos and pictures.

      3. Sandy Hook school has been moved to another location.

      4. State officials have claimed the investigation is going to take months. That would give them plenty of time to make fake videos using real actors and special effects professionals that show bodies being blown apart hollywood style.

      I very much agree with what starlarvae said and was very annoyed with Paul Watson’s gratuitous statements about respecting the privacy of the supposedly grieving families. Watson said he “thinks” the shooting actually happened. What he “thinks” is irrelevant unless he has some evidence/proof to back it up, and if he has proof why doesn’t he reveal it?

  4. New York democrats proposed massive gun confiscation and then tried to keep it secret

    NY Democrat pleads with Republican not to share document proposing confiscation of guns

    A New York Assemblyman has pleaded with his Republican colleague not to release a list of Democrat proposals on gun control that seek to undermine the 2nd Amendment

    by The Commentator on 20 January 2013 14:43

    he State of New York this week passed some of the strictest gun control laws in the United States, effectively outlawing ‘assault weapons’ and limiting the size of magazines.

    But if Republican Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin is to be believed, the New York State Democrats would have gone further if they could have. Much, much further.

    In a video posted to his Facebook page, McLaughlin has shared the information of a ‘secret’ Democrat proposal not simply to make the purchasing of the crudely monikered ‘assault weapons’ illegal in New York, but also to engage in a mass confiscation programme, removing Americans’ weapons from their possession.

    McLaughlin writes:

    “Here it is. This is the video where I was asked to keep the Democrat proposals for the NY SAFE Act away from the public. This list was given to me by a colleague and it is not confidential.

    This bill was an attack on the 2nd amendment and the Democrats clearly wanted to dismantle the work of the Founding Fathers. None of these amendments were included in the final bill thanks to us fighting back. I will not stand silent while these unpatriotic proposals are pathetically thrown at us a 11 o’clock at night”:

    The full list of proposals can be read below:

    1. Confiscation of “assault weapons”
    2. Confiscation o ten round clips
    3. Statewide database for ALL Guns
    4. Continue to allow pistol permit holder’s information to be replaced to the public
    5. Label semiautomatic shotguns with more than 5 rounds or pistol grips as “assault weapons”
    6. Limit the number of rounds in a magazine to 5 and confiscation and forfeiture of banned magazines
    7. Limit possession to no more than two (2) magazines
    8. Limit purchase of guns to one gun per person per month
    9. Require re-licensing of all pistol permit owners
    10. Require renewal of all pistol permits every five years
    11. State issued pistol permits
    12. Micro-stamping of all guns in New York State
    13. Require licensing of all gun ammo dealers
    14. Mandatory locking of guns at home
    15. Fee for licensing, registering weapons



    1. Hmmm – earlier there was a video showing that neither Adam nor Nancy Lanza appeared in the index at all (while the other victims were listed)…now they’re showing up with a funky date? This is the sort of thing that concerns me…people falling for ‘planted nuggets’ of info that have been intentionally created to make “conspiracy” look ridiculous.

  5. I’m surprised more people haven’t seen this video. It is raw footage, apparently taken by someone in the Associated Press. It is footage of Sandy Hook, and in it you can clearly see the Soto’s, Pozners, and Mcdonnells having just received the news their child was killed. I have a lot of questions about Sandy Hook and so many things still don’t make sense, but this video convinced me and should convince anyone that these parents are not actors. this is actually really devastating to watch.http://vimeo.com/57061899

    1. Thanks for that video Val and yes the visuals much closer to real human reaction.

      When it comes to evaluating the interviews I figure that I have a good sense of judgement as I have walked in those shoes and walked on the road. My family lost one of our young ones in 2000 in a spontaneous rapid moment marked with violence, two days before Christmas. The shock is intense and its deep. The season maximizes the tragedy. There is nothing I know comparable to the moment you are hurled into combined streams of shocking loss, of collapse, of numbness and being completely shattered all in one moment.

      I look back on that and remember the complete loss of ability to make different facial expressions-it was like being ‘frozen’ in one moment of life which lasted weeks for me, so I can’t relate to the smiles, soft laughter, eyes that twinkle and relating hero stories in the interviews. The sadness is an immense weight. You can cry tears, but you cannot weep deeply. You feel like screaming out but its like an immense wall holds that back.

      I don’t understand the interviews because I remember at the wake several people trying to engage me in conversation. I could not follow their train of thought so could not respond, engage or answer. The state is like being frozen. I remember several months later actually apologizing to people and trying to verbalize my state pertinent to those several failed conversations I had to walk away from.

      For all these reasons the media interviews are baffling to me.

    2. thanks, i hadn’t seen that one. It seems fake as shit to me. there was only one woman who for a second from a distance seemed like there was real grief, then in the next scene she was composed walking with her husband. last year my friend and mentor was murdered in a home invasion in santa fe and I can tell you that there was no composure by his wife for at least a week. even then if she talked about it she would completely break down. all these pathetic people do is make weeping faces and wipe away tears that aren’t there. I wept more when my dog died of old age than all of the sandy hook “victims” combined. the video just showed more staged scenes where the cops are going nowhere, just making some footage then randomly pointing an ar at a parked car with other cops in the line of fire if he had to pull the trigger. fucking stupid, sorry for swearing but seriously, who could think this was real?

      infowars stance is really dishonest on this. I know this was engineered to be divisive with the actors and all but the footage tells us much more than the police scanner does. for all i know the chatter on the radios is just part of the drill, including the purple van. look at a real shooting and then look at sandy hook
      i worked for years in the film industry and the whole scene at conneticutt seemed exactly like a film set.

      i think this is meant to attack the first amendment as well as the second. if they can get people mad at the alternative media due to the abrasiveness of the actors issue then there will be more sentiment in the government’s favor when they try to shut down independent media. but what do you do? as a parent it is so glaringly obvious those victims family’s portrayed on the news are fake do you self censor or tell the truth and let the truth speak for itself? i choose just to speak my mind. I wish I could do it as well as dr. tracy.

    3. I stand by what I have posted. These people are NOT parents of a child brutally murdered. They do not even appear to be human. Liars, fakes and charlatans is all that we have become in this fetid world. It REEKS of filthy, degenerated lying souls who will do anything for attention or a dollar. If these parents ( who were interviewed ) lost a child then I fear for humanity and our future…for we have none.

      As for that little toad, Paul Joseph Watson, he strikes me as another control freak bent on influencing the testimony of his guests through reiterating his personal point of view. I did not tune in to listen to this pompous, arrogant ass but, rather, to listen to what James Tracy had to say as it was a forum provided expressly for this purpose….or so I thought.

      If Watson has any irrefutable proof that this ACTUALLY happened then I would like to see it presented. Until then, I would like to see his mouth closed more often than open. In all honesty, I was a little creeped out by his personal comments that were intentionally leading Mr. Tracy into the same trajectory as his “own way of thinking”.

      Mr. Tracy, you have come this far in your evolution without the obvious influence of the mainstream media impeding your ability to discern truth from fiction so I do hope that you give the alternative media the same fair treatment. They, too, must be kept honest.

      1. infowars wants to play this politically and thats fine I guess, who knows what the best route will be in the long run. I don’t agree that it was paul watsons viewpoint being expressed however, paul is a smart guy and i am sure is well aware that this event was role play of some sort. I think alex told him that they are avoiding the crisis actors for whatever reason and he seemed somewhat ashamed of himself for taking the stance he was told to take, at least to me. it was quite unnatural the way he brought up the subject of crisis actors and the fact that he had a different viewpoint, usually a media host will not call attention to the fact that they have a differing view than the guest but he said it multiple times which in my opinion means alex told him to do that. I don’t agree with their stance, but at the same time I won’t throw stones as i have felt firsthand how resistant people are to the idea of this being a hoax.

    4. This video stops at about the :47 second mark, moves forward through 4 minutes of video showing a time stamp of 5:15 at the very end? I was not able to see entire video so cannot judge whether these parents are genuine or not.

      1. January 25, 2013 at 2:22 am

        “infowars wants to play this politically and thats fine I guess, who knows what the best route will be in the long run. I don’t agree that it was paul watsons viewpoint being expressed however, paul is a smart guy and i am sure is well aware that this event was role play of some sort”

        I have a REALLY difficult time with this way of thinking. I cannot mince words, whitewash them, or soak them in a vat of perfume so that they appear acceptable. Truth is truth and needs no embellishment or staging. This is a major issue on this planet. People will accept anything as long as it is cloaked within an acceptable format. As for attesting to the “smartness” of Watson I cannot as I do not know him personally and only see what he projects out to the public through the same venues the main stream media uses. Since ALL Journalists are ACTORS it would not leave me dumbfounded to learn that Watson employs the very same techniques as his peers. “Question everyone” might be a useful motto for humans.
        You say that Watson might be instructed by Alex Jones to move their position to either a “neutral” one or one more in line with the msm. NO person on this planet can employ me to do their bidding…even if it were The great and omnipotent Alex Jones. That Watson would serve Alex Jones to this end again leaves him open for penetrating scrutiny. He has made himself questionable by the very nature of his association.
        As much as I like information I have my standards and they will not allow me to succumb to idolatry.
        While I appreciate all of the hard work they( Watson and AJ ) have done I will always question 1) Their motives, and 2) Their Intentions. There are many others out there who have given over their personal satisfaction in order to enlighten us and they do not appear to have a hidden agenda linked to any system of belief as Alex Jones and his staff appear to have.

        Question everyone and everything.

  6. “… for the realization that this was a very real tragedy”
    Paul Watson speculates (or do they know more than we’re led to believe) that this is “a very real tragedy” but bottom line thus far is we don’t know ‘yet’ what is real. That is perhaps the only real realization that we have thus far.

      1. It is my understanding that Gov. Ventura is out of the country with limited access to media. The comparison between the JFK assassination, 9/11 and Sandy Hook is complex. Each event has differing characteristics, with 9/11 especially being immense in scope. JFK and Sandy Hook are more readily comparable. One reason research into JFK was slower in a cumulative sense was because there was no internet that allows researchers to collect and share and evaluate information and observations.

      1. Cut’s/fade outs? For the sake of time- If I were to show all the videos used in this video in their entirety it would be about 40 hours long.

        The American public’s attention span would not allow for a 40 hour long video- nor will my upload “privileges” at Youtube where 2 Gigs is the max.

        Self-aggrandizing and using a nom de plume at the same time is kind of an oxymoron isn’t it?

    1. This the root of our deep psychosis. We believe that we are all seperate and that what we do to another does NOT affect us personally. I believe Voltaire and Julia Ward Howe said it best; “It is forbidden to kill;therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets” -Voltaire

      Thanks for sharing this story. I am deeply affected by “war” and moved to educate those who think it an honorable form of employment.

  7. Tangible lead to follow:

    Connecticut police scanner tells us that they pulled over a purple van leaving the Newtown area, ski masks inside with a person dressed as a nun. Did this lead to the arrest of domestic terrorists Aaron Greene and Morgan Gliedman, both twenty-somethings from wealthy New York City families?

  8. who cares anymore, we all die anyway
    die now, die later, what’s 10 or 20 or 30 or 50 years more got to do with anything, especially relative to age of universe, especially since time doesn’t exist

    drop attachment, no fuel, no fire
    accept and embrace death in whatever form it comes, passively, gladly
    it is doorway, to fight it means rebirth, to accept it means leave the cycle
    transcend into next realm

  9. I support Professor Tracy’s endeavors of his critical investigation. The purpose of a blog is to connect with people who can share critical points. Honestly, I sporadically follow this case, but two questions keeps popping up besides unknown arrest of a person in the woods:
    One horrific, but obvious report specifically raised for me the line of questions: In the first grade all children and the teacher were shot except one girl who played dead (none of us could even conceive such a horror to unfold in the news). Wherever the masked shooter went he would make sure that there were no eye witnesses left behind. Would the psychologically disturbed, twenty year old person, be so focused in a shooting spree to deliberately kill, with a great focus (with many, many, bullets! so many children), every possible eye witness that could be seen on the scene from the shooter’s point of view? (For example, the nurse who hid under the table and saw only the shooter’s boots was not killed, while the children who saw the shooter were killed) Would the twenty year old guy, from a wealthy family, have guts to do this horrific act in such a deliberate way? Do you know, did anybody analyze this specific point? I would also like to pin-point one thing, I am not saying that there are no eye witnesses left–obviously there are few alive, thankfully survived–my point is focused on the shooter/shooting spree–it seems that the shooter was focused on not leaving behind any witnesses. According to your research, did anybody comment on this point? Just curious.
    One more question: there were earlier reports that the person was admitted to the hospital in the aftermath of this shooting besides the eye witnesses who worked at the school. (NBC news source: http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/12/17/15969867-police-second-person-injured-in-connecticut-school-shooting-survived?lite). Even the wikipedia says: the police reported that a second adult was wounded in the attack, but that individual has not been identified. Do we know today who was the person admitted to the hospital and not identified publicly for over a week after the shooting?

      1. Prof. Tracy, I would very much like to know your take on the two mystery nuns photographed outside Sandy Hook. They look like two men in their late 50s-60s dressed in nun outfits to me. The one on the left appears to be concealing something underneath his/her jacket.

      2. Your Timeline, like Paul Thompson’s 9/11 Timeline, will be reference material for high school and college kids choosing to write about Sandy Hook for many years in the future.

        Adam Lanza, of course, will be their focus. You know, the mystery person who wasn’t even mentioned in his own mother’s obituary.

        For this reason, Nancy Lanza’s obit, released December 23, should be noted for this omission on the Timeline.

        In my humble opinion, anything “Adam Lanza” should be included. CNN reporter states that no record of him exists after 2009. Include it. Investigator Mike Powers can find absolutely no record of Adam Lanza ever having existed. Include it. Reporter says Adam Lanza’s picture never published in Newtown Yearbook. As a homeschooled high school 10th grader, he enrolled in Western Connecticut University. Make sense? Absolutely not. Include the statement.

        He’s a mini Lee Harvery Oswald – the more you research the guy, the more questions you have. Thanks.

      3. Re Ben Freedman comment that Adam Lanza was not mentioned in Nancy’s Obit: The reason, I believe, is because it says she is “SURVIVED BY” (as Obits always do), & then it lists the LIVING relatives, Ryan, her brothers, mother, etc. — Since Adam is also reportedly dead, he would naturally not be included.

        Is there a separate Obit for Adam? (I haven’t looked.)


        The fact Paul Watson is resisting outright media fakery & stressing that this DID happen is very interesting. If everyone woke up to 100% media fakery, the market for fear-mongering rants & videos by PrisonPlanet would dry up! 🙂

    1. The ease with which this event can be disassembled in so many ways, makes it almost a waste of time to waste time by digging up even more. I’m more interested in why this event was/is so thoroughly botched aside from causing social mayhem . — What was happening during this period for which the Feds were desperate to provide a distraction (?). Draconian legislation?… Seems like that happens with regularity without explanation or regret from congress… Space aliens?…more likely but still not likely.

      1. yes, something else going on, seems more than just about gun control or fear come to us for protection stuff, seems some other agenda and all this superficial stuff is red herring to distract attention away…

      2. This reminds me of the post 9/11 events and time-lines and initial news reports that are now buried by corpse media but live on in several excellent books by David Ray Griffin… One of my favorites is the FBI evidence used in a different case that confirmed Barbara Olson never had an opportunity to reveal the hijackers had box-cutters because there was no record of a completed cell phone call. Griffin dug the records out court documents.

  10. Is it possible the reason we haven’t seen the evacuations of the kids is because they were already evacuated and over at the firehouse before the media got there. Or the area was closed off to media ? Just wondering?

  11. Glenn Beck did a show today (Jan. 24, 2013) with individuals who were affected by the Sandy Hook School Shooting. I thought it was the “debunk the conspiracy theorists” show, but that was apparently broadcasted the night before (Jan. 23, 2013). Today’s show included parents of a boy who did not die, and some others who knew the heroic janitor. One young woman was an EMT volunteer from the Sandy Hook fire house. There were others that I really can’t recall what their roles were, but I found it strange that there weren’t any parents of dead victims on the show. Next, I started watching last night’s (Jan. 23, 2013) “The Blaze show,” where Glenn attempts to debunk the conspiracy theorists regarding the misspoken medical examiner (by showing only a brief clip about him having good photographers). Glenn shared why this was done by the medical examiner – so that the parents would not have to see their dead children all bloodied. He also attempted to debunk those who found it odd that a laughing and smiling mom who appeared on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show could act that way so soon after the massacre. Beck said that as this mom was recalling her daughter getting ready for school that day, the memory of her daughter allowed her to smile and laugh. Then, Glenn attempted to debunk the Robbie Parker video, explaining that this wasn’t an actor getting into the role of a grieving father, but a man who just realized that he was about to face all these cameras and tell about his murdered daughter.

    I am still watching the “debunking” episode, but when Glenn mentioned that he was using “Snopes” as a reference, I thought that maybe he was allowing himself to be duped??

    One thing that happened just before I decided to pause the video and write this was that Glenn said LAST NIGHT (Jan. 23rd episode) that Robbie Parker would be on his show TONIGHT (Jan. 24th episode). As far as I could see, Parker wasn’t on tonight’s (Jan. 24, 2013) show. I did fast forward a few times and maybe I missed it? However, the same people who were in his studio at the beginning were there throughout the show. I will watch it again and report back if I see that I have been in error.

    Glenn portrayed all the “Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists” as “nuts.” He apparently could not even fathom that our government could think up such a huge “false flag” operation and then carry it off with so many willing people involved in such a hoax. Someone would talk!

    Honestly? I don’t want to believe that our government could ever be capable of doing something so atrocious, either. But the more research that is being done, and the more damning evidence that is being presented, the more difficult it is to accept the status quo. Our media of mass corruption and mass deception has become so good at lying to us and purposely deceiving us, it is hard to know what to believe anymore!

    It appears that BHO and his ilk have gotten away with hiding his records, showing a fake computer generated birth certificate, using another person’s SS#, voter fraud, the Fast and Furious scandal, the Benghazi murders (and much, much more) ; why wouldn’t they think that they could get away with a staged hoax (or, more frightening, real deaths) of children for the purpose of destroying the Second Amendment here in America?

    I wish I could say for certain that I knew what the real truth is in this matter. It is so disheartening to think about.

    When everything around us seems to be in chaos, there is only one truth that can always be relied upon. All I can do is cling to Jesus – for He is the way, the truth and the life. In the end, both in this life and in eternity, Christ is all that really matters.

    1. For anyone interested, here are links that will give you more information about who was on Beck’s show tonight (Jan. 24, 2013):


      I couldn’t find any video clip of the “conspiracy theory” show (Jan. 23, 2013), but this article appeared on The Blaze website:


      There are comments at each link where some of the writers disagree with Glenn.

    2. Interesting how the GOP, Ron Paulites, NRA and Rush Limbaugh have chosen to accept the “official story’ of Sandy Hook despite what they have to know about the compelling evidence against the official story now enforced by the CIA’s asset Anderson Cooper . This conspiracy is very, very deep and full of complicity at the top similar to the Sierra Club, Green Party and other greenwash organizations who take sides with the IPCC failed version of AGW without considering the effect of “highly visible” chemtrails and climate change weapons. Extortion, drugs, blackmail and death threats are no doubt involved in this monumental series of coverups and yellow journalism starting most notably with “Remember the Main”.

  12. Let’s help get Prof. Tracy on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory (or one of the other Coast hosts). That is, if you would want to go on the show Prof. Tracy. If not, please feel free to delete my comment. I’ve already emailed C2C including each of the hosts and producers of the show suggesting they do a show on the Sandy Hook massacre and have Prof. Tracy on as a guest. You readers can also email them at their website CoasttoCoastAM.com and there is a link to contact them. I actually did it through my C2C iPhone app but I have contacted them through the website before too. It’s very easy and quick. They want to do shows that their listeners want to hear. If enough of us contact them and ask them to have Prof. Tracy on, it will probably happen. I emailed them several times in the past asking them to have Webster Tarpley on it happened. The nice thing about the show is they let their guests talk and present their case no matter what the subject is. They don’t interrupt and insult and berate their guests the way Anderson Cooper, Piers Morgan, and Glenn Beck does.

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