James Tracy and Robert Shipley of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education on the January 18 Project Censored Show/KPFA’s Morning Mix

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Welcome to the Morning Mix. This is the Project Censored Show on Pacifica Radio. I’m Mickey Huff, my co-host Peter Phillips is out this week. Today’s program-  Higher Education and Academic Freedom Under Attack.  We look at the corporate attack on public education via the Trojan Horse of the so-called “Reform” Movement and we examine the state academic freedom in the US as we speak with a professor who has challenged the status quo on official narratives in recent history.  We’ll hear from Prof. Adam Bessie on GERM Warfare; and Kenn Burrows from SFSU joins the discussion to talk about new paths in education.

At the bottom of the hour we’ll turn our focus to academic freedom and how the corporate media frame and shape public perception on issues from education to ongoing controversial current events.  We’ll speak with communications professor Dr. James Tracy about his recent writings on the Newtown shootings and the role of a free press; and attorney Robert Shibley of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education on broader issues addressing academic freedom and the First Amendment.

KPFA’s Morning Mix

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12 thought on “Higher Education and Academic Freedom Under Attack”
  1. Maybe we could start a voluntary trend beginning with this article where a short list of common tactics is simply not allowed (on a voluntary basis, remember that this man’s personal blog may be run how he sees fit), such as Ad Hominid, False Attributions, Strawman Arguments, Appeals to Emotion, etc.

    So many attacks methodically begin with an appeal to emotion and contain an ad hominid. Only a few of the worst are experienced enough to cloak their insults as comedy or rhetorical questions…(i.e. – “What a beacon of dignity and honor Mr. Tracy isn’t.”).

    It’s easy to avoid use of these tricks. I just did. Can anything I’ve stated herein be considered a deceptive tactic? Disallowing these tactics, enforced by the commentators themselves might be the quickest way to save the Blogosphere.

    —– A Warning To Those Who Appose Holding the MSM To Account —–

    Warning. Rats Have Gnawed Their Way Into the Control Room. I Repeat, Rats Have Assumed Control of Everything.

    Basing Opinions Absent This Knowledge is Inadvisable. Your Mind May Have Been Compromised, Leaving You Unprotected!

    All Media Broadcasts Must Be Considered Fraudulent Until Groups Being Formed Have Removed the Pests. Avoid Job Offers in Perception Management From Anyone Rat-Like in Appearance.

    Snicker or Giggle at People Who Dislike Rats At Your Own Risk!

  2. I think it is fitting to point out that James Tracy called one of the dead children’s father an “alleged father”; that actors were brought in to play roles; that the massacre was staged for political purposes; he believes other mass shootings were also conspiracies carried out by the Govt.

    His proof for these assertions is somewhere between non-existent and laughable.

    For someone who critiques the media, his journalism standards are just as laughable.

    1. It’s not your fault bs or blarneystone. I am sure you were wondering when people would catch up to that hidden message.
      If education has a value it would also display with results co dependent.
      Bad is bad and good is good.
      Can we square the circle?
      The direction of the so-called leaders or intellectual mass corrupted, has been on a downward slope well past comfortable for the rest of us.
      This web site allows us to learn how to frame an inquiry, a question the use a process to remove non facts by understanding the words used.
      Old dictionaries have become the foundation of the edifice of our beliefs.
      Language is important and informs your beliefs thus requires you to put effort there.
      and then

    2. Thank you for stating this! I couldn’t care less what Tracy says about the media or government. But when he drags grieving parents in to the mix and essentially calls them frauds and accomplices for his own pathetic ends, that’s where I have to draw the line. It was a sickening display of callousness and a disregard for the basic humanity of the grieving families.

  3. Dr. Tracy, we’re begging you. Please block this guy saying the same thing over and over again. He’s attacked you with the same thing ten times now. Shill, troll, Strategic Communications Consultant or whatever. Enough.

  4. I read this article on this supposed expert quite a while ago. It shows he is not that competent. He got the story wrong.

    Why hasn’t the FBI gotten all necessary internet records records by now and released relevant ones to the victim families as they are asking for as well as the general media? Any competent law enforcement or FBI head would have been able to do this within the first week, absolute maximum. But Muller is a hack, he has been at the head of the FBI how long???

  5. When it comes to Sandy Hook school, its strange that nobody has discussed that, that day, seemed to be a ‘mental health’ day. I mean, from what we are told, the day began at the school with a closed door meeting between the principal, the school psychologist, the district-area therapist, the school’s behavioral therapist, a teacher referred to as a therapist/teacher and a parent. In the past, as an observing college student, I was in many of those kinds of meetings, so it seemed to me the meeting was more than likely about ‘affixing a label’ to a young student and everyone necessary was there to do that.

    It’s almost ironic that it all unfolded and seemed to spill out into the ‘mental health’ issue of mental illness, violence and school safety. Adam Lanza represented the mental illness issue, the guns represented the violence issue and the safety protocals in each classroom by teachers represented the school safety issue.

    It was further ironic to me that the meeting about a young student seemed to juxtopose itself unto the alleged grownup character of Adam Lanza who in every way has been depicted by the media, as the child educationally labeled, isolated into depersonalization and more than likely therapeutically drugged.

    Then quite ironically this entire event spilled out into the huge ‘security/therapeutic complex’ that continues to grow in our midst. It reminded me of Philip Rieff, his book ‘The Triumph Of The Therapeutic’ and his analysis of our modern moral struggle and why we have so easily surrendered control over the conduct and meaning of our lives to therapists of all kinds.

    After all the wild insights I was experiencing I didn’t think Prof. Tracy’s article on Global Research was crazy at all. I thought that unlike our corporate media, he was meeting head on, what might become a broad spectrum of public opinion, debate and discussion. As I had previously read many of his articles, I knew that tackling ‘sensitive’ media issues was not something he feared and it seemed that his own professionalism had strengthend his own abilities to focus on such things as logical inconsistency and the quality of facts before him.

    We are now beyond this media played horrific event but we still have no clear answers and nobody to my knowledge, has retracted any reporting errors, nobody has explained the conflict between varying reports to the public or cleared up any conflicting testimonies on the part of many participants. Who came out of this event unscathed, stronger than ever and even granted more power? It’s quite clear to me who that is but I am wondering if it is clear to others.

    To me, Prof Tracy represents what author William Gairdner called ‘active, slug-it-out intellectual debate’–that which is needed to grapple with collectivist stakeholders who have an iron grip on the formation of public opinion and who mandated that teachers must be ‘change-agents.’ As far as I can see from the state of things, we need more of that ‘willingness to challenge’ the forces narrowing ordinary public discussion, not less!

  6. They are trying to use you as an example to intimidate all the other academics who question our corrupt corporatocracy…

    The heroic task now before all liberal thinkers is to pick up the gauntlet and stand behind James Tracy in his defense of our most basic freedoms; if we do not, then we will only reward this bullying tactic, and scholars everywhere will only belittle their reputations more, affirming their postmodern status as nothing more than cogs in the machine of war, accomplices to oppression and human misery.

    This is that serious, but I don’t harbor any idealist notions that the Academy will yield such heros as Tracy, which are more often found on the other side of the walled garden bought and paid for by foundations and trusts.

    If James Tracy should have to give up the odious distinction of “state sanctioned priest”, a title afforded by our modern day villains, than the loss will not be his but the workd’s. Tracy will only join a much more noble and true brotherhood, that of enlightened man, the only saving remnant able to save our civilization from the pirates who have seized it.

    Everyone who hasn’t eyes to see what is plainly before you should be ashamed of how divorced from reason they have become.

    Tracy is a hero; this fact will only become more apparent with time. And everyone else who vilified him will be cast in the sinister light of ignorance, malice, or both.

  7. Professor Tracy, you should post contact information for administration at your university so people here will be able to quickly contact them and let them know that your contributions to this debate are invaluable. How many people here have done that? Clearly the nervous nellies and fascist liberals are very good at manipulation, why aren’t the libertarians and conservatives fighting back??

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