Guns and Butter
, for January 9, 2013

“Sandy Hook: Unanswered Questions” with Professor James F. Tracy. Discrepancies in media coverage; coroner’s press conference; political fallout.

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24 thought on “James Tracy on KPFA’s Guns and Butter”
  1. November 23, 2012 I learned after calling and speaking with Gregory Medek and his wife Rena in Aurora Colorado that their daughter Micayla’s coffin was empty. Rena wanted to know “Where are they?” so I assume other people reported to have been killed are missing and the Aurora police are hiding that information. Micayla’s funeral was attended by 1200 people including police chief Dan Oats and Gov. John Hickenlooper. I have spoken with relatives of six of the twelve people reported as killed. Bodies were not returned to families. People are missing not dead.

    1. I just love how brainwashed the American people are. How come a lot of the witnesses accounts of a second shooter were never covered by the media or were completely discounted by investigators. For all the real idiots out there look up MK Ultra and see if that scares you just a bit. Check into the connection of Dylan Klebold (from Columbine) his father the montauk project and mind control. You people better wake up and realize what’s been going on in the last century. To Ron B… I bet your brain is so frozen that you don’t even know that certain people in this country to include bush 43s grandfather funded Hitler and the nazis in ww2. Where have I heard that b4? Oh yeah Iraq and Saddam that’s right. Put em in power then remove them when they get crazy and only after their purpose is served!!!

    2. The kuds are being sacrificed to moloch the same diety worshipped in the bohemian grove. all world leaders do a ceremony called the cremation of care. As a god worshipped by the Phoenicians and Canaanites, Moloch had associations with a particular kind of propitiatory child sacrifice by parents. Moloch figures in the Book of Deuteronomy and in the Book of Leviticus as a form of idolatry (Leviticus 18:21: “And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Moloch”). In the Hebrew Bible, Gehenna was a valley by Jerusalem, where apostate Israelites and followers of various Baalim and Caananite gods, including Moloch, sacrificed their children by fire (2 Chr. 28:3, 33:6; Jer. 7:31, 19:2–6). The reason the children are missing they are being sacrificed to Moloch so that the servants can gain earthly powers and bring about total domination by taking our guns then systematically sacrificing the rest if us. This has been done by the US to the people of Russia called red terror. Red terror was Completly financed by the same who want our guns. The US financed MAO who killed 60 to 80 million. Every extermination event in history has its roots in moloch and sandy hook is just another tool to sway emotion and get people to give up freedom and get death in return. We must stop fake media and demand a rational truth centered reporting system. Who do these goverment guys think they are fooling?

      1. Very true, never stop… The news media is nothing more than a TV show now a days. They (major news outlets) have a agenda and that is ratings, nothing more than that. The truth is down the list, if they do get caught in their lies they make a apology and then scoop it under the rug… never believe what you are spoon fed.

  2. I hope someone punches James Tracy in the face. Then when it gets reported in the newspapers the fantasists here will suggest that it never happened and it was just a conspiracy.

    1. Why is it that those who disagree with Tracy come on this site and constantly throw insults around? Professor Tracy is SMARTER than you, deal with it like an adult, okay?

      1. James,
        I just wanted to say thank you for your investigation. I saw the clip of you with Rob Dew on and even though I have not looked too far into THIS particular case, I believed from day one that this was an attack on the 2nd amendment. I really appreciate the hard work you have done to expose the corrupt MSM. Just remember we are all in this together, and you do have people like me who stand behind you.

      2. “Professor” Tracy may have the intelligence to perform his job as a Communications Professor however he obviously lacks the ability of critical thought. Either that or he is completely off his nut.

        Anyone who believes that this horrid thing did not happen only need to read the article regarding Noah Pozner’s (the youngest child to be murdered) mother identifying his body. I suppose Mrs. Pozner was an actor? The body at the funeral home (in an open casket btw) was fake? That the Governor who view the body at the funeral was in on the whole thing as well? This is absolutely crazy…. read about Noah’s body and tell me it isn’t true.

  3. why dies it seem that the sweet and innocent are victims and these lunatics are spared and allow the ignorant sludge they trowel to spew out of their mouths?!? god I would love to have them alone in a locked room.

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