Often quoted yet seldom read, this article was written ten days after the December 14 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.-JT, 4-12-13.

“[My staff] and I hope the people of Newtown don’t have it crash on their head later.” –Connecticut Medical Examiner D. Wayne Carver II, MD, December 15, 2012

Inconsistencies and anomalies abound when one turns an analytical eye to news of the Newtown school massacre. The public’s general acceptance of the event’s validity and faith in its resolution suggest a deepened credulousness borne from a world where almost all news and information is electronically mediated and controlled. The condition is reinforced through the corporate media’s unwillingness to push hard questions vis-à-vis Connecticut and federal authorities who together bottlenecked information while invoking prior restraint through threats of prosecutorial action against journalists and the broader citizenry seeking to interpret the event on social media.

Along these lines on December 19 the Connecticut State Police assigned individual personnel to each of the 26 families who lost a loved one at Sandy Hook Elementary. “The families have requested no press interviews,” State Police assert on their behalf, “and we are asking that this request be honored.[1] The de facto gag order will be in effect until the investigation concludes—now forecast to be “several months away” even though lone gunman Adam Lanza has been confirmed as the sole culprit.[2]

With the exception of an unusual and apparently contrived appearance by Emilie Parker’s alleged father, victims’ family members have been almost wholly absent from public scrutiny.[3] What can be gleaned from this and similar coverage raises many more questions and glaring inconsistencies than answers. While it sounds like an outrageous claim, one is left to inquire whether the Sandy Hook shooting ever took place—at least in the way law enforcement authorities and the nation’s news media have described.

The Accidental Medical Examiner

An especially important yet greatly underreported feature of the Sandy Hook affair is the wholly bizarre performance of Connecticut’s top medical examiner H. Wayne Carver II at a December 15 press conference. Carver’s unusual remarks and behavior warrant close consideration because in light of his professional notoriety they appear remarkably amateurish and out of character.

H. Wayne Carver II has an extremely self-assured, almost swaggering presence in Connecticut state administration. In early 2012 Carver threatened to vacate his position because of state budget cuts and streamlining measures that threatened his professional autonomy over the projects and personnel he oversaw.

Along these lines the pathologist has gone to excessive lengths to demonstrate his findings and expert opinion in court proceedings. For example, in a famous criminal case Carver “put a euthanized pig through a wood chipper so jurors could match striations on the bone fragments with the few ounces of evidence that prosecutors said were on the remains of the victim.”[4] One would therefore expect Carver to be in his element while identifying and verifying the exact ways in which Sandy Hook’s children and teachers met their violent demise.

Yet the H. Wayne Carver who showed up to the December 15 press conference is an almost entirely different man, appearing apprehensive and uncertain, as if he is at a significant remove from the postmortem operation he had overseen. The multiple gaffes, discrepancies, and hedges in response to reporters’ astute questions suggest that he is either under coercion or an imposter. While the latter sounds untenable it would go a long way in explaining his sub-pedestrian grasp of medical procedures and terminology.

With this in mind extended excerpts from this exchange are worthy of recounting here in print.  Carver is accompanied by Connecticut State Police Lieutenant H. Paul Vance and additional Connecticut State Police personnel. The reporters are off-screen and thus unidentified so I have assigned them simple numerical identification based on what can be discerned of their voices.

Reporter #1: So the rifle was the primary weapon?

H. Wayne Carver: Yes.

Reporter #1: [Inaudible]

Carver: Uh (pause). Question was what caliber were these bullets. And I know—I probably know more about firearms than most pathologists but if I say it in court they yell at me and don’t make me answer [sic]—so [nervous laughter]. I’ll let the police do that for you.

Reporter #2: Doctor can you tell us about the nature of the wounds. Were they at very close range? Were the children shot at from across the room?

Carver: Uhm, I only did seven of the autopsies. The victims I had ranged from three to eleven wounds apiece and I only saw two of them with close range shooting. Uh, but that’s, uh y’know, a sample. Uh, I really don’t have detailed information on the rest of the injuries.

[Given that Carver is Connecticut’s top coroner and in charge of the entire postmortem this is a startling admission.-JT]

Reporter #3: But you said that the long rifle was used?

Carver: Yes.

Reporter #3: But the long rifle was discovered in the car.

State Police Lieutenant Vance: That’s not correct, sir.

Unidentified reporter #4: How many bullets or bullet fragments did you find in the autopsy. Can you tell us that?

Carver: Oh. I’m lucky I can tell you how many I found. I don’t know. There were lots of them, OK? This type of weapon is not, uh … the bullets are designed in such a fashion that the energy—this is very clinical. I shouldn’t be saying this. But the energy is deposited in the tissue so the bullet stays in [the tissue].

[In fact, the Bushmaster .223 Connecticut police finally claimed was used in the shooting is designed for long range field use and utilizes high velocity bullets averaging 3,000 feet-per-second, the energy of which even at considerable distance would penetrate several bodies before finally coming to rest in tissue.]

Reporter #5: How close were the injuries?

Carver: Uh, all the ones (pause). I believe say, yes [sic].

Reporter #6: In what shape were the bodies when the families were brought to check [inaudible].

Carver: Uh, we did not bring the bodies and the families into contact. We took pictures of them, uhm, of their facial features. We have, uh, uh—it’s easier on the families when you do that. Un, there is, uh, a time and place for the up close and personal in the grieving process, but to accomplish this we thought it would be best to do it this way and, uh, you can sort of, uh … You can control a situation depending on the photographer, and I have very good photographers. Uh, but uh—

Reporter #7: Do you know the difference of the time of death between the mother in the house and the bodies recovered [in the school].

Carver: Uh, no, I don’t. Sorry [shakes head excitedly] I don’t! [embarrassed laugh]

Reporter #8: Did the gunman kill himself with the rifle?

Carver: No. I—I don’t know yet. I’ll-I’ll examine him tomorrow morning. But, but I don’t think so.

[Why has Carver left arguably the most important specimen for last? And why doesn’t he think Lanza didn’t commit suicide with the rifle?]

Reporter #9: In terms of the children, were they all found in one classroom or—

Carver: Uhm … [inaudible] [Turns to Lieutenant Vance] Paul and company will deal with that.

Reporter #9: What?

Carver: Paul and company will deal with that. Lieutenant Vance is going to handle that one.

Reporter #10: Was there any evidence of a struggle? Any bruises?

Carver: No.

Reporter #11: The nature of the shooting; is there any sense that there was a lot of care taken with precision [inaudible] or randomly?

Carver: [Exhales while glancing upward, as if frustrated] Both. It’s a very difficult question to answer … You’d think after thousands of people I’ve seen shot but I … It’s … If I attempted to answer it in court there’d be an objection and then they’d win—[nervous laughter].

[Who would win? Why does an expert whose routine job as a public employee is to provide impartial medical opinion concerned with winning and losing in court? Further, Carver is not in court but rather at a press conference.]

Reporter #12: Doctor, can you discuss the fatal injuries to the adults?

Carver: Ah, they were similar to those of the children.

Reporter #13: Doctor, the children you had autopsied, where in the bodies were they hit?

Carver: Uhm [pause]. All over. All over.

Reporter #14: Were [the students] sitting at their desks or were they running away when this happened?

Carver: I’ll let the guys who—the scene guys talk—address that issue. I, uh, obviously I was at the scene. Obviously I’m very experienced in that. But there are people who are, uh, the number one professionals in that. I’ll let them—let that [voice trails off].

Reporter [#15]: How many boys and how many girls [were killed]?

Carver: [Slowly shaking his head] I don’t know.

More Unanswered Questions and Inconsistencies

In addition to Carver’s remarks several additional chronological and evidentiary contradictions in the official version of the Sandy Hook shooting are cause for serious consideration and leave doubt in terms of how the event transpired vis-à-vis the way authorities and major media outlets have presented it. It is now well known that early on journalists reported that Adam Lanza’s brother Ryan Lanza was reported to be the gunman, and that pistols were used in the shooting rather than a rifle. Yet these are merely the tip of the iceberg.

  • When Did the Gunman Arrive?

After Adam Lanza fatally shot and killed his mother at his residence, he drove himself to the elementary school campus, arriving one half hour after classes had commenced. Dressed in black, Lanza proceeds completely unnoticed through an oddly vacant parking lot with a military style rifle and shoots his way through double glass doors and a brand new yet apparently poorly engineered security system.

Further, initial press accounts suggest how no school personnel or students heard gunshots and no 911 calls are made until after Lanza begins firing inside the facility. “It was a lovely day,” Sandy Hook fourth grade teacher Theodore Varga said. And then, suddenly and unfathomably, gunshots rang out. “I can’t even remember how many,” Varga said.[5]

The recollection contrasts sharply with an updated version of Lanza’s arrival where at 9:30AM  he

walked up to the front entrance and fired at least a half dozen rounds into the glass doors. The thunderous sound of Lanza blowing an opening big enough to walk through the locked school door caused Principal Dawn Hochsprung and school psychologist Mary Scherlach to bolt from a nearby meeting room to investigate. He shot and killed them both as they ran toward him.

Breaching the school’s security system in such a way would have likely triggered some automatic alert of school personnel. Further, why would the school’s administrators run toward an armed man who has just noisily blasted his way into the building?

Two other staff members attending the meeting with Hochsprung and Scherlach sustained injuries “in the hail of bullets” but returned to the aforementioned meeting room and managed a call to 911.[6] This contrasted with earlier reports where the first 911 call claimed students “were trapped in a classroom with the adult shooter who had two guns.”[7] Recordings of the first police dispatch following the 911 call at 9:35:50 indicate that someone “thinks there’s someone shooting in the building.”[8] There is a clear distinction between potentially hearing shots somewhere in the building and being almost mortally caught in a “hail of bullets.”

  • How did the gunman fire so many shots in such little time?

According to Dr. Carver and State Police, Lanza shot each victim between 3 and 11 times during a 5 to 7 minute span. If one is to average this out to 7 bullets per individual—excluding misses—Lanza shot 182 times, or once every two seconds. Yet according to the official story Lanza was the sole assassin and armed with only one weapon. Thus if misses and changing the gun’s 30-shot magazine at least 6 times are added to the equation Lanza must have been averaging about one shot per second—extremely skilled use of a single firearm for a young man with absolutely no military training and who was on the verge of being institutionalized.  Still, an accurate rendering of the event is even more difficult to arrive at because the chief medical examiner admittedly has no idea exactly how the children were shot or whether a struggle ensued.

  • Where is the Photo and Video Evidence?

Photographic and video evidence is at once profuse yet lacking in terms of its capacity to demonstrate that a mass shooting took place on the scale described by authorities. For example, in an era of ubiquitous video surveillance of public buildings especially no visual evidence of Lanza’s violent entry has emerged. And while studio snapshots of the Sandy Hook victims abound there is little if any eyewitness testimony of anyone who’s observed the corpses except for Carver and his staff, and they appear almost as confused about the conditions of the deceased as any layperson watching televised coverage of the event. Nor are there any routine eyewitness, photo or video evidence of the  crime scene’s aftermath—broken glass, blasted security locks and doors, bullet casings and holes, bloodied walls and floors—all of which are common in such investigations and reportage.

  • Why Were Medical Personnel Turned Away From the Crime Scene?

Oddly enough medical personnel are forced to set up their operation not at the school where the dead and injured lay, but rather at the fire station several hundred feet away. This flies in the face of standard medical operating procedure where personnel are situated as close to the scene as possible. There is no doubt that the school had ample room to accommodate such personnel. Yet medical responders who rushed to Sandy Hook Elementary upon receiving word of the tragedy were denied entry to the school and forced to set up primary and secondary triages off school grounds and wait for the injured to be brought to them.

Shortly after the shooting “as other ambulances from neighboring communities rolled up, sirens blaring, the first responders slowly realized that their training would be tragically underutilized on this horrible day. ‘You may not be able to save everybody, but you damn well try,’” 44 year old emergency medical technician James Wolff told NBC News. “’And when (we) didn’t have the opportunity to put our skills into action, it’s difficult.’”[9]

In light of this, who were the qualified medical practitioners that pronounced the 20 children and 7 adults dead? Who decided that none could be revived? Carver and his staff are apparently the only medical personnel to have attended to the victims—yet this was in the postmortem conducted several hours later. Such slipshod handling of the crime scene leaves the State of Connecticut open to a potential array of hefty civil claims by families of the slain.

  • Did a mass evacuation of the school take place?

Sandy Hook Elementary is attended by 600 students. Yet there is no photographic or video evidence of an evacuation on this scale. Instead, limited video and photographic imagery suggest that a limited evacuation of perhaps at most several dozen students occurred.

A highly circulated photo depicts students walking in a single file formation with their hands on each others’ shoulders and eyes shut. Yet this was the image of a drill that took place prior to the event itself.[10. See Correction] Most other photos are portraits of individual children. Despite aerial video footage of the event documenting law enforcement scouring the scene and apprehending one or more suspects in the wooded area nearby the school,[11] there is no such evidence that a mass exodus of children from the school transpired once law enforcement pronounced Sandy Hook secure. Nor are there videos or photos of several hundred students and their parents at the oft-referenced fire station nearby where students were routed for parent pick up.

Sound Bite Prism and the Will to Believe

Outside of a handful of citizen journalists and alternative media commentators Sandy Hook’s dramatically shifting factual and circumstantial terrain has escaped serious critique because it is presented through major media’s carefully constructed prism of select sound bites alongside a widespread and longstanding cultural impulse to accept the pronouncements of experts, be they bemused physicians, high ranking law enforcement officers, or political leaders demonstrating emotionally-grounded concern.

Political scientist W. Lance Bennett calls this the news media’s “authority-disorder bias.” “Whether the world is returned to a safe, normal place,” Bennett writes, “or whether the very idea of a normal world is called into question, the news is preoccupied with order, along with related questions of whether authorities are capable of establishing or restoring it.”[12]

Despite Carver’s bizarre performance and law enforcement authorities’ inability to settle on and relay simple facts, media management’s impulse to assure audiences and readerships of the Newtown community’s inevitable adjustment to its trauma and loss with the aid of the government’s protective oversight—however incompetent that may be—far surpasses a willingness to undermine this now almost universal news media narrative with messy questions and suggestions of intrigue. This well-worn script is one the public has been conditioned to accept. If few people relied on such media to develop their world view this would hardly be a concern. Yet this is regrettably not the case.

The Sandy Hook tragedy was on a far larger scale than the past year’s numerous slaughters, including the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting and the Batman theater shooting in Colorado. It also included glaringly illogical exercises and pronouncements by authorities alongside remarkably unusual evidentiary fissures indistinguishable by an American political imagination cultivated to believe that the corporate, government and military’s sophisticated system of organized crime is largely confined to Hollywood-style storylines while really existing malfeasance and crises are without exception returned to normalcy.

If recent history is a prelude the likelihood of citizens collectively assessing and questioning Sandy Hook is limited even given the event’s overtly superficial trappings.  While the incident is ostensibly being handled by Connecticut law enforcement, early reports indicate how federal authorities were on the scene as the 911 call was received. Regardless of where one stands on the Second Amendment and gun control, it is not unreasonable to suggest the Obama administration’s complicity or direct oversight of an incident that has in very short order sparked a national debate on the very topic—and not coincidentally remains a key piece of Obama’s political platform.

The move to railroad this program through with the aid of major media and an irrefutable barrage of children’s portraits, “heartfelt” platitudes and ostensible tears neutralizes a quest for genuine evidence, reasoned observation and in the case of Newtown honest and responsible law enforcement. Moreover, to suggest that Obama is not capable of deploying such techniques to achieve political ends is to similarly place ones faith in image and interpretation above substance and established fact, the exact inclination that in sum has brought America to such an impasse.


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-James F. Tracy

Andrew Whooley provided suggestions and research for this article.

Republished at GlobalResarch.ca on December 25, 2012.

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  1. This is a very well written article and you like myself have taken the time to look beyond the when the Main Stream Media funneled people to that evening. When the funerals would begin, when school would reopen, but not the who what where why and how. Trying to explain the points you and others have made causes people to say you are always looking for a boogie man or conspiracy. Yet these same people would ask for a refund if this thing was a movie they paid for because they would say it didn’t make sense. People don’t want to take the media facts and do a fact check on them. Like how the story on weapons can keep changing? Or listen to the recorded police scanner that clearly details someone being chased, as soon as the first responders arrive. The little boy who says he saw a second man hancuffed is standing in front of a man working on a stone wall. He has a vest that says LRM and he appears to be Lee Manna the brother of Rob Manna Chief Engineer of Newtown Hook & Ladder.At 1:30 when all this drama is going he’s working on a wall. http://www.lrmscapes.com/communities.html There are too many people who are talking in cameras but not exhibiting the real grief that one would expect with a disaster like this. My wife stopped her car and shed tears when she heard the news. I learned this lesson years ago at age 6 and 11 when President Kennedy and Dr. King and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated, as well as 911. Always follow closely the first reporters and hold on to that info because then you can match the stories and see where they try and make the evidence fit the initial reports. It’s obvious independent journalist and reporters are more welcome to go report in Syria, Lybia and Afghanistan but not in America.

    1. This is black ops, plain and simple, and excuse to begin disarming the USA. I saw interviews of parents who certainly didn’t look very upset. What about the family of the hero teacher who died? For a family who just lost a daughter and sister, they sure didn’t seem too sad about it. It’s all a bunch of crap. They want our guns so they can round us up and put is in concentration camps. It’s coming people…Once they have our guns and the US dollar collapses, there will be no food and looters will be at your door taking what they want. Better learn how to use a knife.

      1. They can take ANY of my guns from my COLD, DEAD hands. We have a 2nd Amendment right…that, by the way, was given to us by GOD, the Creator. Isnt that what the FFs wrote in our Constitution?

      2. Ii am correct,..just before 911 the president wanted money from social security,..and lost. Then after 911 did he not get whatever he wanted? Too many inconsistancies at Sandy Hook. My wife showed me a pic of dead child on Obamas lap 2 days after her death or 2 days before/ In any case,..why that child and why then. I do not know how to research such things. Any sugesstions will help and i truly beleive in your comment.

      3. You obviously suffer from some type of undiagnosed mental illness such as schizophrenia in which you believe the massacre of 20 innocent children was designed by the government. The fact that you actually wrote that the family members did not seem upset or grieved enough for you satisfaction to have lost YOUNG CHILDREN? Man oh man, maybe you should suffer from the lost of a young child of yours for no reason! I suggest you seek some psychological medications. It may help you disguisting filth of a man.

        1. You obviously suffer from some type of undiagnosed mental illness such as schizophrenia in which you believe the massacre of 20 innocent children was designed by the government.

          Perhaps you suffer from memory loss. In 1993 the GOVERNMENT massacred 77 innocent children in Janet Reno’s raid on the Branch Dividian compound in Waco, Texas. Ironically, the raid was executed to go in and seize guns……that were NOT THERE!

      4. You really like your guns that you probably will believe anything that does not fit your way of thinking? Have you ever lost a loved one in a shooting tragedy? They are there in a minute and then gone forever in a split second. There is no way of dealing with such loss, no simple way to define how people in such tragedies grieve. So please if you have a heart and common sense, then do not act as if you know everything about tragedies. Do you know anything about the human mind and grieving processes at all? Unlike your Florida conspirator professor who lives in his Eifel tower with no connection to the real world, except for his guns there is no way to deny the horrific event that happened in Sandy Hook unless you are live in a paranoia world of gun-hugging world.

      5. You are a complete idiot! Just because someone doesn’t grieve like you do, doesn’t mean they’re not grieving or they’re actors. Everyone grieves differently. Im sure they were in shock and disbelief. You cant say how you or anyone else would react unless you have been through an event like that. I love my gun rights but your claims are ridiculous. Banning assault weapons should be enacted. There’s no reason you need a weapon that fires multiple bullets within seconds unles you are going to war. You are a perfect example of what is wrong with our world and country. How dare you cause these families more pain! May you burn in hell! This message is for you too professor.

        1. You are a perfect example of what is wrong with our world and country.

          It seems to me that your statement would be properly applied to YOU.
          Our constitutional rights are not subject to what somebody else determines we need or do not need.

        2. Marie, you’re showing your ignorance of what is currently being called an assault rifle. It is a semi-automatic,which means the chambering and ejection of the shells is automatically done. The firing mechanism is NOT automatic. You have to pull the trigger each time a bullet is fired. Why would anyone need a weapon like this? Because most people don’t hit their target with only one shot and by the time you could chamber another bullet, the target would be gone. When you say, “There’s no reason you need a weapon that fires multiple bullets within seconds unles you are going to war,” you are showing both your ignorance on how a so-called assault weapon works and on what the 2nd Amendment is all about. The reason the 2nd Amendment was included was not so we could go out and shoot game. It was so we could protect ourselves from a corrupt government that wants to impose its rights on the people without following the Constitution.

          As for how people grieve, one or two families I could understand, but at least two families laughed and smiled all through their interviews only a few days after losing their loved ones. That’s just not realistic. I lost my dog and I cried more than they did! Not even one family had real tears in their eyes. None of the women had smudged eye makeup. Nobody’s nose was running. None of their eyes were red. Nobody looked like they hadn’t slept in days, but they looked well-rested and ready to go.

          I won’t go so far as to say nobody died (because I just don’t know for sure), but I can tell you that some of those parents are actors playing a role, not grieving for a lost child. The ones who never appeared in interviews? Who knows? But I can tell you right now that some of them ARE actors. If I were you, I’d be more outraged that there have been actors inserted into this tragedy than that people are trying to find the real truth.

      1. I agree with you!!! Why tell people these things it was a devastating day for alot of people and why would parents fake the death of their children that is insane!!!! People need to get lives and worry about themselves!!! My heart is with all the families who lost their children i could never imagine and think its horrible that people in this world can be so sick to say its a fraud!!!

      2. learn to think critically, journalist stars are there to sell whatever their CEOS want them to sell. 911 awareness makes you not trust anything the media says unless you can personally verify it. Google USS Liberty and Gulf of Tompkin-both events that were intentionally lied about or kept hidden. That’s just two the list is very,very,long

      3. The truth can be far away, maybe lying in the middle. If you don’t search for the truth if you only think everything that you are thinking is right, you will never find the truth… but yeah… that’s the US. Good luck with open your eyes, whoever needs to do it..

      4. Ok, I’ve not seen this out much – but, what
        I think one of the more interesting aspects to this is the relation of the Iroquois gas line, the major squabble over it being put in through where Sandy Hook elementary is, and that also most all of the victims houses line up to where the gas line as put through. Coincidentally, many of the houses the victims were supposed to have lived in at the time of the shooting were all sold on 12/25/09, which is the same time Iroquois gas, Newtown, and the State of Connecticut can be found to have purchased most, if not almost all of the victims homes – which in another remarkable coincidence..all line up under where Iroquois Gas ran their new line.

        Here is some of the info, and Ill leave the link where you can see the maps of how the homes have been plotted via google ~ and they line up perfectly (along w Sandy Hook Ele.) w the gas line.

        While reviewing property appraisal records of the Sandy Hook victims, I noticed that there are many cases where “last sold date” is listed as 12/25/09 – too many to be a coincidence. I looked at the entries for these properties in more detail and none of them correlate with that date (12/25/09). They have various sale dates listed but nothing on 12/25/09.
        Here’s an example – 37 Yogananda St.
        While looking at areas near Sandy Hook school, I noticed that Treadwell Park is right behind it. Look closely at the sign at the park: (It says “Iroquois Gas Transmission System”, St. of Conn. etc) In the Region: Connecticut and Westchester; Making the Iroquois Pipeline Palatable
        May 24, 1992
        THE Iroquois Gas Transmission System may have found an aspirin for the headaches its highway and corporate construction projects cause communities they intrude upon.(…)..Embarked on a $10 million program to compensate 60 New York State and Connecticut towns disrupted by the installation of its 370-mile-long natural gas pipeline. The money will pay for the purchase of open space and the enhancement of environmental and recreational facilities. (cont.)
        Announcement in 1986 of the taking of private property under a Federal mandate created a firestorm of protest in the affected towns. In Connecticut, residential communities beginning with Sherman at the crossover point from New York State, then winding through New Milford, Brookfield, Newtown, (both articles @ link)
        Phase 1, a 1.6 mile pipeline loop in Newtown, CT, was placed into service November 14, 2008.
        From this newsletter, here are a couple of photos of the pipeline installations. Also note that the newsletter is from Winter ’09 which would be consistent with the “last sold date” of 12/25/09.
        ***I looked at all the properties of the child victim’s homes since they all live in and around Sandy Hook. I believe the adult victims are all from residing areas, outside of the Newtown area.
        I mapped the school and all of the victim’s properties and compared it to the gas line loop just to see if there was any commonality.
        (Posted Image)
        **As you can see, many of the homes are right near the gas line loop. The bottom marker is actually Fan Hill Rd in Monroe. I marked it just to see where it fell on the line since the new Sandy Hook school is supposedly there.
        Many of the victim’s properties show that at least some of the homes were purchased by Iroquois Gas, the state of Connecticut and the town of Newtown. This happens to be the street where the Pozner’s are supposed to live..**
        Another thing that’s very odd is that all of the streets in Sandy Hook appear to be privately owned. You are not able to see them with Google Street View. I can’t see any of the homes of victims and I looked around in the general area and none of the side streets can be viewed.
        I looked at my own street in my subdivision and I could see it with street view. The street behind me is private and sure enough, I couldn’t use Street view on it.
        If you look at the victim’s properties on Spokeo, the majority of them don’t show up as a residence. You can see a house but it isn’t highlighted as a residence with a list of names.
        I also found a couple of websites that list Newtown schools but do not include Sandy Hook school.
        To view the rest, maps most of all go to;


        I find this to be more than interesting (and yet another WILD coincidence)…that so many of the victims homes, and the school would line up right under recently acquired property of Iroquois Gas, St. of Conn. and Newtown Also remember how many ppl were relatively new to the area, even a neighbor of the Lanzas said that while most neighbors knew each other – they did not know the Lanzas.
        Just take a look at the maps on this link, and I think it will “click” for you – that here again..something just isnt right here.
        Also along w Adam Lanza being shown as having died a day before, he also does not show up as being an associated person w Peter and Nancy – only Ryan shows up. (and recall the first stories that were sourced to unnamed officials – about how there was a body found in Ryans Hoboken Apartment, and that his girlfriend and her friend were missing!? It was even in the first reports that Peter Lanza was dead –
        My point is – this isnt just confusion from trying to report quickly on an intense story – these were entirely different story lines!
        I hope someone here would lay this out, pictures included..so that it is easier for the viewer to see what I tried to explain in words.

        Although this isnt direct evidence of anything – I think it is an important part of piecing this highly strange story together.

    2. Mr. Tracy and all who agree that this did not happen… i take a personal offense to this….. how dare you even try to promote that this did not occur to move ahead your personal agenda(s) ie:book sales…??? i am not saying the media doesn’t lie to the public (mis-inform?) but this tragedy did occur and it is my belief that “paranoid” folks such as yourself should be deemed unfit for gun ownership….
      RIP to all the victims of this shooting.

      1. Look who’s being judgemental now? Seriously? Freedom of speech is noe thing, sheer stupidity and ignorance is another. This article might as well have been written by anyone at westboro church. Fucking crazies! Yes, we have the right to bear arms, the FF meant muskets not military assault rifles. Keep your muskets, ban assault rifles.

        1. And the events at Sandy Hook back up your demand that we need to ban assault rifles………..even though there were no assault rifles at Sandy Hook until the feds showed up that afternoon.

      2. So tell us, given that you admit the media does lie to the public, what was the evidence that convinced you that this event happened exactly as it was reported?

      3. Second Amendment rights DO NOT extend to other than the potential arming of civilian population so that “a well regulated militia” be available to the government in times of need. I am tired of those fools who believe that they are entitled to fortify their households so that the government can “round them up and place them in concentration camps”. Exactly why would the government want to do that? Some genius referenced the Branch Davidian disaster. This sad episode was captured live on camera and would be much easier to “fake” than Newtown. The fact that the entire nation was aware, as it was unfolding, of the misjudgement of “government representation on site, would seem to indicate that although the government screwed up big time, no effort was made to remove press coverage from the scene. The fact that the government has hidden facts from the public is nothing new – Pearl Harbor and its role in easing the US into WWII, the proposed “set-up” of the Luisitania to facilitate American entry into WWI, the fabrication of almost all Vietnam War information, weapons of mass destruction – not- in Iraq. But don’t stop there; corporations from GM to your local produce market stretch the truth (or lie outright) at times. Gee, I wonder if the NRA leadership has ever lied to its membership

        It is sad that someone would use his “right to free speech” to spew such unfounded, broad, specious allegations designed to make themselves more important than they are capable of being on their own. Gee, I would think the first thing that would happen to you is that the government (caught out by your insightful analysis) would arrange for you to have an “accident” and thus be silenced. Thank god for my right to free speech: you’re a moron.

        1. @Peter: Gee, I would think the first thing that would happen to you is that the government (caught out by your insightful analysis) would arrange for you to have an “accident” and thus be silenced

          Thank you for pointing out that obvious 800lb gorilla. Perhaps the theorists here believe the government can’t read their comments (but supposedly the feds watch everything we do)

        2. It’s almost laughable when someone like you, Peter, gets all huffy about something and yet your stance is easily proven wrong. In 2008, the Supreme Court ruled, “The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home.” That would be found in the case, The Dictrict of Columbia et al. v. Heller, 2008.

          The reason is because DC had enacted a very strict gun law (which statistics show caused a sharp rise in firearm crimes because only criminals had easy access to guns), and a DC special policeman applied to register a handgun for his home and he was denied. He filed suit against the stringent DC law, claiming it went against his 2nd Amendment rights. The SCOTUS upheld his claim and DC had to get rid of the law (which immediately resulted in considerably lowering the firearm crimes rate from a high of over 400 to only 88 incidences in 2012).

          In fact, the CDC in Atlanta closely evaluated 51 studies on gun laws to see if any gun law helped reduce gun violence and they found absolutely zero laws that did that. In England, when they banned guns, although the gun deaths lowered, all other forms of violent crime skyrocketed because common people could no longer protect themselves. Talk to a few Australians and you’ll see how home invasions have risen significantly since their guns were taken from them.

          So, the person in this discussion who is spewing “such unfounded, broad, specious allegations designed to make themselves more important than they are capable of being on their own” is you. Do your research first.

        3. those fools who believe that they are entitled to fortify their households so that the government can “round them up and place them in concentration camps”. Exactly why would the government want to do that? Some genius referenced the Branch Davidian disaster.

          You are incerdulus that someone could believe that the government could invade their home, by force of arms, and kill them or haul them off. Then in the very next sentence you refer to the government raid on the Branch Davidians. Did you plan to totally contridict your own statement all along or was it just a happy accident?

      4. Jeffrey… et. al. whether it happened or not, or the way it is officially being presented as happened, you must not make emotive statements or baseless accusations. No one cares about your feelings (or Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper’s for that matter). What this site is about is asking rational questions that need to be answered in a dispassionate way. The ramifications of Sandy Hook will affect us all. It is being engineered for a political agenda. This is obvious. To be sure our hearts go out to the victims families, but one must never dismiss the mind and ability to think.
        Why are you on this site to begin with if you offer nothing of value at all ?

    3. Well, at least there are two of you who pose “serious” questions about specific action, or inaction taken at the scene by responders, children, teachers, parents and law enforcement. I could comment on many of your “insights” but to conclude that there must be a cover up because the Chief Medical Examiner was not a smooth presenter and/or question answerer is foolish. His hesitancy to answer questions he is not qualified to answer (number of shots, caliber of bullet, sequence of events during the shooting (if there was one) (sic) point me in a different direction: here is a man who has been up all night performing autopsy after autopsy, getting whatever information he has from a variety of sources, none of whom have had the benefit of a full investigation and you think he should have a slick powerpoint presentation, complete with animated slides.

      The answers to many of your questions are currently being fabricated (sic) by the FBI at the President’s behest. Since the scenario was staged, let’s hope we can find the script (they are probably storing it in the TV Studio where they shot the footage of the Walk on the Moon – another government plot to deceive the people) Knowing your type (I’ll bet $100 you are also a Creationist) you will be able to continue asking questions that are unanswered only because they are dumb ass questions that no one thought to address.

      I wish their was an Amendment that spared all of us from paranoid, foolish and harmful vitriol. I cannot imagine parents of students, students, faculty and administration at your University are welcoming your valuable insight into their community. You should state: “My opinions and viewpoint are those of a citizen and the fact I am a Professor at a University does not add credence to my words.”

      It’s a sad commentary when ignorance borrows credibility and access to media to further a viewpoint whose argument is so weak and disorganized. I live 15 minutes from Sandy Hook and have spoken with individuals attending the funerals of the adults killed – believe it or not those were real dead people in those caskets. If this is a government conspiracy they surely did a very poor job. Maybe you can give them some pointers on where they went wrong – that is if the government doesn’t manufacture an “accident” for you.

      It’s easy for you and for me to type out whatever words we wish and to feel that because they are written they are true. I’ll tell you what, come on up to CT and we can get a copy of the autopsy photos for you.

      “Beware the man who loudly shouts the truth, one who substitutes volume for reason convinces only himself.”

      1. yes, best suggestion I’ve seen: “come on up to CT and we can get a copy of the autopsy photos for you.” If any of you who think this didn’t happen don’t bite on this excellent suggestion, then please tell us why. Someone must be close enough to CT to make this affordable. If not, then we can conclude that you’d rather sit here and spew your cruel disregard for the victim’s families than find out what is true, or not true. Step up, and settle this once and for all, the most extreme of the questions here being: “did this even happen? Did anyone even die?”

      2. “…but to conclude that there must be a cover up because the Chief Medical Examiner was not a smooth presenter and/or question answerer is foolish. ”

        Wykehamrd, you evidently haven’t researched H. Wayne Carver like the rest of us have. This man is a veteran ME. He was the Chief ME for several years and had to speak in court many times so speaking in public about autopsies is what the man does for a living. In his court appearances, it’s said that he was well-spoken and decisive in his comments. Speaking in court, he would not read a prepared document. The reason he’s there in person is to answer questions put to him. This means he’s doing pretty much the same thing as a press conference, answering whatever questions they throw at him about the scene he’s supposed to be an expert on. You don’t get those questions ahead of time, just like you don’t get press conference questions ahead of time. You anticipate what will be asked and prepare answers for those and then use your knowledge of the situation to respond to the other questions. There’s really much more pressure on you in a court room than in a press conference (have you ever testified in court?), and in either case, a man who is the Chief ME for the entire state of Connecticut should know that his words will be scrutinized carefully. Anyone in a high government position knows that. It comes with the job.

        “His hesitancy to answer questions he is not qualified to answer (number of shots, caliber of bullet, sequence of events during the shooting (if there was one) (sic) point me in a different direction: ”

        It’s apparent you don’t know what an ME is qualified to do. He knows what caliber bullets are. He knows the sequence of events during a shooting. He’s the one who tells the police that. He’s the one who counts each bullet and each fragment of a bullet as it is pulled from the body he’s working on. ME’s have to be EXTREMELY detailed. They weigh carefully, measure carefully, record all their data carefully, especially in a crime scene situation. Your statement excuses him from exactly what the man is qualified to do. He’s exactly the person who should have known the answers to those questions. That’s why they asked him.

        “here is a man who has been up all night performing autopsy after autopsy, getting whatever information he has from a variety of sources, none of whom have had the benefit of a full investigation and you think he should have a slick powerpoint presentation, complete with animated slides.”

        No, he was not up all night performing autopsies. He said the bodies were back at their main headquarters by 1:30 am. They didn’t start the post-mortems until the next morning. As the Chief ME, his job was to OVERSEE the autopsies because he was responsible for the final reports on all of the bodies. That’s what the Chief ME does. If he didn’t feel like he had enough time to prepare for a press conference that he knew was going to happen, he easily could have delegated several autopsies to his colleagues (I believe he said there were 10 of them, it’s late, I don’t remember and I’m too tired to go back and listen yet again to it). If you look at Carver’s face, it is immaculately shaven, not the scruff of someone who worked all night long and barely had time to breathe, as you imply. His eyes do not have huge bags under them. In fact, over all he looks fairly well rested. (Another oddity considering the circumstances.)

        Once again, you’re excusing the man from precisely what his job entails. His job was to take the results of the autopsies his staff had performed and pass that information on to the press. He didn’t get information from “a variety of sources.” (Unless it was the government telling him what to say, is that what you’re implying?) He got information from the bodies. Again, that’s what an autopsy is for. They look at the body to see what happened. He’d already spent 12 hours at the crime scene to observe the location of the bodies in regards to the shooting. Yet you expect us to believe he couldn’t answer a simple question like, “Were the kids sitting at desks or running or what?” His job was to give the information to the press so saying he didn’t know how many boys and how many girls is inexcusable. That’s what he was there to do, disseminate information. The only thing he made sure to include was the lie he was told to say, about the wounds being inflicted by a long rifle. The first officers on the scene said there were two handguns, period. No rifle. They’re trained to know the difference between handguns and long rifles, btw. :p The inclusion of a long rifle, soon to be identified as a Bushmaster AR-15, was purely a lie added into the storyline. (After all, the rifle was not removed from the trunk of the car until after dark. Did Adam Lanza put it back in there after he was dead?)

        And yes, we’d like to see the crime scene photos. I’d like to talk to a person who actually saw a dead body (not someone who knew someone who knew someone who said they did). We’d like to see Adam Lanza’s name in the Social Security Death Index. It’s not there, you know. All the rest are, but not his. We’d like to see video footage from the security cameras. We’d like to see police evidence markers next to pools of blood. We’d like to see some actual physical evidence that proves the story we’ve been fed. You see, you’re going on heresay. If the parents didn’t see the bodies of their children, they are going on heresay. Why don’t you check on that and report back? Did any parent actually see the body of their child? The ME said they didn’t get to see them for identification purposes. Did they afterwards? Or do you just assume they did because that’s what happens at a viewing?

        The problem with events like this is that our brains tend to fill in blanks from the information we’ve been given. We are told 20 children died and we assume the police or media wouldn’t lie to us about that so our brain fills in the blanks and makes it all true. But it’s no different than me saying I saw a spaceship fall from the sky and land on my house. How do you know I didn’t? Well, you would be skeptical because you had no proof it was true, no pictures, no tangible evidence that I really saw it. Sure, spaceships exist and we’ve shot a few up there that could possibly fall from the sky onto our house. Until you saw proof, though, proof of my house with a hole in the roof or proof of a picture of the spaceship on my house, you wouldn’t believe what I said. Why would you believe the media or some unknown person if they had no proof they could show you? Right now, it’s just the word of a handful of people who were in those classrooms and who know for sure what happened. Until they bring us evidence, we have the right, and the responsibility, to be skeptical of their claim. We see flaws in their story, things that just aren’t logical. Why would we believe them until they give us something substantial to prove what they’re saying is true? If we see nothing tangible, then we shouldn’t trust them any more than you would trust me and my story about the spaceship falling on my house.

        Btw, I want you to know that I’m not saying it didn’t happen. I’m not saying it did. I’m not saying nobody died and I’m not saying they all died just like they said. I’m saying that I need a LOT more evidence to make an informed opinion on this subject because I have a list of 130 things so far that are incongruities or contradictions. Something is extremely fishy and until we see real evidence, it’s destined to bring out the skepticism in people. And it should. There’s no reason in the world they should hide evidence from us and there’s every reason in the world we should suspect they are covering something up (because it’s been done many times before and, in recent memory, Benghazi and the YouTube video lie).

        1. Once again, you’re excusing the man from precisely what his job entails

          Has anybody bothered to count all the lame excuses these people who deny something fishy is going on at Sandy Hook have piled up here? It occurs to me that all the absurd auguments AGAINST a conspiracy are demonstrating how obvious the conspiracy really is.
          When you have to deny locic and reason over and over again, it makes it obvious you are defending a faulty assumption.

        2. Oh yes, you like Chalkbrd are the authorities. Why don’t you count the ‘lame’ excuses and let us know. Because of course no one else here has any idea what we’re talking about. Why the hell don’t you experts get a job as investigators, obviuosly you could solve all of the worlds mysteries and be rich beyond your wildest imagination. You are all so figgin smart and intuitive that from you extreme powers of observation nothing, nothing at all gets by you. Please, give me your list of lame – look forward to it -ha, it’ll never happen.
          Oh, and it’s amazing all you experts can’t find the time to come here or as some have done, dissappeared from this blog, when i made the offer. Who the hell are you calling lame.
          I’ll have my answers for you Monday, I’m sitting down with the detective this weekend and I”m going over with him all of the brilliant observations here.
          I have to get back to work, I can’t believe the time and money I wasted here talking to lamp posts. You have my emai, if you want to know how my initial meeting goes contact me. mannyf3691@yahoo.com
          As for my offer to come here it stands – if no takers by early next week I’m donating the $500 to this person http://26in2013forsandyhook.blogspot.com/ she understands better what this means to us here in Connecticut. If you want to do something meaningful in your life start there

        3. “When you have to deny locic and reason over and over again, it makes it obvious you are defending a faulty assumption.”

          RickA, they will excuse anything, no matter how outrageous, rather than consider something that contradicts what they want to believe.

      3. Who did you quote “Beware the man who loudly shouts the truth, …” ? I like that. Again we have someone who has talked to someone who attended a funeral. Was it an open casket funeral? My sister was shot with a .357 and hers was open casket. You mean the photos they so kindly provided to the parents which I presume showed no wounds due to the skill of the photographer? I doubt you could ever get a single copy of any photo of any victim, which is not to say I doubt they exist. They may or may not. If it weren’t so sad, it would be funny, that you think “accidents” aren’t manufactured routinely. Usually as a suicide. For just one incident, this is what Wikipedia says
        “Allegations of mysterious or suspicious deaths of witnesses connected with the Kennedy assassination originated with Penn Jones, Jr.[30][31][32] and were brought to national attention by the 1973 film Executive Action.[30][31] Jim Marrs later presented a list of 103 people he believed died “convenient deaths” under suspect circumstances. He noted that the deaths were grouped around investigations conducted by the Warren Commission, New Orleans D.A. Jim Garrison, the Senate Intelligence Committee, and the House Select Committee on Assassinations.[33] Marrs pointed out that “these deaths certainly would have been convenient for anyone not wishing the truth of the JFK assassination to become public.”[34] Vincent Bugliosi has described the death of Dorothy Kilgallen—who claimed she was granted a private interview with Jack Ruby—as “perhaps the most prominent mysterious death” cited by assassination researchers.[35] According to author Jerome Kroth, Mafia figures Sam Giancana, John Roselli, Carlos Prio, Jimmy Hoffa, Charles Nicoletti, Leo Moceri, Richard Cain, Salvatore Granello, and Dave Yaras were likely murdered to prevent them from revealing their knowledge.[36] According to author Matthew Smith, others with some tie to the case who have died suspicious deaths include Lee Bowers, Gary Underhill, William Sullivan, David Ferrie, Clay Shaw, George de Mohrenschildt, four showgirls who worked for Jack Ruby, and Ruby himself.[37]

        Does the government arrange an accident for anyone and everyone that may say something they don’t like? Of course not. They gotta have someone left to pay the taxes.

    4. Just wanted to weigh in on JFK’s quote at the heading of your page. Could this be the same President who hid the facts of the Bay of Pigs and did not share the truth of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Some things are better left unshared with the general public – mainly because the average American is not capable of understanding why he is not being asked for his opinion on foreign policy.

      1. My dad was an officer in the US NAVY and he was on one of the ships that went to the bay of pigs – he says that the eeriest thing about it was the hull was full of crosses. He said it doesn’t make you very confident about your mission when your hull is full of crosses to mark the dead.

        1. Perhaps the crosses were for planting in the ground and then taking pictures of for a Photo Op … to tug at the heart strings of Americans.

    5. If the media would not put out so many untruths when they report these events then people wouldn’t be so suspicious. The media reported at least three different stories about whether or not the shooter’s mother worked at the school. The media cannot keep straight what guns were used. The media wrongly identified the shooter as his brother at one point, causing the brother to receive angry messages. The media reported that the school nurse saw the shooter’s face in one report but indicated she saw the shooter’s feet in another. There were many other inconsistencies in just this one news event. The media is supposed to be made up of professionals who care about the standard of their work. Reporting a mess of mistakes over and over again makes them less credible. Instead of acknowledging this and working to correct it, they attack ‘conspiracy theorists’ who have become very distrustful over the years after seeing misinformation given without correction. It is interesting that the talking heads criticized the professor for ‘giving information as fact that may not be the whole truth’ when they do it all the time with impunity and no shame. Until the media cleans up its act, they have no business making hypocritical attacks on others who do the same.

      1. “The media is supposed to be made up of professionals who care about the standard of their work. Reporting a mess of mistakes over and over again makes them less credible. Instead of acknowledging this and working to correct it, they attack ‘conspiracy theorists’ who have become very distrustful over the years after seeing misinformation given without correction.”

        Just remember, Benghazi happened because of a Youtube video. :oP lol

        “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” Adolf Hitler

  2. I appreciate your interesting work on this case but have one minor correction.

    You wrote:
    “[..the Bushmaster .223 Connecticut police finally claimed was used in the shooting is designed for long range field use and utilizes high velocity bullets averaging 3,000 feet-per-second, the energy of which even at considerable distance would penetrate several bodies before finally coming to rest in tissue.]

    The 5.56mm/.226” round is specifically designed to tumble and fragment upon impact. This behavior amplifies wounding because kinetic energy is deposited into the body rather than being wasted by exiting the body. Bullet fragmentation creates multiple small wound channels. This shreds tissue instead of merely puncturing it like an ice pick.

    To see examples, run a Google image search on the terms: 5.56 fragmentation x-ray

    I realize this is a minor technical point, but it may prove useful in your calculations.

    Please keep up your good work. The Mainstream Media is controlled. We depend on you to ask the hard questions they will not.

      1. The other possibility is that it was the .22 LR or long rifle version of the Bushmaster. That would be consistent with Mom Lanza using it for target shooting. It would also account for firing so many shots into the victims & why Carver was so coy about the caliber of the bullets and other issues. If it was a .22 instead of a .223 it would also destroy the anti gun crowd argument about assault rifles because then it would not under any definition be an assault rifle, although it would look like one. From the start the info on this case was suspect. Seems like the Mom Lanza working at the school and being shot at the school myth lasted a long time. That Carver interview was one of the strangest I have ever seen.

    1. To expand on Charlie Primero’s point, it needs to be mentioned that Charlie is talking specifically about US military M193 ammunition. There are numerous other types of ammunition which can be fired through an AR-15 which has been chambered for .223/5.56 NATO rounds. These include a number of military surplus rounds, e.g. the M855 as well as civilian rounds of various types. For example, jacketed soft point (JSP) rounds, ballistic tips, hollow points. As part of the Sandy Hook investigation, I think it is important to know what ammunition was used. As with other aspects of the case, this information has not been disclosed.

      1. Vietnam era 5.56 M16 was designed with a 1 twist in 12″ of barrel, commonly referred to as 1/12 twist. The bullet at that time was a weight of 55 grains, not much more than a .22 long rifle which is 36-40 grains. however the bullet velocity at the muzzle is much higher – about 2800-3000 feet per second depending on the manufacturer. Some lots were clocked at almost 3300 fps.
        The bullet was designed to be spin stabilized for accuracy. with 1/12 twist the bullet was supposed to start to ‘wobble’ at about 100 yards. as distance increased the wobble effect became more pronounced and as the distance increased the accuracy started to suffer. This was not a problem in Vietnam as the firefights were under 100 yards. the bullet sometimes ‘punched through’ the small Vietnamese bodies and sometimes tumbled on impact an produced some awful wounds. If it hit bone, the bullet combined with high velocity would shatter bones as well. There was no guarantee of this.
        Modern use of the M16 required more accuracy at longer ranges. the military bought M16’s with 1/7 twist and 62 grain bullets for accuracy out to several hundred yards. some special forces groups got 77 grain bullets for long range shooting. Surplus M16’s were not sold to the public as they are real assault weapons, meaning capable of fully automatic fire, ie, a machine gun. Police departments can, and do, often get surplus M16’s if they request them through the government.
        As for shooting this close, if the bullets were high velocity they cause terrible wounds from the blast channel of hitting with high velocity.
        even if they were .22 long rifle bullets, shooting someone 11 items would have an awful result.
        if the rifle were a .22 caliber long rifle I don’t see how many people would have bought that many .22 caliber magazines, they are expensive
        Next, the number of rounds supposedly fired by one kid without military training, with the magazine changes required seems pretty outside the realm of reason., but not impossible. For someone to complete an action of this type would seem to require some pretty extensive training AND practice.

      1. If they can “pull off” 9/11, they can do BOTH Colorado & Connecticut. I have relatives in Conn. They are saying the same thing & the local media is just PUSHING THE GUN CONTROL krap. The Professor is CORRECT…the average citizen has NO CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS…anymore. They justr swallow any old reguritation fed to them by the MSM.

      2. if you havehad any training in emergencu response, you would know confusion and differing stories are the norm for such events..even under completely safe training situations….. You are more than idiot….and these children deserve better…you are the one shaming the public to make a name for yourself.

        1. you would know confusion and differing stories are the norm for such events..even under completely safe training situations…

          So this was a training exercise after all?

    2. The information about what the 5.56 is designed to do but this is what they were designed to do after penetrating light body armor at a distance of at least 100 yards. At 20 feet, even hollow points would have passed straight through with limited to no tumbling.

  3. Appreciate the piece regarding this incident & issue. I’ve personally been encountering the conditioned responses of either “Gun Control” or “Second Amendment freedoms” without much investigation/analysis on the actual events. It also seems to me the citizenry finds such a proposition somehow incredulous, which amazes me given ’93 WTC bombing & FBI involvement, OK City & FBI involvement, and Operation Northwoods(a Defense Department False-Flag operation that didn’t get off the ground thanks to Jack Kennedy). That somehow the Power Structure would use what General Wesley Clark labeled “Mass Casualty Producing Events” to further long-standing plans for implementation of long standing legislation(see drug control legislation, the omnibus crime bill of the ’90s, The PATRIOT ACT….ALL co-authored by Joseph R. Biden, the current Vice President) can’t be possible, right?!!

      1. Very true & illustrative of these phenomena is this PressTV story: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/12/25/280009/un-to-resume-talks-on-global-arms-treaty/…which not coincidentally happened yesterday. Certainly your most recent appearance in corbettreportradio, as well as his podcast Episode 249 – How to manufacture (or suppress) outrage applies here. Much of this “outrage” is being visibly coordinated (dare we say channelled) by Mass Media – also elements of “Alternate Media”, Alternet being chief among them.

        Incidents where more than 1 persons are killed are now automatically labeled “Mass Killings”, “Massacres”, thus allowing pressing issues like the so-called “Fiscal Cliff”, Syria, Iran to be shifted to the background.

        As an aside, it’s painfully apparent the killings in the “inner cities” and even in rural areas of the US don’t warrant that kind of attention; this necessarily points to Racism, Classism, both forms of Imperialism. It also points to what I’ve described above regarding Media Focus.

        1. Thank you for the observations, One is reminded of the contrasting coverage of the National Guard shootings at Kent State versus a similar event around the same time at Jackson State, a predominantly African American state university, the latter of which was largely ignored.

        2. Yes…it was I believe referred to as the Orangeburg Massacre. Coincidentally, I mentioned that parallel on a different site this weekend. I cited that & similar Mass Casualty Producing Events to make the point that The US in 1 form or another, has always been a Police State, and that all Imperial Powers are necessarily Police States. That’s probably a controversial claim to make, but one need look no further that the Guilded Age in America and its massacre: The Ludlow Massacre to justify that position.

      1. Professor-
        You forgot to mention that Elvis is alive and well on his personal Carribean Island, that JFK, Jackie and Aristotle are living happily in a menage a trois on one of Ari’s Yachts, that the “moon landing” was filmed in the Nevada desert, that there are extraterrestrials living in New Mexico and advising our government, and that Obama is simultaneously a fundamentalist Muslim and a godless Socialist who was somehow born in both Kenya and Indonesia.

  4. Police states assume that law is un-actionable.

    State by state the US devolves from the almost total absence to possible governance.

    Which judicially leads other nations to enquire :

    ‘the Democrats lost the 2000 and 2004 elections– on whose watch?’.

    ‘The Mathematics department’– usually elicits the most mirth –akin to limited nuclear war is ‘feasible’.


  5. Your article is an excellant summary of all the pieces from this mystery. I am speaking as someone who has shot various weapons in my lifetime and I completely doubted from the beginning that this young man could have fired so many kill shots in such a very short period of time. The fact that he had three kill zones, had a semi-automatic weapon capable of firing one shot at a time, effectively fired at moving targets where he had to point downwards, and where there weren’t ANY injured leans more towards a professional shooter(s) than a 20 year old civilian who was rumored to be mentally akward. There is really no way possible that Mr Lanza alone could have been so effective.I believe that all mass shootings have had at least a percentage of injured and certainly not a kill percentage of 100%. I was also very shocked to see the lack of emotion from parent’s who were interviewed on MSM news (CNN). The parents first of all didn’t see the body of their murdered daughter, and second of all had a closed casket, and third of all they did not cry once but were smiling and talking as if their child succomed to something entirely different than assasination. It seems that no one has been interviewed that actually saw Mr Lanza as the shooter. The Vice Principal of Sandy Hook hid while the shootings were going on and was interviewed on 60 minutes where she claimed to have seen the feet of the gunman but didn’t shed one tear for the children or colleagues killed or showed any signs of PTSD related to the severity of this slaughter. I am further confused by the lack of crime scene photography which didn’t necessarily have to be blood, but at least some evidence. Why were the bodies removed late at night? Why wasn’t there coverage of a bio-hazard cleaning crew? Why does it seem that every first responder or community member interviewed relates to third party information rather than first hand information? Why did the police investigator, Lt Vance, issue a gag-order and threaten legal action specifically to those outside the official narrative? Lastly, why did Nancy Lanza have a variety of tactical weapons especially since she is being portrayed as a socialite, and why did she make them accessible to a special needs adult? Why aren’t there updated photos of the alleged gunman and his slain mother?

      1. And, why has no one in the news interviewed the ex-husband? Someone got a phone conversation with the Grandmother who lives in Florida, but I never heard anything from the Dad. And, where has the older son gone to live?

      2. While your post is well written and obviously carefully thought out to support your theory, my questions to you is: Did you go to Newtown, CT to do your reasearch or did you simply get your info off the internet. I would encourage you to travel to Newtown and do actual “boots on the ground” investigation. I would be curious to see if you theory changes.

        “The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory, is that conspiracy theorists believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is actually chaotic. The truth is that it is not The Iluminati, or The Jewish Banking Conspiracy, or the Gray Alien Theory.

        The truth is far more frightening – Nobody is in control.

        The world is rudderless.”
        ― Alan Moore

    1. did you watch the interview with emilies parents her mom was sooo drugged up and upset that you could tell something happened mentally with her what is it with you people!!!!

      1. @Mark Viniello
        I suggest you read the article again with a little less prejudice. It’s clearly clouding your perception. The article I read mainly highlighted anomalies and lack of rigour in media coverage. So why would he he need to go to Newtown in order to write such an article? And as for your quoted smear, I’d say it’s far more comforting to believe the world we live in as chaotic, than being subject to widespread manipulation and deceit to further agendas.

      2. Something DID happen “mentally with her”. Her…daughter….was….killed!
        I know it’s a crazy notion, but do you think that might have something to do with her state of mind?

    2. “The teacher and students were huddled in the middle the room screaming in fear as Lanza unloaded at least one 30 round clip into the mass of bodies.” You sir, know nothing about firearms. I own an M-4 rifle. The bullets are designed for maximum power and maximum damage. The .223 round will often fragment. If you weren’t already informed there was ONE survivor that watched her entire class get massacred. Why don’t you ask her how it was possible?

      1. Actually, that many kill shots even of people roughly in a “pile” (which would begin to struggle, move, etc. is NOT reasonable; the Bushmaster (often reported as the gun IN the car not the other way around anyway) requires many yards to be between it and the target for the easiest shots and fewer ricocheting bullets. Then Lanza was “no longer” reported in body armour. The case stinks.

        1. Wow, that’s amazing, your expert ‘opinion’ has cracked the case wide open. Not! What we have here is a blog of make believe experts. Every last one of the supporters of the idea this was a hoax talks about the ‘facts’ as if they were credentialed experts. Providing expert testimony ranging from psychological analysis, expert behavior analysts, weapons experts, the ability to analize crime scenes without ever going to the scene plus a host of other top notch, investigative reporting skills.
          But really, the reality is you are all not experts, you are not psychiatrists, forensic experts, profilers, weapons experts nor do you have real investigative skillls. To be taken seriously – do the work, then you when you finally uncover the truth the rest of already know, you can apologiize.

  6. You make some good points and there are indeed some troubling inconsistencies. But to me your essay is cluttered with serious problems I have read Lance Bennett and appreciate his work. But he is quite careful, as with Neil Postman in his work, to characterize these types of things as tendencies, not conspiracies. You do him a disservice by quoting him in the same article in which you espouse a conspiracy theory directly implicating Obama as being behind the incident in order to “railroad” his gun control agenda. While there are many inconsistencies to be found, there is absolutely no evidence at all to even hypothesise about such a thing. And that doesn’t mean that Obama won’t capitalize on the tragedy to push his agenda, but that is a far cry from crafting a plot to kill 20 kids. You seem to be suffering from a bad case of confirmation bias and it is leading you to make credulous reports and jump to conclusions. For example:

    unusual and apparently contrived appearance by Emilie Parker’s alleged father

    Your only reference to support this statement is a youtube video in which the person who posted it suggests the father’s behavior in the first five seconds before he started his speech contrasted so strongly with his evident grief in the following moments that he must be acting. I am surprised how easily you accept the youtuber’s conclusion, without any concern for context. I can only quote from a commenter on the video:
    “Easy for everyone to sit back and critique how someone should act after losing a child in a mass murder, isn’t it? Anyone ever smile nervously before doing something they’ve never done before? Like going on TV and telling everyone what you’re going through hours after your CHILD WAS MURDERED?”

    de facto gag order…wholly absent from public scrutiny.

    You seem to find it ominous that the police have requested the press to honor the families’ privacy, but why is that so strange? In fact there were lots of people in town who implored the media to leave them alone for obvious reasons:

    Medical Personnel Turned Away
    medical personnel are forced to set up their operation not at the school where the dead and injured lay, but rather at the fire station several hundred feet away
    medical responders who rushed to Sandy Hook Elementary upon receiving word of the tragedy were denied entry to the school

    I don’t see any direct statements to that effect in the article you referenced.
    The fire station is clearly mentioned as the secondary triage area in the parking lot of the nearby fire station, where unharmed schoolchildren who were evacuated waited to be picked up by their parents.
    You quote the article saying the first responders were tragically under-utilized. It seems obvious to me that it was not because they were not allowed to do their work, but because the first ones on the scene found many victims already dead.

    he is either under coercion or an imposter.

    That is a remarkable suggestion to make, considering your only source as to the character of this man is a brief newspaper editorial. I understand his behavior may be evidence of incompetence, but who are you to evaluate what is a normal way for this man to behave after having had to be part of a situation that was certainly more horrible and sad than anything he had ever experienced?

    1. Dear Ben Sherman,

      Thank you for your remarks. I maintain that my argument and observations are soundly reasoned and documented.

      One must admit that 26 families having been almost uniformly rendered mute by law enforcement is highly unusual. So too is the sole live press statement by Parker.

      With regard to “first responders,” a review of press reports and interviews with those involved in the operation reveals at least to my knowledge that no witness to the interior scenes of the school has been quoted in the press. Even the local Sand Hook Village Fire Chief involved in setting up first triage outside the school asserted how even his staff only got to care for two individuals.

      Concerning your critique of my using W. Lance Bennett’s work, a close reading of this passage will reveal that I am not using his concept to interpret the event itself as conspiratorial, but rather to illustrate a now well-established dynamic of the press contributing to very poor coverage of the event through reporters and their editors failing to report the facts and vigorously question what they’re being told. I have argued elsewhere that this more or less makes major news media complicit in any coverup or conspiracy if any such maneuvers exist. The historical record points to many such episodes. You may wish to review my closing remarks in this regard.

      1. Thanks for replying. If you think a Youtube video and a newspaper editorial are examples of sound documentation. good luck to you. And your response to me shows you are still operating under the cloud of confirmation bias. In the article you linked to, you again make it sound like the first responders were prohibited from entering the scene or from doing their job. But no one is saying that, and if it were really the case, someone most certainly would have said something. If you don’t believe that than you have never met a paramedic or EMT. Really, isn’t it clear enough they were simply expressing their profound sadness that so many were already dead, there was almost nothing they could do. Why is that so hard for you, and why do you still feel the need to read a coverup into a perfectly understandable report? Regarding your citing Lance Bennett, I am not saying you did not describe his concepts correctly, but you are most definitely jumping to conspiratorial conclusions in advance of having any credible evidence to do so.

    2. Thank you, Ben!! This site is the work of a seriously unhinged individual. Furthermore, as for the “accomplices” who were handcuffed: in the first moments of responding, police and other responders had NO IDEA what they were dealing with. As a matter of practice anyone in the area of the school would have been detained and/or handcuffed to secure the scene. Secondly – you make reference to the security system. I work in a secured building but short of bullet proof glass – anyone with a gun can disable the security system by simply shooting it off. Yes and administrator would RUN toward the shots… I can’t say for certain they had a whole lot of experience listening to gunshots but it could have been any number of things… heck they could have thought it was a student who broght firecrackers and was lighting them off. As for the doctor’s press conference, if you had to preside over the autopsies of 20 first graders (6 YEAR OLDS) THE WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS – and you don’t come out of that completely screwed up – you’re just not human. The only ones who know for certain what happened that day are no longer here to tell the story. Stop spitting on the families by spewing this crap. Then, go get some help. You desperately need it.

    3. Ben, While espousing criticism of the article, YOU posit that 20 children are dead. The author, like myself, employs Occam’s Razor as the litmus (the simple answer is usually the correct one 61% of the time). Open your eyes and put aside conditioning; just because the media says so does not make it true. This author was brutalized by Fox News, for example:


      This article is in no way impartial. What’s not logical is to NOT question the media. Your further defense of Emille Parker’s “father” as he conducts his phony interview requires you to cast aside common sense in the pursuit of your paradigm, your comfort zone. I’M a parent, don’t tell me that was sincere. You insult my intelligence. Since when are we required to shift our common sense into neutral when the obvious slams into view? Who do I owe that too? Obama? Last time I heard he’s supposed to answer to US. I owe Obama what…? You accuse the author of “accepting” you-tube’s description. That’s insulting. How do you know that? I’ve seen any number of those videos over and over. Do you think you-tube is controlling our minds, when we are freer thinkers than YOU are?

      I lost a grandchild and I’ve lost others. My son is my life. I’ll say it without hesitation: This Parker guy is either a phony or a cold and calculating psychopath of a father.

      As to the Fire Dept. staging area, you assume the author is relying on written statements. There are aerial photographs that totally back him up! He asks who made the determination of death (which you did not address). Sooo, you have all the (half-) answers. Who was it that ordered all first responders to station at the Fire House?

      Finally, any lame excuse for the “medical examiner” only makes the excuser look lame. This goes beyond incompetence and I suggest you take a look at every single “family” interview. They are preposterous.

      Maybe you’re an actor too, I don’t know. But the consequences of Sandy Hook (trashing the 2nd amendment) are much bigger than the alleged crime itself. There is evidence not listed here. The “Sextons” are phonies who live in Florida. The wife is pictured sitting next to James Holmes if you want to see her, in court. I’m not making this up. I’m just trying to accept it.
      Or they can prove us wrong. In the meantime, like Fox News, don’t put my liberty at stake without examining the facts.


      1. Dan, what I find amazing is how you can attribute everything to the corrupt media and the inability of anybody to see the truth that you see. Instead of directly taking on rebuffs, you sidestep them, engage in emotional banter of the one who questions the reasoning put forth here, It is a double standard you are playing, don’t believe what you are told BUT BELIEVE what we tell you because we know these media guys are wrong. You are a conspiracy theorist. YOu use emotions to twist logic, make assumptions basede entirely on supposition, and finally, you use emotional talking points, and rhetoric that agrees with your ANGER as evidence for the truth of your point of view. A very very weak and circumstantial basis to defend a position of debate. Your counter argument is only convincing yourself that people who do not agree with you are only nuts, they make you angry and are therefore wrong So, you never have to disprove any opposing argument, all you have to do is get angry, therefore they are nuts and let your anger speak for you and wallah, they are wrong you are right while not having to disprove a thing. When in doubt, character assassinate,then deny it. When cornered with statistics, question the source and character assassinate. When someone doesn’t see what you see, call them blind, ignorant, a tool, brainwashed. All these tricks don’t prove any point except for you to be convinced emotionally of your truth. You don’t even understand what I am saying right now. You probably just think I’m writing nonsense. Yep, ignore anything that gets in the way of your passive agressive means to to assume everything is a conspiracy. It takes less understanding to see everything as a conspiracy, that all the bad in the world comes from an easy to understand good guy bad guy motif. You disproved absolutely noting in your rebuttall and you only made yourself look like an angry male who is fighting to hang on to some control in his life. All of your responses to proposed questions took about 3 seconds to think of and it showed. You are emotional and angry and are seeing red lights and warnings in everything in front of you. No matter what it is, it part of the great conspiracy in your mind. There is a term for when we see conspiracy in every tea leaf and newspaper article, and every media outlet, it is called paranoia. And your only response is to think im an idiot and a tool and blind and brainwashed and clueless. It saves you the time of having to spend more than 3 seconds disproving anything you already don’t agree with. Funny how predictable this is and its coming from the idiot. Have fun with your ignorance in the tiny world you live in Mr. Cognitive Dissonance.

        1. don’t believe what you are told BUT BELIEVE what we tell you because we know these media guys are wrong

          Actually we are talking about the diverging stories the media have told us in this bizarre story.
          Originally the first cops on the scene viewed the crime scene and found 2 handguns. They announced the shooting had been done entirely with the Glock and the Sig. Hours later the Feds arrived and suddenly somebody pulled a Bushmaster (which looked more like a shotgun) out of the trunk of some car. Then the story suddenly changed to all victims were killed by the assault rifle.
          All of the guns mentioned are semiautos which means they eject the spent shell casing on the floor when they are fired. The casing for the handguns are about 1/2″ long. The casings for the rifle are about 2 1/2″ long. There is NO WAY anybody could confuse these vastly different shell casings. Now the “official” story is that the cops entered the school and found .223 brass all over the floor and mistakenly thought it had been shot through a 9mm pistol??? That of course is impossible. If the first cops on the scene said only handguns had been used, they ABSOLUTELY found handgun brass all over the floor . The story had to be CHANGED after the fact to fit the Assault rifle ban mantra.
          Brought to you by the same administration that blamed a terrorist attack on a youtube video for 2 weeks. And an obedient media that gladly went along the whole way.

  7. I find it interesting that you would blame President Obama directly for constructing such an event. When George W. Bush was president it was assumed by most Americans that he was incapable of such acts and that they were the constructs of members of his admin. or rogue elements close to his admin.

    It is odd that W. was, like Gerald Ford before him, perceived as some bumbling fool who lacked the mental agility to get out of his won way, let alone lead a country. Yet, as we found with the JFK assassination, president-to-be Gerald Ford was – self-confessed – responsible for altering the back wound JFK received during his ride through Dealey Plaza; throwing off the public and some JFK assassination researchers for years – proving the bumbling fool is not so bumbling, after all.

    Ford was typological foreshadowing for W. – and W. like Ford largely eludes blame for the foibles of his administration.

    Now, with Obama, we have a man whose collegiate records are unknown to the general public, while the pervasive attitude toward him is that of an intellectual elitist! I do hope the illogic of that statement is plain.

    And so… it is baldly (and sadly) obvious that you, as an alleged media critic, are easy for the same ruses put forth by the media as are the people you wish to inform.

    From the vantage point of reader it is plain to see your “isms” climbing to your throat, clutched there, awaiting expulsion as an overreaching socio-political statement as a coda to this investigative writing.

    You should, by now, be well aware that power does not rest in the hands of the man in the Oval Office, but in the hands of those placed around him. you should, by now, know that the wheels of government turn quite well on their own, regardless of whether or not there is a person in “that” seat in the Oval Office.

    You should, by now, as a professor and therefore a person who is imbued with and informed by scientific methodologies, be able to set aside personal dislikes or political distastes, and provide readers with an insightful closing argument that elucidates power. Instead you chose to inflame readers one way or another with a base and frankly, ridiculous on its face, personal statement, using the very hackneyed media constructs you eloquently exposed and thoughtfully demolished beforehand.

    1. Contrary to your impression, I do not blame or implicate President Obama and his cult of personality for the shootings. I recognize him as the factotem of a broader power elite and am careful to emphasize this. At the same time certain individuals in his cabinet, such as the Vice President and Attorney General, have a history of being directly involved or instrumental in setting the legal basis for the criminalization of certain segments of the American public. Thus an event such as Sandy Hook and the extent to which it is being used for certain legislative designs fits this pattern of behavior.

      1. Not only is your statement historically accurate, but at the very least Vice President Biden’s legislative record alone is more than enough to support it. The Controlled Substances Act(CSA) was apparently a response to the “Crack Epidemic”(which has its origins in US State Dept/Tresury Dept policy); The Biden Crime Law signed under The Clinton Administration was allegedly a response to Ruby Ridge( Bush Administration), WTC Bombing on 2/26/93 & Waco(both under Clinton) – which started just TWO(2) days after WTC(which itself had FBI, MOSSAD, Eguptian Intelligence involvement); it created several new CAPITAL OFFENSES which “coincidentally” were used in the 2 cases above, as well as Oklahoma City Bombing(2 year anniversary of WACO).
        Whether a viewpoint regarding “Mass Casualty Producing” and/or Shocking events, such as the succession of ASSASSINATIONS(along with the subsequent Government Cover-ups), shouldn’t be labeled pejoratively; it’s how Imperial Power works. Criminal Intent/Action isn’t necessarily a key component of conspiracies; they only need be secret, and generally socially/politically unacceptable to the majority(celebratory events are the exception). Examples may be: The Closed Door Session in Congress, Cabinet Level Meetings in White House, Bilderberg Group/Trilateral Commission Events, Obama’s National Security Meetings deciding who to “Extrajudicially Assassinate”(Terror Tuesday), etc.

      2. “Moreover, to suggest that Obama is not capable of deploying such techniques to achieve political ends is to similarly place ones faith in image and interpretation above substance and established fact, the exact inclination that in sum has brought America to such an impasse.”

        The above statement – yours – is a direct accusation and is certainly not using Obama as a “factotem of a broader power elite.”

        Additionally, in the preceding paragraph you wrote of, “Obama’s political platform.” When did puppets, which all U.S. were/are since JFK, derive political platforms ( unless they “go off the rails” as did Nixon and Carter, and even then they get slapped back into place)?

        It is at least as important, if not more, to identify the true authors of political direction as it is to perceive and chronicle political direction. We know Obama, like W. before him, spouts rhetoric formed by the minds of minions who work for the psychopaths who so desperately clutch to their present power.

      3. The second amendment was written as is to allow the slave states from losing the authority to keep their state slave revolt militias. The Second amendement was re-worded in the manner it reads today so the southern delegates like Patrick Henry and George Mason would vote for ratification of the Constitution.

  8. Ben
    Every allusion made by you has been about process and your comments suggest that there is none which can satisfy the deep penetration this ‘intellect’ ‘machine’ requires.
    To suggest by whatever means that it is all on the up and up belies the facts that numerous shooters were seen, one even responded to a witness is now superfluous.
    The persistence you suspect we may have acquired in the belief that to few tears are being shed by a parent thrust in front of the camera doesn’t confuse but affirms our prejudice.
    You disgust me.
    I’ll go with the axiom Who to believe – you or my lying eyes

  9. I also have problems with the conspiracy narrative, though this is one of the best pieces attempting to hold the authorities feet to the fire as I am a nutmegger. No one wants to consider any alternatives to the official narrative. Those wanting real evidence here feel isolated.

      1. Such an entry can be continually updated. It would be helpful to obtain a screenshot of the entry’s content immediately upon its December 14 start. This is very specific re the official account and Lanza’s guilt even though the investigation has not concluded and items obtained under warrant have been sealed until March. Not unlike the Facebook “RIP” pages for some victims days or even months before the incident.

  10. During the past couple of weeks, it’s been vaguely bugging me that there’s never really been any in-depth coverage of this incident. There hasn’t been the usual media dissection that occurs with giant tragic events — as you mentioned, no photos of the broken glass or any sign of chaos, no photos of mass evacuation of the school, no photos of small tragic body bags – for which unfortunately the media usually would be foaming at the mouth – no in-depth profiles of the shooter. None of the usual discussion about whether he was on medication. No mention of his autopsy or toxicology reports (unless I’ve missed something). His computer was conveniently destroyed. Etc.

    I was just mentioning to someone the other day that the media has shown almost unprecedented respect for the victims’ families by keeping this whole incident at what seems like arm’s length . . . but now I’m starting to think it’s just weird. I also naively thought the media was laying off coverage a little because of the holidays – as in, no one wants to hear about something so horrific at Christmastime. But now it honestly feels like coverage has just come to a screeching halt. I don’t know if I’m all-in on the whole conspiracy theory thing, but I do think this story got everyone spinning about gun control and then faded away, like the media purposely isn’t exploring any other contributing factors to this tragedy.

    And then there’s the zombified state of spoon-fed America: This morning I was reading a small story about the shooter’s body being claimed and laid to rest – I believe it was in the N.Y. Daily News – and more than one commenter wrote, “Why are you still reporting this? We don’t care about this story anymore.” It terrified me a little, how quickly many people will just blindly accept what’s handed to them and then move on.

    Anyway, I did a search for “lack of coverage of Sandy Hook shootings” to see if I was the only one who felt like it was strange. This is the first thoughtful, well-written site I’ve come across. I’ll admit that I have a hard time believing this incident was an elaborately staged hoax, but I do think there’s something really off about it. Thank you for voicing many doubts I’ve been feeling, and for doing it in a manner that doesn’t make you sound like an absolute wacko. 🙂

    Have a great 2013.

    1. Thanks for your comments, and rest assured that you’re not alone. Also, note how the very term “conspiracy theory” was developed in the 1960s and utilized especially by the CIA to suppress criticism of the shadow government’s machinations, including the notable political assassinations of that era. This argument is developed by political science professor Lance deHaven Smith in a book on conspiracy theories due out this month on U of Texas Press. Not surprisingly, to date there are too few honest treatments of the concept.

      1. “Conscience of a Conspiracy Theorist” by Robert Mills is a recent excellent book that takes a similar reasoned approach as James Tracy in examining documented conspiracies through the decades, and explains the unfortunate cultural belief that the phrase “conspiracy theorist” is taboo. Mills (as now do I) prefers the less-assailable phrase, “government skeptic.” A highly recommend read.


      2. Was this blog around when George W. Bush was president and I was getting Deployed out to secure the Bush financial gains in the middle east? Or is this another attack on a Black president and discredit him in any way possible? Maybe you can answer that. No disrespect intended, just tired of people pointing the finger at our president while Bush sits very cushy in his multi-million dollar home and laughs. Just syaing.

      3. vick the obama apologist said:

        “Was this blog around when George W. Bush was president and I was getting Deployed out to secure the Bush financial gains in the middle east?”

        You were being deployed to further Zionist interests buddy boy. That’s the real story.

        “Or is this another attack on a Black president and discredit him in any way possible?”

        This so-called “Black” (mulatto in reality) man-in-lieu-of-president, is a doing a very fine job all by hisself in the discrediting dept. LOL.

        “Maybe you can answer that. No disrespect intended, just tired of people pointing the finger at our president”

        I’m “just tired” of people like you praising this very incompetent pro-homosexual (among other things) marxist interloper in the ‘White’ house.

        “while Bush sits very cushy in his multi-million dollar home and laughs.”

        Quit living in the past. Bush exited the White House almost five years ago.
        Your hero Hussein Obama ain’t exactly collecting welfare checks. He’s been amply rewarded and will be for many years to come so don’t give us your anti-Bush (whom I am no fan of I can assure you) rhetoric.

        “Just syaing.”

        Yeah, me too. Btw, what does syaing mean? Is that ebonics? LOL

      4. Vick, Excellent question. Ken’s answer is revealing in its racism and Obama bashing. Note too, he’s a Bush-Apologist. The owner (James?) of this blog hasn’t disagreed with him so i think we know full well what this is about.

    2. So you were reading a “small story” in the assrag New York Daily News about the so-called “shooter’s body” being laid to rest. I’m reminded of a line from Dylan’s “Idiot Wind”- “Someone’s got it in for me, they’re planting stories in the press…” which also reminds me of a very recent and somewhat longer “story” from the same impeccable source that you might have missed-
      Hang in there, Professor James.

      1. “Faith-based journalism” I say! Punch their little buttons and leave ’em twitchin’.
        Laura’s comment below agrees. Once its shelf-life expires they discard it. Off to a new drill!

    3. Speaking of lack of coverage all of a sudden, how about the Batman shooting? Gag orders? What? I think they expected it to have greater impact on getting Americans to demand an end to their 2nd Amendment rights, and when it didn’t, hmmm? Strange little tidbit that probably means nothing, but Sandy Hook being on the map in that Batman movie strikes me as something other than coincidence. Mostly I just get upset that most everyone accepts that story at face value too and holds out not the slightest doubt as to Holmes’ innocence (another right they would do away with, the right to innocent until proved guilty).

      1. Obama brought with him an income from investments of at least $72,000 a month, having nothing to do with his salary. Where he got enough money for that is anyone’s guess. I didn’t know community organizers made so much. And yet his aunt lives in poverty in public housing (as an illegal alien last I heard).

      2. Laura, Webster Tarpley’s “Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography” will provide you more details about his sleazy past than you can imagine. Not to mention his creation and build-up by certain powers-that-be and the path they cut for him for his speedy rise to the top.

        You’ll learn how his ‘community organizer’ days were, as the CIA says, ‘sheep-dipping’ to give him street credibility. The actual organizers in those communities didn’t trust him and saw right through him.

        You’ll learn how wealthy friends can arrange big houses and other perks for you.

        Particularly revealing is the detailed chapter(s) on the Ford Foundation and McGeorge Bundy as starting in 1968 they created the concept of “multiculturalism” for the express purpose of dividing people and keeping them focused elsewhere than on the shenanigans of the elite.

    1. Another brilliant… well thought out reply. Your parents put a lot of thought in naming you. Maybe before you embarrass yourself you should check out Investigative Reporter Jon Rappoport’s Blog ” No More Fake News”. He is a legitimate reporter with numerous years of experience. Mr. F. Yu (or is it Ms.?) sometimes the truth is not found in the official narrative ( actually quite often).

  11. This article needed to be written and thank you for having the courage to write it. The day of the shooting I saw a screenshot of Adam Lanza’s deactivated Facebook page with a current photo of him with his hand in a fist and his political affliliation listed as Anarchist Communism. The media chose to use an 8 year old photo of Lanza converted from color to a high contrast black and white. Why? Lanza was reported to have a driver’s license. Where is that photo? Then there are the bizarre and conflicting personal acccounts of Lanza from former classmates, teachers and babysitters dating back years. But the media reports nothing about what his life was like the last couple of years. Why was there no contact with the father or older brother? Who was the 20 year old Adam Lanza? The truth of who he really was is critical to learning what happened at Sandy Hook.

  12. I found out about this blog while reading the Daily Mail online. Sir, you may get some flack but what I read was compelling. Great blog. Continue despite the slings and arrows you’ll have to bear.

  13. I cannot leave as eloquent of analysis as the others. However, this article is utterly fascinating. Thank you for your work. The truth will indeed set the world free…one way or the other.

    1. Chiz Dippler the deranged, drooling, dopey, dingbat mumbled:

      “You and your supporters are paranoid, cowardly pieces of shit.”

      What class!

      This is the type of response one gets from “cowardly pieces of shit” who want to (and do) believe everything the talking heads in the controlled mass media tell them. But what would he/she know about that (i.e., controlled media)? Question the official ‘story’ and right away these lemmings get very hostile because deep-down you’re questioning their belief system because they are naive and have so much faith in the system, i.e., media, politicians, etc. that constantly lies, misreports or doesn’t report the facts (or twist thems).

      “What a disgrace.”

      Yes, you most certainly are.

      1. Looks like Lt. Vance gained another fan. “Jizz Dribbler?”, did I get that right? Maybe this is what they mean with all that talk about the “zombie apocalypse”? Go back to sleep, once the absorption is complete you’ll be at peace.

  14. Thanks for your work, research and public questioning especially since it may mean “career suicide”. I really salute you. We had a false flag black psychological operation “event” in Australia in 1996, THE PORT ARTHUR MASSACRE where 55 were shot, 32 dead, all blamed on a “lone gunman” {who it turned out had been in the hands of tavistock psychiatrists since age 11 ~ manchurian candidate}~ and after which, the Australian Government took 600,000 guns off the populace within weeks of the event. It took 10 years of detailed research before I spoke publicly about it. The poor patsy, Martin Bryant currently serving 35 life sentences, never had a trial, and very few people in australia are aware of the anomalies of the case

    1. “and after which, the Australian Government took 600,000 guns off the populace within weeks of the event.”

      Collective punishment because of the acts of one person in a statistically insignificant event. That’s really ‘wise,’ ‘fair’ and ‘just.’

      From what I know about the event, it had false flag written all over it, just like this Sandy Hook shooting which is nothing more than an Operation Fast and Furious II in order to push through more draconian anti-gun laws and agenda which only serves to punish those law-abiding firearms owners and brings us one step closer to total firearms ban. Or so they’d like.

  15. Why all the actors on TV News?

    It is not just Mr. Parkers performance, but also Gene Rosen and many many more of the victims families interviewes that are simply not credible at all. Why use some many actors in this story? Because they don’t have the real thing? Just serach YT for sandy hook actors

    1. I saw the couple talking about their daughter. Yeow. The thing with all the actors is that they must be following scripts. They could have improvised better. There isn’t any complaint about not being able to get to their kids, to view them, to say their last farewells. It’s as if they had missed out on a special at Wal-Mart and, coming up empty-handed, turned around and went home.

      And comments like “my heart goes out to all the people….” Come on! Pure scripting. Do people look at the “big picture” when they are going through their own personal grief? None of these people were at all truly focused on their own tragedy. And the “thank you”s as if you would thank anyone right after your child was murdered.

      1. It seems impossible that not one grieving family member did not try to force their way into the area where the remains were being held. If my child had been one of the victims I would have been detained or arrested trying to get to them. None of this makes sense.

  16. You might recall following official announcement of JFK’s death at Parkland Hospital a struggle ensued over who would perform an autopsy. Texas state law mandated the state perform it, whereas the Secret Service would have none of it, and the rest is, as they say, history. The reason I raise this will become clear shortly.

    Likewise, you might consider the idea that, extraordinary acts of violence typically serve more than one principle objective. Furthermore, what reasonable suspicion of intrigue might suggest could be its principle objective, itself, might be rather intended an effective diversion.

    To wit, your avenue of inquiry raises suspicion suggesting intrigue centering on the matter of gun control. Yet might this specific angle raising suspicion of intrigue likewise even be pondered a very effective diversion producing a thick smokescreen, and this, indeed, with help from Sen. Feinstein’s legislative initiative carried out in its wake? Could not one in fact expect a passionate political advocate for gun control act as she did, taking advantage of the public’s heightened awareness of the issue? It might be noted here, too, Sen Feinstein was a vocal critic of the Obama administration’s leaking of details surrounding espionage it had conducted against Iran’s nuclear program. Truth is these two might belong to the same political party, but this certainly does not connect them at the hip, even when sharing desire to accomplish a given policy objective.

    Something you have not yet considered is whether there might also have been some formidable contention between CT and federal political authorities, whereby the owners of Washington’s pols are acting to get a message across with this incident. To wit, was CT (or possibly a neighboring state) perhaps preparing to upset the apple cart propping up what in fact are hopelessly insolvent money center banks? There are a number of potentially upsetting courses upon which a state could embark whose effect might knock out the apple cart’s wheels–one wheel being the Federal Reserve, the other being the U.S. Treasury. Consider a state-wide mortgage foreclosure moratorium, for example. Or, say, an initiative positioning the state to cut in on private insurers set to benefit from Obama-care. Or, how about something seriously impinging on CT’s burgeoning hedge fund “industry?”

    To my knowledge no one has raised the issue that, in the drive to conduct an expansive war on terror following 9/11 the need to finance this war resulted in a massive expansion of U.S. Treasury liabilities. To my way of seeing it the extraordinarily positive reception U.S. Treasury securities have received in the market ever since 9/11 (and this notwithstanding a parabolic increase in the supply of these securities) probably is neither a coincidence, a stroke of good luck, nor financiers displaying an extraordinary penchant for patriotic conduct. Rather, these securities have been highly prized because they serve the bottom line of enterprises whose pervasively criminal conduct likewise has been obscured by the war on terror. So, there again, the focus of the world’s attention was moved well away from what might have been one of the main objectives of the intrigue (an objective, too, possibly putting a new spin on advice recommending one “follow the money”).

    Finally, if you’re going to pick on the pathetic, cannibal Obama, better his drone policy responsible for the slaughter of well over an order of magnitude more children than were murdered in Newtown, CT, thus making his but so many crocodile tears for the innocent lives lost. To be sure I for one am sick of Ivy Leaguers with PhD’s in hypocrisy.

  17. “[My staff] and I hope the people of Newtown don’t have it crash on their head later.” –Connecticut Medical Examiner D. Wayne Carver II, MD, December 15, 2012

    Maybe he is saying that he hpoes the people will not suffer from PSD.

    Possibly Carver is “goofy” speaker who often talks using idioms like this. Many people do this.

    Possibly it is a Freudian slip by someone who is withholding secrets.

  18. I doubt your claim that the Bushmaster was designed to blast through walls. It depends on the bullet uses. Notoriously, hollow pointed bullets shatter on impact, causing devastating damage and an exponentially larger hole. This is consistent with what Carver said.

  19. These are all very valid questions sir. I shudder to think people would attack your credibility after pondering such irrefutable logic. One would assume the search for truth is quite noble and well respected. One has been proven wrong time and time again. People are extremely ignorant of truth. Thank you for being brave enough to deal with their backlash.

    1. The people that attack the messenger are not very bright. Probably actors or related to the acting family that is behind this (the Greenbergs) Thats ok, because there are more logically thinking people becoming aware every day and only a matter of time before we run these actors out of town. To learn more about the actors and who they really are. wellaware1. com/fairfield. htm to lear about this event.

  20. while you have freedome of speech in this country, yur accusations are alarming and disrespectful. This was clearly a terrible incident and was by no means a hoax. Please learn some common sense.

    1. get your head out of your ass. Take the blinders of and you will see the same old actors are found playing roles in other events. They are all Greenberg Family members and Tony Greenberg lives about 25 minutes away from the event site.

      1. The Greenberg clan do NOT match the faces. You can look carefully and in large format at Rebecca Greenberg Sexton and her husb and it does NOT match if you’re careful — maybe she, but even so, her orbital rim and eyebrows are different and he is not the same. On the other hand, there are similarities. — The flatness of the actors and the thinness of the childrens’ family stories, the fact many “just moved there” from elsewhere, and a woman’s live daughter’s photo was taken from their Flickr album, suggest lies and actors. We also now know all the photos of real and acting persons were from the Fire Hall (with ambulances and so on). BUT something went on; police did go door to door looking for someone and so on.

        So it seems to be a mixed event. One layer thinks it’s all a lie and participated; another level stole or killed some kids. That’s what I think now.

        1. Why don’t you just ask someone who was there.? You sound so ridiculous – “This is what I think now?” What?! Are you aware of yourself? Would you take the word of someone who was there? Would that convince you? OR do you need to mainain your fantasy for some weird reason?

      2. Manny, are you saying Ed knows them personally and Ed was there? Because I’ll tell you this: I have studied the face of the man and the face of the man in the photos, at length. I don’t buy that he’s the same guy. If there is an error in what I’ve seen, fine. But there are a lot of wrong attributions in this stuff, though I know they’re faking it I don’t see the same man. If you know someone who can prove they were there and they know the people, then fine. — Also: knowing that someone was 25 miles away living, does not mean that person was used. I hear you, but I don’t think the attribution is that easy. Okay?

        1. mclarekuehn: So my friends in Newtown who lost a child are actors? For how long do you think that’s gone on? I’ve know them for over 10 years – so all of these people I know in Sandy Hook are actors? This nonsense is so exhausting. This is like me telling you that you don’t exist – you are a figment of everyones imagination.

  21. I had numerous classes with you! You are a joke! A nutcase, a wacko! Get it together James and stop bombarding your students with this stupid information…

    1. Professor, ya know looking at your blog on this matter takes details and reexamines them to the n-th degree. I see a lot of blah blah verbage, sometimes the simplest expanation is the truth. I am retired Navy and saw many and was involved in horrible incidents and worked for Tulsa Police Dept afterwards. I do not agree with you but do respect you constitutional protections. Everybody has an opinion, but Jeez Louise give families and emergency responders a break. I dont know if you have personally been a bloody crime scene your self or seen folks right next to you lose their lives but it does put a different view than a dispassionate view on it..

    2. Well that’s a little harsh. Just because this guy has some weird ideas you wish horrible things on him? You don’t know this guy from Adam and just because he says something you disagree with doesn’t make him heartless. He could be a very nice guy. As for being a coward, I think it’s quite the opposite. As someone who believes in some out-there theories myself, I know it takes a ton of courage to be willing to come out and tell the world – and to not back down when the village mob strikes back. So snuff out your torch and put down the pitch fork, this guy’s ideas are harmless, but your hate is not.

    3. Manny,

      It’s HARDLY cowardly to ask questions about a sensitive topic such as a mass shooting of children! It’s never ever easy to question authority, especially when you know you could lose your reputation and/or your job over it. Instead of attacking his theories or debunking his line of reasoning, which would have taken thought on your part, you attacked his character which you know nothing about. That’s a far more cowardly trait than to consider unpleasant possibilities with an open mind.

      1. Ask relevant questions and don’t dismiss the truth as stated by Newtown residents just because your self-absorbed superior hypothesis provides you the much needed attention you desire.
        Ask all the questions that promote constructive solutions such as; is the problem mental illness, societal pressure? (enough of your nonsense – this tragedy happened and it wasn’t caused by Obama, his administration nor was it staged using actors – that would mean that the poeple I know in Newtown, my friends, have been deceiving me for over a decade? Is that how far back this plot permeatures our society?) I accept your criticizm of my angry comments as I reacted from a place of hurt. The dismissive attitude is callous and you are all so absorbed in your fantasy conspiracy that you disregard facts and accept hearsay for truth. I”m waiting, I’ve been posting this all day and not one has yet to respond to me directly. Please, it is enormously insulting to be regarded a liar – that is all you communicate to the people living the truth. You on the other hand are simply smug and content to draw whatever conclusion you decide. A word of advice, take counsel of yourself, you and James and the others are not objective, you are tainted by your own paranoid thoughts and visions of grandeur; you don’t care who you hurt nor have the capacity to be compassionate. Leave the people of Sandy Hook and Newtown to heal, join in the reverence of praying for healing and strength – give in a way that makes incidents like this no more! Rather than sitting behind a computer and casting dispersion upon all that you deem corrupt and evil. It is you and your cohorts who are those things; you perpetrate this lack of regard for being problems solvers rather than trouble makers.

        1. I’ll give you a FACT to chew on. At first the police claimed that the shooter used a Sig and Glock. Later there was also a Bushmaster found in the trunk of a car. The video footage shown of the police retrieving the gun were shot at NIGHT although that was supposed to take place in the middle of the day. Then we were told that all the victims were kill with the rifle. All of the weapons supposedly used in the shooting were said to be semi-autos. That means they spit out the spent case upon firing. ANYONE who knows anything about guns could tell INSTANTLY upon entering the scene what type of weapon was used. .223 casings look NOTHING like .40 S&W or 9MM. Why has there been so much confusion about the murder weapon when police knew the INSTANT they came on the scene?

        2. I marvel at your ability to be so sure you would be lucid and rational when you stepped into a blood bath consisting of small children. The news was crazy for days – the story changed alot, I know. But that does not mean it’s a conspiracy as I am telling you it is not! I know because I am close enough to it to know. If you can’t accept that there is nothing I can do but to urge you to seek more information and go there if you have to so that you and the other will finally get it! The news media is very messed up – struggling to stay alive and keep pace with our now less vetted and rushed to post “news journalism”. That isn’t a conspiracy. For this to play out the way you alledge my friends would have been planted as actors a long time ago and this plot was conceived before Obama. Can you explain how the personal connecitons I have to this duped me?

        3. The first announcement from the police at the scene was the shooting was done with two guns found at the scene. That would be the Glock and the Sig. That would have been in line with the spent shell casings all over the floor. Later in the day the narrative had to be altered to somehow include the “assault rifle”. A shooting may very well have taken place but there would be no confusion as to what the weapon was used right from the first moment on the scene. No cop would confuse stubby, large caliber .40S&W with the long, slender .223 brass. This has been artifically turned into a tale about the evil assault rifle for political purposes.
          Yesterday there was another shooting at a high school in California. The shooter used a shotgun so the story barely made a ripple in the media. Why? Because reminding the generally population that assault rifles are almost NEVER used in crimes doesn’t fit in with Obama’s narrative.
          I doubt very seriously that there was a Bushmaster at Sandy Hook. The long gun the cops removed from the trunk of a car was actually a shotgun, not a Bushmaster. For some unkown reason, the Feds raided the gun store where the Bushmaster was purchased the very next day. After that all records that Nancy Lanza (or whoever else) purchased the gun are in the hands of the government. We will never know the real story there.
          Do YOU believe a Bushmaster was used in this shooting?
          Do you believe Benghazi was over a Youtube video?
          That this administration uses the media to spread their LIES is already documented fact.

        4. Rick, if you insist on using Benghazi as your reason then there isn’t much to discuss. Not the same thing. Benghazi in my opinion was an astronomical screw up of the Obama adminstration – it is clear to me that they flubbed trying to control the message and it backfired. I am not a gun expert so I can’t comment on the mixup. I live very close to Newtown and have friends relatives and clients all of whom I’ve known for much longer than Obama has been in office. I will withhold judgement as to whether there is an agenda to grind – that is for the souless to workout. As for the premature execution of 20 6 and 7 year olds as well as 6 adults trying to protect them – that is real! Indisputable – the spin or those who are more concerned with the spin can have their disagreement. Meanwhile Rick, we need to get to the bottom of these outbursts (which I know you believe are government sponsorsed which is where you and I are not on common ground. I for one want to see a change in how we medicate, treat and care for people with mental illness. This can’t be solved by adding any further bans. However there are many loopholes for people to obtain weapons (still don’t understand the need but not for me to judge, gun collectors and users have their rights and I fully respect that.) What we need to do is work hard and be more committed to having more meaningful disucussions about how we insure that when we go to mall or the movies or send our kids to school we feel safe. I know you think that’s the governments doing too. So we don’t have anything further to discuss. I’m looking for solutions, you’re looking to raise a pitchfork and weild a torch. Spreading lies because you are lazy to think deeply enough- not cool. Another thing, regarding Free Speech, since when did being responsible for your actions become less important. In other words the right to free speech is a priviledge in this country (ask the Chinese how free they are to speak out) I regard the spoken word as something to hold in high esteem and not for it to be besmerched by reckless self serving ego.

        5. Rick, if you insist on using Benghazi as your reason then there isn’t much to discuss. Not the same thing.

          Actually you have to eliminate any mention of Benghazi becasue that completely defeats your argument. My point is that the administration and the media collude to twist events to suit Obama’s purposes. The professors entire point is not that the shooting didn’t happen. It is that the official story is FAR from what really happened. For 2 weeks, the media and the administration insisted the Benghazi attack was over a Youtube video. Many of us tried to point out the lie and were all branded crackpots and racists trying to cause trouble for the black president. Then it turned out we were RIGHT!
          When Trayvon Martin was shot in Sanford, the media, administration and profesionals from the race grievence industry coordinated, distributed and made all their pre=arrangements for spontenious racial protests. After almost a month of preperations the unveiling day arrived with all the media outlets prepared with carefully prepared media packets and protestors being bussed into Sanford from all points. The media blitz was already scheduled and in place and the TARGET was Florida’s newly revamped “stand your ground” law. All the images of 12 year old, angelic Trayvon Martin were suddenly everywhere. Jackson, Sharpton and all the other race hustlers were reading from the same talking points. They were well on their way to repealing Florida’s concealed carry laws but then something happened. First the REAL story of Trayvon Martin came out in the open. He wasn’t the innocent little child the media had projected but rather a drug dealing, gangbanging thug who had been repeatedly suspended from school for drugs, assault and theft. Then to top it off, his assailant turned out to be Hispanic rather than white. It was an election year and Obama needed every hispanic vote he could get so railroading some hispanic citizen for defending himself was too big a risk for Obama to take. Then the whole story just dried up. Just like Benghazi has in the media now.
          Once again, a shooting is being rescripted after the fact to fit the desires of an administration bent on shredding the constitution. I don’t believe for one second that an “assault rifle” had anything to do with the Sandy Hook shooting but no one is allowed to question the highly suspect official story we are being spoonfed (once again). There was a high school shooting in California a couple of days ago. Did ANYBODY hear about it in the media? Likely not as the shooter used a shotgun, not an AR15. And the shooting was stopped by a teacher (you know, the people who we can’t arm to defend their students, leave it to the professionals). It sounds to me more likely that the teacher stopped this before all the feds could rush in (like at SH) and plant another Bushmaster.
          Here we have an adminstration willing to tell any lie they wish to a compliant media eager to spread the propaganda in order to strip the citizens of a constitutional right by blaming a firearm which was never even present at the shooting (at best it MAY have been in the trunk of a car but even that is highly suspect).

        6. Rick, I’m not certain what you mean that eliminating Benghazi it defeats my argument. Either I misunderstood you or you me. So if you can clear that up I would be obliged. Actually, or don’t . Congratulations, you’ve overwhelmed me with your argument. I’m tired of this, it’s a grieving process, sorry to have offended you and the others. James, my apologies for the mean things I said. I have no place here – this eco-system feeds on itself, there isn’t room for introducing new things and plainly we have very different tracts we’re following. My best to you and forgive my having offended. Hopefully you find what you’re looking for – you’ve obviously spent a great deal of time connecting the dots.. I suppose I am too ignorant to understand just how deep the whole conspiracy goes and frankly I can’t be bothered. If I’ve learned something here I think it would be that if this plot to subvert us exsists there doesn’t seem to be a way to overcome it sans a war against the powers that are behind this. I will spend my energy where it makes more sense for me. Cheers to you all!

        7. I have no place here – this eco-system feeds on itself, there isn’t room for introducing new things

          The actual words of Manny. The defender of the status quo.

        8. That was nice of you to leave out the rest of my post and select the words you wanted. Happy New Year and best wishes for a healthy and prosperous one.

        9. Yes, they are and they’re not all just a clip you chose so you can make a point even the rest of my comment included more substance. Perhaps you do your research in the same way, selective and suitable for your cause.

        10. Hey. If I went around making statements like your, I would try and slither out of them too.
          You just keep telling people what they think and what their real motives are.

        11. Rick, leave well enough alone and stop with the posturing. I have extended an olive branch and you insist on poking me with it. My apologies for thinking you believe the government is behind everything corrupt, do I have it right yet?

        12. I’m still waitin’ for an answer. Are you and Robbie Parker fishin’ buddies. Did you go to school together? Where’s the connection?

        13. I live very close to Newtown and have friends relatives and clients all of whom I’ve known for much longer than Obama has been in office

          You claim to be the authority on the subject because of your claimed proximity. Tell us then, Do you know Robbis Parker? Was that actually Robbie Parker who appeared on the interview? Do you know every family who has a child enrolled at Sandy Hook Elementary School? If an impersonator appeared in an interview claim to be a Sandy Hook parent would you be able to spot them? Are you aware that the Obama administration has a LONG record of planting lies in the media?
          If your answer is not YES to every one of these questions then don’t get self righteous about your OPINIONS being superior to anybody elses.

        14. Rick, we need to get to the bottom of these outbursts (which I know you believe are government sponsorsed
          I’m looking for solutions, you’re looking to raise a pitchfork and weild a torch. Spreading lies because you are lazy to think deeply enough

          Aparently I don’t need to have an opinion or to post anything because you predetermine what I believe and what I wish to accomplish.
          Unlike you, I believe everybody is still entitled to express their observations and opinions. And I don’t PRESUME to be a mind reader!

      2. there are some people with wacky theories that may be deliberate disinfo or just illogic, getting carried away, that muddy the waters. but people who are looking at this and asking intelligent questions are just the opposite of cowardly.

        the people who counter the questions with name calling definitely aren’t making yourself sound like open minded truth seeking individuals who have learned about the failings of mainstream media. you’re feeling wounded, and that i can sympathize with. yes, it’s tragic that it happened, whatever it was, and i can understand people being upset by experiencing the loss and feeling like people are being insensitive and saying it didn’t occur.

        but it makes total sense to want to know what really went on, in the face of all the inconsistencies. it’s a way of honoring innocent Newtown citizens and the rest of the world who are being asked to trust the media reporting the nurse saying how great Nancy was as a teacher, for example. how can any one thing like that not make someone wonder? it’s human nature to want to reduce cognitive dissonance. some do so by denying that it’s there. that’s ok, if it’s how they are wired.

        others try to reduce the cognitive dissonance by trying to see what the problem is that created the situation.

        why not try to respect those who have a detective kind of mind? we’re all people dealing with a terrible event the way our own psychology has led us to do.

    4. Coward of what? You don’t think it’s possible for this to actually happen? You my dear are putting your head in the sand. If you don’t have any questions relating to this I have no doubt you tralala thru life.

      1. Bottom line: U cannot prove that anyone was killed at Sandy Hook (aka Potemkin Elementary). U believe whatever MSM feeds U — just like western journalists believed in Potemkin village (constructed of theater flats). This “massacre” was nothing but theater.

  22. The truth is that this professor doesn’t exist either. The Obama administration, in faking this whole thing, knew it would need a paranoid delusional attention hungry crazy person to propound a denial theory built on conspiratorial “logic.”

    1. OH well well well, what have we here MR HAWK. AS IN TONY HAWK’s relative?! I think so. Tell your effin’ domestic terrorist family member that we know who he is. And make sure you visit wellaware1. com to see his wanted poster.

      TONY HAWK, and his real world wife, along with their children play the Parkers. Robbie Parker is Tony Hawk and you note his daughter is CLEARLY the little girl that they claim was killed. IT WAS A HOAX and YOU Hawk will be held accountable.

  23. Before you jump up and talking about what you THINK happened, perhaps you should speak to some of us that know the families, children, friends, that were killed that day. Until then you are only feeding the fears of the weak minded.

  24. My company lost business due to this attack, primarily because two of the people who were part of the group that was to come in had lost children at Newtown and were forced to cancel. There may be questions that aren’t answered, but the fact someone killed children there cannot be in dispute. Unless you want to suggest that this group that booked with us, and subsequently cancelled, was also part of the deception? Also, if this was part of some kind of plan by Obama to enact greater gun control, he’s going to have a whole hell of a harder time now…gun sales have reached record sales since the shooting.

    1. Tim, I don’t know what your business is , but if my child had died, do you really think I would contact you to cancel anything…get a grip troll , there are too many people who know this was a hoax, that it probably was staged at least two or more months in advance, and that most likely, no one other than the mother and her son, actually died.

      1. thank U, Bruce for shining light of logic on this. No, if I had a reservation to attend some kind of get-together & if this happened I would not bother to cancel the reservation. It is ridiculous to imagine that not one but two people made reservations & cancelled & the owner of the business is on this site talking about it — how stupid does the WH think we R? The whole thing was planned months or even years before — just like the Batman shooting & the Tucson shooting. The people in control of the gov’t R insane & ruthless — good thing they R also incompetent. This black ops went off about as well as the birth certificate forgery.

  25. Manny, you probably didn’t even read the blog, you are acting on blind anger. I don’t completely blame you as at face value this event was horrendous and absolutely a tragedy at the highest level. But your reaction is similar to the majority of people that just accept what they are told by the media without thinking past those lines. There is evil in the world, yes, there is also deceit, and politics is infested with both of these qualities. You think you know what our government is capable of, highly doubtful anyone truly does.

    If you take a step back and truly read the strange facts that are being presented about the story, you will also wonder why things are so fuzzy. Many things are not adding up. I believe innocent lives were lost, but I don’t believe that the event went down as it was reported.

    1. I don’t need to step back from anything. I don’t need the media to tell me what happened. You haven’t the slightest idea how I view or obtain information. I however have an idea how you and the others do.
      As for government deceit – abundant no doubt in my mind. Not in this case, sorry but does not apply.

  26. You are a heartless excuse for a human being . Do you have any idea how hurtful and demeaning your “theory” is to the families of the victims of this horrific tragedy? It literally made me sick to my stomach to read your twisted, disgusting words. I hope you never have to suffer the anguish of losing someone you love, especially a child, in such a gruesome way. If you did, how do you think you would feel if someone said “Whatever, that never happened.” Besides this, do you really think our government could pull off something this elaborate? Do you believe that a whole town and then some would go along with a lie like this? If your ideas were true, someone would have already gone to a tabloid to expose it for a few bucks. As far as I am concerned, you and your followers are as demented as Adam Lanza and should all be being watched very carefully by the authorities. I am very afraid that people like you exist in this world.

    1. Another angry democrat. All that venom, and why? To any question? Maybe we should not question “allah”, either? Yes, of course they could pull it off. How do we even know when these interviews of parents were made?

      Save your life, possibly. Look at the family interviews, twice. If not horrified, or we have to explain it to you, you’ll never understand.

  27. Professor, I appreciate your analysis of the media coverage of this event. Although I may not agree with your conclusions, I will say I think you are correct in the embellishment of the story to a willing media by people within the Obama administration to further a political and ideological agenda.

    1. Does anybody out there recall just last September there was a terrorist attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi. The OBAMA Administration immediately announced the attack resulted from protests over a Youtube video. All the news media went along with the administrations sharade for 2 weeks and anyone who dared question the accuracy of the report was labeled a crackpot conspiricy theorist. Then it turned out, the story was nothing but a rouse invented by the Obama administration. Now we are once again being told to swallow a highly suspect story and it appears many will blindly do so.

      1. Oh yes, Mr. Adams! I was just now tempted to mention the manufacture of that particular video to Doctor K on another thread. (Grazie for the complimentary copy of his book, btw) No wonder Hilarious Clinton had such a convenient concussion. But at least she won’t have to answer for this slop-op coroner, or carver, or whatever, just “to have it fall on her head later”. Maybe we should make our own little viral video and title it “Innocence of Mario Lanza”, then watch and see who firebombs the “compound” at Sandy Hook. I’m sure we could make it look like one of them damn Moozlims. Bon Giorno!

  28. You are beyond delusional. The NRA has one thing right – mental illness is much more far-reachingand dangerous in this country than many realize…

  29. My conspiracy theory is that this event was staged by conspiracy theorists so that they could sell more books. I’m being facetious, but only a bit. I think where you go off the rails and lose people is where you assume a coverup that contradicts everything we know to be true about human nature and our government. The government has a hard time keeping secrets. So you have to assume that not only one sociopath wants to kill kids, but dozens, who also conspire, plan and execute flawlessly. You assume the powers that be risk being caught with all this. Then, you link it to the President, which seems utterly unbelievable. Ever hear of Watergate? Why do you know about it? How did that work out? Hey Mr. President, what are you working on? Oh nothing, just sketching some details about gun control…get me Adam Lanza on the phone…and don’t tell anyone, wink wink. I grant you that the witnesses seem fake. The scene seems off. The reporters are just repeaters–no investigation or even questioning. I think there were multiple shooters, just like Aurora Co. The whole thing seems off. Why who? Why? How? Those are the big elephants in the room that the conspiracy people seem to ignore. How would you convince a troop of cops circling the scene to all lie and pretend? How do you convince the entire staff of the medical examiners office to play along and stay quiet? How do you stage 26 funerals with fake ceremonies, friends, mourners, burials? How do you fake a missing class when school resumes? If it’s not all fake, then why fake anything? If you really shoot up a school, why do you need actors to play the role for the cameras? Aren’t real tears better than fake ones?

      1. You’re working it hard Dan – if you have compelling evidence due to onsite research I suggest you give up your little game. The truth is well known and documented by those who lived it. Go find some other thing to weave your warpped sense of reality around.

  30. Why can’t you leav e the people alone to get on with their lives, some have lost love one in the Sandy Hooks shooting. You are just a no good piece of garbage for saying that it didn’t happen the way it was said. Get a live and leave them alone to mourn

    1. Lorie,

      You don’t have to frequent this site. You seem to suggest that people are garbage that want to prove this didn’t happen and no children were killed. Hummm… So get on with your life and go back to sheep.

  31. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to wake up one morning and realize I had lost my mind entirely the night before and came up with paranoid reasoning like this as alleged objective reasoning. Anyone, and that is anyone. can come up with conspiracy theories.


    And the more educated you may or may not be is irrelevant. You just need equally paranoid readers to go along with the “research” and our nation has a surplus of those presently as evidenced by your carefully selected comments that mostly agree with your “conclusions.”

    For the families left with the aftermath of this horrendous event, you should be ashamed for dishonoring them and the victims of this senseless massacre.

  32. It’s incredible how people rather than begin to examine the situation for facts attack those who point out the facts and discrepancies. Get on YT and start looking at the media footage, and then make up your mind.
    This story was not what we were told it was. This is why there is NO footage of this shooting, shooter or crime scenes. No blood even. As clearly there were in Columbine.

    No matter, many of us are thankful for your courage to speak out in the face of many who wish to live in denial.

  33. The one common denominator in all the conspiracy incidents you review and the one word most adroitly left out is the word “JEWS”.
    Jews did 911 and all world wars and depressions and they own Media and Hollywood and the FED, Congress and the Oval Orifice. Sandy Hook and Aurora is Jew exercise to take guns away from citizens and bring the USA to its knees and destroy it to the point of Bolshevik/Stalinist Russia and Gaza and Palestine today. Let us see if this is censored. If it is you will have proven you are under the thumb of Jews. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are still in Play and the Third of 3 World Wars planned by Albert Pike of the Grand Masonic Lodge is right on schedule.

  34. You are suffering a severe break from reality. I hope you get the psychiatric help you need. Your need to have such a monstrous act explained through the exegesis of conspiracy is infantile. I wouldn’t condone one of the parents who lost a child in this massacre tracking you down and punching you in the throat, but if one of them did, I would understand. I guess obtaining a PhD isn’t as hard as it used to be if a clown like you has one.

  35. Your comments are hurtful and disgusting. To claim that you believe this never happened is sad. I am friends with a couple who lost their little girl. And I went to her funeral. The tears of her parents and brother were not fake. The little white casket was not fake. Her grandmother falling to her knees with grief was not fake. You are a fool and a menace to society. Your words are causing more pain to everyone who lost a child that day! I have another friend whose child jumps at loud noises and has nightmares, she had gone to 7 funerals in one week!!! You are causing more pain to the survivors and to the victims’ families. You should be disgusted and ashamed of your self. You are no better than the picketers that tried to show up. I can’t believe that you are allowed to teach our youth.

    1. Unfortunately, Jen, few people have actually read closely what I’ve written, but rather relied on headlines and soundbites to attribute to me what I did not either say or argue. In my view, there is no greater way of avenging the deceased absence than finding the true cause of their demise.

      1. Unfortunately I did read your blog. I read how you thought the parents were actors. You don’t know what it was like to watch cnn and see your friends pacing in the background. I saw my friend crying when they were showing the parents waiting to hear if their child was alive. To claim this was staged is sick. My friends didnt stage the problems their surviving son has. My friends had not given ANY interviews. I am telling you I know first hand that your words are causing these families more pain. You need to stop and realize what consequences your hurtful words are causing. I live in CT. I have spoke with survivors. I have spoke with people who lost their child. Have you? Or maybe you are the attention hog. I have seen your past ridiculous conspiracy theories. They always made me laugh. This time I responded because you are kicking my friends during the most difficult time of their lives. I am sorry but you need to realize the hurt you are causing. You are not letting these families move on. My friend sends her son back to school and sits in the parking lot the whole day because she is scarred to leave. Did Obama stage that too? The couple that lost their daughter did not send their surviving son back and they dont know if they can ever get the strength to so they are tbinking of home school. Did obama stage their sons survivor`s guilt? Please put yourself in these parents shoes. Imagine their pain, imagine everytime you turn on a tv or pick up a paper or go on the internet you see zomething about Sandy Hook and relive that day. Imagine their pain, then imagine them hearing your words that the parents are staged actors. Please just give these families a break. Let them mourn.

        1. What a bunch of gibberish, “Jen”. YOU are evidence to the contrary. like a living oxymoron.

      2. James, the true cause of their demise can obtained by going to Newtown – why does that concept escape you – real seekers of truth would go to that degree to understand the truth – you don’t seem prepared to complete your research and therefore there is no basis for your having whipped up this idea of a conspiracy other than to further some agenda of your own.

      3. Maybe Jen should leave her full name and address and have a press conference at her house. Or you could give your phone number so we can call and get the missing information from you! You should be ashamed for wanting this story to be real and refusing to even look at the facts.

      4. James, has your stance changed since you stated that the parents were all actors? Or when you said the event possibly never took place at all?
        I’d just like to know which stance of yours we can pass along to the grieving parents so as to make them feel better.

        1. Pete, it’s obvious you haven’t actually read what James Tracy has written on this site. I haven’t seen him say definitively “This is what happened” on anything. What he’s been doing is presenting possibilities of what might have happened. In other words, he didn’t say, “All the parents are crisis actors.” He noted that many of the parents we saw in interviews had disingenuous responses to the loss of a child. You’re jumping to conclusions, Pete, because you didn’t take into consideration the whole of what Dr. Tracy has said. You have been picking and choosing what you want to hear, probably from the out of context sound bites that have been used by the mainstream media, instead of informing yourself completely.

          I’ve seen Dr. Tracy raising questions and posing possible scenarios, but I haven’t seen him say once that such and such is definitely what happened.

          Btw, what evidence do you have that children actually died? Have you seen the bodies for yourself? Remember, a coffin at a funeral or being buried doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a body inside. You’ve made an assumption from hearsay evidence (being told by others that something happened) and you are not an eye witness yourself. You’ve seen no crime scene photos, no blood spatter, no surveillance video, no tangible evidence whatsoever. You’ve made your judgment solely without evidence, based purely on your opinion of what others have said.

          Dr. Tracy has stated the same. He is basically saying that he also has seen no tangible evidence. The difference between you two is that you are condemning anyone who has drawn a different conclusion from you and you’re not even attempting to analyze the information we’ve been given for it’s validity.

          On the other hand, Dr. Tracy admits we’ve been shown no real evidence, but he’s not condemning people for having another view from what his is. He is merely stating questions that have been raised as he has analyzed the information we’ve been given.

          It appears to me that you heard the mainstream media story and you assumed it was 100% correct merely because the mainstream media reported it that way. If you recall, many people did just that recently when the mainstream media reported that the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi were caused by a YouTube video. Many people questioned the validity of that — and guess what, the Congressional hearing proved them right. We were lied to. If it could happen once, it could happen again.

          There’s nothing wrong with questioning the official story we’re told (try listening to news from outside the United States some time and you might really understand just how biased our news has become) and comparing what’s been said to see if there are inconsistencies or incongruities. I have a list of 150 at this point. I think that’s a bit too many “problems” with the official story for it to be a coincidence or just human error.

          So my suggestion is you actually READ what Dr. Tracy has said before you spout off. He’s not saying nobody died. He’s saying he’s not sure what happened, but he wants to find out because if children died and their memory is being exploited like is being done by the political powers that be, then the best thing we can do to honor the deaths of those children and teachers is to find out the truth and expose anyone who would try to exploit those deaths for their own political agenda.

      1. Ooh good come back. Someone actually speaking with families is a fake, but professor who hasnt spoken to anyone is real. You have a person who lives 1 town over, and friends of family all on here saying children dies. You guys need to get lives to believe this crap the professor is spewing

        1. Thank you Jen! I do believe they would deny any evidence and go as far as call the town of Sandy Hook liars. That is how bad they want to believe it’s a conspiracy.

      2. I swear I received a reply remarkably similar on another blog – same subject. Appeal to symphathy, guilt, first person knowledge, ad hominem slant… Gotta be the same person or same script or both. Just saying…

    2. Jen O, I would think those families would have better sense than to hang out here. Why are you here? You obviously don’t believe in freedom of speech nor probably other Constitutional rights. You want to “shame” people out of looking at facts. As to making a child attend 7 funerals in one week, well, let us agree to disagree over who is causing pain to whom.

  36. Why when some one asks legitimate questions, are they labeled a “conspiracy nut”…wake up people before it’s to late!!! None of the reported facts make sense…

    1. right, but the conspiracy stuff makes even less sense. If they wanted gun control, all they need to do is put money in a fund, put the Congresspeople on the dole, and it gets done. You don’t have to shoot kids. Do you think kids died? It seems pretty easy to prove or disprove that. People seeking truth should start there. Go to NewTown and start talking to locals. Until then, none of us know anything. But it’s pretty hard to believe the whole town was in on some mysterious plot.

      1. Or they could send in ATF agents to border gunshops and order them to sell 2000 guns to Mexican drug cartels. Over 200 Mexicans and at least 2 Americans were killed with the guns the Obama Administration walked over the border. The scheme to push gun control almost worked except some whistleblower in the ATF leaked the story. Just when the Mayors against illegal guns nationwide protest tour kicked off in Miami, it had to be disbanded while all the poiticos involved ran for the high ground before they could be implicated. All Obama had to do was make his phoney Executive priviledge claim.
        No your right. This crew would never allow a bunch of innocents to be murdered just to support their gun control agenda.

      2. yea we should start there- but there’a coverup and so we can’t.Any family is being guarded 24/7 from answering questions or giving personal accounts.Why does that not concern you?

  37. So in your small mind, the President of the United States is involved in a conspiracy to fake the deaths of 27 people just to help an agenda to push gun control??? An agenda that was not acted upon during his four years in office??? You are a coconut.

    1. What of the innocent children and women killed in Obama’s drone attacks? Maybe, to some small minds, all the peoople involved in those reports of drone killings of innocent children are engaged in a conspiracy to defame Obama? Maybe, in some small hearts, we only mourn or feel
      outrage for the murder of innocent children if we have been given sanction and cues from the mass media? Are we so duped? Are we so callous? Are we so hypocritial as that? No, of couse noit. Only a nutjob conspiracy theorist might suggest such a thing. So, go back to sleep, America, until the day comes when you realize why over 250 million innocent lives were taken not by lonenut killers but by governments under color of law in the 20th century alone, executed by the very officials and police in which people put their trust. Did hypocracy and cowardice and sin have nothing to do with it?

      1. Yes, very well said. Marco will be running in circles begging for somebody to tell him what to do when all chaos breaks loose. I have yet to see one of these Marco or Jen types come back with logical evidence supporting their conclusions. And I hate to tell those that don’t look at the facts here – but many of your smarter cohorts are beginning to ask questions and see what is going on. More and more each day.

  38. Don’t be surprised when we all learn that the school was bulldozed down in the wee hours of the night, This whole thing is sad if its true, where are the 3 survivors? what about the other (2) people the police restrained at or near the school? the Medical Examiner looked and acted like he was on something at the time of his interview’s, I agree about the carnage not being put out there for viewing, i do not expect to see blood or death but do expect to see a mess, debris, of the school. And yes!!!! where are the Helicopter videos of the 600 or so students being led out? the post video of the school, i only see a couple dozen cars/vans (parents) vehicles around the scene to pick up there children….. if it were my own children i would be inside that school with my car, looking for them to take home. There are to many questions for me then answers, i don’t expect to know everything but these bits and pieces they put out are not adding up.

    1. I know people that were there. Swat and police had much blocked off. My friend told me he nevef felt so helpless as he did when he couldn’t get past the baracade. You did nt see 600 kids co.e out at once because they didnt come out at once. Everyone was hiding. They came out as police found them. They didn’t just want the kids to run out because they were trying go shelter the kids from the gruesome scene. The first responders can’t deal with what they saw. So they didn’t want the children to either. My friend said they made the parents go to the firehouse and children were in another room watching tv. The parents and kids were being united class by class. These were children not like high school. Kids wait for direction. Not like high school where teenagers know danger and run out. Please I am begging you all leave these families alone. You are hurting them

      1. “I know people that were there. Swat and police had much blocked off. My friend told me he nevef felt so helpless as he did when he couldn’t get past the baracade.”

        What does that mean, exactly. Why would your friend want to get past the barricade?

        “You did nt see 600 kids co.e out at once because they didnt come out at once. Everyone was hiding. They came out as police found them. They didn’t just want the kids to run out because they were trying go shelter the kids from the gruesome scene.”

        And what does that mean? The cops kept the kids hiding where? In the woods? In closets? They wouldn’t let them all come out at once, like ordered them to stay put until they were found?

        What are you saying, “Jen”?

      2. You are such an idiot Dan. I can’t believe I am lowering my standards to even address you. My friend was a father who had his children inside the school. He wanted to go inside like any parent concerned for his child. Is that really hard for you to understand? And by the way there were hundreds of cars there, not sure how you only saw broadcasts of just a few.
        You obviously have not spoken to anyone involved, the teachers were hiding their classrooms, in closets, under desks, in bathrooms etc… They were scarred to leave, they wouldn’t leave until the cops found them. They were terrified. If you were somewhere where there was shooting, then wouldn’t you wait until you knew 110% it was safe? Especially if you were protecting children? The cops weren’t hiding the children, the teachers were. The cops were trying to have the children cover their eyes so they wouldn’t have nightmares of seeing their dead friends on the ground.
        You obviously are just attacking me because you know I have a personal hurt in this. Why don’t you come here and I will introduce to some of these families. So you can stop this crap

    1. Funny.

      Jen, you should post your last name, phone and address. Better yet, why don’t you arrange a press conference to set us all free with your eye-opening factual account on how it all went down.

  39. Loved your well researched article. Be careful. You are a very brave man. I have written several posts regarding this subject on FaceBook only to find that they are mysteriously removed.

    I am a psychic. When I hear news of a shooting, I check with my guides and The Divine. Of course what I do is not Scientific. I accurately predicted the death of 5 people in 2012, including my ex-husband. My guidance never lies. I can tell you the following were not as they seemed:

    Princess Diana’s “accident”
    Oklahoma City Bombing – and I know someone personally who was offered this job, for $500,000 and refused it.
    Twin Towers and Pentagon
    Shooting of woman in church in Pennsylvania Dec. 2012
    Aurora CO theatre shooting

    God be with you,
    Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

  40. For your scenario to be true, the entire city of Sandy Hook would have to be involved, including all of the family members of all of the students currently enrolled at the school. Are they all of one mind? Surely one would slip up and spill the beans.
    How do the actions of attorney Irving Pinsky figure into this? Is he also involved in the conspiracy?
    I also find it sad and a bit frightening that you would want to see pictures of dead children. Maybe the reason you are not seeing them is that they are minors.
    I find it very interesting that myths have to be created to explain the extremes man is capable of. The pyramids had to have been constructed by aliens….No one could have killed 20 children……..
    History has shown that man is quite capable of limitless heights and unthinkable horror.

    1. learn about secret societies and study the major revolutions-yes, ppl usually only attain powerful positions if they can be controlled or kept loyal to power

  41. Based on what I saw living on the border of Newtown CT I would say your theories only convince me aside from having extremely poor taste that you suffer from ‘delusional disorder’ and should go seek treatment before you have some sort of meltdown and hurt yourself or someone else.

  42. Wow. So pretty much the whole town and all of the local, regional, and national news media would have been part of this conspiracy? And you don’t find that just a bit, um, unlikely? Your ideas are so silly that I have to admire your imagination, if not your relationship with reality. Sigh. Good luck to you. And especially to your students.

    1. Steve…you probably believe Lee Harvey Oswald got off 4 rounds in under 6.5 secs with an Italian made bolt action rifle…all of them head shots moving at 15mph from 60 yds away. I have land to sell you …in the Everglades. WAKE UP & TAKE THE BLINDERS OFF.

  43. James:
    We had some emails shared last summer over some “local” events; maybe you remember….
    Very simply–I support you 100%. Some of the commenters here and elsewhere will try to “Alinsky” you regardless. Truth has no agenda, and that always disturbs them. If the lapdog media would do any critical thinking/reporting, these questions would have already been put forth. Carry on.

  44. While I do believe that the massacre occured, I too have entertained a conspiracy theory. I have not researched it and have no real reason to believe it, but since this forum seems to have it’s share of openminded and educated individuals, I’ll toss it out there. What if there is an element within the government that, for it’s own purposes, wants to disarm the American public. The American people as a society have resisted this over the years, proving they will not abandon their 2nd amendment rights easily. So what better way to convince them that they no longer want these rights than to bring on a series of catastrophies that will appeal to the majority’s sense of compassion. “Recruit” mass murderers, people with psychological profiles that show a history predisposed to violent acts. I’m sure a trained psychologist could “program” an unstable mind to commit a violent crime, and to commit suicide after to cover the trail. Or the suicide doesn’t have to be a suicide, just have the appearance if the individual doesn’t follow through. Enough of these events occur and the public opinion can be swayed to more gun control to protect innocent civilians. Again, I have no proof or anything to offer on this other than an overactive imagination, but does anyone else see it as a possibility, and possibly have any research that would lead in this direction?

    1. Bob, I agree with you. Have you ever seen the film Parallax View with Warren Beatty? After an assassination is labelled done by a lone killer Beatty discovers a firm which recruits psychos in just the way you mention. The end result of the film is a “panel” that investigates a second assassination and declares an innocent man as the lone nut.

      Most people, for whatever reason always want to cling to the official story, and so anyone who questions it in the least is a conspiracy theorist. Take, let’s say 911, just as a possible example. My favorite conspiracy fact is the infamous BBC Report where they report the collapse of Building 7 TWENTY Minutes BEFORE it collapses AND as the woman reporter talks about the collapse you can see the still standing Building 7 behind her! In any sensible world just this one reporting event would guarantee that no one questioning the official conspiracy theory would be called a conspiracy nut. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNgPrv2XISI

      But for all of the come-on-how-could-it-be-covered-up folks, the media-would-report-it folks, the what-paper-would-pass-up-such-an-incredible-story folks, they need to read these articles by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair about Gary Webb, the reporter who first discovered the CIA importing drugs into Los Angeles. The articles are about how the media–major newspapers–destroyed him and his career and covered up the real story in the process. For anyone attacking James here, get real, read some real history about how the major media works together with powerful interests to kill a story and its messenger.

      The first article is Gary Webb’s own account: http://www.counterpunch.org/2004/12/13/gary-webb-a-great-reporter/ republished by Counterpunch at the time of Gary Webb’s death.

      This second link is to Cockburn and St. Clair’s detailed account, I mean DETAILED account, of how the press killed Webb’s career. http://www.counterpunch.org/2004/12/17/how-the-press-and-the-cia-killed-gary-webb-s-career/ The account is from Cockburn & St. Clair’s book on the history of the CIA. NOTE that it was a 2-part article and they pasted in the 2nd part first, so you should first scroll down the page to find the start of Part 1.

      NOW, Cockburn & St. Clair are staunch NON-conspiracists. So they only mention Webb’s suicide and don’t question how it happened. How did Webb die? He shot himself TWICE in the head! These two articles discuss that miraculous way of sending oneself to heaven:

      1. Try to watch Wag the Dog, with Dustin Hoffman, Robert DeNiro, Willie Nelson. With irony and dark comedy it explains it all, and it was filmed during the Clinton era. Erik was being kind on history, I think. Isn’t Rise and Fall of the Third Reich required reading anymore?

    2. I think you have hit the nail on the head, or come very close, and explained it very well. Research 1995 Presidential Hearing and Valerie Wolf for eye opening criteria on which to base more “imagination”. Concerns mind control and CIA plants for that purpose in colleges. Makes Holmes’ (Batman shooter) claim he was programmed sound a lot more likely. If we all held out for proof before labeling people guilty, we might get more facts. Dead men can’t defend themselves and should be declared innocent unless PROVED otherwise. Almost all the recent “shooters” have wound up dead before they had a trial.

    3. Bob – it’s all a possibility. A Pastor locally researched and found that the
      violent video games drove him. However, I interviewed a man that has played these games over a few years and honestly asked his opinion.
      He said – no inclination to kill tots – impossible.

      I asked him this because of my question which I held to myself was:
      Do you know of any man alive that could look into the face of kindergarteners and shoot them cold? He would see them if aiming at them? It’s almost humanly impossible unless under drugs.
      The video games usually shoot adults, soldiers, dragons, zombies, aliens,
      monsters, wild animals, etc… So what could bring you to a point of shooting tots in these video games? The public wouldn’t allow such games – I hope, so how could this mass murderer relate this to kids?
      Shame he killed himself???? We could test his reasoning easily.
      The Pastor said that his research showed thet his mother didn’t give him attention – at age 20’s? Bull – most addicted video players don’t want mom or amy interference. Has anybody told of the argument he had with school officials earlier? Where are the school personnel he argued with and what is their story? Would it be enough to incite him into that violence? So I say, Pastor reasoning is wrong, like most, however Video games are bad and this is a great scapegoat.

      I have to agree that’s it’s the gun control. However, did it backfire as now
      we have record sales before laws are passed. Great diplomats came to this country and all noted, to attack this country is futile because of the public being armed. It was a means of a strong defense. Also, with the
      US printing so much money on toilet paper to help wipe off our debt, bribes are easy to come bye. Would have question this if this were the first case
      but the botched 911 coverup shows us the enemy is within. So based on
      all this, you will see why I have spent the last 5 years preparing the US to help escape the Nuclear Attack seen by great prophets and our 1st Commander in Chief – George Washington. See my website for details – it’s a blast. Sorry to say, their plan is proving prophecy. Also prophecied before this war is the lost of our liberties. Take this seriously!

  45. Nicely written and well researched. I was wondering about the man in camoflauge. He was on camera, and a witness saw him. I also wondered how Adam Lanza, apparently using a single rifle, was able to shoot so many bullets into each victim. I read about the similarities with Holmes regarding their respective fathers’ scheduled deposition testimony. Therefore, it is refreshing to see that someone actually looked beyond what the media fed us.

  46. Excellent article! Nice to hear from a member of the academic community who isn’t just another sheeple. Sorry about all the flack you’re getting for it! Hold your head up high. You’re right.

  47. My problem with conspiracy theorists such as yourself, is not matter how much evidence you are given that blows your theory out the water your (eg: 26 dead bodies, eyewitness, funerals, grieving family members)

    You will never believe it. The flat earth society still believes the earth is flat despite the scientific evidence, there are people who believe we haven’t gone to the moon, despite the evidence.

    How can you be that insensitive to these family members just because you want to promote some whacked out theory, that the government wants to take your guns.

    What evidence do you need to believe this event actually happen?

      1. Ed Chiarini, Please stop mentioning that stupid page as you are doing a disservice to this one. I looked at it and can’t believe you grant it any credibility. The little girl they claim is an actor was 4 years younger when that picture was taken trying to show she was the so-called dead child, which they plainly state. While the two pictures do look similar, you have to remember the age difference. She would not look like her this year. Children change a lot in 4 years. I am not going to go into the other issues, that one is enough.

        1. So 4 years after that family picture was taken Emelie was in Kindergarten? She must have been, by far, the oldest child in her class.

    1. sadly the only real proof would be direct personal experience with the event, and that perspective is limited as well. the FACT is no one ‘knows’ what really happened – we, observers, only know what has been presented thus far, which is secondhand at best. deception is a cornerstone of human behavior, quite valuable in many respects.

  48. I applaud your work here. Thank you for doing the research so we can review it and make decisions for ourselves. I was sickened by the news of the children’s alleged deaths, but more sickened by the attention it got. Children in other countries are massacred by American drones and completely ignored by MSM, or at most mentioned as a number and never by name.

  49. My dear friend is the grandmother of Noah Pozner (the youngest child) who died in the Sandy Hook Massacre. He was shot 11 times and the lower portion of his face was shot off. I know this woman personally. She is still with her daughter in Connecticut as the family grieves. Perhaps you should ask the families that saw their loved ones mangled mutilated bodies, if it really happened.

    1. I am logging off this blog. No way to reason with ignorance. I am sorry for the students this man is spewing his ignorance on. I just hope that when he loses a loved one that he gets put through the se hell. I went to a funeral I spoke with families. That is the proof I need. He nust talks out of his ass makes crap up and fools follow him. You are hurting these families. Please let them be. Dont know why I try because u cant reason with crazy. I am cancelling now. This man is not worth my time or the attention he is getting. I advise all you sane people do the same. Dont give this attention junky what he seeks so desperately.

      1. How was this information obtained. A party to a party, poster to grandmother, and the grandmother is a party to another party, 4th level heresay, as to the condition of Noah Pozner’s body, and we know it was closed casket … so … this kind of information is NUTCASE CONSPIRACY THEORY at best. Coroner’s office->family member->grandmother->grandmother’s friend ???

  50. ty for being brave in telling it as it is, media is for duping american society, like little sheep despite the source its repeating the same things over and over and media neglects to dig and research and tell the whole truth the actual truth, in an effort to sway influence and control the sheep, first off assault rifles were banned in 1986 , secondly rifles dont assault people do , so many agendas people begin to tie them all together before its too late

  51. Hi James, I find your article interesting and well-thought. The Sandy Hook massacre was a surreal “experience” to me from the beginning; I woke up late the day that it happened and had a family member ask if I wanted to use the computer; I said no, but then I caught an FB status saying “pray for the children of Newtown.” I assumed that some evil nutcase had shot up some kids and that there were some injuries and maybe a couple of deaths, and decided to check it out. I was amazed at the body count and disturbed by the very specific target of children. But for whatever reason, I could not feel emotionally connected to the event. I sometimes have a habit of shutting down when something traumatic happens to someone else, but the thing was, I had been able to connect to the Aurora shooting, mainly because a friend of mine had been up in Colorado at the time and had gone to see a midnight showing of Batman, too. Even so, I felt like I should be able to connect to the CT shootings – these were babies, after all, not teens or middle-school preteens.

    The next day my dad and I started tossing around the same theories you’ve mulled over, asking the same questions you’ve been asking. My questions to you are: 1) Are you saying it never happened at all, or that it did happen but just not in the way we’ve been told? I feel like some people did die; that some or maybe even all died because otherwise, that would mean making up a heck of a lot of identities and organizing a heck of a lot of news networks: Fox and CNN in particular have a tendency to rebel against the traditional narrative. 2) How high is the possibility that the event was orchestrated by outside groups now, considering that almost a full month has passed? It seems to me like the race for “GUN CONTROL!!!” has really lost its steam; however, I do find it telling that Obama wants to make a grab for an executive gun ban of some type, and that several Democrats have expressed feelings that Obama’s proposed gun ban was too extreme. I personally think that the reaction to his ban, if/when he executes it, will be telling in whether or not this was an orchestrated event.

    Lastly, as long as we’re hypothesizing here, I would add a few more facts and questions to what you’ve already said. First, note that the area in which the shooting happened was quite convenient. For starters, it’s a blue state where gun control is the norm. That intensifies the horror: “Oh my gosh, it can happen *even* in a state with gun control!” It was not only in a blue state, but it was in a rural area, unlike the more suburban/urban atmosphere of Aurora, CO and Columbine, CO. This again ratchets up the fear factor, because people usually expect violence in suburban/urban areas. And not only was it a rural area, but it was once voted one of the safest communities in America! Could the headlines write themselves any better?

    Then there’s the timing. The shooting occurred during a year that seemed to be bizarrely full of similar events – the Aurora shooting was only five months behind us, and much more recently, the Portland mall shooting was just three days old. And the Newtown shooting occurred a week before Christmas. If it had happened Christmas Eve or Christmas, people likely would not have heard about it, and it would have seemed way more suspicious and contrived than it already is.

    Then, the background of the shooter: when people started saying Lanza was mentally ill, I got a little more suspicious. They especially kept using the term autistic and Asperger’s. If it was true that his illness fell more on the autistic spectrum, then the shooting becomes rather unlikely. It’s been my general observation that autistic people, if they become violent, typically attack only one person. Their attacks are also often uncoordinated, unplanned and physical – they’d probably use a knife or their hands over a gun. But let’s say he was schizophrenic. The shooting becomes much more likely then; however, some suspicion still lingers because that’s just unbelievably coincidental: a bizarre event that doesn’t seem to add up, leading to conspiracy theories, and then the guy is mentally ill, which makes you think about brainwashing?

    To me, the odds of the shooting happening where it did, when it did, and by that particular person, are incredibly narrow.

      1. Pat, Aurora was just as horrible – and yet it did not seem quite so surreal. I just don’t understand why you take the extreme amount of coincidences at face value. What are the odds of a mass shooting occurring in a blue state, in a rural area, in a rural area voted the safest community of America, specifically targeting little kids? Kids who are little more than babies? Right after a mass murder in CO, another in Portland, and just before Christmas? Look, I disdain conspiracy theories as much as the next person. But I don’t think it’s wrong to entertain a little suspicion and healthy skepticism of certain events, particularly when they seem way too coincidental like this one.

      2. Ellum- Everyone that had contact with Adam Lanza indicates he was a strange fellow. Totally dependent on his survivalist mother for everything. She spent her time volunteering at Sandy Hook to help other special needs children leaving him to fend for himself. She decided to place him in a mental institution. He felt that was the ultimate betrayal. Under the stress (and possible confrontation with his mother) she left for three days. Somehow he got a hold of her guns. He probably discovered the combination of the gun safe (assuming there was one). When she returned home, he exacted his frustration on her, and revenge on the children she chose to spend her time with.

        That is my ‘arm chair’ phsychoanalysis into his little brain.

        There was a lot of speculation and ‘fact finding’ done by the hackneys of the press in the initial moments of the event. This caused enumerous errors and mis-statements by many people. Of course, this opened the door to conspiracy theorists and gun advocates alike.

        Do I think that the government wants to disarm us?
        Do I think the government would lie to accomplish that?
        Yes, like the lied about WMD’s in Iraq and possibly about the fate of Bin Laden as weill.

        None of us was there, so it is disengenuous, irresponsible and callous to publically suggest that the event never occurred, that all of the ‘kids’ either never existed or are now under government care.

        Start with the premise of not believing the press, that the government is lying. There can be NO FACTUAL CONCLUSIONS based on the statements of these sources.

        That is why I suggest the author go there and perform his own direct observation to obtain the facts rather than rely on speculation or untrusted sources.

        The scary part is there are actually true mentally ill crackpots harrassing the families of the victims of these crimes with notions that their loved ones either died at the hands of the government, were part of some global conspiracy, are somewhere alive, or simply never existed at all.

        My brother is diagnosed Bi-Polar Paranoid Schitzophrenic with Psychotic tendencies. He babble on in the same way. When we invaded Iraq, he claimed that Iraqi’s were coming to abduct us. He thought the building next to the mental hospital he was in was a crematorium.

        Every written word is spewed from the minds of fallable humans. My statements about how I believe Lanza’s mind worked and how the incident played out is, of course, purely speculation based on my personal knitting togather information culled from articles written by others.

      3. There’s still a problem with that. If he was such a strange fellow, then what was it that he had? No one has said. Asperger’s has been tossed around, as well as the generic autism, but if that were true, Lanza’s massacre remains rather unlikely: it’s been my general observation that most people on the autistic spectrum express violence on one person and typically with their hands or blunt objects, not guns. But there’s always an exception to the rule. However, let’s say that maybe Lanza had something else, like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. If the dude was so sheltered, could he even be aware of his mother’s doings? Do we know for sure that he knew the specific nature of her volunteer work at Sandy Hook? We do not, leaving his motive up to some speculation.

        Furthermore, Lanza had absolutely no (publicly known) priors, and if I recall correctly, there were never any reports of violent behavior, such as neighbors hearing screaming and shouting from their house or maybe witnessing a disheveled/bruised Nancy. Why in the world would someone with no known history of violence (to third parties) randomly get angry enough to not only kill his mother, but to drive all the way to Sandy Hook and systematically kill 26 people? Which of course brings into mind the incredible kill rate that Lanza had and the fact that there have been no reported injuries. That’s really bizarre for someone who had reportedly never been to the gun range, despite his mom’s gun enthusiasm. Even Holmes, whose plan was far more complex than Lanza’s, ended up injuring 58 people.

        And lastly, some media errors are to be expected, sure. But there’s still a problem with that. First, the Aurora Colorado shootings had nowhere near the amount of mistakes and confusion that the Newtown shootings did. I clearly remember when I got home, got on the computer and saw a headline that read there had been a shooting at Aurora. When I read the article, they said they did not yet know how many had been killed or injured. It wasn’t until the next day that they released more details. In Newtown, details were being spewed every which way. Why? Why was Newtown different? Maybe it was because of the kids. But there were a lot of young kids injured and killed in Aurora, as well.

        The second problem is this: the amount of discrepancies were off the wall, and they weren’t just minor errors, they were major ones. They initially identified Lanza as RYAN Lanza, except that he was really Adam. First he was 24, then he was 20. Nancy Lanza was a teacher at Sandy Hook, then a substitute teacher, then no connection, then a volunteer. His father was dead, then he was alive. The principal was alive, then she was dead. Then Ryan’s or Adam’s girlfriend, can’t remember which one, was apparently missing; then she turned up and nothing more was said about her disappearance. How in the world do you get this many errors? How the heck can you say the father was dead when there was no body? Why did the police declaring it was Ryan Lanza so quickly before checking to see if the photos matched up?

        And lastly, the prof never said his speculations are fact. He is just pointing out that there are a lot of fishy things going on with Sandy Hook. To be entirely honest, his “conspiracy theory” pales compared to some of the nutty ramblings going on at other places. His conjecture is well thought-out and he makes some good points using the knowledge we have been given about the massacre. About the only stretch he makes is that the one guy who gave an interview was an actor; I dismiss that theory, because human grief can express itself in strange ways. Other than that, the prof’s thesis is well-written and reasonable. You need to be able to refute it with a different interpretation of the problems he’s listed in order to really call him a wacko.

    1. @Ellum

      Robby Parker- That video is disturbing. It shows Robby smiling as he approaches the camera, then talk about his dead daughter. That’s the one piece of ‘evidence’ that I actually find compelling.

      In Colorado, there were many LIVE adult witnesses. They all had similar stories. Why? Most of them expereinced the incident from the same perspective for one. In Sandy Hook, (apparently) all of the adults that confronted the gunmen were shot to death. There WERE, however, two adult victims that were shot and DID survive. I’d like to hear thier persepctive. The rest of the adults were as far from the shooting as they could be. Statements were taken, witnesses identified, information was culled from the Internet to fill in the blanks at Sandy Hook from day one.

      With regard to Adam Lanza’s mental state, something we will never find out fully about. Everyone that was interviewed that had any contact with him cooberated (AFTER THE FACT) that he was introvert (to say the least). Persons with no background of violence have been known to snap. The supposition that he was a vegan to discount that he was capable of hurting people because he loved animals?

      Although I don’t harbor the belief that Video Games CAUSE people to go nuts, I will say this. There is a game called America’s Army, for example, written for the USARMY recruiting branch and given FREE to teenagers (if you weren’t of recruiting age, they didn’t send the CD). In it, they teach people to obtain marksmen level skills with an M-16 rifle. Then they put you through similated simulations of army tactical excercises before sending you off to simulated crisis events. The Army uses tactical and strategic simulators in leui of live fire excercises. Many other video games encourage ‘headshots’. There is absolutely no question in my mind that the M-4 rifle is capable of dealing out kill shots by the untrained hand. That’s the reason the Military uses it.

      You think there is no good reason gun ranges would deny the Lanza’s trained there? You don’t need a range to fire weapons. I would PRESUME that there are many of like mind to Adams mother, who would abhor any connection to the crime by making statements they provided a venue to her to teach her son with actual weapons.

      It’s highly likely that Adam dispensed with the rifle when he ran out of fresh magazines, and it was near someone else, not him, when it was found.

      That being said. I really want to see some video of how Adam got in, I have my own theory about that. I happen to know that building codes require safety glass be installed adjacent to plate glass doors so that the fire department can ‘break in’ in the event of a fire when doors are jammed or locked. It could be that simple, they forgot about it. Stills of a lone gunman sure would help dispell the theories.

      Perhaps there are in fact many schools that used the same template to install their security systems, so the weekness is not something you’d want the world to know about.

      Anything I state here is a matter of my opinion, based on information I have obtained on the Internet and my own perspective based on my life experience. To be clear, I did not suggest lanza was bypolar (Holmes on the other hand, probably is).

      1. I still maintain that pinning Lanza as the suspect is still slightly fishy. Again, if his specific mental disorder were known, the mass murder would have become much more likely – people who are autistic generally tend to express their anger against one individual, not a whole host of them. The fact that Lanza LITERALLY had ZERO priors and ZERO reports (as far as I know) of any angry, violent behavior is highly unusual. Of the three major mass murders that have taken place in the recent past – Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Aurora – each killer either had a number of priors, or violent/negative behavior had been witnessed in them. What is especially concerning is that Lanza – who, sources stated, had never been trained to use a gun, though his brother had – killed 27 people . . . and caused absolutely zero injuries. All of the mass murders I listed above had high numbers of injuries, often even higher than the number killed. How could Lanza, a mentally ill kid, kill 27 people and not result in even one injury?

      2. Pat, you don’t have the slightest excuse to say Holmes was probably bipolar. There is absolutely no evidence that we have seen that indicates he shot anyone or that he was mentally ill. There are questions about that incident as well – several. If he was dressed in a gas mask as witnesses said, they did not see his face. He was found sitting passively (not sure if on the curb or in his car) but not wearing a gas mask and he took their word for it that he shot up the theater. He did say , supposedly, that it seemed like a video game. And he warned them for some reason about his explosive rigged apartment. And he supposedly told an inmate that his counselor brainwashed him. A second gas mask was found outside the back door (down the building) and a child’s flip flops and lots of splats of blood going halfway down the building – we don’t know what that was about. Point being, not only is Holmes legally entitled to be considered innocent until proven guilty, but he is entitled not to be condemned by the media and public as guilty. We should keep an open mind, ask questions there, too.

        1. RickA, you really know a lot of stuff. Don’t know how you find time to keep up with it all. I thought at first you were disagreeing with me about Holmes but when I looked up Richard Jewell, I could see you were in agreement.

        2. These people live by the lie bacause if the truth ever got out no one would vote for them.
          Remember Obama ran promising not to push new gun control laws and to contain government spending………….How’s that workin’ out?

        3. He also said he would get the troops out of Iraq (which he did sort of I guess but instead of bringing them home, he sent them to Afghanistan – Tricky Dicky had nothing on him) and he would close Gitanomo (but not a single prison in the U.S. has room for the prisoners) and he also claimed he would get GMO foods labeled. Hmmm – how’s that working out?

      3. Ellum, I believe that the no injury posit isn’t true. I’ve read that there were multiple injuries. And unfortunately it’s also true that people with no priors have snapped before. So I view this as being fairly probable

  52. Sir,
    If you are, as you style yourself, an independent investigator of the truth, then instead of casting speciously argued doubts from the comfort of your own office on such a tender and painful topic as the senseless murder of these young children, why wouldn’t you have the investigative drive and moral decency to travel to Newtown and interview, among others, the bereaved families? But no, you prefer to cast outrageous stones of doubt from the insulated confines of your own intellectual inertia. Shame on you. Shame on your ignorant, paranoid, fantasizing fellow travelers who stoop to believe any person or any institution would concoct a fictional or fictionalized tragedy of such proportions in order to, as you lamely claim, ‘achieve political ends.’ You, sir, are lazy and irresponsible. Do the work required or keep your own counsel.

  53. Perhaps it would be a good idea to check out what happened in Rocky Hill CT on the night of the 13th December 2012, and see if there is any connection to the Newtown massacre.

  54. I am a kindergarten teacher in Wisconsin. I walk every day at my lunch hour and usually listen to the Ed Shulz show. (92.1 fm) He talked for the first 20 minutes on December 14 about GUNS in America. It wasn’t until I was within 20 feet of reentry into my school that I found out what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I still revisit that moment. What happened?

  55. Professor,

    I sincerely hope this message gets to you. It’s only been a couple of years since I’ve realized how unreliable mainstream media is in covering any events and many things are left unexplained and ambiguous. The questions you bring up are completely valid, but I don’t need to tell you that. I ran into an article on yahoo and they’ve already taken this entry completely out of context. I just wanted to say that I am truly honored to have heard about you. It’s a crazy world we live in to say that you had the guts to stand up and ask valid questions that anyone using an ounce of critical thinking would ask as well.

    Thank you!

  56. Sir,
    youre story is well written and well thought out, I believe that this is all part of a global disarming of citizens across the world and mostly America.

  57. […] Get a load of this guy, who has decided that our rascal of a government is at it again — and guess what they’re still trying to do? If you guessed ‘mass manipulation like a cartoon-style villain twirling their mustache in the shadows via a plan with a level of inefficiency that would make even Rube Goldberg green with envy’, you’d be correct! But this guy…this guy sees right through it, because he is a special snowflake that’s not just some sheeple like you or I. He is the one with knowledge unique to him and his obviously massive intellect. Allow me to take you on a journey through his great theory, won’t you? […]

  58. Very well said. I have never been one to think much into conspiracy theories, and even hate to admit that I usually just take what the news says as fact and leave it alone. Something about this particular story really stood out to me though, something in my gut just didn’t feel right. Being the mother of a 1 1/2 and 3 year old I can’t even imagine the tragedy of losing a child. The way the parents of the victims acted shocked me, I couldn’t believe how they were able to go through an interview without completely breaking down in uncontrollable tears. Instead they were smiling and laughing. Then all the changes started in what really happened, how many gun men there were, what weapons were used, etc. I started searching the web and finding a lot of people felt like something wasn’t right also. Of course that led to researching 9/11, the Aurora shooting, and the Portland shooting. There are a lot of similarities and unanswered questions you just can’t overlook. How is there no security footage from any of these events? Just seems like something fishy is going on to me.

  59. 1) Government lies about an event that never happened. The media goes along. Govt. uses it as excuse to start war which murders millions.
    2) Horrible event really begins to happen. Government allows it to go forward and then orders it covered up. Media goes along.

    President Johnson did both of the above.

    1) Gulf of Tonkin. Attack on U.S. never happened.
    From the article: Why such inaccurate news coverage? Wells points to the media’s “almost exclusive reliance on U.S. government officials as sources of information” — as well as “reluctance to question official pronouncements on ‘national security issues.'” …. Daniel Hallin’s classic book The “Uncensored War” observes that journalists had “a great deal of information available which contradicted the official account [of Tonkin Gulf events]; it simply wasn’t used.

    2) Israel’s murderous 1967 attack on the USS Liberty., a U.S. intelligence ship. Story covered up for 40 years and ignored by major media to this day. After the attack began Pres. Johnson called back carrier aircraft dispatched to defend the Liberty. After the attack Johnson and McNamara ordered a cover-up. In addition to these articles, listen to the interview with a survivor of the attack and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern’s story about what happened. This story is fact.

    People are attacking James for considering possibilities and they are saying he is nuts and his writing shameful. They need to learn the shameful things our government has already done “to achieve political ends”. Questioning the official story of such a horrific event is a moral imperative.

    1. all wars start via false flag events and are totally orchestrated. just as the soon to happen one they are priming us for-the elites will pocket the power and dough- you’ll have a son on the corner with no legs and a tin cup

  60. Thank you for taking the time to put this article together. I hope that if any families that lost a child at Sandy Hook finds your article credible will ask the hard questions. If it were me, I would start with the Homeland security exercise at the fire house in 2010 named HSEEP. That is where the real investigation should begin. The photoshopped Parker family photos are also suspicious, why cut and paste your own daughter into family photos. Thank you for being so brave and putting into words what I cannot.

  61. While what took place at Sandy Hook was indeed tragic, I ask you this, what if all of the current rise in gun related violence was more Manchurian in nature? Get the public on the side of higher regulation or even banning fire arms completley as to make the takeover of the masses even easier? If you could please reply via my e-mail I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

  62. Seriously !! People believe in being open minded about all sorts of things these days but are blinded ” conditioned ” and manipulated by the media and the government. In this case “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck then ? ”
    Even our past Presidents knew the problems of Power with our Government and warned us. Those who turn a blind eye to any of this are blind !!
    It is Our responsibility as United States Citizens to Demand the truth seek the truth in Government that we selected .

    John Adams -(1797–1801)
    “I pray Heaven to bestow the best of blessing on this house (the White House) and on all that shall hereafter inhabit it. May none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof!”
    “The happiness of society is the end of government.”

    George Washington (1789–1797)
    “Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

    Thomas Jefferson (1801–1809)
    “That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves.”

    James Madison (1809–1817)
    “The truth is that all men having power ought to be mistrusted.”

  63. Lies have been used for centuries to deceive the public in order to achieve political ends. It’s not fantasizing, ignorance or being parinoid, it’s a matter of history and not being ignorant enough to believe it can’t happen again.

  64. I could take what you do every day and generate the same delusional garbage. You prove what I have always said a college education does not make you smart it only proves you can read and take a test about it. I would ask how you could live with your self but you would not get the point sir

    1. TIM Whale I presume. WOW the whole family is here. You can take your royal ass in addition to Tiny TIM (AKA ERIC IDOL) and the whole crew back to England and stay there. We know the Crown is behind this gradual coup. YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

  65. This article is simply outrageous and disgusting! The Sandy Hook tragedy (among the many other massacres and horrible murders worldwide that have happened throughout recorded history) is something no human being should have to experience. Yet, to say it didn’t happen at all is an insult to the victims of it. If you’re “right” in your logic of this case, then I agree with Tim K. I dare you to go sit down with the victims families, and record their testimony of whether or not the death of their children was real or some government conspiracy. Broadcast it for the world to see (because you already seem to not be afraid of backlash, or of any secret attempts by a corrupt government to remove you “a-la-1984” from speaking against them), and we’ll witness together whether you’re right or wrong, because you got some serious “balls” sir to be saying such words on this subject.
    Don’t just start a slanderous theory for the sake of attention (because that’s just being a careless asshole and an insensitive, pompous dick), but go out there and finish what you’ve started now. May God have mercy on you if you’re wrong….

    1. I will sit down with the “families” of the “victims” and record their testimonies because I saw NONE of them actually crying in interviews. I believe they were all actors and not even good ones at that. You buy this wag-the-dog stuff and get outraged like they want you to, puppet. Children getting murdered is outrageous and heinous. FAKING it for political reasons or to gain power over our nation’s citizens is too. Next time, read the article before posting.

      1. Then you didn’t watch much. I saw MANY instances of family members crying in interviews. And there were likely many families who refused interviews because they were too distraught.

    2. i’m a little ‘tragedy fatigued’ myself. thank goodness the controllers have the decency to spread the tragedies out a little bit so i have some time to recover before the next one…

    1. questions = perceived threat.
      ask me no questions and i’ll tell you no lies.
      cliches are cliches because we are tired of them, NOT because they are untrue.

    2. The reason in this case is because he has already received his answer yet refuses to accept his crazy theory is outright blasphemous to those who know what took place that day! NOT actors! NOT fake dead bodies! NOT scandal and cover-up! Others still grieve this horrific tragedy and you disrespect and dishonor the victims, their families, friends and whole community by desperately clinging to and contributing to the very weak tale woven by the wizrard himself; James Tracy.

      1. Manny, why do they tell you guys that they pay to come on the blogs and post (trolls), to tell people to go to Newtown and interview the families? All of you are saying that now.

        1. It’s not their fault. They are just following their orders. The same defense the Germans used at Nuremburg.

        2. An, I’m not quite sure what you mean exactly but when I said it, its because I live in this area and have been close enough having friends (2)to be preside loose their children. So, I see all the comments and people asking why so to me its simple, see for yourself. Its a little painful to hear some of the comments made here about the families.

        3. I’m sure the families of Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata hurt every day Obama and Holder are not in orange jumpsuits too.

  66. One more thing: The EXTREMELY strange testimony from Gene Rosen, repeating the same phrases over and over and over again:

    What are the odds in 3 different interviews Gene would use the unusual phrase “The light and the darkness?”

    This guy appears to have well rehearsed what he is saying beforehand- And where is his wife during this entire event? Why was she not interviewed, or mentioned in his testimony?:


    The story about the alleged weapons used during the attack keeps changing time and time again as well, news reporting different weapons were used, almost every interview we are told a different thing:


    Why is it so hard for the media to get this information correct? Could it be because we’re not being told the whole truth in the event?

    1. Anderson Cooper is on the attack- they are using the whacky CT theories out there to discredit the substative legitimate questions – Here is what is hard to believe Anderson Cooper !Adam Lanza pulled off this crime with NO MOTIVE! Lets look at the media reported motive to attack this school shall we ? Mother was a teacher, mother was a substitute teacher, mother was a volunteer, evil gene, satanism,Lanza had an altercation with 4 staff members 3 of whom were killed? Now lets look at all the guns he carried in – at least 4 handguns, a rifle and a shotgun plus a shotgun was in the car?plus 30 round mags?you expect no questions?

      Oh and when Lt Vance was asked if Nancy Lanza had any affiliation with the school he avoided the question completely. What motive would Lanza have? Why doesn’t anybody explain the guy arrested in the woods? How about the helicopter footage clearly showing a guy hiding in the woods? You use the whacky CT theories to justify ignoring the real questions on the “official story” why are the details about the vehicles under seal? Lanza’s mother had a BMW? so who owns the Honda that was seized?

      NO MOTIVE FOR LANZA ! Why would this happen ? Lanza had no motive- if he was angry why did he choose to harm these innocent little children? Why did he drive literally right past the High School and not attack the students there ? He went a mile out of his way to target tiny children.

      POSSIBLE MOTIVE FOR ANTI GUN LEADERSHIP? We had a Chief of staff at the White House who said ” Don’t let a good crisis go to waste”. We have multiple mass shooting all with unsatisfactory answers as to motive and execution. We have Diane Feinstein with immediate gun control legislation being brought up before the little bodies of the victims are even buried? We have a leadership with a clear anti-gun agenda. We have serious issues not being investigated regarding other participants in the crime – Personnel in the woods caught on helicopter footage, personnel in theatre that opened the door for Holmes?


      Would the government lie ? Pat Tilman, Jessica Lynch, USS Iowa?

    2. Anderson Cooper is on teh attack ! Here is what is hard to believe Anderson Cooper Adam Lanza pulled off this crime with NO MOTIVE! Lets look at the media reported motive to attack this school shall we ? Mother was a teacher, mother was a substitute teacher, mother was a volunteer, evil gene, satanism,Lanza had an altercation with 4 staff members 3 of whom were killed? Now lets look at all the guns he carried in – at least 4 handguns, a rifle and a shotgun plus a shotgun was in the car?plus 30 round mags?you expect no questions?

      Oh and when Lt Vance was asked if Nancy Lanza had any affiliation with the school he avoided the question completely. What motive would Lanza have? Why doesn’t anybody explain the guy arrested in the woods? How about the helicopter footage clearly showing a guy hiding in the woods? You use the whacky CT theories to justify ignoring the real questions on the “official story” why are the details about the vehicles under seal? Lanza’s mother had a BMW? so who owns the Honda that was seized?

      The Government is not investigating these cases to prosecute all involved and are therefore TACITLY approving these attacks. ALL EVIDENCE IS THAT THERE WERE MULTIPLE ASSAILANTS OR PARTICIPANTS IN EVERY CASE AT AURORA, WISCONSIN AND NEWTOWN


  67. So, prof bozo,
    You got a PhD in what may I ask ? You need psychiatric evaluation for sure.
    You are a stupid SOB who is best left to go crazy like your pal Alex Jones..How come you do not question other incidents in the world as conspiracy theories..only in this crazy country can you do all this sh** and get away..

    Now, go, get admitted to the ward and save the society from all your ramblings.

    1. Madmax hmmmmm Winklers son max, or should I call you OHIO SCHOOL SHOOTER. Give it up. You and your family will pay dearly for the damage your little acting stunts have caused.

      We know who you are, but you have know Idea who or how many we are.

    2. And, let me guess, you’d like to see that come to a screeching halt? The society (sic) doesn’t need saving, it is voluntary to be here or not. May I suggest you not let the door knob hit you on your way out?

  68. Well done sir. From the rational post to the emotional post people never cease to amaze. Questions are the meaning of life, and I hope you continue to ask them until they are all answered. Support.

  69. My two cents based on Occams Razor. Media swoops in and nobody wants to talk to them. Gene, the wacko that he is, thinks here’s my moment. Get in front of those cameras and make myself a hero. That delusional guy was the best they could get as they scrambled for info to report. No pictures of the kids evacuating because that happened before the helicopter arrived. Any video evidence would not be released since it would cause a backlash for being too graphic. The reports of numerous shooters comes from our expectation, based on movies and on the Columbine scenario. When cops approach a scene, adrenaline pumping, everyone they see is potentially an armed suspect. Most initial reports are based on mere expectation or perception. The medical examiner didn’t know anything because he didn’t know anything. They likely pulled him aside, said hey, this scene is horrific, you don’t want that in your brain, we know who did it, we know how, the guy is dead, no trial here, no wounded, no need to drag this out endlessly. Don’t put yourself or staff through it. Well just take pictures for ID, we’ll get these kids out of here, and you can go home. Give a press conference, satisfy the media, and get it over with. He, relieved, and excited to be the center of attention, takes to the cameras not sure what he is supposed to say. Isn’t that more likely than him being a body double or a stooge, or a kid killer accomplice. Jumping to strange conclusions is like hearing a raccoon in the attic and assuming it’s a spirit. Perhaps the media hired an actor so they could get that shot, since no parent wanted to talk. There is a logical explanation to this short of implicating dozens of high ranking officials.

    1. well said.

      This blogger is confusing his own IGNORANCE with “unanswered questions.”

      Just for instance, he mentions bushmaster bullets, and claims they would go through people. IN fact, they are designed – as the M.E. said, correctly – to stop in the body and explode.

      All of his questions and innuendoes can be similarly dismissed. But he asks so many questions, an uninformed, paranoid observer might think “there must be something to this. But a pile of bullshit, no matter how high it is, is still bullshit.

      1. This person put a lot of time into describing things that are perfectly explainable. A lot of it is finding things to be suspicious about when professionals are just protecting the privacy of victims, patients, and families. They are professionals and- other than the sleazeball self-promoting journalists who just want to profit off the trauma of children- they of COURSE are not going to give details outside their particular area of specialty or that reveal personally identifiable information. They’re all being careful to only answer questions about what they feel on their part of the elephant, so to speak. It’s well-known that different systems (school, police, hospital) follow different procedures in emergency situations, and in the panic of something like a shooter in an elementary school, they probably were not communicating well with each other. It seems silly to try to invent mysterious government bad guys when the real live citizen-bad-guy needs to be recognized.

        The general public shouldn’t feel entitled to images of the exploding-bullet carnage on somebody else’s first-grader in order to be okay with honoring the way they died. Many families have been very public and vocal about their experiences, most notably this one:


    2. On the day of the OKC bombing I was sitting in my truck when the news broke on the radio. I sat there in my driveway most of the day, forgetting to go to work and just listened to the reports
      as they unfolded. The media reported that there were 3 John Does they were looking for. The news reported that John Doe #3 was caught as he got off an international flight using a
      forged passport(which is a federal offense.) He was found to have blue prints of the Federal Building in his briefcase, He was then released and I waited to hear more reports
      on John Doe # 3, but he was never mentioned again. I talked to people days after the bombing and not one person that I talked to knew anything about John Doe #3. I heard the news reports first hand,
      so I know I am not crazy, but after his release, there never was another report about John Doe #3.
      Wake up people, take off your blinders, and search for the answers for yourself, stop listening to the stories that the government regulated media has been shoving down your throat.
      Remember, Remember the 5th of November.

    3. Video evidence of kids leaving the school would cause “backlash”? Really? Aurora shooting I can understand no video since there is still a live suspect (not for much longer I suspect) but what about video of the Pentagon being struck by a UFO on 9/11 – why haven’t we seen one of those? What you are suggesting for the ME is I believe actually criminal. He and his staff is paid to be “put through this stuff”. You call these “logical explanations”?

    1. Why is CBS and the main media giving attention to this? Is it not
      part of their agenda to do so? And what might their agenda be, overall,
      in the big picture? Be a gadfly, not a bulldog, unless it be a bulldog for
      truth. “Bewarel of the dogs, beware of the workers of evil, beware of the
      mutilation,” said Saint Paul, Hebrew among Hebrews, “for he is not a Jew
      who is one outwardly, but circumcision is of the heart.”

      1. That is, any conspiracy contrary to the officially sanctioned and promoted conpiracy theory, e.g., that Arabs with box cutters brought down the twin towers, usually is ignored by big media, else targeted for ridicule, as the rantings of tin hat coconuts, so the lemmings can laugh. However, there is always an ulterior motive or hidden agenda. Of course, the shootings in
        Sandy Hook deserve our greatest grief and most meticulous attention, but why did this professor make the big news, that’s my question? Please understand, I wish in no way to cast doubt upon the sincerity of the media or the professor here posting. My only question to what cause is their sincerity truly devoted, esp. at the highest decision-making levels? One must be sincere indeed to use predator and reaper drones to take out alleged terrorists even when it will result in what they call “collateral damage,” which is to say, the death or maiming of innocent children and women. Nor do I doubt the sincerity of the rabbis who, according to the Bible, sought people to bear false witness against Jesus Christ, so that he might be arrested and murdered. That this conspiracy was to their mind successful and morally justified I have no doubt. However, I need not don a tin hat to infer that surely they must have had many lesser gods than truth or justice, and strange gods they must be to sanction the murder of an innocent man.

  70. I frequently read posts, but never leave them. I do feel in this case to make an exception. I was at work the day of the shooting and contrary to my usual frame of mind my first thoughts were “how very convenient, this will play well into pro-gun control agendas. Especially following the theater shooting in CO.” I then (seconds later) grieved for the children and thought of my own children that age and it hurt deep. I am not a prone to entertain conspiracy claims, but I feel that the CO and the Sandy Hook were linked. I am left wondering what if the desired response to CO was to elicit support for gun-control in a very volatile election time and then when the media failed to rally as expected and moved on to more “engaging” election news the plans for the second phase were put into action project Sandy Hook. One is left wondering if since killing random moving goers didn’t prompt a cry for gun-control the next step would be innocent children will definitely get the desired result. I shudder to think what would/will be next if the “push/support” wanted for gun-control legislation does not occur what STEP-#3 will be. The lack of “real” human response to this tragedy including the media is staggering! At least at the CO you saw real grief on peoples faces. There were pictures of wounded. At Sandy Hook Surely there were a lot of near misses. Anyone who has fired a weapon knows the chances of wounding vs kill-shot lean more towards wounding. I grieve for the families of the victims. I believe they actually died. I believe the families and community are in the dark though and that there are too many “why?” questions to procedures were handled. At least it was not claimed that all the victims & Adam would be buried at sea. Sorry could help being Cynical.

    1. Your first thoughts were of the gun control debate? Your first thoughts were of how this tragedy will affect the ability of people to own a firearm? Wow what an empty, vapid, terrible human being you are..I think your lack of human response is disturbing..

      1. GUnSAREBAD, Don’t you understand that it is your human response, based on emotions that make you weak, and easy to manipulate. And he did have a human response. I think your closed minded, people are bad because they don’t think like me attitude is disturbing.

  71. I’m curious why this has not been mentioned at all, “The father of Newtown Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza is Peter Lanza who is a VP and Tax Director at GE Financial. The father of Aurora Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes is Robert Holmes, the lead scientist for the credit score company FICO. Both men were to testify before the US Sentate in the ongoing LIBOR scandal. The London Interbank Offered Rate, known as Libor, is the average interest rate at which banks can borrow from each other. 16 international banks have been implicated in this ongoing scandal, accused of rigging contracts worth trillions of dollars. HSBC has already been fined $1.9 billion and three of their low level traders arrested.” Have you pursued this accusation?

      1. Agreed. But then, the mother was reported as a teacher at the school, the nurse said she was, then it was changed to a volunteer, then no relation; and yet Lanza had been to the school recently (and should have CCTV of that entry but they won’t show us anything) and had a verbal fight there with some staff. Why was he there and why was he let in?

      2. Perhaps Nancy Lanza was working in an unofficial capacity? They wouldn’t want to admit that. Just sayin. That of course is speculation. I’d like to hear from the nurse, and of course, see any video establishing how the shooter entered the building.

    1. well, maybe because it’s totally false. There are NO LIBOR HEARINGS SCHEDULED, and never have been, and there’s no evidence either man was scheduled to testify in any hearings of any kind. It’s just something one blogger wrote, without an evidence, and you believed it. Sucker.

    1. So, even though Peter Lanza has aided in the success of GE’s ability to avoid taxes and move billions of the company’s assets to offshore banks… even with no connection to LIBOR, I still think it’s something that the media typically would have a field day with. But they didn’t. Obama even appointed Lanza’s GE co-worker Jeff Immelt as a Chairman to the President’s Council. What ever happened to investigative journalism? Sorry, but something is amiss here. It’s obvious that the motivation behind the Sandy events is gun control. Like many other’s I also watched a movie where only the government and police were allowed to carry guns. It was called Schindler’s list.

      FYI – Excellent website, keep up the good work.

  72. My own theory on the matter Is “they” are grabbing people off the street brain washing them and sending them to kill people. Why would they do that? So we ask them to take our guns away. What could be worse than killing children? It happened before in Lancaster Pennsylvania but nobody cares about the Amish. People should have realized then that all schools are vulnerable and action should have been taken. Here we sit still with all schools susceptible to a single person walking in and shooting 20 people before the police can get on scene to start looking for the offender. Why don’t we have armed security on all school campuses? We already have them on the payroll they’re in Afghanistan and Iraq. Lock the doors and let our troops walk around outside and actually defend our children. As I write that I feel more oppressed but what can we do. Do we have any other options other than being disarmed or surrounded by soldiers? I do feel for everyone who lost somebody and I’m sorry for there loss. I couldn’t post this without saying that.

    1. Jeff, You may be closer than you think. Google Presidential Hearing 1995 and Valerie Wolf regarding abductions of children from their homes for mind control experiments conducted at some colleges supposedly by CIA plants. Seriously, Google it.

  73. I found this whole thing rather fishy of how everything happens. All these massive shootings seems to show traces of trained assassains. I find it very upsetting when one tries to speak in another light about these incidents people think those who speak are in sensitive. I have so much respect for someone to speak on this and try to get others to wake up

  74. YOu are almost there Professor. Take it to the next level and you will see that the majority of all media on TV is scripted out and is being produced by 5 families of actors. View my site and you will see who they are and understand they have been doing this for a long long time. Don’t fall for the Crisis actor web site, that is a Honey Pot Trap.

    go to wellaware1. com/fairfield. htm
    to see the truth about this event.

    1. Hey Ed- Are you still pushing the completely ridiculous theory that Sarah Palin is Tina Fey, who is also Truther Girl Sonia?

      Let me get this straight- you SERIOUSLY believe truther girl Sonia = Sarah Palin = Tina Fey? Are you completely out of your mind, it would appear as though that is the case.

      Truther Girl Karin is also Bristol Palin?

      Ron Paul is actually Vance Colvig? HAHA!! I HURT MY GUT LAUGHING SO BAD! Where do you come up with this crapola?

      Just for the record- Please let everyone know if you still insisting Sarah Palin is Tina Fey before directing them to your disinfo website.

      You are one of the worst, if not THE worst disinfo “artist” there is- and you should be ashamed about what you’re doing.. Guess it pays pretty well, either that or you’re just insane.

    2. Are you being purposely dense? Are you a plant to make people on this site look bad? I already pointed out a MAJOR flaw in your thinking there and you still cling to your theory! Listen carefully: the pictures of the little girls you claim are the same person are taken 4 years apart. The so-called actor would be 4 years older now than the picture you show and would look nothing like the other girl. Find a current picture and prove it to yourself. Get it?? Debunked!!

  75. James Tracy is correct; this was a training exercise that became a public hoax. The DHS has a program that reimburses law enforcement coupled with first responders called an ExPlan FSE (exercise plan, full scale event.) These can take a year or longer to plan and involve mutiple agenices. It requires several phases of documentation after the event and an assessment that is entered online so the grant money can channel back. Part of the phases is to give public news briefings that then fortify the ‘see something, say something’ agenda. No one was hurt in this event. Actors were used and those actors have been seen in other events. You are correct that this is propaganda and social agenda driven. Events similar to Sandy Hook were the Gabby Giffords event, Aurora, and Clackamas. You may find out more information on WellAware1.com, via Ed Chiarini’s Facebook page, his YouTube Channel, my YouTube channel or DallasGoldBug.com/wall. The world is a much better place than you are being led to believe via the media. They wish to keep the people in fear. People afraid will surrender their freedoms for security. That is how you control 300 million Americans or other nations.

  76. James your brevity is commended,nowadays it is virtually impossible to have an opinion that opposes the mass opinion without being labelled with some derogatory descriptive.I too have been very wary,not only with Newtown,but with every thing that mass media spits out.Has anyone here in this thread taken notice of the fact that both the shooters in Aurora and Newtown are linked in a strange way?Both of their fathers were scheduled to testify before Congress on the Libor scandal.How this relates to these two events I really don’t know,but to ignore this fact would be a grand mistake.Not only this,and while it is also an oddity,there is a scene in “the dark knight rises” where law enforcement are looking at a map of Gotham (New York) and listed as strike zone 1,among 5 or 6 I think,is Sandy Hook in bold letters.They even point to Sandy Hook at a certain point.There is something unimaginable going on I’m afraid to say.

    1. Link of fathers: debunked. Regarding the oddity of the Sandy Hook reference in Dark Knight, I wonder myself. I wonder if it is there to make us wonder if WE are nuts or to make us look nuts to others if we (as would be expected) mention it? Or maybe as strange as it seems, it is just a coincidence. 😉

      1. And, as someone noted in the comments about the Tracy’s blog on the Taft Union High School Drill Becomes Real Life, the comment posted by Trew:
        January 16, 2013 at 7:30 pm

        Here is what is so crazy about the Batman Sandy Hook thing…the prop director of it died in a suscpicious car accident in Sandy Hook eight months ago. How is that for a coincidence?


  77. Thank you VERY much for writing this. I was suspicious the moment that I heard the police had initially been “looking for a second gunman,” but then magically decided the boy had acted alone instead. (Where have we heard THAT before?) You have connected the dots for us, and the American public owes you a huge debt for doing that!

    1. For what? Knowing how to use google and youtube? There is zero investigative work in this article. Investigators actually question people, meet those involved with the case, and use facts to come up with their theory. Conspiracy theories are easy and are usually created by those with an agenda.

      1. Exactly Nik! James is biased and therefore his assertions are invalid and bare not one iota of truth based in fact. To only examine evidence obtained from the internet and other news sources without actually visiting the area and talking with the survivors is hardly valid. Then to use the internet (blog) to fabricate a government conspiracy so as to cast unsubstantiated doubt on what is a very horrific event that impacted lives (such as mine) is irresponsible and devoid of human compassion. In fact I find it ironic that he bases his theory using the very sources he derides as corrupt. Visiting Newtown and talking to people who were there is a more reliable source, I’ll stick with the facts

      2. Manny, interesting how you conveniently keep “forgetting” that there are cops stationed at the doors of the “victims” to keep people from talking to them – an extraordinary step – one I have never heard of before, for their protection from being bothered. If the government weren’t working at the speed of light in the aftermath of this event to push through their anti-gun agenda, there would be far less suspicion.

        1. Laura, without animosity or any pretense, can you comment on why your interpretation of police protection is more valid than anything else. For instance, my thought is with the way media is so hungry to get a story along with extraordinary circumstances where 20small children were killed (as a parent I have horrible images of what the last minutes were like for those children) and providing them some space to grieve is a gesture of support. That’s my thought. My outbursts were inappropriate but I still feel the pain that friends of mine are going through. That’s about all I have to say and that’s all I should have said. So sorry for any offense towards you.

        2. providing them some space to grieve

          Maybe that “space” was the reason all those grieving parents were so happy in their television interviews that next day after their children being killed.

          And you STILL have not answered my question about you knowing Robbie Parker……………We all know you live just down the road from Newtown!

        3. I don’t know the Parkers, what else do you want to know. I live in the town south Newtown. Two couples I know live in Newtown, one family in Sandy Hook and I have a client who lives there as well. I keep in touch or visit a few times a year. I’m afraid I don’t concur with you regarding Obamas plan nor do I know all of the families. I believe I failed your test for being anyone credible according to a previous post of yours. What’s your beef dude? Will you continue to insist that I am a liar? You have your information, I have mine and we can part on good terms or not.

  78. I also felt that something wasn’t right when I heard about this school shooting and when I started to look at the information given out to the public – things didn’t add up.. I feel very sorry for any parent going through the loss of a child.. it must be horrendous, my first thought was why are they not kicking and screaming and wanting answers, they are assuming this 20 yr old managed to slaughter all these people in a short space of time – with precise targeting, and taking everything they have been told as the truth. Reports say he hadn’t been seen for 3 yrs, is this true, if so where was he? Questions have not been answered, or they are hard to believe. I am not saying there may be some truth in their story, but something is going on here, its just my instinct, I am glad people are coming out wanting answers. This is not taking away any grieving process from the families, they will be traumatized .. although some didn’t seem to be on interview, but later they may start to question ‘ what is going on’… No matter what state my child was in.. I would want to see the body…and for Dr Carver to say my photographer takes good shots.. would not be acceptable.
    I question the nuns, who where they – what order do they belong to,
    Why was the custodian not being questioned, he said he saw the shooter and was heard to say ‘ put the gun down’ .. is that right? or has that story been changed.. so many changes. I think we should question things, so many times we are let up the garden path with news comments and views from mainstream TV which turn out not to be true. Investigative Journalism seems to have been blocked. Would they do such a thing to get gun control?
    The posts on here make sense.

    1. Do the NUN’s in the article look familiar? they are, of course, from Saint Rose, the attached school primary color? Purple.. Still searching for the purple van though.


      Their ‘official ID’s’, the crucifix.


  79. I just completed reading this callous and cold comment from a man that obviously is lower then a ground worm.
    I am willing to bet that this, and I am using the word “man” loosely, man must have been raised by a heard of jackles I am wondering what he teaches at this university. I can only guess HOW TO BE AN ASS AND LIKE IT.
    My guess is that he has never been married thus his comment “With the exception of an unusual and apparently contrived {DEFINATION OF CONTRIVED – ARTIFICIAL} appearance by Emilie Parker’s alleged {DEFINATION OF ALLEGED – SO-CALLED} father, victims’ family members have been almost wholly absent from public scrutiny”
    NO ONE and I repeat NO ONE in their right frame of mind would ever say something like that without ever knowing.
    This ALLEGED teacher of young adults needs to take a course on how to conduct yourself as a human and not as an animal.
    I will gladly respond to anything this moron has to say….I may not have a PhD in my field of education but I am still capable of using COMMON SENSE, which obviously he never believes in, and I DO HAVE A HEART THAT IS CAPABLE OF FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS….

    1. I don’t think you actually read the blog if you don’t know what he teaches. It is in the first paragraph of the articles. Also, if you are going to copy and paste lines of text, make sure to use spell check. They should dock some of your pay for the grammar and spelling errors.

    2. face it, you got a stake in what you grew up believing- no one can read this well reasoned piece and seriously believe he’s not sincere and his observations are not well thought out- oh, and like most of the scum in the MSM-he didn’t do this for the money

  80. I just completed reading this callous and cold comment from a man that obviously is lower then a ground worm.
    I am willing to bet that this, and I am using the word “man” loosely, man must have been raised by a heard of jackles I am wondering what he teaches at this university. I can only guess HOW TO BE AN ASS AND LIKE IT.
    My guess is that he has never been married thus his comment “With the exception of an unusual and apparently contrived {DEFINATION OF CONTRIVED – ARTIFICIAL} appearance by Emilie Parker’s alleged {DEFINATION OF ALLEGED – SO-CALLED} father, victims’ family members have been almost wholly absent from public scrutiny”
    NO ONE and I repeat NO ONE in their right frame of mind would ever say something like that without ever knowing.
    This ALLEGED teacher of young adults needs to take a course on how to conduct yourself as a human and not as an animal.
    I will gladly respond to anything this moron has to say….I may not have a PhD in my field of education but I am still capable of using COMMON SENSE, which obviously he never believes in, and I DO HAVE A HEART THAT IS CAPABLE OF FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS….

  81. My argument is that the inconsistencies are more likely the results of media incompetence rather than a guiding hand.

    Firstly, why do you put so much credence into initial media reports of multiple gunmen or a Federal Presence? What the tragedy in Colorado made clear to me is that in the day and age of truly instant news where news outlets feel they are competing against private citizens with smartphones, Social Media, & UTube for the same piece of advertising revenue, the old-media have no problem reporting unsubstantiated rumors as facts and then revising the articles or facts later.

    It is clear to me that after the Aurora Tragedy the mainstream media noticed that the real-time coverage unfolding on Reddit out performed their own reporting; or at least, the reputable reporting. Perhaps they’re reading the tea-leaves in a changing media landscape and notice that immediacy is more important than accuracy to consumers of new-media.

    So what’s to stop an incompetent or overly-ambitious reporter from turning to social media for “unnamed sources”? What’s to stop moneyed interests pressuring editors to publish internet rumors in an effort to please the stakeholders in old-media by making it appear as dynamic as new-media and, therefore, a viable source of news in a rapidly changing marketplace? Finally, what’s to stop those same incompetent and/or overly-ambitious and/or profit-focused executives from employing “common knowledge” about the American public’s short attention span and directing resources to other news stories while relying on press releases for further coverage?

    So I see plenty of individuals and organizations (including various governmental entities) acting less than professionally with each attempting to craft a narrative that will serve their own interests.

    If the goal were to horrify the public into accepting stringent gun controls without question why not use the supposed imposter Medical Examiner to sensationalize the victim’s injuries? Why not have him talk about how their tiny little bodies were ripped with bullets in the most graphic terms possible? Why not have HIM break down and cry on camera as a pathos guaranteeing outpouring of emotion from one who has seen so much death and destruction? You accuse him of acting unprofessionally but as soon as professional ethics are out the window why not take it to the next level for maximum effectiveness? There was so much more beyond what I suggest that could’ve been done to awaken the animal instincts in Americans.

    Finally, this debate about gun control is just getting started and it didn’t come up in a vacuum. There have been multiple mass shootings this year with the Newtown one distinguished only by the number and age of the victims. Sure dead children make for easy political calculations but to say that the politicians are pulling the strings for their own political benefit would be akin to blaming the county dog-catcher for stray dogs.

    1. D. Blake, These people are very good at what they do and they know their audience. This site is a refreshing exception from the rabid gun control rhetoric and sentimental tear-shedding I have seen all over the web. They (the connivers) know not to over-do it and know how much is needed and how much is over-kill (pun intended).

  82. It’s our job as citizens to question any and all inconsistency’s from our Gov. or representatives. This one smells to all holy hell. I’ve heard every thing from the Israeli Mossad to Mi6. It’s too inconceivable that we can have these things happen with out any consistent evidence. What was used. The caliber of the rounds. Even though its only important to the investigators to piece this together even they don’t have the right info. We as citizen’s have been reduced to sheep by the main steam media. i applaud you for your stand. If all the real citizens of the U.S. questioned more of the info coming from our Government we’d be far better off….It is not unpatriotic to question then especially when its so damn clear their trying to scam us again..

  83. Scanning the ‘news’ this morning, I found a trove of articles denouncing your blog and how your investigations have prevented the healing of wounds in Newtown. I, too have been watching and reading how this story just doesn’t add up. Actually, the purpose of the comment is to float the idea that when the MSM puts up ‘attack’ stories, what is actually happening is that the writers and editors are secretly urging the public to go forth and do some of their own research. I had to do a whole 1 minute of searching to find this blog. Is it just possible that there are some ‘white hats’ out there, operating behind enemy lines…. Anyway, thank you very much for your public service and reportage.

  84. Thank you for this article. At least some educators are less willing to swallow the bitter pill of tyranny that the current administration has assumed you have swallowed. I have questioned the events of this tragedy from the get-go, with much grief for being so skeptical of our government.

  85. Sir, your problem is you are crafting a so called conspiracy theory based on newspeak and hearsay. Why don’t you get off your ass and do your own investigation instead of speculating. Regardless of your retarded theories, many children have died and many families are in mourning. Of course, thinking of them before putting pen to paper was obviously not part of your agenda.

    Sounds like an anti-government conspiracy to me. (LOL)

  86. I watched the news as everything unfolded that day, thanks to CNN’s non-stop school shooting marathon . The original reports and footage on CNN, reported that the gunman had only two pistols on his dead body and that police had found his bushmaster rifle in his car. The footage showed two officers retrieving the bushmaster rifle from the dead suspects car. The next day, the media is reporting that he used the bushmaster rifle in the attack, and then an ME reports that each victim was shot numerous times as if trying to connect the bushmaster rifle to the shooting.
    You have the shooting in the mall prior to the school shooting and this gunman as he enters the mall, wearing a mask, states to a store clerk, ” I am the shooter.” prior to opening fire, that does not add up. I think this all ties back to the re-election of Obama and how every single state in the nation issued a petition for succession from the union. Afraid of another Civil War, and militias, things were put in motion to fill the American people with fear and to get the policy change needed to control our guns. Look at all the legislation that has been put in place to make it illegal to protest our government since the president has been put in office. And now I am reading reports that he is looking into running for a third term as president.

  87. Laughable! God, I would love to see the collective IQ of the people in agreement on this site. It’s a wonder you can string words together coherently. Please get back to listening to Alex Jones.

    And to the author, there is a special place in hell waiting for you. Enjoy!

  88. You sir should have your PHD revoked and should be banned from teaching forever. You and all these conspiracy theory nutbags on this ridiculous website really need to get a friggin grip. What dots did you connect? You make invalid assumptions, and scrtuinise peoples actions weeks after the event happened. I guess you are so smart that you can see through all the smoke and reveal the truth. The only truth to this is your batshit crazy, and so are all the back patters on this site.

    1. You sir, need to plug in your brain, and think for yourself, and not let others think for you. Everyone lie, yet the hardcore debunkers seem to think the government is incapable of lying. So much if this case is bizarre, and dont seem real its laughable, and i havent been this sure a conspiracy is going on since the Oklahoma bombings. Do some research, think about what facts and stuff you read through, and be a little more openminded. You need to be able to use critical thinking, othervice you’ll obviously eat whatever the government feed you.

  89. Its interesting that there are only positive comments on this blog. I am sure that the admin has been systematically deleting the droves of negative posts that this ridiculous drivel has drummed up. So I guess you are exactly what you accuse others of being..selectively editing opinions to promote a cause…controlling information and opinion to suit your own needs..you are a coward and a terrible human being.

    1. Guess you have trouble reading- the comments are very mixed and are about 50/50- but someone who buys the official story probably can’t read very well, so it kind of makes sense.

    1. Im not American, nor do i have a gun, not do i intend on getting one, but they got a point. The guns arent killing people, and people who got it in them to kill another human being, will allways find a gun, or another way of doing it without a gun. Plus, most gun murders come from gangs, and, they will allways have guns no matter what, and keep killing. The school-shooting-bonanza have shot through the roof since Obama took the seat, i find it a tad bit odd, and suspicious, and i think you’ll live to regret the day they got banned, when you realize what agende they had for banning them in the first place.

    2. More than clinging to my guns, I want to cling to my Constitution which so many traitors in DC who swore to uphold it are busy tearing down. “The Constitution which at any time exists, ’till changed by an explicit and authentic act of the whole People is sacredly obligatory upon all.”
      George Washington, Farewell Address, September 19, 1796 AND “Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster, and what has happened once in 6000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world.” – Daniel Webster

      1. Laura, I concur. Some other idiots will do anything to cling to their Freedom of Speech, you know, the one that reads:

        “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

        Yet somehow, despite the wording, you have to get permits to assemble, you are limited to a little chain-link cage when you want to assemble–such as at Obama’s Inauguration or at the convention, or even when now when an ‘important’ politician comes to town. Not to mention the occasional beating by the police.

        I do not own a gun and do not expect to: but the reason for the 2nd Amendment–to have an armed citizenship able to limit the tyranny of the government–is not only valid but they is written into the Constitution.

        Funny how Peter Murray cites Obama’s infamous statement: “they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations”. Really?

        Even the ‘liberal’ magazine The Nation published in 2008 a long article explaining the history of the 2nd amendment and admitting plainly: the conservatives were right: the Founding Fathers intended the 2nd Amendment’s purpose be to defend liberty.


        Peter you need to read it and start respecting the basis of the freedoms that our country was founded on. And it’s time you start fighting against their evisceration through Obama’s NDAA Act, his extension of the Patriot Act, his war on whistle blowers, his claim to a right to intern and/or kill American citizens without due process, his pursuit of illegal foreign wars and on and on.


        Like Laura, I cling to the Constitution.

  90. I found your arguements interesting but in the end what does it matter? If there is this grand ruling elite out there and they say 2+2=5, most people will follow suit and believe it. We will go on, age and die and nothing will change…

    1. You hope. Sigh (shaking head) – whatever happened to the American spirit? (I think fluoride). But let me quote a great founding father Thomas Paine – Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.
      Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/t/thomas_paine.html#5QYjGEGbZvKzlIzF.99

  91. We the people deserve to know why there has not been a body or bodies of Nancy Lanza, Adam Lanza, and the Sandy Hook School teachers shown for physical proof and evidence or this is all false media reporting.. There has not been a single proof positive dead person shown and identified by anyone. This is false propaganda until the government propaganda owned press machine that has destroyed the free press shows absolute positive proof of said dead people and identified as such, then no law mandating the ban of any weapon(s) is constitutional. No such proof has been submitted or examined by the citizens of the United States of America. Feintsein because you are in office if every voter in the state of California but one person wants guns banned you and the voters cannot usurp the U.S. Constitution as you took an oath to uphold this document not change the U.S. Constitution for any reason. Feinstein you and your voters do not have that power to change the U.S. Constitution. Every member took an oath to uphold and if you go against the U.S. Constitution you make yourself an enemy of these United States. Feinstein you were not elected to make any changes to this document that only congress can ratify. Just the government owned press is in no way shape or form proof of anyone dying just because stated by a false tool of the government. Factual irrefutable DNA of a dead body (s) proof not words of a government owned press making false statements about 27 dead all closed casket funerals is a blatant lie. Nowhere in the public domain for citizens to access such proof is any proof of anyone dead at Sandy Hook School.

      1. So you can summarily dismiss any comment that generally starts out with “We the people”, Larry? Can I safely assume then, that the lunacy which follows is yours?

  92. What’s with weird old Gene Rosen? His story keeps changing, and makes no sense in the first place. Taking the kids into the house? Didn’t any of them ask for their parents?!? The following article provides some excellent background info on the whole mess, describing the criminal mob and global pedophilia network links to the Newtown area, along with MK Ultra. THere also appears to be a significant history of the practice of satanism in Newtown. It is quite possible many of these people are acting because they are already compromised. http://rense.com/general95/mkultra.html

    1. My theory is that alot of the “actors” are from the Greenberg-family, its just bizarre how many of them look just like the Greenbergs looking at their family album they had posted on Google Picasa, they have taken them down now, but the pics are still out there.

  93. As I read the comments, I couldn’t help but wonder, as I always do in these types of controversal blogs, “What is inflamming those that disagree, their emotional outbursts, when most of society is on their side?” I can’t help but consider that the Internet is loaded with paid propagandists to curb public opinion, and quash dissenters. In the end, this is all human nature, and the base reason why at the end of every civilization, nobody re-gathers to restart it, as human nature and civilization is deemed to firmly be an utter failure by all; and the flaws of human nature, utterly hopeless.

  94. I have to give my support to you for doing this, not many dare to use theire name, and dare to call them out on this one, afterall, you do get looked on as if youre a wack-job by most debunkers (and most people are just that), as its, atleast where im from not good to be this “political incorrect” in todays society.
    I got the feeling of these guys being actors, alot of the parents atleast early on to, and the Parker video is just beyond bizarre as its just a day after his daughter allegedly got brutally murdered, no one would act like that, i would think. The jewish mother of Pozner going out getting a tattoo the day after? Really? Im not buying what these guys are selling.
    Class photos, and Parker photos also seem very photoshopped in my opinion, the classphoto og Soto’s class looked as if half the kids heads got photoshopped in, but im no expert in that area, but it just adds to the list you got of weird things and inconsistencies.
    Would be great if it got exposed, for some reasons, one obviously being no kids got killed (hopefully) if this was a hoax. And even if it is a hoax, and no one got killed, the government gotta realize these things create copycats, so basically if it is indeed a hoax, they are inderectly killing kids.

    Keep up the good work, and focus on getting to the truth, they got away with Oklahoma City Bombings, and who knows what more, they cant get away forever.

    1. So Alex B and Laura,
      Am I to understand that even when people tell you they know victms personally, are friends or actually live in Newtown and Sandy Hook, their account of the actual facts bear no real substance over hearsay and speculation? I just want to understand how your minds work. If you want to be taken seriously – do the leg work and go to the scene of the “crime” and report the anomolies, I look forward to your follow up report. Laura, you spend an inordinate amount of energy batting down anyone regarding any comment against the “truth” you believe. An undeniable truth and fact is the framework under which James Tracy uses to form his ‘theory’ is not based in evidentual fact but rather a bias in which he already believes that any extreme event is suspect and as such he will use the very sources he discredits to fabricate a tale of grand deceit. He’s like a little school boy having fantastic fantasies about an evil plot against humanity by a subverted faction of government and media villians.. Say what you will – and you will, I fully expect you to debunk all of what I say – it does not change the fact that the events in Newtown did not happen as James and other non-believers would like other to believe. Come here, check it out for yourself. JT is a coward, Laura you are a coward, and Alex you to are a coward. You haven’t got the stomach to deal with reality. And though you have a right to speak your mind it would be better for all of us if you didn’t.

      1. Nobody had to go to Benghazi Libya to know that the Administrations claim that the terrorist attack was over a Youtube video. Actually it’s very simple; If the administration and the MSM are ramming it down our throats, you KNOW it’s a lie.

        1. Rick, I don’t see your relation between Benghazi and Newtown. Of course the administration screwed that up – it was called out very quickly. That’s not the debate. Would you call a Sandy Hook survivor a liar to their face?

      2. I live to far away to check out the crime scene, but even if i weren’t id be suprised if they’d let anyone clost to it. They create these conspiracy theories themself, when theres this many inconsitencies. Do you yourself believe in one single conspiracy theory the government is involved in? Id like to figure out how you guys’ brain work aswell, cause you seem incapable of critical thinking. Try and answer some of Tracy’s quesions to yourself, and see where you end up.

        As for people claiming to know the victims, i believe some of them, not the Phelps, but these guys, actually most of the “victims” moved to this place around 2010 or after, and that alone is suspicious, but thats enough time to get to know people around there, so these guys who think they know the victims, im sure they think they do, maybe there even were some collatereal damage, so maybe there even is some actual grieving going on. Most likely not from anyone whos gotten time on the air, looks like they made sure all the actors were the ones getting the time on the air. I sure dont see any tears or grieving, just smiles, well dressed and girls wearing nice make up, who dont seem to have lost any sleep as of late. Dont you wonder how its possible do go through this, and no one is crying? People react different, some may not cry, but no one crying is is pretty close to unrealistic.

        1. Did you miss the part where I said I have freinds and family there less than 10 mile from me? I answered JT – he is off base. You’ll do whatever to avoid the truth.

        2. So what if the shell casings were from a handgun. They SAY the shooter used an assault rifle and I have friends and relatives there less than 10 miles from me SO THERE!
          I don’t CARE if those shells cannot be chambered in a Bushmaster!
          All that matters is YOU’RE NOT HERE SO YOU DON’T KNOW NOTHING!!!!
          I don’t care how many parts of this story are physically IMPOSSIBLE. I’m MANNY and I CLAIM to be in Connecticutt so everybody else has to SHUT UP and listen to nobody but ME!!!!!!!!!!

        3. You wouldn’t change your mind even if you were standing there. You, like the great professor, already have a bias. You believe the government is controlling everything. As for your claim these actors were planted in 2010 – where do you get your information? I’ve known some of these folks for a long time – you are so off base it’s pathetic – you use whatever is convenient to maintain your false reality by filling in the gaps with more conspiracy mumbo-jumbo – you don’t have any evidence. I’ve read many conspiracy theories, watched a number of videos – abscense of evidece and not being able to fully vet the information I can’t whip up a tale such as what has been formulated here. Out of respect for others I keep my observations to myself and if compelled I dig deeper using my own critical thinking – I don’t need a group that has already made up their mind to influence objective reasoning and observation. You feed on these baseless accusations and will do whatever is necessary to keep believing. As for critical thinking, I am eons ahead of you of that I have no doubt. You stay in with and cackle with the others who think like you – that isn’t critical thinking Alex. You won’t take it from someone who has more information than you on the subject, that makes you ignorant.

        4. Out of respect for others I keep my observations to myself

          Really???? How many times have you posted on this site while you are busy keeping your observations to yourself?

        5. Rick I am posting for ONLY Newtown! My observations and proximity convince me this did happen and it wasn’t a Broadway musical or major motion picture event played out by actors. That’s why I am getting so frustrated with this nonsense! However not a one of you accept that I my connections and proximity bear any weight simply because you refuse to accept anything that doesn’t support the alledged conspiracy. It is in my opinion that individuals will use this event and others to further their weapons ban agenda (I do not concur with that group either – we don’t need more useless laws except maybe for closing some loopholes) That does not mean that hollywood, every news outlet in America and the government staged this tragedy. I will do what I can to protect the honor and memory of the children and adults that really lost their lives in an event that was carried out by a senseless act of violence. Not a government coverup. I intend no disrespect I simply want this blasphemous accusation to end! Why do you dismiss the idea of mental illness? No one is asking those questions. Is pharma responsible? They make drugs that have haneous side affects, are proven to cause violent outbursts or severe depression but no – for some reason – perhaps the glamour and sexy conspiracy is more appealing to some.

        6. I should have said that when reviewing information if anomalies exist I do my best to get to the facts before speaking out. Especially with such a sensitive topic. In this day and age of instant information, I regard a lot of what I read or view as suspect. Truth is in my op, there is very little if any reliable information. So I think everyone should be careful of the information they consume and be diligent vetting the info as well. That’s a basic responsibility we all have.

        7. I have never said that the shooting never happened. I just very strongly question the information we have been given. I do not believe for one second that the Newtown cops, who were first on the scene, are babbling idiots. When they found handgun brass at the scene they correctly identified the shooting with the shells on the floor. There is NO WAY that Newtown PD would find .223 casing and determine the shooting was done with handguns.That all came about later when the feds showed up and a Bushmaster suddenly appeared out of nowhere.
          As you have made clear to everybody here, you live in the local area and have contacts in Newtown. If I were in your position and wanted to honor the memories of the children, I would want to know if the government was exploiting this for political purposes. I would be contacting everyone I knew in Newtown and spending every spare moment I had in the Newtown Dunkin’ Donuts trying to get the real line from Newtown PD questioning what brass did they REALLY find at the scene.
          If nothing else, you must know a cop in your own town. Simply ask him (or her) if a cop at a crime scene could confuse 9MM and .223 brass. When he tells you that would be like confusing a sewing needle with an icepick you will know that you are onto something.

        8. Thanks Rick, you gave me an idea. I know a policeman I can ask who, recently was promoted to detective – its the husband of my ex-wife. We’ve had some interesting chats on cases. I will ask him about the gun and casing situation. Unfortunately I can’t afford financially to spend days in Newtown interviewing people as I run my own business so I need to maintain that. I have an appointment to see my client in a couple of weeks, I can ask her what she thinks. To be honest, I’ve been wrapped up in the sadness and not questioning or going over all the media and other information. I will contribute what I learn. Another source I can turn to is my father-in-law, a former Marine and heavily armed. I spent a few hours last year getting an introduction to all of his guns. It was good for me, it updated my thinking about guns. I still don’t think I’d own one – I have a hard enough time not injuring myself with power tools. Anyway, I appreciate your suggestions and I will do what I can to provide information from here.

        9. Let us know what you find out. You could be participating in some very serious history in the making.

        10. Testifying before Congress in 1999, the NRA’s Executive Vice President said, “We think it’s reasonable to support the federal Gun-Free Zones Act.”

          It was this bill — and anti-gun thinking just like this — that left the innocents in Newtown, Connecticut unprotected and helpless.

          “Gun Free Zone” stickers and tin signs do NOT stop madmen’s bullets.

          “I guarantee you, we’ll get [gun control] done by the end of January.” Joe Biden

      3. Manny, which families did you know, and for how long? Have you ever actually met any of the victims, physically, face to face? What was your relation to them? I know plenty of people here in New York who “know someone who knows someone” affected by the shootings, but no one knows anyone directly. My friend actually just told me, “my boss’s brother’s girlfriend was one of the teachers who died, but I never met her.” Everything is hearsay.

        1. “Have you ever actually met any of the victims, physically, face to face?”

          Just a pet peeve of mine. You can’t meet the victims face to face because they are dead. 🙂 You can meet the FAMILIES of the victims, but not the victims themselves — unless they are ghosts or zombies. LOL

        2. Just a pet peeve of mine. You can’t meet the victims face to face because they are dead. 🙂

          You can meet someone face to face before the fact though. That is what it sounded like to me. Asking if they “ever” met a victim could mean in the past as well….

  95. Also a weird thing, and pherhaps a reason as to there being no video/photo proof of 5-600 kids evacuating may be the drill held in one of the nearby citys, who knows, maybe a lot of teachers were there, and a bunch of kids got the day off, i would assume more “real” parents would come forward if that were the case though, but its definitely weird having the drill the same day. Today to, a drill held in Cali, a school shooting going down the exact same time, might be to get us thruthers focusing on something else, as they might fear we’re getting to close im thinking. Mostly i think todays shooting were just the idea of a crazy kid though, but who knows.

    1. You know what else is weird? This training thing happening at the same time the real thing goes down happens a LOT. I refer in part to 9/11. Lots of training drills going on that day.

      1. You may find this YouTube video, published by the Newtown Bee newspaper of interest. There are to my count, at least 3 groups of children doing what SEEMS to be, evacuating from the school, however, I am want to analyze the shadow lengths and directions for both a Time of Day and a Time of Year, of greatest interest here is a photo in the video which clearly shows the evacuated children were walking in BETWEEN the cars, through the rows of cars in the front, THUS, they would have walked through the FRONT HALL which of course was awash with blood vapor, and mist splatter, as well as pools of blood from these purported adults who were shot many times in the front hall with a super sonic velocity weapon which causes a great deal of blood spray and vapor and splatter ejection from the exit wounds.

        The white stripes on the parking lot, and the yellow stripes would host the bloody footprints of as many as 1,000 shoes tromping through the parking lot with at least SOME blood on the soles of the shoes, they had their eyes closed of course as they made their way out of the school, so … how would they avoid any blood, stepping in some vapor, mist, tissue, spatter, etc … so the white and yellow parking lot lines, and markers, etc … the contrast value of RED on white or yellow is one of the HIGHEST contrast values, we would see some evidence of the footprints of the children.


        1. was awash with blood vapor, and mist splatter, as well as pools of blood from these purported adults who were shot many times in the front hall with a super sonic velocity weapon which causes a great deal of blood spray and vapor and splatter ejection from the exit wounds

          Where’s DEXTER when we need him?

    2. Alex, I believe that the reasoning behind the fact that there was no footage of a mass evacuation lies in the logistics of the crime itself. And in the timing of the arrival of any media. It seems, from the accounts I’ve read, that some children were able to escape quickly, while some, with their teachers, escaped when their teachers assessed that it was safe to do so. There were other teachers, who were so protective of their students, that refused initially to come out of the rooms they were in. The police had to slip badges under doors to convince them that it was safe to come out. And then they, the officers, went to next room, and so forth. And we also don’t know how many children were able to escape before any video cameras arrived on the scene.
      If this is what happened, then it would seem to correspond with what we’ve seen in any videos.

      1. ” It seems, from the accounts I’ve read, that some children were able to escape quickly, while some, with their teachers, escaped when their teachers assessed that it was safe to do so.”

        Nope, sorry. Impossible. I’m a teacher and that’s just not how it would happen. Teachers are trained in situations like this to stay where they are until the police release them. No children would have been allowed to leave until the police had secured the situation completely and had physically gone to each room to personally release the teacher. If the classroom door was locked, the teacher would remain in the classroom with all of her students and wouldn’t even think about leaving until the police came. They would not have been evacuated a little at a time. Once the shooter was confirmed dead, the police would have released them room by room, which would have been a steady stream of kids for quite some time.

        There is no way 600-700 people evacuated that building without some video footage of it. There was a helicopter there from early on so it would be foolish to excuse it away by saying the press wasn’t there. This was not something that took 2 seconds to do. It would take a long time for that amount of kids and staff to get out and to walk the .3 mile to the fire station (considering how blocked up that road was). You seriously need to Google footage of Columbine. You see footage of lots of kids leaving the school. Go look at the footage of the Brazil club fire. Look at the footage from just about any other shooting. The lack of footage from a shooting like this is one of many things that make this very suspicious.

  96. It’s always interesting that the people who believe everything the media and government say 100% of the time are the same people who feel the need to spray vitriol around like it’s digital napalm. It’s not enough to disagree with someone and leave it at that.

    Whether you believe Sandy Hook occurred or not, one thing is certain. The government/corporate media complex is manipulating information. A huge percentage of the population is indoctrinated and/or preoccupied. We’re a fiercely divided nation, yet, at the same time, completely apathetic. Those who ask tough, seemingly politically incorrect questions, are denounced as being “insane.” The folks who do this cannot think for themselves and, therefore, do not possess a questioning consciousness. The government, with the help of their cronies in the news media, are using tragedies like Sandy Hook for political gain. To get what THEY want under the guise of keeping us “safe.” Safe as the East Germans were behind a wall.

    1. Very well written..I couldnt AGREE more with what you expressed.
      I have found the same mentality exist when it comes to the so-called “birthers”. The 2 birth certs. Obama posted on the WH websites are PRESUMED to be the GENUINE ARTICLE, when, it fact, proven, beyond a doubt, to be outright FORGERIES…and bad ones at that. The SIMPLE ? that has NEVER been answered is whether BARRY SOTOERO,(his legal name) / Obama is CONSTITUTIONALLY QUALIFIED TO BE POTUS.
      That requirement, under Article2, sec.1, cls5, clearly states the President to be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN…which Obama undoubtedly isnt because NBCship requires BOTH parentS be U.S. citizens at the time of their birth in America. Our Senator, Marco Rubio, as well as Gov. Bobby Jindall, Sen. Rick Santorum…ALL do NOT qualify to be POTUS or VPOTUS, because BOTH of their parents were NOT U.S. citizens when they were born in the U.S.A. I Believe this is the MAIN REASON WHY the Republicans did nothing about the FRAUD Obama even though the original “Birthers” were if fact the Clintons during the Democrat Primeires in 2007-08. I have studied for a while what the requirements are to be a NBC, so the main reference is the Minor v. Happersett case in which Virginia Minor won her case declaring her undoubtedly was a NBC, because BOTH her parent