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117 thought on “January 10 Infowars Nightly News w/Rob Dew”
    1. Good catch – thanks! I had to laugh this morning – googled “cooper james tracy” and didn’t see too many results that are supporting AC 🙂

      James, thanks for your continuing courage and integrity – wish I could be a student in one of your classes!

    2. The sad thing is, if the absolute truth of anything were presented to the public, there would be those like Professor Tracey who still wouldn’t accept it because it doesn’t fit in with their skewed view of the world.

      It’s too bad that we are all human and therefore prone to making bad judgments, mistakes, not articulating correctly, speaking before all the facts come in, overly protective of our children and privacy, unprepared for the loss of loved ones, etc., etc. and therefore anyone can make something out of what isn’t really there at all.

      JFK was killed by multiple gunman. The World Trade Center was demo’d from the inside. The Pentagon was hit by a bunker buster missile. Flight 93 never crashed. Global Warming is a Hoax. Aids was created in a lab. HAARP is a weapon created by the Government. FEMA has concentration camps. Adding Flouride to drinking water is done to harm people. The CIA blew up Pan Am Flight 103. The Philadelphia Experiment has a basis in reality. Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen. The Protocols of Zion is an authentic Book. The UN patrols the US with Black Helicopters. Paul McCartney is dead. An Alien craft crashed at Roswell & Aliens are abducting people. Shakespeare was someone else. MK-Ultra is behind the killing of RFK and Jonestown. Elvis is still alive. Princess Diana was murdered. Jesus had children and they are the “Holy Grail”. The Illuminati, the Bilderberg Group and other shadowy cabals are plotting to rule mankind with a single world government. NASA faked the Moon Landings. Sandy Hook, Columbine, Aurora shootings are all faked and the media is working with the government to take away your guns.

      Congrats Tracey, you have made yourself a magnet for all the loonies of the world, and now you want to blame everyone else if you become a target?

      You reap what you sow.

      1. Grindael, thanks. Inquiring minds will want to know. Now a lot of people can use your list to do their own investigations. Since there are definitive, comprehensively documented books on many of the above a lot more people will escape the MSM prison. You’ve done a great public service.

        You don’t realize that Sandy Hook is the turning point–exposing the phoney KONY 2012 film was just a warm-up. The Mayan prophecy was right after all: but it turns out that it’s the end for the elite narrative.

        The game is over so please, please keep commenting so that more and more people will be given leads and a pathway to truth.

      2. This list is funny. You can go through each one and reply to each of them with, “Maybe,” “Possibly,” “Absolutely,” “It Depends,” “Wrong Wording,” “Wait and See,” “Definitely,” “I don’t know,” “There’s More To It,” “I’m not sure,” “It’s crazy,” “How do you know,” “Of Course that isn’t true, are you stupid?” “No way in hell”. You can mix and match if you’d like.

      3. Great list.

        Must have taken hours to reduce it down.

        Honorable mention goes to:

        Vince Foster ‘suicide.’
        John Wheeler ‘suicide.’
        DC Madame ‘suicide.’
        James Forrestal ‘suicide.’
        Gary Webb ‘suicide.’
        Paul Wellstone small plane ‘accident.’
        Gary Caradori small plane ‘accident.’
        David Ferrie ‘suicide.’
        Roger Craig ‘suicide.’

        Watch out Newtown witnesses!

      4. Anyone notice “Grindael” is very close to the name of a very evil witch in the Wheel Of Time books? She’s an expert at disguises and corrupting minds.
        You really did lump a lot of BS stuff with a lot of real stuff.
        Some conspiracies are real….
        Some are thrown out by evil witches like you to discredit the real stuff.

      5. That’s the typical troll response when they stonewall on the truth. Obama has never shown a single shred of concrete evidence to confirm his identity, origins, age, parents, birthplace, social security number, selective service registration, passport, and his schooling from Kindergarten to Harvard.

        Yet, you would take the hearsay of a Republican bureaucrat whom are all liars according to you and your leftist friends – that he is everything he says he is. The Media have still never vetted him, but take, at face value, his biography – written by terrorist Bill Ayers -as his personal Wikipedia.

        You and the other leftist wingnuts repeat the canard that “nothing will satisfy us,” which is true because NOTHING is exactly what has been presented to us by the commies in the government and the media.

        This is more than Nicholson’s “You can’t handle the truth” because the truth would kill the Left’s agenda in its tracks.

        Why has so much time, money, and manpower been expended to demonize, demean, and defame the so-called “Birthers?”

        If their quest is so “ridiculous” then it would have been a nonissue four years ago as the White House insists.

        But, obviously, nothing causes both the Media and the Obama Administration to sh*t bricks and have nightmares than they very thought of the Birthers being validated.

        Which they will because the truth cannot stay hidden forever.

        This is the real reason why Obama is on a mission to imprison all dissenters that would make the internment of the Japanese after Pearl Harbour look like a Code Pink rally.

      6. Dear Mr. Tracey, I’ll keep U in my meditations so U’ll keep having the courage 2 ask the REAL questions & so U’ll continue 2 be protected from those who must keep their heads in the sand with their asses in the air that will end up in F.E.M.A. camps before they finally wake the heck up!! MANY people in Germany were in denial until the Nazi’s came 4 them —-
        People crack me up because they just accept the story of the main media & lack simple common sense. NONE of what supposedly happened at Sandy Hook make any sense!!!
        Those who don’t stand 4 something will fall 4 anything!

  1. Seems the only way Dr. Tracy can get a fair hearing is via alternative media. Replace Rob Dew with O’Reilly, Cooper or any other MSM talking head and you would have gotten about 3% of this information out.

  2. “COOPER: And you divide conspiracy theorists into come into two camps, cranks and fire brand. What’s the difference?

    KAY: Well, the fire brand tens to be the young folks, I mean, the ones that you see it was sometimes 9/11 on the anniversary you’ll see these people marching, the so-called 9/11 truth movements. They tends to be young people. You often to see them in university campuses.

    Cranks tends to be older types, people on their 40s or 50s, often are college professor, often are computer scientists, often are people with a very technological frame of mind who were drawn to this very intricate conspiracy theorists. They’re almost always men for reasons that I explained in my book. And often, these are very mild mannered individuals. Our friend thinks one of the leaders of the 9/11 conspiracy was a teacher, professor of California named David Ray Griffin, very mild man, professorial guy who is actually a theologian….”

    Dr. Griffin was retired and could not be fired, only vilified–unlike Dr. Steven Jones, who was forced out at BYU after going public with his physics reasearch into the WTC “collapses”.

    And yet wealthy, well-connected Cooper lacks the stones to simply follow this money:


  3. This interview is full of falsehoods…

    – The long-gun in the trunk is a Saiga 12 semi-auto shotgun, not a rifle.
    – The guy in the woods was a student’s father.
    – The Medical Examiner’s stumbling speech is not important.
    – The idea Lanza was too small to carry much ammo is silly.
    – The names on the police radio were not scrambled.

    I am a REAL Conspiracy Theorist. Sandy Hook stinks like a barrel of rotting fish. Crap reporting like this does a huge disservice to people seeking the truth.

      1. Yep that would be the deity I think … my dislexia rares its lil head and does such things that my subconscience (SP) subconcious mind wants . HA HA … hybridrogue1 or is that hugenougt1 ? Im so inferior to your intelect yet I put a burr in your side … interesting

    1. you cant tell from the news footage that that was a Saiga 12. how do you know the names on police frequency were not scrambled? do you have a scanner? if they werent scrambled, what were the names?

    2. Well, Charlie, if this interview is full of falsehoods, can you please provide evidence (or at least tell us where the evidence is located so we can look at it) for your “corrections”? “Silly,” “crap,” and “not important” are not exactly evidence…

      1. The responsibility to provide evidence rests with the person in the video making the claims. I am merely pointing out that they are wrong.

        You can Google all the information in question in under an hour like I did.

        – The long-gun in the trunk is a Saiga 12 semi-auto shotgun, not a rifle. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLrxSgkqJQc http://www.saiga-12.com )

        – The guy in the woods was a student’s father.
        Google and Spokeo the name the cops give in the 911 audios. I don’t remember his name. It’s been three weeks since I looked at this.

        – The Medical Examiner’s stumbling speech is not important. He is a government bureaucrat too stupid and socially awkward to make three times as much money in private practice.

        – The idea Lanza was too small to carry much ammo is silly. AR’s weigh 8 pounds. Loaded 30-round magazines weigh 1 pound each. Sigs weigh about 2 pounds. Glocks weigh under 2 pounds.

        – The names on the police radio were not scrambled. Listen to the raw audios at http://sheilaaliens.net/SandyHook/

        THE POINT IS that carelessly throwing out all these falsehoods discredits people who are trying to get the truth out that something is badly wrong with the Official Sandy Hook Narrative.

        * PLEASE * stop making it easier for the Elites to characterize anyone who questions authority as nutter.

      2. The responsibility to provide evidence rests with the person in the video making the claims. I am merely pointing out that they are wrong.

        You can Google all the information in question in under an hour like I did.

        – The long-gun in the trunk is a Saiga 12 semi-auto shotgun, not a rifle. ( Google Saiga 12. Search Youtube for video of the long gun in the trunk and compare.

        – The guy in the woods was a student’s father.
        Google and Spokeo the name the cops give in the 911 audios. I don’t remember his name. It’s been three weeks since I looked at this.

        – The Medical Examiner’s stumbling speech is not important. He is a government bureaucrat too stupid and socially awkward to make three times as much money in private practice.

        – The idea Lanza was too small to carry much ammo is silly. AR’s weigh 8 pounds. Loaded 30-round magazines weigh 1 pound each. Sigs weigh about 2 pounds. Glocks weigh under 2 pounds.

        – The names on the police radio were not scrambled. Listen to the raw audios at sheilaaliens dot net /SandyHook/

        THE POINT IS that carelessly throwing out all these falsehoods discredits people who are trying to get the truth out that something is badly wrong with the Official Sandy Hook Narrative.

        * PLEASE * stop making it easier for the Elites to characterize anyone who questions authority as nutter.

      3. Gotta love ya, Charlie Primero. I’m glad that you are theoretically questioning the official conspiracy theory, but just read what you yourself wrote:

        “The responsibility to provide evidence rests with the person in the video making the claims. I am merely pointing out that they are wrong.”

        Isn’t that EXACTLY what Prof. Tracy is doing?

      1. Manfredonia, as best as can be ascertained, was ‘briefly’ detained within the school, ‘on the floor’. He is also reportedly a parent of a child at the school, was reportedly there for ‘gingerbread house’ class activities, is possibly an Athletics Director, possibly working out of ‘Parks and Recreation’ at Chalk Hill.
        If anyone assumes my noting these points is an indication of an easy ‘pass’, you’re misreading.

    3. “I am a REAL Conspiracy Theorist” exclaims Charlie Primero, puffing up like a blowfish…Lol

      Then he lists a short series of rumors that are not verified in anyway whatsoever.

      The rifle taken from the trunk is not shown clearly enough to identify it with certainty as a shotgun. It could very well be a 223 with the wire stock unattached. Older models of the Bushman have that exact color wood fore-grip. But what is more telling about the scene of it’s removal was the clumsy handling of the gun, obviously unprofessional – or more likely a purposeful attempt to smudge whatever prints might be on the weapon.

      Your attempt to characterize the problems ANYBODY, not just skinny little Adam would have in carrying all this equipment in alone, let alone while firing kill-shots like a pro commando, is simply hand-waving bullshit.

      No one has positively identified the “guy in the woods” in any official manner whatsoever.

      The coroners speech whether ‘stumbling’ or not was simply not credible for someone with his alleged experience and expertise.

      I don’t know what dispatch tapes you heard but portions of the ones I heard were certainly scrambled.

      If Sandy Hook “stinks like a barrel of rotting fish,” then why don’t you add your expert knowledge here rather that taking shots at Professor Tracy?
      I see your remarks as those of a double agent rather than a sincere truth seeker.


      1. Primero,
        Perhaps using the brand “Bushman” is misplaced. But there are .223 rifles that have that configuration I speak to.

        Looking forward to your further remarks.


      2. Primero,

        I’ve seen the Saiga 12 semi-auto, and I do not doubt your knowledge of firearms – what I do doubt is IDing this weapon from the blurry pixelated video with such sure certainty as you claim.

        You then go on to claim you have the name of “THE” second perp as a student’s father. But he was not caught in the woods. And he was not the only other suspect arrested.

        The fact is Primero, you haven’t substantiated anything any better than those you attack as speaking out of turn.


      3. Eric, looks like the man with a gun in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty SWAT police officer from another town, odd he was dressed like the shooter and happened to be at the school. See last line while the link works.

    4. CHARLIE PRIMERO IS AN OBVIOUS TROLL in fact the majority of the attacks here are obviously idiot troll attacks launched with pure rhetoric and designed to appeal to common people, well, common people, read closely and see the insulting image they have of you, the “rich people” we hate admitting are in control but who we all know in fact are (just look at what has happened to our wages in the last 30 years). We must recognize the wars the rich people are waging against us, and this is as good as any place to begin.

      1. Robert Fripp, I agree about Charlie. But what he’s trying to do is not working is it? Prof. Tracy’s whole blog has become like a cooperative hive effort to search for the truth. I completely enjoy how everyone recognizes and calls out these trolls and paid commentators. Just a few years ago that tactic worked; now it’s worthless.

        What I particularly love is the desperation of the elite. They know the best way to silence anyone is to ignore them. Yet they just couldn’t help themselves and went ahead advertising Prof. Tracy’s website far and wide.

        Go to http://www.alexa.com and put in memoryholeblog.com There are now 48 sites linking to memoryhole. Alexa keeps track of 30,000,000 websites and the professor’s site is now number 30,926 in the U.S. and number 369,000 worldwide. There are 185,000,000 active websites worldwide.

        What’s a troll to do now? Obviously: take the stance that they are “real” conspiracy researchers. Puts a smile on my face. I say it again: Charlie, keep up the good work in helping make memoryholeblog THE place to meet on the internet to discuss, analyze and work toward the truth of Sandy Hook.

    5. A large quantity of unused ammunition was recovered at the school, along with three semi-automatic firearms found with Adam Lanza: a .223-caliber Bushmaster XM-15 rifle, a 10mm Glock 20 SF handgun and a 9mm SIG Sauer handgun.[18][17][19][66] A shotgun was found in the car Lanza had driven to the school.[19] At home, Lanza had access to three more firearms: a .45 Henry repeating rifle, a .30 Enfield rifle, and a .22 Marlin rifle.[11][67][68][69]

      The weapons were legally owned by Lanza’s mother, who was a gun enthusiast.[70][71] Police said Lanza used the Bushmaster rifle against most of the victims. According to the state’s chief medical examiner, H. Wayne Carver, many of the victims were shot multiple times with the same “long weapon”—the Bushmaster rifle.[4][72][73]

      It’s hard not to be insulting between the non-information posted by idiots on both sides as well as the incompetent media that soon embraced the official narrative without substantiation of a real forensic nature. I would hope that those who use the internet as a digital toilet would have their irrelevant posts edited or deleted but then that would be seen as manipulaition?

      1. Thank you Rocky. Sadly, that Wikipedia entry is the best accounting of the events I have seen so far.

        When I was a kid in the 1960’s a journalist would resign their position in shame if caught perpetuating the atrocious “reporting” we see today as normal in the MSM.

        Thankfully independent reporters like James Corbett and Scott Horton are finding market success by providing fact-based reporting without the wild speculation and exaggeration of Infowars and HuffPo.

      2. Rocky does a good job of repeating the official story that was finally compiled after throwing away all the evidence that doesn’t fit.

        I am not impressed.


  4. These are all fine points,I can’t think of anything that was missed really,except what to do now.Sitting around postulating on all of the different theories is fine and good, but will the end justify the means?Where do we take this now?More blogs?More speculating?We dont need anyone to tell us what we already know.

      1. Prayer is a great idea.

        We’ve been given a glimpse of the magnitude of the evil we’re facing. Consider some of the powerful forces that are in on it; Cooper, CNN, Fox, the major media. From the local school officials, police, firefighters, and townspeople all the way up to Obama, Biden, the feds, DHS, FEMA, FBI, BATF.

      2. I cannot conceive of how the local schools and the parents etc could possibly be in on it, but they must be, what pay could satisfy the demands of such a task, this is extraordinary, it suggests the locals in this town are already in on something, secret cults?, this is insanity, but yes to watch, even without the youtube videos, just to watch the primary news coverage is proof enough of some radical illusion being staged in previously unimagined proportions. It is as if there were the intention to be found out! This is perhaps the question one must ask, to what end could such an obvious hoax be put? This signals the possibility of thought wars of an incalculable eccentricity and subtlety.

      3. Okay, there’s been a question about what do locals have invested in repressing or fabricating information? Does anyone remember reports that Adam went into the school some days before the shooting and had an ‘altercation’ with around four adults in it, 3 of whom were killed by him days later? If that in fact happened, the question arises: why didn’t the principle
        and/or cops do more to prevent this tragedy? Why didn’t they file a report and complaint and then have the police go to the Lanza house and inform, if she didn’t know, Nancy that her son had become obstreperous and perhaps violent, and that gun safety needed to be observed. What if the school system had something to hide in how they treated Adam. I know I’d read reports that Nancy had sued or been involved in fights with it regarding how to deal with Adam.

        So there’s one possible plausible explanation for why local authorities, etc. might repress information – they don’t want to be sued, they don’t want the victims’ families to know it could have been prevented. The federal government’s agenda to subvert the 2nd amendment then intersects with some local interests to hide the complete truth.

        This is just one possible motive and one possible piece of evidence, and a partial theory built upon them.

      4. Sue, I think you are going in the right direction. What crime do people consider worse than murder? What kinds of crimes would you want to cover up regardless of public opinion or interest? Another person here at the site gave the link to this report.


        Excerpts: Child Porn Hub for New York and Washington

        Whatever its genteel image of colonial homes and autumnal foliage, Connecticut has a sleazy underside embedded in its servant pool, welfare households and the chronic unemployed. Bridgeport, with its low-income Puerto Rican population, is a major center for prostitution and recruitment of prostitutes for VIP clients in New York and the nation’s capital.

        The pedophile rings have a social-economic hierarchy ­ at the top are the VIP clients, then the intermediaries, often Catholic priests or social-services managers, further down the ladder the operatives ­ losers recruited from prep schools and college campuses – and finally the supply itself – money-hungry willing parents and the unwillingly abducted children.

        Newtown, like Fairfield and Stamford, is part of the Diocese of Bridgeport, which got into legal trouble in 2001 due to lawsuits by 23 victims of pedophilia committed by priests. Bishop Edward Egan, then diocese head, was a protector of sexual offender priests, sending them to other areas when parental complaints reached the ears of the police.
        But Wayne Madsen of the http://www.waynemadsenreport.com gets more specific in relation to Adam and his mom. These are just short excerpts; these articles are for subscribers but one can subscribe monthly for very little.

        December 17-18, 2012 — What’s hiding behind the Sandy Hook school massacre?
        [excerpts only, both reports are way longer than this]

        The news media, which operates in a rat pack mentality, is intent on describing Adam Lanza as a very troubled loner. However, what is being ignored is the possibility that, as with the mass shootings at Columbine High School, Colorado and Dunblane School in Scotland, there may be a connection to a deeper and darker secret and that is that Connecticut has been a hotbed for pedophilia, with dozens of teachers and school administrators losing their certifications after charges were raised about child abuse and sexual exploitation.”

        “WMR has followed up on leads that Adam Lanza, the suspected killer of 26 people, including twenty 6- and 7-year old children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, may have been victimized at a young age by pedophile abusers.

        St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church is in Newtown, where the Lanzas attended church and where Adam Lanza attended parochial school as a young boy,

        [then WMR details the history of a priest at the school who was a convicted, serial child abuser.]

        Was Adam Lanza abused between 1998 and 2000 by St. Rose of Lima priest _________[the name is at WMR website]? Lanza would have been 6 years old in 1998, the same age as many of his young victims.
        …The fact that Lanza may have suffered from autism would have made him a particularly attractive abuse target for pedophile priests.

        In 2006, WMR was informed by an aggrieved Connecticut mother that her attempts to rescue her teenage son from a group of serial child abusers embedded in Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families and rest of the state government forced her to flee the state.”

        Some of the child abuse in Connecticut also involved “new age” religious cults, including some with Satanist underpinnings.

        The 1996 report by John M. Massameno, Senior Assistant State’s Attorney for Connecticut, contains allegations of prosecutorial misconduct in dealing with child abuse cases by the state of Connecticut and by federal authorities, including the FBI, as well as by state judicial authorities, including Judge Nicola Rubinow. The Massameno Report was sealed by Rubinow but it was leaked on the Internet.

        The Newtown massacre was a heart-wrenching tragedy, however, there may be other tragedies involving a long history of tolerance of child abuse by Connecticut authorities lurking behind the scenes.

        [and for those people here who have commented that the media wouldn’t pass up a story]
        The pedophile angle to the Newtown massacre will be studiously avoided by the corporate media. The primary reason is that The New York Times, the flagship for so many pack journalists, especially those in the television news business who fail to conduct their own in-depth investigations and piggyback off a few major papers and magazines, has a problem in its new corporate president, former British Broadcasting Corporation Director-General Mark Thompson.

        In December 2011, Thompson, who had served as director of the BBC for eight years, claimed he knew nothing about the decision by the BBC to kill a “Newsnight” segment exposing the pedophile activities of longtime BBC celebrity TV host Jimmy Savile. The pedophile ring extended to other BBC celebrities, as well as into government and royal circles. Thompson claimed he knew nothing about the decision to spike the investigation of Savile and in September 2012 threatened to sue The Sunday Times for planning to report that Thompson was involved in the decision to kill the “Newsnight” segment.

        With Thompson, who has been mired in a controversy about his own cover-up of a major pedophile scandal in Britain, at The New York Times, the paper will have to take major steps to convince its readership that it is not putting the reins on its Connecticut suburban reporters and New York-based investigative staff and limiting the reporting on the pedophile connections to the Sandy Hook massacre.

  5. Holy Smoke! Cast my doubts to the wind and give this guy a ‘Windy Wonders’ award.
    Lets get this straight. Your points are irrelevant. The reasons to be true are what I call evidence. Anything that isn’t evidence performs a purpose which allows a ‘fisherman’ to tell a tale of some remarkable catch that got away.
    So many folks are add chaff to the wheat and make a bOLD assertion.
    Like I am pleased for you buddy and impressed. More to the point ‘TROLL’ reference the rigor your going to need in expressing a fact because even people that don’t know the process of deep analysis called the Trivium (ancient) will have a gut feeling about whether ambiguity can be accepted as facts. It can’t. Do you remember when in school the teacher said that there is no such thing as can’t? She was wrong.

  6. The gun looked possibly like a Saiga to me too, but unclear.
    How do we know the guy in the woods was a student’s father? I heard that but find it questionable since I can’t see a father coming to school in camo when he knows there’s a shooting incident, and why would he run if he was legitimate?
    The Medical Examiner’s speech is of utmost importance because according to the CT State Trooper Lt. Vance, “All info related to this case is coming from these microphones.” If they are giving the ‘official’ report, it should be highly scrutinized. Usually the state troopers are meticulous and prepared before they present any ‘official’ material.
    It is also highly important to scrutinize the size and ability of Adam Lanza because the story they presents undeniably that this small young man with no military training could have done this single handed. I have police friends who comment on the additional weight they carry each day on their belt, gun, ammo, additional items- and THEY train. As I calculate it, 4 handguns (average 2lbs. a piece), assault rifle (8 lbs loaded), at least 3 additional clips (10 lbs- each shell approximately an ounce), equaling an additional 26 pounds minimum this kid would have carried from the car, into the building and maneuvered with supreme accuracy as he cold heartedly with nerves of steel took precise shots to hit their mark for the number of shots per victim and shots fired that the “official” story told us.
    Impossible. But it has had its desired result. Look at NY today. Scary how fast the government will act.

    1. I agree with your process therefore can agree in general. I am not or able to confirm whether his ability to carry and or have superior shooting accuracy can be a first tier level of evidence so I turn to what we are able to validate with my eyes and ears. The reality is you can’t trust them.
      Those questions need to be asked at an inquest. The general bungling which is readily apparent says a lot about what you have to deal with civilly. What is being done has a plan and what is apparent to me is that because Americans don’t live life but seem to only watch it there is going to be a need to gather all the “moral will” you can muster and take action.
      They are inviting you to their debauched party and its hell on earth.
      The most significant lie in America has gone un punished.
      Why do those people who control the levers of power have an unquenchable thirst for power? It was recorded by David Suskind in a tribute article.
      He said something we can all relate to but refuse to deal with,,,,,

      In the summer of 2002, after I had written an article in Esquire that the White House didn’t like about Bush’s former communications director, Karen Hughes, I had a meeting with a senior adviser to Bush. He expressed the White House’s displeasure, and then he told me something that at the time I didn’t fully comprehend — but which I now believe gets to the very heart of the Bush presidency.

      The aide said that guys like me were ”in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who ”believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. ”That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. ”We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

      We have a problem and so do they. Since we refuse to act that leaves an outcome more to their liking.
      They left that warning/promise on the Georgia guide stones for all to see.

  7. There is so much troubling information about this incident that it is truly mind boggling! The inconsistencies are rampant – to say the least! However, one thing that REALLY bothers me is the parents who originally asked for “privacy” as they grieve the devastating loss of their precious children (according to that sheriff – or whomever he is); but then, they come out to the cameras and talk about gun control??? As a mother of now adult children, if one of mine had been shot and killed at a school and I was deeply grieving, the propaganda of “gun control” would be the furthest thing from my mind!

    Professor Tracy, thank you for your courage and conviction to stand up against all this intense scrutiny that the progressive Marxists hurl your way. I read that Anderson Cooper is going to address the “conspiracy theories” of Sandy Hook again tonight – on his show. Instead of doing investigative journalism, these pawns are busy suppressing the mountains of evidence that something is DEFINITELY wrong with this odd scenario surrounding the shootings.

    I fear that once again, another incident (like Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and dozens more evil and criminal events under this BADministration) will be swept under the rug and not investigated. The goal of taking away our Second Amendment rights is all that is on their minds and their Saul Alinsky/Cloward Piven strategy is working to mind-control the ignorant masses.

    Sometimes, it (unfortunately) takes decades to find out the truth in matters like this. I ran across an interesting blog post at Walid Shoebat’s site that covers The Truth about the shooting of Democratic Congresswoman who now sits on Joe Biden’s Gun Control task force. Initially, I wasn’t interested in bothering with viewing the two videos. But after seeing them, I am certainly glad that I did! It reveals details that I never knew (because the media of mass deception back then probably ignored it) about the Jim Jones 1970’s era mass murder/suicide in Jonestown. There is a warning posted about the second video because it is quite disturbing. But the evidence was shocking!

    Before the “Peoples Temple” moved to Guyana…

    Excerpt quote:

    In a book entitled, Six Years With God, written by Jeannie Mills (a pseudonym), the woman who was betrayed by Nader and ultimately lost her life, she wrote:

    “Just a few doors down the street from the San Francisco temple the Black Muslims had their temple. Jim made strong overtures of friendship to this strong group, even sending large contingencies of our membership to attend their services, to which they responded by sending their members to our services.”


    So…”Chrislam” started way back then? Even more disturbing:

    Excerpt quote:

    Two more ironic realities about Jim Jones that should raise bold red flags with Speier…

    Jones attempted to buy favorable California media coverage – to some degree, successfully – with payoffs labeled as “commendation” awards to show support for the first amendment. Laughable, isn’t it? Not surprisingly, the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle received the largest amounts. Eerily salient today, isn’t it?

    The other reality the mainstream media will not touch is the fact that just prior to the mass murder / suicide in Jonestown, the group bequeathed all of its assets to the Soviet Union.


    If I recall correctly from the video, that amount was something like 7.1 million dollars!!!

    Did anyone here know about this previously? I certainly didn’t!
    If these Marxists could shoot and kill the Congressman and “traitors” to Jones who were trying to escape via airplane, and then give cyanide kool-aid to kill hundreds of men, women, and children back then, what makes us think that they wouldn’t “stage” (or, the more heinous and evil scenario that they actually performed a psy-ops sacrifice of 28 people) at an elementary school to use as propaganda for gun control?

    Sickens me….no end!

    1. And do you notice how “popular” the sick conspiracy nuts are when presented to the general public and not mentioned in one of the little conspiracy nut internet havens where they congratulate each other on their idiocy and stupidity?

  8. The semi-automatic used to murder the children was like that of a sword. There were no bullets lodged inside the small children because the bullets were large and rapidly moving like a sword. In other words, the poor childrens bodies were all dismembered. Brain, organs, flesh, bones, is what was left inside that classroom. There was no face to see. The medical examiner used portions of clothing to help identify children. You are completely twisted. What do you want, photos of the crime scene? As for answering quesions, the medical examiner was not dodging questions. The investigation was still continueing, like any investigation, he (Medical Examiner) had to go very careful and choose his words wisely.
    Everyone has a right to an opinion, so here is my opinion, anyone with a semi-automatic or high powered rifle should serve 20 years in prison should their weapon is stolen and used in a crime. That will certainly make gun owners think twice about getting guns and various weapons for “other people.” If a gun is used in a crime, and that gun has your name on it, than the gun owner should also go to prison. Adam Lanza’s mother should certainly have been facing twenty years of prison time, if Only She Lived. I have no sympathy for her at all. It was her name stamped on those bullets.

    1. Yes, those sickos want photos of the mauled children and video footage of the shooting and they don’t have a problem with doing this to the grieving families of the children. And if such footage was release they would claim the photos were fake and the videos were actors and CGI.

      1. No one’s asking for photos of mauled children, but one of a breached door would help. Also I’d like to have my question answered as to why there was no footage of un-mauled children being evacuated. Further, you are disrespecting all my forbears, including a cousin who died in Viet Nam, who fought bravely (3 generations) in this nation’s wars when you claim I cannot ask authority to provide proof of why they’re subverting the constitution my great-grandfather, great uncles and father and uncles and cousins fought to defend.

    2. So you would employ one group of persons, USING GUNS, to take the guns and liberties and freedoms away from law abiding citizens who respect and uphold the Constitution of The United States of America. We hear your sedition.

  9. Hi, I was at t.v. during a reporter tried to intrview people on the street and the camera showed us a street of the city; the cam stopped at a window of the second floor of a modest house where a man appeared after his cat run outside this way and he told to people down 2 times clearly: don’t stay there to expect to see something, you will never see nothing. They have arrange everything…and he repeated it…and he catch the cat and disappeared. I am in Quebec, Canada, ..Another strange thing was that the cam showed a few men speaking and two of them were joyous, that I found strange for the circomstance; after a moment, the older said: now we must go, and the young, apparently a father, or a-like-one, prepared himself to be sad, coughing, acting to be in the skin of a despair man and got out to speak. At the end of his speech, he was about to cry. It was so NOT TRUE that I asked myself if those peoples are so strong to ac t like that under those passed-minutes strike. the people interviewed were not particulary sad or in tears and the children who spoke repeated the same phrases. No one was stressed. I have lost a child and it took years to regain joy. Those last people were always the same ones to be spoken too and photographed…I,ve seen JFK, the Twins T and now this…The same sort of questions are in my head and my trust facing those tragedy and the ones who orchestrated so much pain to parents and sorrow to all well-thinking normal parents in the world is now inexistante. Please, to each one who search patiently, don’t stop…the truth must go out and those lifes will not be lost in vain…God help every one with a hearth and a spirit able to see the bottom of this package of evenements showed to auditory……Billie

  10. How sad that in this day and age we take advantage of the pain and sorrow of the families of the children and teachers that were killed just so that these parasites (so called tenured professor) like James Tracy, they are the ones that incite the mental unstable people to act with violence. Then they have the audacity to accuse other people of threatening them. I guess that is the only way they can get the attention they crave.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. And it is not a surprise that those kind of people rarely appear in any actual debate or interview where they could be asked actual questions and would have to present evidence. They know they can’t stand up to this. Hence the reason why mentally ill people like Alex Jones just yell non-stop in interviews and refuse to answer questions.

      1. So all people who disagree, even vehemently, with the main stream media are mentally ill, is that it? Is Robert Kennedy, Jr., mentally ill? He’s asserted that his father did NOT believe the Warren Commission Report. Are the posters who resort to invective or who merely express passionate disagreement with the skeptics of Sandy Hook ‘mentally ill’ too? Should all these individuals be interned by the government or forced on medication so that they stop questioning and criticizing same?

    2. Professor Tracy isn’t running ‘Dead or Alive’ ads featuring and encouraging the stalking of anyone the way Anderson Cooper is. Since when has Professor Tracy suggested in any way that anyone should violate the privacy of anyone involved in the Sandy Hook event? Cooper had one of his staff people actually go to Tracy’s house and attempt to harass him and his family. We know this as it’s right up there on camera. Tracy has done nothing remotely comparable. What a projection.

    3. Gloria, how about regularly sending in drones to bomb and kill innocent children, teachers and families so that you can claim that you are fighting a (phony) war on terror? Does it bother you that the same President who is “taking advantage” of the pain and sorrow of these families to sign illegal executive orders also illegally has murdered HUNDREDS of children and several THOUSAND innocent people?

      When was the last time you called the White House or emailed them or called your congressional representative to tell Obama to stop murdering children? Maybe you’re afraid of ending up on Obama’s illegal kill list, you know, the one where he claims the right to murder American citizens.

  11. Dated December 16, this photo: http://tinyurl.com/a6uxl79 appears on a Lauren Rousseau facebook page.

    The person she is pictured with is NOT “Tony Lusardi” who is reported to be her boyfriend, and was interviewed by the Main Stream Media, (Anderson Cooper). Who is this man that she is with?

    Here are some images of “Tony Lusardi” that seem to picture him with Lauren Rousseau, and conincide with the Sandy Hook event:

    Here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2251068/Boyfriend-slain-teacher-Lauren-Rousseau-laments-year-true-love.html

    Here: http://www.lohud.com/article/20121222/NEWS02/312220072/Cortlandt-man-mourns-girlfriend-killed-Newtown-massacre

    and a screen capture from a Main Stream Media interview with “Tony Lusardi”, the interview done by Anderson Cooper found here:


    After viewing the Anderson Cooper interview, it is obvious that the individual pictured with Lauren Russeau, (the picture displayed on the memorial alter at the memorial service for her on December 20, 2012 in Danbury Connecticut), is NOT Tony Lusardi.

    The major website http://www.canada.com is carrying an article covering the memorial service for Lauren Rousseau that was given at the First Congregational Church in Danbury Connecticut on Thursday, December 20, 2012. We can see an image produced at that memorial service showing an alter, or memorial table setup that displays a picture of Lauren with who I believe might be John Voket. The person in this picture is certainly not Tony Lusardi.


    Another website carrying the same memorial service photo, see the alter, or memorial table, at the memorial service here:


    Here are some additional locations on the internet of this picture of Lauren Rousseau with this unidentified male, the picture that appears on the memorial alter table.

    Webpage dated December 16, 2012:


    Scroll down to see the image at the above URL along with some reporting on Lauren Roussea, this last URL above, seems to indicate the person in the picture with Lauren is her boyfriend. But we know the male in the picture with her is NOT Tony Lusardi.

    I believe the person in this picture with her might be “John Voket” an assistant editor and photographer for the Newtown Bee newspaper. This would be the same John Voket who on December 14, 2012, published an article in the Newtown Bee which reported that the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary, Dawn Hochsprung, had given an interview to the Newtown Bee where she gave accounts of the morning of the mass murder, school shooting, even though we know she was reported as being the first person murdered during the shooting. The Bee has since retracted that article along with an apology as a placeholder where the article once existed.

    John Voket is also a photographer who touts himself as a “emergency and crisis event photographer”, he has even given speeches on this issue and how to better communicate with and coordinate with crisis management officials on scene, like police, on scene at emergency and crisis events. Voket is also a musician and a DJ that advertises his DJ services in Connecticut. Voket is also a radio personality and works closely with fund raising organizations who raise funds for epilepsy.

    Here are some images of John Voket:

    1. On his DJ website: http://www.johnvoket.net/

    2. On his linkin site: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/john-voket/46/925/5b4

    3. On the Connecticut Epilepsy page, (scroll down), http://www.ct-ea.org/newsarchive.html

    4. Again on the CT Epilepsy events page, http://www.ct-ea.org/events.html

    5. On the NENPA board members page: http://seapubs.com/eBulletin7-28-11/stories_NENPA_board.htm

    6. Pictured with Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen: http://tinyurl.com/a3zzlfu

    7. Pictured here as a board member of SASL: http://www.ethicsed.org/images/sasl/PSA-mtg-at-beach-04.jpg , this image was found at this webpage: http://www.ethicsed.org/programs/sasl/sasl_photos.htm

    So the concern here is that the man that Lauren Rousseau appears with, in the small, framed picture on the memorial, (alter), talbel in Danbury at her memorial service is NOT Tony, it is some other person, and it seems to be John Voket.

    1. Except the ‘Fake’ Tony Lusardi III is about 10 years younger than Voget, I do see a resemblance. But you can’t reverse age. He’s in the facebook (which was set up postumously) and the memorial picture and he’s show in video. He does have some resemblance to Voget as he was 10 years ago (in the pictures you posted). Reverse aging is difficult.

      I WOULD like to see proof Voket was the one that ‘interviewed’ the person someone thought was Dawn Hochsprung.


      (after exhaustive search I found this screen capture)

      We know Voget was the first one on the scene (according to the Bee account)

      Theory Mary Ann Jacobs mistaken for Hochsprung??

      Raw video Voget-

      Rousseau obit including Lusardi’s name and place of residence
      (for someone else to follow up on to confirm his isn’t John Voket)

        1. The Newtown Bee, newspaper article you screen capped, Voket wrote that.

          His name is “Voket”, John Voket, V-O-K-E-T.

          My primary concern is the photograph of the male individual with Lauren Rousseau that appears on the memorial table, or alter display, that was present at the memorial service for Lauren Rousseau in Danbury, Connecticut at the church where the memorial service for Lauren Rousseau was held, this framed, 5×7 photograph we see here:


          The image we see on the webpage above is on a news website owned and operated by the nation of Canada. The person in the 5×7 framed photo on the memorial table we see pictured with Lauren Rousseau is NOT … Tony Lusardi. This is my concern and my focus, this is the issue. We can see a larger version of that image on the facebook page I reference here: http://tinyurl.com/a6uxl79

          And scrolling down on this webpage, we can see a larger, although slightly cropped version, of the 5×7 framed memorial table photograph : http://www.news.com.au/world/newtowns-lost-adults/story-fndir2ev-1226537639697

          This above, and last URL I’ve posted, the image is the 5th image down the page.

          This male individual pictured with Lauren Rousseau and serving as a central piece of imagery on the memorial table, at the church service for Lauren Rousseau is NOT … Tony Lusardi.

          Of interest, Lauren Rousseau’s mother works for a newspaper in Danbury, Connecticut, the New-Times, a Hearst newspaper publication, she works as a copy-editor, nearly the exact same position … as John Voket. To say they would have been exposed to one another in their professional circles, is an understatement.

      1. Both Lusardi, and Voket exist. There is an individual that can be identified as Voket. There is an individual that can be identified as Lusardi.

        My question is WHO appears with Lauren Rousseau in the 5×7 framed photograph on the “memorial” or alter table at the memorial church service for Lauren Rousseau held December, 20 in Danbury, Connecticut. That’s the question, everything else would see a validation, if that question were answered, and it sure as hell ain’t Lusardi.

  12. I saw the entire interview, the Professor handled himself very well. If he maintains himself as he has he will continue to be successful. If, the Professor, out of fear of threats succumbs to cowardice or becomes overconfident then he will discredited. Courage and defiance of the corrupt guided with prudence is the only path.

  13. Interesting witness interview (Katie Couric). Witness claims when she allegedly arrived at the school at/or near the time of the shooting. She claims the suspect’s vehicle “had all the doors open” and two “black sweatshirts strewn around it” (aerial images do in fact confirm black objects laying on the ground on the passenger’s side of the suspect’s vehicle). She appears creditable, but who knows.


      1. The firehouse was right behind the school. That answer is easy.
        She does confirm the plate glass NEXT to the door was blasted. She does confirms my theory that the glass around the bullet proof (presumably) door was in fact safety glass. So the entire entryway was not ‘hardened’ as it should have been.

      2. Interesting about all the doors of the Civic being open and multiple sweatshirts. I can’t explain why Adam would have opened all four doors. I can explain that he likely used the sweatshirts to hide the weapons. But to open all the doors?

        1. One fact that has NOT been established is the exact time that school “let in” at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Are we to assume that over 400 children made it to school at exactly the right time that morning, that no child was late, that no parent, employee, or person with some auxiliary association with the school was present in the parking lot while Adam Lanza, or the shooters were “deploying” from the vehicle, and shooting out the glass, and then murdering the principal and the other adult in a hail of high power gunfire which would have sprayed a large amount of blood and body tissues from splatter and concussion ALL OVER THE HALL just inside the shot out window foyer …

        2. Quite beating the branches of this event. Get some ROOT happening here.
          I want names of those suspects. If you can’t do that you can’t do anything.

        3. Establishing a timeline is one of the most basic parts of the process of forensic analysis. Without the ROOT of a Timeline, cain’t do shit. Peeps just wanna drive through, beep beep, gimmie the bad guy or you suck … fuck dat, dem bitches can lie down and do dey own shite.

    1. James Holden I have not seen your blog and Im not sure given the name of it I want to … this satan stuff is so weird and Im not at that point where I think this is a satan sacrifice , I WANT the facts and I want people that have a job to do their job , LIKE REPORT not SPIN and like LAW enforcement to be CREDIBLE and RELIABLE . I believe that we have been let down and we have been duped by people not doing their JOB , what they promised to do ! If this is a satan sacrifice that would come out if people were doing their JOB !

      1. They are doing their job. All my blog is QUESTIONING IF Satanism is involved, not actually saying it is. I realize I might be wrong, but we must question everything. I know people don’t like to think magic is real, but it is. Don’t doubt the power of the devil. That is why I have made the blog, to organize all the sources. People will be able to see that it is something many people are suspecting, and we are not crazy. We just have a hunch that it is something far beyond what most people imagine. Satanism/Luciferianism/Saturanlianism is the easiest way to explain how everyone is conspiring together to make sure things don’t add up. The only way to explain such a huge conspiracy is if people are under mind control, or are possessed with a satanic spirit.

  14. Hey coward, when will you grow some balls and talk to Anderson Cooper on his program? Since you are so convinced of your theory that you don’t mind spitting on the graves of the dead children and their families you should have solid evidence to present and thus no fear to appear on AC360, no? You should be able to make a strong and convicing point and prove that your theory is correct. You know best that you can’t so you have to hide and decline again and again, but come on, you are making your paranoid friends look more and more like they really are. Wackos who harass and threaten the families of the victims. Come on, be a man. You know, like the people who work to actually investigate crimes or report from war zones. You won’t get it any nicer than Anderson Cooper. He lets his guests talk and doesn’t interrupt or yell at them. You will get plenty of time to make a fool out of yourself just by talking.

    If you think Cooper is going to let you off the hook as long as you act like a coward and hide you are mistaken.

    1. I would like to be interviewed by Anderson Cooper and Id like him to also answer some questions. I would like to tell him and show him via many news clips his and others , why I question the official story . I dont think asking questions about this is ” spiitting on the graves of children ” I think it honoring the children’s who are not in a grave’s future. I cant speak for anyone but me , I want CLEAR answers of what went on , not SPIN . I dont own a gun , I have NO AGENDA other than Anderson show says ” Keeping them honest ” then do just that , picking and chooseing what you will investigate is NOT keeping it honest .

    2. Indeed Jake! Dr. Tracy is such a coward he risks his life & livelihood by questioning the official narrative of Sandy Hook. Further, what kind of cowardice is it that Dr. Tracy is so paralyzed by that he won’t appear on the show of Anderson Cooper who, btw, recently did a segment about Dr. Tracy wherein which he all but asked his 4 or 5 viewers to harm him?

      What a wimp that Dr. Tracy is not to swallow all the inconsistencies, anomalies of the story, and shoddy reporting (including AC’s) surrounding it, hook line and sinker.

      Pesky professors and their critical thinking! What a disgrace they are Jake! Dr. Tracy sure shows some nerve dishonoring those dead kids by trying to get to the bottom of what really happened. I’m aghast!

    3. @Jake-off
      Dude, take some time and look at all the facts spilling into the media. The professor is calling out reporters for doing an inadequate job, including CNN’s diva Anderson Cooper. He’s not saying students and educators didn’t die. As for reporters corresponding from war zones, even that’s subject to “the spin.” Do the research into propaganda films of WWI, WWII, or Vietnam to see for yourself. Start by watching a documentary on contemporary war reporting about US CENTCOM and Al Jezeera in Iraq and Afghanistan. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmPUx7OH1T8

    4. Hey Jake take a break, go watch some more TV and fry some more neurons. Have a Twinkie and waterboard yourself with a Diet Coke.
      Maybe you’ll think of another lame joke.


    5. Hey Jake,

      If you want to get your rocks off go see the torture-porn movie ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ – seems like just the “entertainment” a ghoul like yourself would love.


  15. Michael Greenberg which can be seen with Victoria Soto making the “horned God” hand sign:

    Michael Greenberg:


    is also visible on this photograph in Newtown made January 30:


    Remember the story of Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burned? He is wearing the black/red color combination that can be seen in more of victim’s pictures, remember the dressses of the Parker family?
    Greenberg family photo’s are here, 01 and 02, disregard the “nazi” pictures added later:


    On the car you can read a sticker saying “TARIFA” which is a beachtown in Spain. Here is a Peter Greenberg, a travel writer, saying Tarifa used to be his family’s favourite beach in Spain.


  16. Yes please Anderson Cooper interview someone like me , local yocal , layperson ( meaning simple person , no letters behind my name) why I dont believe your story and the other media based on what you put out there . Really Im serious !

  17. AC needs to answer the question of the video. Where is the video footage of Adam Lanza blasting his way into the school and then murdering the children and teachers? There were cameras but no video has been produced. The public should have seen that by now. For Columbine, video was released a week after the incident.

    For the record, I do believe that children died, but also think that some of those ‘parents’ are acting, lying or both. I have a problem believing that Adam Lanza was the sole perpetrator or even that he was involved at all. A neighbor interviewed said police surrounded his home at 9:15 AM, BEFORE the shooting at the school even started! WTF?

    AC needs to ask the question of why there were no medical personnel allowed into the school and no ambulances in the parking lot. There are allegedly 27 people dead in the school and no ambulances in the parking lot?

    What happened to the survivor, Nancy Hammond? Where is she? Was she interviewed?

    There was a guy proned out on the ground and according to AC, that is Manfrodina (sic). But there was also a guy (or two) running from cops into the woods. Who were those people and why did they run?

    Does the Honda Civic belong to Nancy Lanza or Chris Rodia? Simple, easy question that AC has failed to ask.

    If the MSM wants to be taken seriously, they need to start doing their job, not just being a front for totalitarians.

    1. Arturo, no one wants to see the children being shot up. I wish people would stop saying they want to see the video of the actual murders because it makes you look inhuman.

      There’s just no need for gruesome images. How about pictures of the front door of the school (the one that was supposedly riddled w/bullets to allow the shooter entry), video of the shooter’s approach to the school or movement in the hallways before the shootings? These images would ostensibly show Adam Lanza doing what the official story tells us he did in much the same way the footage released after Columbine did.


  18. I have been gathering as much evidence as I can at my blog which demonstrates that this tragedy could have been a false flag event or scam. I can’t judge whether or not children died. But I have read that they could have possibly been abducted? Another theory out there is that the photos of the children were actually missing children from the past? No matter what – this all is so disturbing! People want the truth!

    Today, I found two websites with additional information:

    Nodisinfo.com: Sandy Hook Scam Confirmed: Hard Evidence of Foreknowledge?

    FaceBook.com: Timeline Photos

    Note what the person says at that site:


    LOOK AT DECEMBER 10th!!!

    Remember, December 14th 2012 — date of the Sandy Hook Connecticut shootings?

    why , oh why, is there a site created on December 10th for the “vicitms” of Sandy Hook???

    here is just one example of many..


    here is the full search.. going from Oct 2012.. to the day BEFORE the shooting:


  19. I think it’s also important to mention the fact that Government Propaganda/Psychological Warfare against the American People has been legalized via NDAA, has been added to the bigger picture and cannot be disregarded when theses issues are discussed and considered.

    One thing that caught my attention in the Medical Examiner’s press conference video was his acknowledgement that this case would be handled differently than others he’s worked on, and more importantly his assuredness that he wouldn’t have to worry about any pending/future court proceedings.
    I thought to myself “20 children died while in the custody of a public institution and out of the presence of their parents. Does Mr. Carver not know that these same parents as well as the rest of the public also have access to the courts? And given the circumstances, one could expect a grieving parent or parents to file a lawsuit demanding some form of accountability, because I wouldn’t expect all the parents to be taking this as good as Robbie Parker has been.

  20. If you believe the shooting never took police, then I dont want to hear from you, if you believe it was done by President Obama because he wants to take away your guns and turn all your good clean white Christian daughters into black gay muslim boys, then I dont want to hear from you.

    It would seem people are attacking the MSM because of the so called misinformation, well guess what? in a breaking news story there is misinformation, this is what happens.

    There is no conspiracy, no matter how hard you want to believe it, the theories presented here, arent cemented in reality.

    1. If you watched any main stream media today you might get in touch with the concrete reality that President Obama does want to take away the american citizens’ right to bear arms. Your first paragraph is so over-wrought in it’s distortions that it doesn’t seem to be cemented in reality.

      1. grindael,

        Why not President [sic] Obama, he has the MO of a serial killer, he has murdered hundreds of civilians including women and children in the Middle East. He has and claims the power to murder American citizens both here and abroad.

        There is no “coincidental” about it, there are cold hard facts that, not only Obama, but the entire system here is a brutal despotism that will go to any lengths to reach their goals.

        Anyone who trusts this “government” is a complete and utterly gullible fool.
        Of course there are other more sinister reasons one might attend these blogs to offer apologia for this tyrannical state…
        ..yes stooges and shills, toadies and moles…the Sunstein shadow crews.
        We know the process, the MO of these are as glaring as any other ‘counter intelligence’ operation.

        As Angel mentioned above, even the code names hold out clues for us to examine.

        I found it interesting “trivia” that Anderson Cooper hosted a series called “The Mole” for a couple of seasons…rather ironic given his CIA “past”.

        Of course, it is a “damnable thing” to criticize our “Dear Leader”…{grin}


        1. Absolutely, it is a fact that, Barack Hussein Obama has launched missile attacks and blown children, women and men into little bits, has maimed them in the most horrible ways, he is a SERIAL KILLER, collects video and pictures of the killings through the drone cameras, watches these videos, takes PICTURES of himself watching the videos, I mean … that’s a fucking SERIAL KILLER to the MAX, that is the EXACT definition of a homicial maniac, a homicidal psychotic, a serial killer, a mass murderer, I mean, he ain’t yer favorite gran-pappy, he’s a pre-meditated, conspiratorial SERIAL MURDERER. Nuff’ said.

        2. Thank you patriotact and hybridrogue1. Obama…my lord…it is unbelievable that anyone who has watched this man over the last 4 years as he lay waste to human beings across Africa and the Mideast could possibly give him any credit for having any humanity in him at all. He is a REMORSELESS mass murdered AND serial killer.

          Over on the Professor’s Taft Union High School thread I had to answer a person in detail about Obama’s murder spree through Libya and Syria: http://memoryholeblog.com/2013/01/16/taft-union-high-school-drill-becomes-real-life/#comment-4475

          Hybridrogue1 was being generous to the murderer when he said ‘hundreds of civilians’. Just the kids alone due to drone number in the hundreds, adults in the thousands. In Libya 40,000 innocent people died.

          EVEN Mainstream Media reports on Obama’s love of drone warfare (learned via his CIA family- and direct connections). This is the man who goes over an ILLEGAL kill list weekly.

          And back in Chicago they’re still saying prayers for the men at Obama’s church who met untimely ends due to knowing him.

          Obama’s face is so dry of tears I’m surprised his finger didn’t stick to his face when he gave that gawdawful lying speech.

          AND ALL THAT doesn’t even take into account the misery he called by given billions to bankers and do nothing to protect or help the people in this country whose lives are being destroyed by all the financial backers of Obama who run his government.

          And that doesn’t count all the soldiers who are dying every day for this miserable, evil human being and then come back home to find that the government reclassifies their illnesses and injuries so that they don’t have to pay benefits. It doesn’t take into account that the number one cause of death for those soldiers is suicide or that they may have had to gone to fight because of the “economic” draft.

          Given Obama’s record it is clear The Burden of Truth is on Obama defenders to prove he is NOT involved in this. No one on this planet in the last 4 years has been the direct cause of the murder of ten of thousands of children, women and men. For Obama these murders would be a drop in his bucket of blood.

      2. hybridrogue1 said “Of course there are other more sinister reasons one might attend these blogs to offer apologia for this tyrannical state…
        ..yes stooges and shills, toadies and moles…the Sunstein shadow crews.
        We know the process, the MO of these are as glaring as any other ‘counter intelligence’ operation…. As Angel mentioned above, even the code names hold out clues for us to examine.”

        Hybridrogue1 and Angel, over on the thread for Taft Union High School we’ve been calling out and discussing the trolls. What I like best is precisely that everyone here at Prof. Tracy’s site is not taking guff from the disinformation team(s).

        Here are two links that give background on how the trolls operate as a team, how they use software to create multiple identities and the instructions on methods for them to use to disrupt forums like this. My message to all the trolls: it is NOT working here! Just go home.

        http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/02/16/945768/-UPDATED-The-HB-Gary-Email-That-Should-Concern-Us-All [ironically, you’ll be greeted by a message that says ‘join us in supporting obama’ or ‘help renew the assault ban’. Just skip that, of course, the article is still valid]

        http://pastebin.com/irj4Fyd5 Great article on the methods, all of which are evident here.

        As Rev.Dave noted in the other thread:
        “I have noticed too that if one or two are really called out, then a new one shows up with a different ‘persona’ – maybe really a different person, maybe not.” Software’s the answer.

        We noted on these threads that as the trolls got frustrated by being called out they shifted as a collective group to two new methodologies:

        1) The new troll line that the are all serious official-storyline-challengers and conspiracy researchers. Or that they are retired professors or current professors….(with incredibly bad spelling mistakes, hmmm…)

        2) They took the ‘you’re exploiting the misery of the families’ line and stepped it up with graphic descriptions of what may have happened inside.

    2. Brett Dale,

      You say, “If you believe the shooting never took police, then I dont want to hear from you, if you believe it was done by President Obama …”
      . . .
      Then what the fruck did you log on to this blog for? What did you think you were going to “hear” here, the State of the Union Address?

      Anyway, your ‘critique’ here is nothing but empty assertions with no substance whatsoever. And that is just the kind of arrogant bullshit I don’t want to hear. I get enough of that jabberwocky from the MSM’s Public Relations Regime. And ‘guess what?’ {snicker…what is this Jr High?}, the job of the MSM is to keep you stupid. And ‘guess what?’ it’s doing a damn good job.


    1. This is NUN of your business, but….


      Do the NUN’s in the article look familiar? they are, of course, from Saint Rose, the attached school primary color? Purple.. Still searching for the purple van though.

      Their ‘official ID’s’, the crucifix.


  21. This is somewhat off topic but thought I would share some odd coincidences featured in YahooNews within the last few days. I have never seen 3 featured stories that share an identical numerical reference…but, here a few that I could find through a search; http://news.yahoo.com/interior-secretarys-220-000-bathroom-143722045–abc-news-politics.html,
    http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/health/2013/01/16/woman-loses-222-pounds-to-become-triathlete/ and one other story that had featured the number 222 in it as well. These stories all came within days of each other so I thought this very odd. I have absolutely no trust in any government body, corporate institution, banking institution, religious institution or any other institution that is a body of ‘authority’ or ‘power’. They are ALL corrupt.

    Perhaps these are dates that we should be leery of? 2/22?

    1. Also, I was looking at the picture above because I noticed how the white on the roof in the pictures seems in disrepair but when they show their diagrams and even in some of their pictures – they seem to go to some effort to make the roof look all white and cared for…like in this picture, the roof is all white. In the picture that shows the roof in ill repair, you can zoom in and see leaves piled up in the back of the school like nobody has been going there for a while. http://abcnews.go.com/images/US/ap_sandy_hook_elementary_nt_121219_wblog.jpg

      1. This “Porta Potty” picture you comment about was taken from between 2:50pm and 3:20pm. I could be more accurate, but this is a sincere estimate based on both shadow length and shadow direction. I’m using several applications, both online and offline, and I’m checking much of the math by hand in these calculations.

        The weather is absolutely clear. I would have to say this was taken on December 14, 2012, the day of the shooting. Or, it was taken the following day, on Saturday the 15th. I am not clear on how quickly the coroner setup as we see their vehicle setup here, with them in blue, having their white “footies” on, incidentally, the white “footie covers” in every image, are always clean and “spotless”, but they’ve been traipsing around in a bloodbath? Doesn’t add up.

  22. OK. Explain this one. Go to Google Maps and look at the satelite photograph for Sandy Hook Elementary. Look at the cars in the parking lot. It looks like all the white cars have the same sun window in the roof, I’m counting 8 white cars with sun roofs. The two red cars, one is ruby, they look similar to the two red cars in parking lot during the shooting. This looks like the exact same fleet of cars in the parking lot when the google maps made the Sandy Hook Elementary school google maps satelite as the cars that were in the parking lot when the shooting happened. That seems too weird to be coincidental. I’ve just been googling Sandy Hook Elementary and looking at the images, pictures of the school, to see if I could spot any discrepancies. I can’t view the kids bodies, put my hand in their bullet holes, weigh if there is enough grief at the funerals, I don’t have access. All I can do is scrutinize the online stuff. If this is staged, and I think it is, you know that next time there really WILL be dead bodies and graphic pictures.


  23. Professor Tracy — I haven’t read through all of the comments here, but my question concerns the identification of the murdered children. If the parents were not permitted to see them at any time after the shooting, how were the children identified? How could each of the parents know whether their own child was present in the coffin present before them?

    Also, what evidence led to the conclusion that Adam Lanza shot and killed his own mother? You never hear any reporter say he ‘allegedly’ shot and killed her. Could it have been done by an accomplice? And what proof is there that she irresponsibly failed to keep her guns locked up when she might have had to give them up at gunpoint?

      1. It is standard procedure to identify by photo’s in this way, but it seems a parent who insisted to see their child’s remains would have power of attorney to make suit if they were refused.

        In a high profile event such as this, it is purposely provocative to have not had at least a few personal viewings. In fact it appears to me, the way this has all been handled, that it has been purposely spun to be ambiguous, to stoke the fires of “conspiracy theory” – it is part of the PSYOP. A Gladio style Strategy of Tension.

        Headlines and stories generated for weeks, months — all the better for fodder for the PR machine to twist and manipulate. All is considered in the design of these things.


        1. Spot ON! This looks like a contrived intention to keep the public focused on discrepancies all the while the next “event” is well underway. I have been thinking this for days now.

        2. Concur. Straight from Karl Rove’s playbook as they “create the next reality” while we’re still working on this one.

          Throw in a little Cass Sunstein black magic and a little Rahm Emanuel “can’t let a good crisis go to waste” and we’ve got one heady brew cooking.

          I do believe, though, that the people here at the Professor’s blogs are up to stirring that pot! Thank you all!

          I’d like to also say thank you to all you trolls as your attacks continue to push the Professor’s blog up in the http://www.alexa.com ratings! Out of 30,000,000 websites they keep track of, the professor’s has gone in the U.S. from about # 35,000 to # 30,000 and now to # 25,000. Worldwide from 369,000 to 309,000 to now 297,000. Gotta love it.

        3. A true and compassionate memorial would have employed the finest morticians available, using the most advanced cosmetic morticianary practices, to rebuild the faces and the forms of the children, as beautiful and natural as possible and have had flowers and garlands strewn on the caskets, making as pleasant and beautiful scene as possible and pictures would have been taken for the parents and provided to the media, instead, only the brutal, gruesome DESCRIPTIONS all second hand, of the state of the corpses was provided. Only the DARK is given to our vision, and only theatre otherwise is provided to surround that pitch, black, DARK “vision”. This is “psyop” at it’s finest, and it’s darkest.

        4. Absolutely, Gladio is not only in play, but we can observe one of the highest levels of use of Gladio here, closer to the individuals it is deployed against, closer than ever before. If you want to learn about operation Gladio, to observe it in action, this is a very, very good opportunity for that.

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